Not interested in your “Where’s the fixtures” patter


I appreciate there are people wanting to book flights and other travel arrangements, but I’m not interested in your “Where’s the fixtures?” patter.  No one else cares or is concentrating on who Celtic will play when they win the league, others have thoughts only for the Scottish Cup semi-finals.

Get Sunday wrong and it will be our last meaningful game of the season.  Whether the police are stuck in the last century or not makes no difference, but take our eye off the ball as we prepare for the weekend and things go wrong.  Look at St Mirren for an example of a club and support which spent energy planning a title party but lost to the worst Dundee United team in over 40 years.

Sunday is the only fixture we have. Literally. Keep our heads in the game.

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  1. See those pesky overseas based Celtic fans who have to plan weeks, nay, months in advance sometimes…?!



    A right pain in the arse so they are!



    …and while I’m on…



    Any sign of the post-split fixtures?!



    Where are they?!



    We demand answers!




  2. Delaneys Dunky on




    Ye jeest did, but don’t think many noticed.


    Too busy watchin Trumpet and Mad May, and full of fixture anxiety. ?

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    Almore is no gonnae be happy. Don’t see any of the fixtures suiting him for a trip over. Bad enough his Café isnae built yet.


    Hope you are well C.



  4. 50 shades of green on

    I fink the mods should be on here ra day and hookin awe they posters making demands and being selfish.



    Yul get the bloody fixtures when they have worked oot wits bestes fura ranjers and no a4.




    P.s just incase I offended anyone, I would like to take this opperchancity to tell you I dont give a funk.




  5. DD



    Delighted to have you back G.



    Hope yer well.



    Missed you at the last hoot of course, -tho GER57 supplied some exotic herb!




  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    VFR. Just in for break from fence painting! Sounds like a possible answer but unable to get hold of the 2 daughters who are at work so will get your email or phone from BMCUWP and contact you tonight.Thanks

  7. COSY CORNER BHOY no problem; it’s a nuisance when work gets in the way of organising the game!





  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    Thanks pal, all good in Bankieland.


    Anyone know when the Faslane Trident fixtures are out? Catch you soon, before vaporisation.



  9. DAVIDOPOULOS on 11TH APRIL 2018 2:48 PM


    Tontine Tim



    Oh jeez, what a thought. Bring on the nukes…





    Was that a direct quote from the lady in question? ??





  10. Still no fixedtures announcement.


    Time the cheats at Hampden just spun the blue bottle to decide.


    Do laughing stock list the sfa as their favorite comedians?

  11. JIMTHETIM53 on 11TH APRIL 2018 12:30 PM


    What about the posters who have dogs? They have to organise dog sitters so they can to the game or the pub and have no worries?



    Woof Woof






    It’s 2018; we don’t care what the animals say, neither does anybody else.


    Take the dogs to the boozer.



    Woof, Woof.

  12. Did the US not pre warn Russia last time they were going to take action in Syria so as to avoid any unnecessary consequences ie Russian casualties?



    Hardly a pre cursor to WW3.



    More like window dressing.



    Like the expulsion of 60 diplomatic staff over the Skripal incident. 60 expulsions, big news story. 60 immediate replacements allowed, no mention.



    It looks like the USA and Russia are involved in a huge conspiracy to deflect attention from the real issue facing the world.



    The post split fixtures.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The clowns in charge of our game, don’t half make it easy for fans to give them a right good kicking,not fit for purpose….

  14. Aug 2017



    Fifteen mascots lined up at Hamilton Park Racecourse, but within five seconds it was clear that Dougie would be the winner barring a calamitous collapse as he sprinted ahead of the field. He won by three seconds, ahead of Stenhousemuir’s Wally the Warrior and Celtic’s Hoopy the Huddle Hound who finished second and third respectively. While Doguie stole the show at the front, Kingsley was at his terrifying best, cutting in front of St Mirren’s Pandamonium, bringing the Buddies mascot to the ground. Not finished there, the yellow ‘thing’ then brought Rangers’ Broxi Bear to the turf, as well as a camerawoman with a rugby tackle. Nutz the Squirrel, Kilmarnock’s mascot brought up the rear.



    Read more at:

  15. ERNIE LYNCH on 11TH APRIL 2018 3:15 PM



    Made me laugh and I agree with you, the Russians will be flown out tout suite from any target areas to avoid Russian casualties,

  16. The main article is not written in Paul`s style so I would be surprised if he is the author.


    If he is, though, he might be trying to increase CQN traffic. He will have noticed that negativity attracts a biger response than does positivity.


    Cheerio for now.





    PS Where, indeed, is TD67?

  17. Latest fixture Rumour (from KDS) is that the latest delay is because Celtic have complained about being asked to play 2 x Friday night games. Re-schedule happening and announcement due later today

  18. Going by the majority of the comments our remaining games are gimmeez ? . Cant believe anyone contemplating to lose points so we can win the league against Rangers/Sevco . In recent months i hav’nt witnessed where in our play that woukd quarentee us winning the rest of our fixtures . I know it would mean Rangers or Aberdeen would have to win all of theirs …..get the job done as soon as please .

  19. Gary 67 Shoorley we are not complaining about Friday night fixtures…. I thought the Friday night away fixtures were something to look forward to..


    Ah feck the revised fixtures and the original fixtures



    Sandman have you got your fixtures yet???



    D. :)




    I knew it! I knew the Russians were behind the fixture delay. Even when I thought it was the masons, deep down I knew it was the Russians…

  21. If we don’t get the revised fixtures, now that the original fixtures are getting re fixturalised then we will end up with a fixture congestion



    D. :)

  22. 3 Sevco ties on Sky after the split , Aberdeen home and way and us


    2 Celtic ties on Sky Sevco and Aberdeen

  23. Hibs v Celtic – Sat 21 1230 – BT



    Celtic v Huns Sun 29 1200 – SKY



    Hearts v Celtic Sun 6/05 1215 – BT



    Celtic v Killie Wed 09/05 – Not on TV



    Celtic v Aberdeen Sun 13/05 1230 – SKY

  24. 50 shades of green on

    Saturday, April 21: Hibernian v Celtic (KO: 12.30pm)


    – Sunday, April 29: Celtic v Rangers (KO: 12noon)


    – Sunday, May 6: Hearts v Celtic (KO: 12.15pm)


    – Wednesday, May 9: Celtic v Kilmarnock (KO: 7.45pm)


    – Sunday, May 13: Celtic v Aberdeen (KO: 12.30pm)




    Fishal fixtures.

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