Not the end of the world if Rangers don’t survive! Too true


I caught an online synopsis of Rangers’ owner Craig Whyte’s recent meeting with a group of the club’s fans last night.  The group report that Whyte hopes, “’Rangers Football Club Plc’ could survive any administration event but feels it would not be the end of the world if it didn’t.”

We can all agree, it sure wouldn’t be the end of the world if that particular entity didn’t survive, although I suspect Mr Whyte is alluding to the possibility of a new club emerging.  Celtic Quick News first raised the liquidation scenario back in October and explained a prepack route for Rangers Newco FC.  If a football company goes into liquidation a secured creditor, in Rangers case this would be Craig Whyte, can retain control of key assets, such as the stadium, but would not own a football club which was part of any league structure.

In Scotland any Newco FC would have to apply for membership of the Scottish Premier League or Scottish Football League.  A simple majority of the SPL board (three votes required) would be enough to vote a club into the SPL.  The board currently has representatives from Celtic, Dundee United, Motherwell and St Johnstone, as well as SPL chief exec, Neil Doncaster.  It is chaired by Ralph Topping, who only votes in the event of a stalemate.

If Rangers lose their tribunal against Her Majesty’s tax authorities (think of her underequipped soldiers), Celtic will not be the only club who will consider the commercial and competitive disadvantage they suffered while paying their taxes for the last 12 years, but they may be one of the few clubs that would survive without the sponsorship and TV income dependent on a club with the Rangers brand participating in the league.  Celtic would vote against allowing Rangers into the league but I can see zero chance of Dundee United, St Johnstone, Motherwell or Neil Doncaster doing the same.  If the board voted Newco FC into the league, the liquidation of Rangers would not be the end of the world; a football club would die but another could quickly emerge at the same location, selling tickets to the same people.

Opening positions on what sporting cost Newco FC should face for league entry were taken months ago when it was reported that Rangers would fight “tooth and nail” against a 25 point penalty on a Newco.  A 25 point penalty on the phoenix of a failed club after 12 seasons of financial benefit would be an insufferable insult.  This amounts to little more than a the loss of a single league title.  12 seasons of benefit should result in a 12 seasons of penury at the insolvency-event rate of 10 points per season.  Small cost for the enormous gift of a league place and a huge football franchise.  The SPL must also strike from the record any financially doped titles won by clubs still in existence or not.

Can you imagine if Peter Lawwell said, “It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Celtic PLC didn’t survive”!  There would be an impromptu media village outside Celtic Park that would rival the Obama inauguration in size.  Huge story sitting on a plate just waiting to be written up.  Or not.

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    Sticky keys again,I see.



    I wonder what my flatmate was watching on this when he came in from the pub.



    Looks like a quick check on his browsing history,then deep-six the hard drive.




  2. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on



    7 January, 2012 at 09:27


    Sticky keys again,I see.



    I wonder what my flatmate was watching on this when he came in from the pub.



    Looks like a quick check on his browsing history,then deep-six the hard drive.









    2010 Never Again



    I’d be wearing rubber gloves if I was you <:-))

  3. The first CQN coupon of 2012 currently has –



    AWATR – Livingston


    LB – Southampton


    TTT – Norwich


    EN – Southend


    BT –


    GL2 -Swindon


    Jobo – Inverness


    PF –







    I’m good mate, a few aches and pains from the garden but other than that life is good.



    I’m sorry I missed your sister, Oct./Nov. was a busy time for me and I to be honest I forgot she was coming out. Apologies. If she returns I will make amends.



    Regards the tackle, Beram was just unfortunate the way his foot rolls off the ball and his body weight comes down onto a twisted ankle. McCulloch the thuggets no credit from me for doing what he believes he does best.



    He never took Beram out but I think if he had not gone off there were more than a few Celtic players ready to take him out. That is just my opinion. I think elbows was bricking it after the tackle and he goes out of his way to tell Broonie he played the ball.



    Every cloud has a silver lining, Beram is going nowhere in this window; though I’d rather he had not hurt himself.

  5. Does anyone know if the Skygo app can be used on my new laptop?



    I’ve got the icon thingy, but when I click on it, nothing happens.

  6. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on



    7 January, 2012 at 09:25





    How youdoing,buddy? Long time,etc.



    Afew of your new countrymen are over jus now,monopolising my sister’s time,much the same way they monopolised it during her visit in Oct/Nov! Poor lass never made it as far as the Brisbane CSC,so no chance of taking you up on your kind offer of a meal and a chat about Celtic-Bhoy,she knows her stuf!



