Not good enough


Last night’s performance was not good enough, not by a long way. Early endeavour evaporated once the obligatory goal was conceded from Molde’s first attempt at goal, again. The cynic would have known we were beat, even then.

Another make-shift defence was deployed, as Jozo Simunovic retired injured, again, after three minutes. Tyler Blackett was drafted into central defence, unsuccessfully. He was hooked in the second half after casting anxious looks around him throughout his time on the field.

The point was put to me last night that we have the worst defence in European competition. That’s a fanciful assertion to make, but we must have the worst goals conceded to chances ratio. Molde looked capable of scoring every time they got up the park.

The ‘Abandon zonal marking’ brigade got their wish, as Celtic drifted from marking four, to three, to two zones at corner kicks. The sight of Celtic defenders bunched with attackers at the far end of our box was strikingly unusual. We still lost a goal from the second ball at a corner, and panic and mayhem remained on subsequent occasions.

Passing was awful, symptomatic of a team playing within themselves (trans: hiding). Stefan Johansen’s booking looked like a vain effort to be seen to be doing something, he surely didn’t think anything else but a booking would follow.

I was annoyed at Nir Bitton for his red card. There was no need to haul the player down. He was running wide, on his left, and it would have taken a spectacular effort to threaten goal. The foul was the act of a tired mind (trans: frustrated and out of ideas).

Everything positive you’ve read or heard about Kieran Tierney was on show. He’s 18-years-old and demonstrated what a good full back looks like.

‘What now, Ronny?’ was my thought as I left the stadium. Then news filtered through that we’re not actually out of the Europa League yet. Molde are through. Ajax, though a point ahead of us, are as good as out. They would need to beat us at Celtic Park, but in doing so they would remove any competitive-edge from Celtic’s game, and Celtic would then need to win in Istanbul for Ajax to proceed.

Therefore there is every chance we’ll win our first game against Ajax, and then we have a Puncher’s Chance against Fenerbahce. You have I have lived through Sion and Legia, we know Celtic survive in European competition far longer than they should. Hold onto your towels….

I’ve an interesting piece coming up later on Level5, PR to Newco Rangers and the Ladbrokes SPFL, but we’ll give this one time for a kick-around first.

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    Good morning CQN



    I’m going for BALLYDAGUE LADY



    12:55 Wincanton .



    Good luck to all .

  2. I appreciate goings on at Ibrox are of no interest to some but given they are a totally untrustworthy club who will stop at nothing to find ways of unfairly competing with us if TRFC get promotion, I’m posting this from previous with an added point about avoiding the prove no sporting advantage trap msm are laying.



     The charges were registration ones and if you read the blog I linked to earlier you will see what LNS said about what rules would have been broken were ebts illegal.



    “Whilst it is unclear which SPL/SFA rules would have been breached by making irregular payments, it was not the rules the Commission was directed to examine as, according to the Lord Nimmo Smith Decision para 88 “ There may be extreme cases in which there is such a fundamental defect that the registration of a player must be treated as having been invalid from the outset “



    This is why the matter of that SFM blog is so important. There was a fundamental defect in the registration so the registration MUST be treated as invalid from the outset.


    That was true of the then DOS ebts he was kept in the dark about and is now true of all ebts.




     This is a crucial point that is being overlooked by msm trying to defend a revisit.


     What should be done now is there in LNS words.



    Don’t let anyone deflect from it.



    The Commission was a sham but because it got screwed (by Campbell Ogilvie as is being pointed out by John James and who I identified did not correct LNS in his testimony ) those doing the stewing have screwed themselves.



    The additional point I’d like to make is that the old prove a negative ploy is simply not a debate to engage in. There may be abstract arguments that can be deployed but at the end of the day there is no concrete evidence that can be produced to prove the case.



    It’s how Blair and Bush took their countries to war in Iraq. They demanded of Saddam to prove he didn’t have weapons of mass destruction.


    He couldn’t because he could not prove something which did not exist did not exist!



