Not even close to top McGregor goal into that net


I know you have soft spot for Callum McGregor. He has been a rock for Celtic for so long that even last season’s disappointments were never regarded as a reflection on the man who Ange Postecoglou will almost certainly confirm as his first captain at Celtic.

Good players in poor teams look anything like good players, though, and Callum ended the domestic campaign with little to look back on with satisfaction. I’m not going to tell you the Scotland national team is any good, but they have the infrastructure of a functional team, which despite so many accomplished players, Celtic did not possess last season.

Fix the infrastructure and Callum McGregor is one of several who will flourish. Loved his goal last night, but it is not even in my top two of his into that net, not even close.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Billy😉 ‘in talks over loan move’.



    Guess where he may end up?



    To think some on here couldn’t see something was afoot with all the hype beggars belief.

  2. Adi,


    watch for Broony doing something good next season, and us all wondering the same.



    Legs Gone Saint Stivs, but I am 56.

  3. I hope we will be hearing a lot more of a Chris Doherty, who has recently joined Dundee Und. He has been involved in the development of youngsters in Croatia. Spoke on Radio Scotand the most sense I have heard in many a long long year.

  4. Go tell the Spartim on

    The blogger



    The only ones who benefit for Sport Billy getting loaned to triggers broom are Triggers Broom. I’d have thought / hoped the TT at Chelsea was more astute than that, Norwich would be better for all 3 parties. Doesn’t mean he won’t end up there but as with all youngsters they’re not always fantastic, worth watching how it develops

  5. If Griffiths gets a new deal along with Ralston then im questioning big Ange’s judgement right away..IF he’s made the decisions

  6. Drew


    Ange probably hasn’t had time to make a judgement – he’s going on recommendation and in the scope of things it’s small fry. We’re forecast to lose Ryan, Eddie and Ajer plus 4 loanees.

  7. one united kingdom(presently :-)



    Four distinct and unique national identities.





    Apparently we are to have a One Nation, One Britain day on the 25th June, to promote patriotism and flag waving amongst school children.



    So much care has gone into this that they chose the day that Scottish schools close, to launch it





    embarassing on so many levels T :-)


    geez yir sisters feedback.



    It is a pity that pathos rules with something like this.


    the english culture is rich enough,as it the scots irish and welsh.


    This looks like a chapel fete day!



    sound posting on coaching l.night/today




  8. GREENPINATA on 23RD JUNE 2021 4:46 PM


    What is the point of a successful vaccination programme where the vast majority of the population will be double vaccinated if we are still not opening up society. ?





    A valid argument, however one that we must wait for the UK lead if we want an answer. SNPcult does not have a coherent thought in its head and merely follows Westminster at a ‘safe distance’ with a tartan version of what it has been announced.



    Of course the ‘safe distance’ is to allow any setbacks that the UK may experience to be exploited. The SNPcult are desperate for a “we were right to be more cautious” political victory.



    There is no coherent economic case for another indyref – there is no oil to lie about – so they see the pandemic as an opportunity score a propaganda win over UKGOV.



    I think UKGOV will come to the realisation that a bold step will need to be made and, as you say, we will have to live with the virus in the long-term.



    I see some who are commenting on the new ‘new’ Indian variant saying that last century we had two World Wars of four & six years respectively, and that this is a World War 3 that we may be fighting for TEN years, or, indeed forever.

  9. Yes, deaths were caused in Scotland, not by excuses, or,


    an inadvertent mistake, but by a direct decision by the administration to empty 2000 elderly people out of hospital wards into the petri-dish care home environment. An outrage that the SNPcult have kicked into the long -grass and our cowed & compliant Scottish media have largely ignored.

  10. Wee bit of whimsy. Just watching the Germans. Noticed the numbers on their shorts. Were we the first ones to do so in a friendly against Sparta Rotterdam around 1960. I remember it was a lovely summer’s day and we did it as an alternative as we didn’t want to wear numbers on the backs of the jersey.

  11. that video is repulsive! Who makes their children make a video praising someone who basiclaly has not killed them!

  12. Main culprit is Johnson… who did not take virus seriously. Still doesn’t. Makes same errors allowing people to travel and bring in virus. A good time to hand BILLIONS to his pals though. .. and worse still having no fans meant Celtic could ignore what was happening on the pitch

  13. So the few thousand who make it in to parkhead at start of season should make their feelings known to board. Until the lockdown

  14. I’ve renewed me and my Sons ticket.



    What is the script when we go to level 0 – surely we have 10s of thousands in Celtic Park no?



    And when are we all allowed back?

  15. oh scottish deaths are worse than english or welsh or irish deaths.






    this death more/less value than that death.




    all dead.


    but to your soiled intellect one is of use the other excused.

  are racist and inhumane vermin


    but like all racists you wont do insight.

  16. I Love watching the lad N’Golo Kante play. I’m hoping Ismaili Soro is given the chance to shine in the Celtic engine room now.

  17. I will question big Ange judgement if Kennedy and Strachan are still there.



    There is no way he would have picked them.



    D :)

  18. Peter- I think Soro us a fantastic player with loads of energy.



    We need to harness that energy and give him regular game time.



    D :)

  19. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    ….Wee Bertie scored a pen v sparta Rotterdam number 11 on his shorts,more than 60 years ago.

  20. Let them Develop the understanding.



    TBH – I don’t even expect us to get to the Europa League but Celtic as long as we start progressing All over the Club……I’m happy.



    I have no idea who sold so many shares to Lindsell. I reckon the Celtic Support deserve to know this info – apologies if it has came out – and I have missed it.

  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    Is it just me or does anyone else want Pepe to finally pick up a career threatening injury

  22. aunch it


    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 23rd June 2021 3:23 pm



    The Kids are going to be asked to sing this creepy song








    When was this made?



    Prior to lockdowns?



    Germany Hungary game is mad and mental.

  23. With Ange – Obviously not this Season – I hope that we get decent draws in Europe for a change that makes it less difficult to go further.

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