Not interested in your “Where’s the fixtures” patter


I appreciate there are people wanting to book flights and other travel arrangements, but I’m not interested in your “Where’s the fixtures?” patter.  No one else cares or is concentrating on who Celtic will play when they win the league, others have thoughts only for the Scottish Cup semi-finals.

Get Sunday wrong and it will be our last meaningful game of the season.  Whether the police are stuck in the last century or not makes no difference, but take our eye off the ball as we prepare for the weekend and things go wrong.  Look at St Mirren for an example of a club and support which spent energy planning a title party but lost to the worst Dundee United team in over 40 years.

Sunday is the only fixture we have. Literally. Keep our heads in the game.

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  1. Bateen Bhoy


    I agree with your general sentiment but you are not the only poster on here who refers to the `sacrifices` and `efforts` made by those who travel any distance to go to games.


    Mine is only 100 miles each way but there is no effort involved in going to see my team.


    If we don`t win on Sunday, though, there might be a lot of effort involved for many on the return journey !





    PS I won`t be there as I am making the effort to go to Spain for a week :-))

  2. Hot Smoked



    Enjoy Spain!



    I too will not see the match on Sunday as I will be driving home from Cumbria when it is on. I might have a listen though if 5Live lower themselves to covering a Scottish Cup Semi Final…

  3. Hot Smoked,


    I know I’m not the only one. far from it. I just wanted to let Almore and others – including yourself, despite your lack of effort :-) – how much I appreciate that commitment and effort.



    And for info, anyone looking to purchase tickets for our remaining home games, they are now available via the Club website. Very happy to say I’ll get to see our team before the end of the season.


    big smiley face thing.

  4. Have to disagree again, not a penalty for me. One of the replays – from the side, only shown once – indicated clearly that the attacker was going down before the tackle – con job imo. Sad that Buffon got sent off, but you cannot manhandle a referee. HH

  5. BB


    I realise ( now) that that `only one ` comment might not have have come over as intended.


    It was meant to highlight my belief that going to see Celtic is one of life`s pleasures rather than an effort.


    It can sometimes be a futile effort to attempt to make the written word transfer the mood accompanying a comment !



    Hasta luego




  6. Friesdorfer


    I got that Craig Russell book from the Library to take to Spain……only to realise as I checked the opening that I have read it before !


    Predictably enough, though, I have forgotten the story so I probably could read it again with the same amount of suspense involved :-))


    Deffinitely off now.



  7. Lynsey Sharp oot of the Commonwealth Games?



    Must have have too much bitter orange before her race.

  8. Hot Smoked


    Nae luck with the book! I’m sure you’ll enjoy


    re-reading anyway. Enjoy Spain :-). HH

  9. What another fantastic and dramatic night of CL football last night was. Once again teams unwilling to compromise or accept defeat and just going for the opponnent from the off- regardless the odds. Felt sorry for Buffon, but it was a penalty and his sending off was harsh and just added insult to a self inflicted injury.



    BT coverage and analysis of the game is second to none. Worth the extra £15 per month imo.

  10. Friesdorfer,


    Healthy and Happy. can’t ask for any more.


    will catch up with you before the end of the season, hopefully.


    Trust everything is good with you and yours !



  11. Bateen Bhoy: Cheers. I’d just love if they’d build the café to welcome us. It’s badly needed and would be a huge success, imo.

  12. D66 (not to be confused by David66, think I will try and change my monikor as you were here first)


    Del thanks for last nights post about my new hip.


    Can I ask, do you remember if at 10 weeks you were still getting some pain in the groin not unlike the original pain when you need a new hip ie ( a constant groin strain)?? I had a wee accident 2 weeks ago and thought I had popped the new joint out, but after X-rays they said I had not, and it was muscle/ligament damage, but that was 2 almost 3 weeks ago. I also have a pain in my arse ( no jokes please) when sitting after 15 minutes I get a pain coming up through buttocks.


    I am going to give it another week then go back to hospital, but any advice would be much appreciated. Before I had the wee accident everything was honky doray and all pain was gone.


    It’s this that’s getting me down as I want to get out and do bigger walks and get back to the gym.


