Not interested in your “Where’s the fixtures” patter


I appreciate there are people wanting to book flights and other travel arrangements, but I’m not interested in your “Where’s the fixtures?” patter.  No one else cares or is concentrating on who Celtic will play when they win the league, others have thoughts only for the Scottish Cup semi-finals.

Get Sunday wrong and it will be our last meaningful game of the season.  Whether the police are stuck in the last century or not makes no difference, but take our eye off the ball as we prepare for the weekend and things go wrong.  Look at St Mirren for an example of a club and support which spent energy planning a title party but lost to the worst Dundee United team in over 40 years.

Sunday is the only fixture we have. Literally. Keep our heads in the game.

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  1. Embramike –


    Unless there’s a collapse from Selkirk tonight I think the title is yours.




    Sent you a couple of photos of the dogs when pups and now ….in their / my Celtic tops from a whike ago .Dont kmow how to post them on the blog .

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    As a kid, my best friend was a huge ex army trained working German Shepherd Hans. Hans was taller than me on his hind legs and solid muscle. David66 my across the road neighbour remembers big Hans. I would dress him in my old Celtic strips but it was a tight squeeze. He was long haired and looked the part. Trained to kill but a big safty with our family. Good German fenian dug was Hans, who loved watching the Hoops on TV. ??

  4. DD I can confirm that Hans was indeed more Handsome than his owner DD. (Only kidding Garry)


    A beautifull big dog that scared the shit out of us when we went aipple raiding and jumping across the back gardens.


    Hail Hail Hans.



    D. :)

  5. Philbhoy,


    That’s a pity. You should treat Mrs Philbhoy to a night in a swanky Glesga’ hotel and not worry about the drive ;-)


    Seriously, will try to take loads of incriminating photo’s and blackmail all and sundry afterwards.


    Hopefully catch up if we ever get a Saturday 3pm home game again :-(

  6. Ol Pedro the postie is gonna be beelin unless Real turn this around, should have gone to the bar to watch this, but nobody gave Juve a hope so didny bother.

  7. Sipsini,


    Are you taking bookings for Feline obedience classes ?


    Will look imto the ‘whatsapp’ thing. Sure I had the app before but deleted it.

  8. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    Spartans doing a “Juve” – 3-0 up away from home now with half an hour left.

  9. Celtic Mac 5.15 pm


    Not sure that the SLO would have had much say in the fixtures, although I agree with you that they are not great for our supporters.



  10. Munich v Seville is still 0-0 if anyone interested. Team from Bayern in Bavaria lead 2-1 from first leg.




    I’ll see if kelly can put them on the blog , as you say it was a tight squeeze getting them on the dogs ….i’ll need to see if i can get the full strips on them next time .????



    Done a job in Williamwood for a dyed in the wool orangeman ….three weeks into the job i had my duaghters full Celtic strip on the guys wee westie (his pride and joy)


    We thought it was a laugh …my boss Kenny Lee and i were escorted off the job


    tootsweet ?lol .


    We never got his offices to do after that !!


    KENNY eventually forgave me .

  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    You would have been fine. Any hun coming in my garden would have been in trouble off my big canine bodyguard. ?

  13. glendalystonsils on




    Maybe they big dugs have scared off all the wee furry animals-))

  14. Mahe the madman – if interested I have your first picture round.



    If you have an e-mail addy I could send instructions. If not i’ll just post it after your quiz.



    Consists of a simple ` Name the player’ – just to test the waters.




  15. GLENDALYSTONSILS, you know what clique im in with frankie and benny, just thought we might have a little debate about the orange masonic cheating in scottish football ,sadly no one wants to join me ,jimmy no mates thats me.hh.

  16. MARSPAPA on 11TH APRIL 2018 9:29 PM


    I do have the picture but don’t know anywhere I can upload it. I am not into Facebook etc. (Cambridge Analytica don’t have my data – I Hope). If anyone can point me to a non-identifiable site where i can upload the photo, i will gladly do so.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Penalty Real for a foul same as the one on Griff that Madden didnae give v huns.