    So my advice is to stick to LNS quote and ask if a fundamental defect existed in player registration taking ALL that is known now not just about the operation of those ebts but also the attempts by parties at RFC and most probably the SFA to keep all the facts including deception of HMRC 2005  and SFA/UEFA in 2011 and SPL in 2012 into account.



    If there was and there IS actual evidence to show there was a fundamental defect then the sporting advantage argument is unecessary. In LNS words the players registration is invalid FROM THE OUTSET.



    Puts Bryson back in the box and the consequence of playing ineligible players follows. Dems the rules.



    To fully establish if a fundamental defect occurred using ALL the evidence will take an independent enquiry perhaps using FA and UEFA staff and this in my opinion is what the SPFL should set up.



    The SFA cannot be trusted.

  3. Pepite Rose 3:05 Aintree


    good luck all




    I dream of the day all your efforts come to be,



    more power to you sir

  4. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 15 results (Nov 7th)






    bonbhoy (Litigant) @ 10/1


    leftclicktic (Pepite Rose) @ 10/1


    twists n turns (Withernsea) @ 8/1


    El Madrigal (Broxbourne) @ 6/1


    fleagle1888 (Broxbourne) @ 6/1


    Zihuatanejo (Princess Loulou) @ 6/1


    green T (Gwencily Berbas) @ 6/5






    16 roads (The Mooch)


    21-5-79 (In My Place)


    Angel Gabrial (Upepito)


    BMCUWP (Majestic Myles)


    Bull67 (The Ould Lad)


    Burgas Hoops (Golden Investment)


    Cathal (Theatrical Star)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Zand)


    Dim Sam (The Ould Lad)


    Eurochamps67 (All Yours)


    Fastbhoy (no selection)


    gerryfaethebrig (Sea Wolf)


    Graffitionthewall (Ballydague Lady)


    Gweedore Celt (Dominium)


    hashadenough (Rolling Maul)


    Nye Beavans RS (Flying Angel)


    Onemalloy (Francis of Assisi)


    PFayr (no selection)


    Raymac (no selection)


    Rockon (Shrewd)


    Som mes que un club (Kalane)


    The Bhoy from the Village (Romancingthestone)


    TheBarcaMole (Seamour)


    Thunder Road (Modest)


    tommytwiststommyturns (Golden Amber)


    voguepunter (Francis of Assisi)


    What is the Stars (Boher Call)



    Cheers, fleagle1888


    (- –Beirut CSC– -)

  5. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 15 Standings



    +24.50 > Zihuatanejo (4)


    +17.00 > bonbhoy (4)


    +15.25 > 16 roads (5)


    +11.50 > BMCUWP (4)


    +10.50 > Nye Beavans RS (4)


    +8.83 > hashadenough (5)


    +5.75 > leftclicktic (3)


    +0.50 > twists n turns (2)


    +0.00 > gerryfaethebrig (3)



    -0.38 > Bull67 (3)


    -0.50 > Graffitionthewall (4)


    -1.00 > Angel Gabrial (2)


    -1.50 > Rockon (2)


    -3.50 > The Bhoy from the Village (2)


    -3.67 > El Madrigal (2)


    -3.95 > Thunder Road (3)


    -5.00 > Burgas Hoops (2)


    -5.00 > TheBarcaMole (1)


    -5.13 > What is the Stars (3)


    -5.60 > Eurochamps67 (3)


    -5.75 > Onemalloy (2)


    -5.90 > fleagle1888 (2)


    -6.80 > green T (3)


    -7.63 > Fastbhoy (2)


    -7.75 > Som mes que un club (2)


    -9.00 > Raymac (1)


    -9.50 > Cosy Corner Bhoy (1)


    -9.75 > PFayr (2)


    -11.0 > voguepunter (1)



    -15.00 > 21-5-79 (0)


    -15.00 > Cathal (0)


    -15.00 > Dim Sam (0)


    -15.00 > Gweedore Celt (0)


    -15.00 > tommytwiststommyturns (0)




    Cheers, fleagle1888


    (—Beirut CSC—)

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