    Sorry for the long winded post guys.



    Cheers Del and anyone else if they can provide advice.



    D :)

  13. David66



    Muscle and ligament damage needs time to settle, if the x-rays show all is fine take anti inflammatory drugs like diclofenac 50mg with paracetamol 1gm until it settles. You’re GP will prescribe if you don’t have any.



    Hope it goes well

  14. The Battered Bunnet



    Ah, marvellous – thanks! I’ll time my journey to hit Penrith at kick off. Although by the time signal drops I’ll probably have had enough of their coverage.



    Especially if it’s Liam McLeod’s voice I am hearing *shudder*

  15. South Of Tunis on

    Uefadrid v Rubentus –



    View from the camera behind the goal . The view that Buffon got .



    Not a penalty .



    Vasquez was on the way down before Benatia made contact . .Knee movement etc .Benatia made contact with the ball .:The ball moved upwards .



    Rube are no angels but that decision was one more example of a UEFA Ref influencing the outcome of a game .. Added to the likes of Real v Bayern / Barca v PSG / both Liverpool / Manchester City games . Roma v Barca / Rube v Barca . Roma were denied 2 penalties in Barcelona . Cuadrado was denied a clearer penalty last week than the one Real got last night . The game of football deserves better !

  16. 50 Shades



    I thought it an uncanny twist of fate.


    And the old sporting romantic in me hoped ZZ might offer a word of consolation on that basis.



    HH jamesgang

  17. Just found out the match will be on BBC 5 Live Sports Extra for those of you with digital radios.


    I’ll programme every channel to it to annoy the missus.



    Downside is there is a good chance it will Roddy Forsyth commentating…

  18. The Battered Bunnet on

    Imagine a 2 hour drive up the road with Roddy Forsyth talking sectarianism with Pat Nevin…

  19. Robinbhoy cheers, that’s what I am doing just now.


    I just thought I would have started to see some improvement by now.


    thanks again



    D. :)

  20. Daily (the) Rainjurs highlight – without apparent humour or irony – John McGinn as one of four players that they could sign to close the gap to Celtic.



    Portraying as akin to Celtic signing scott brown from under their noses.



    HH jamesgang

  21. 50 shades of green on




    I was thinking the same about ZZ as well, then I remembered it was Italy that ZZ ‘s final game was against and I thought then perhaps he wouldn’t have.




  22. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    Wee bit too early for a pint so have had to settle for a porridge and coffee at wetherspoons- wonder if boyata will get the nod for Sunday – hope he’s learned that they’ll throw the kitchen sink at us but keep sharp and it’s manageable

  23. 50 Shades



    Yeah, but I suspect the anger and grudge was personal against Matterazzi.



    I guess we’ll likdly hear in due course.



    HH jamesgang

  24. The Battered Bunnet



    When you put it like that…I think i’ll just check the result when I get home…

  25. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Hearts meek acceptance of being denied a 19th home game wouldn’t have anything to do with their mystery benefactor………………..surely????

  26. South Of Tunis on

    Expressing your thoughts while having a rant -Gigi Buffon style –



    ” #### off . Go and shit in an office in Nyon “

  27. Davi66


    Ligament/muscle tears are graed on severity starting at a grade 1 which is on the minor end but can still be several weeks , the grading also determines the treatment and expected recovery time and a physio will advise what your rehab programme should be in terms of exercises strengthening, stretching anti inflammatories and icing, good luck I have just recovered from a knee ligament meniscus injury was out for 8 months from Golf, no surgery but rehab with a physio for 6 months and gym work which will be life long now.

  28. THE BATTERED BUNNET on 12TH APRIL 2018 10:22 AM


    Imagine a 2 hour drive up the road with Roddy Forsyth talking sectarianism with Pat Nevin…




  29. Dessybhoy cheers, the strange thing is after a total hip replacement you do not get Physiotherapy, so apart from doc who assessed me at A & E 2 weeks ago I am left to get on with it. I could access physiotherapy through work if needed.


    I have played a lot of football in the past and tore ligaments etc and know it takes a while to recover, so I will wait and see and do some light exercise that won’t interfere with it.



    Thanks again for advice



    D. :)

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