Not even close to top McGregor goal into that net


I know you have soft spot for Callum McGregor. He has been a rock for Celtic for so long that even last season’s disappointments were never regarded as a reflection on the man who Ange Postecoglou will almost certainly confirm as his first captain at Celtic.

Good players in poor teams look anything like good players, though, and Callum ended the domestic campaign with little to look back on with satisfaction. I’m not going to tell you the Scotland national team is any good, but they have the infrastructure of a functional team, which despite so many accomplished players, Celtic did not possess last season.

Fix the infrastructure and Callum McGregor is one of several who will flourish. Loved his goal last night, but it is not even in my top two of his into that net, not even close.

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  1. Anyone who hasn’t renewed are hardly getting any encouragement to do so . As it stands at this minute we are in the same mess we were months ago . The talk of giving contracts to the likes of Tony ralston hardly inspires any confidence in what our ambition is . I renewed last week as did the rest of my family having let our hearts rule our heads . Oh how the mighty have been allowed to fall ,or maybe how the fallen on the other side of the city have been allowed to become top dogs in this country . No attempt is presently being made to rectify the major mistakes made over the past few seasons . No big clearout is going to happen , the retention of some not good enough to don the hoops, and the contract award to others surplus to requirements proves that. Desmond and lawell etc hang your heads in shame.

  2. timmy7_noted on

    jimtim on 23rd June 2021 1:46 pm



    Absolutely spot on. Great post.


    Only difference for me is that I’m not allowing my heart to rule my head.

  3. McPhail Bhoy on



    Are Celtic not just taking up the one year extension on Ralston’s contract? I don’t think it’s a new contract, could be wrong of course. With the European qualifiers due shortly I think we need all the defenders we have!

  4. Stuart Armstrong looked like the nerves got the better of him last night. He looked bang average for long periods of the game

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    Will our first signing be a “statement”. Btw yesterday and today, there was a defender plying his trade in France, one from Germany, today’s its Hicks, Carter-Vickers and Ryan Guald, the old throw enough names at you and you might get one correct.

  6. timmy7_noted on

    Internet rumours of a new contract for Griffiths. If true is an absolute joke IMO.

  7. Where, oh, where is some of the positive reflection on the national team’s latest ‘making up the numbers’ participation coming from?



    It is only because the whole exercise was a used by the SNPcult sympathisers as a propaganda & flag-waving opportunity.



    In truth it was just as bad as all the other sojurns, save the 1974 Germany one.



    We qualified by the back-door with a ‘skin of our teeth’ in penalty shoot-out in Serbia. We are then handed two home games and a what was always going to be a “blood & snotters’, “wha’s like us” tilt at England at Wembley.



    The Wembley game reminded me of a couple of Steve Clarke inspired Kilmarnock performances against us. At Hampden, now home of “YES (for indy) sir I can boogie” we were ‘gubbed’ 5-1 on aggregate. We went out with a wimper and all the nationalist tripe cannot camouflage it.



    I am glad it’s over and those with no football interest whatsoever will now stop pretending that they have – it was pathetic & embarrassing whilst it lasted.

  8. timmy7_noted on

    JHB on 23rd June 2021 2:01 pm



    Thankfully nowhere near as pathetic & embarrassing as you, racist.

  9. Scotland? Imagine being a Turk, going out to a country with a population of 3.6mill, por cierto

  10. Go tell the Spartim on




    It’s like Ralstons it’s taking up the option of an additional year?

  11. JHB on 23RD JUNE 2021 2:01 PM



    Couldn’t disagree more.


    Loved the party, sorry its ended.




  12. timmy7_noted on

    GO TELL THE SPartim.



    Sorry not clear if you were explaining or asking there. I don’t know just some stuff my sons shared on family whatsapp.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    NOTTHEBUS on 23RD JUNE 2021 1:52 PM



    Agreed . Armstrong is a superb player who happened to have a very poor game last night . Anytime I watch him playing for Southampton on the box , he is outstanding .

  14. Go tell the Spartim on

    Timmy, I’d heard we have the years option on LG so I think it’s that we’re triggering, so not a new contract.

  15. Armstrong was prone to the odd bad game for us, unfortunately, it happened again in a major game, por cierto

  16. Garngad to Croy on

    MARTIM1980 1:10PM



    Ange Jets in to Glasgow, private jet no less.



    So that’s where all our season ticket money go’s ? :-)

  17. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 23RD JUNE 2021 2:16 PM


    Timmy, I’d heard we have the years option on LG so I think it’s that we’re triggering, so not a new contract.




    It will be the same as Lustig’s, Celtic will have the option to extend for a year but they are likely looking to reduce his wages.



    That’s why Griff is saying that he’s been fit this whole time, doesn’t want to accept a reduction

  18. We now have had ample proof of the interference & connivance by SNPcult and the SFA in football matters this season.



    We have been treated in a blatantly different manner to the Ibrox club & the National team.



    Of course we don’t know every detail of what went on, how could we? – but even though a few pieces of this jigsaw puzzle are missing, there is more than enough in place to be able to discern the whole picture. A picture of bias & expediency within the government and the SFA.

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    The Huddle



    👍🏻 I know he’s been bumping his gums all over town

  20. GREENPINATA on 23RD JUNE 2021 2:08 PM




    We agree to disagree – no problem!

  21. Celtic have signed up to the agreemnet that nothing must be done to stop Huns new team..

  22. NOTTHEBUS on 23RD JUNE 2021 1:54 PM



    I dont see where I have written off the new guy my friend , if true regards some of the names being mentioned whether its a new contract or taking up the years extension , Tony was not in the picture much last season . We tried frimpong ,Kenny ajer , at right back before him . I may well be off the mark but I foolishly half expected the guys who let us down and frankly there were a few who are not good enough to don the hoops would have been off ,along with the ones who don’t want to be with us . We are running out of time , we have also shown our hand that we do need better quality players which again we won’t be able to afford if the season tickets are not being taken up .,that other mob will sell out as they have done even winning hee haw for years . As I say I may well be off the mark , but at present I am one worried tim .

  23. timmy7_noted on

    JHB on 23rd June 2021 2:22 pm



    Huns are lucky you weren’t around for the tax avoidance case you would have found the smoking gun in an instant and put everything to bed in a matter of days, those lucky lucky huns.

  24. myboysnowatim on

    I’m hoping that Ange will extract talent from Anthony Ralston and any other players that weren’t developing under NFLs tutelage (or lack of). We all witnessed a decline in ability, tactics and of course results.



    Plus, John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan need cut a little slack too. If they were utter gash, they’d be out. Might happen yet but let’s see what transpires.

  25. timmy7_noted on

    myboysnowatim on 23rd June 2021 2:45 pm



    Thats a big problem for me because who exactly is making the decisions on who is gash at the moment?



    The same folks who were making decisions last season?

  26. I’m hoping that Ange will extract talent from Anthony Ralston and any other players that weren’t developing under NFLs tutelage (or lack of)



    how does the saying go , you can’t polish a ….



    and juliann for captain , shouldn’t even be in the team.

  27. myboysnowatim on

    Well I’d like to think that our new manager will make the decisions now he’s here.



    Hoping he’s good at buffing up the old turd or two as well.



    If you only watched last season, you’d have thought that our club was swimming in turds.

  28. Por Cierto,


    The school along the road was actually the pre-secondary school,for OLASM.The address was actually Admiral St.Next Street back.Went to St Anthonys in Govan,then moved to Kinning Park,so went to both schools.Used to get up on the top roof on sunny days,to be taught.From there,to St Gerrard in Govan,for secondary.The ones who did not pass the old Qualifying exams,stayed at OLASM,for their secondary education.


    Nothing but great memories of the school.Gave me a great education,with a lot of help from the public library,just along the Paisley Road West from Stanley St.

  29. Ange is on his way…..


    Some posters on here are surprised he’s not coming in on the 64 bus!





    Legend Jackie Mac left through the back door


    8 in a row Michael Lustig as well


    Brown not given a chance in the backroom team,


    that is how Celtic have sometimes treated some of my heroes because the heroes are always the ones on the pitch.


    Griffiths must stay because goalscorers are a precious commodity!!


    Leigh should have been on that Hampden pitch last night. McLeish was the one who questioned his status as scotland no 1 …not long after 2 GOALS against England. Clarke is a tinkerer so if Leigh can hit form he can get back into that squad. He’s matured. Life is not easy for anybody but he has that touch of skill that Celtic badly need right now.

  30. myboysnowatim on

    Kennedy and Strachen will do as instructed. And if they don’t shape up …..

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