    Anyway,I saw the game much later than most on here,Monday in fact,so I pretty much knew what to look for.



    I have to be honest,it looked like two-three inc Rogne going for the ball,though only Kayal had much chance of getting it.



    For me,a free-kick. The injury was obviously a disaster for us,but it was not a malicious tackle.



    I’m with you on this one,and usually UFBs like us would be wanting blood…..






    2010 Never Again



    I know there’s a few who think elbows tackle on Beram was accidental…..for me the over the top and obvious faking of a serious injury by McCulloch belies something quite different again

  7. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Bmcuw, kitalba.


    Kayal went in with enough force to win the ball. When he didn’t his foot travelled no further. Mccullogh used excessive force to get the ball ie when he didn’t win the ball his foot kept traveling and went through kayals leg. Now we know that the tackle the Hun put in was enough to risk injury to kayal as he is injured.


    Excessive force with the risk of injuring an opponent is the definition of serious foul play. Look it up in the rules of the game if you don’t believe me. Serious foul play is punishable by a red card.


    Celtic should use this tackle on kayal, Forrest and countless others during the season to get foreign refs citing safety concerns as Scottish refs do not protect us against serious foul play.

  8. West Wales Celt on



    Gotta be a no brainer ain’t it?


    His demise was so total and so sudden when he’d hardly had a chance to get started.


    Come to think of it you could say that about Ra Ra too.


    Guess these things seem mysterious as we don’t see what happens behind the scenes.


    I’d personally like to see Juarez given another chance to prove his worth though…





    Rubber gloves?



    Full-body protective suit and breathing apparatus,more like!



    And a suit of armour for him.



    Actually,one of those loudhailers will do-he suffers from SEVERE hangovers,haha!

  10. St.John.Doyle says:


    7 January, 2012 at 08:56



    I share your suspicion about the stance of the Celtic Board.



    It’s becoming clearer by the day that the most likely outcome for the huns is liquidation.



    What happens thereafter will be a defining moment for Scottish football and for Celtic.



    All SPL clubs should be asked to state what position they will take regarding an application to allow a newco huns straight into the SPL.



    The matter is too important to be stitched up in private.

  11. I see STV are showing the Walter Smith years this afternoon. I know a lot of people advocate not reading newspapers, but clearly from the comments a lot still do, now you can still watch ITV on the digital channels just do not watch STV you will be supporting the muck.

  12. DavieL says:


    7 January, 2012 at 03:06


    St Stivs,



    Brownlaw – I played off him and he was fearless, like Sammi without a brain.



    I also played with big John Hagen, Frank (denying he was a Tim) Mulloy, Freddie Elliot and big Cookie just great players. I was 18 and Cookie made me a player by just talking through the games. Miss it so much!



    Eternal rest grant to him Oh Lord and may the perpetual light shine upon him.







    I grew up playing footy around the streets with Frank Mulloy, his dad was a member of the Greenock rangers supporters and Frank went to a different school :>), Frank and his parents were/ are extremely nice people……. Just thought I’d pass that on.



  13. St John Doyle @ 8:56



    That too is my worry.



    There is no were in the rules that stipulates that the SPL board have sole responsibility to come to a decision as to who the OlHunCo’s share should be transferred to.



    It is there in black & white in Article 14 that the Boards responsibility is to communicate to the transferee, following a General meeting and Qualified Resolution requiring a minimum of 90% of the members voting for a new member to be apportioned a share.






    Article 14. If:-



    (i) a Member shall cease to be entitled to hold a Share; or



    (ii) a trustee in sequestration, manager, receiver or administrative receiver shall be appointed in respect of a Member or any property of a Member, or an administration order shall be made in respect of a Member or any property of a Member or an order shall be made or an effective resolution passed for the winding up of a Member otherwise than for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation;



    then that Member or its manager, receiver, administrative receiver, administrator or liquidator or any other person entitled to the Share shall, on receiving notice in writing from the Board 



    following the Company in General Meeting passing a Qualified Resolution  



    that such notice should be issued by the Board and confirming the identity of the proposed transferee, transfer its Share to such other person as the Board shall direct at the price of £1 and the Club owned and operated by such Member shall forthwith cease to be a member of the League and the Club owned and operated by the transferee shall become a member of the League in its place.









    I have read and re-read and re-read the the SPL rules/articles  in relation to your article.



    I don’t believe this is as straight forward as you believe or have been led to believe.



    Article 14 states categorically as detailed in bold above that ‘following the company (the SPL) in General meeting passing a qualified resolution’.



    This stipulates that the board of the SPL can only act in relation to a transfer of a share after a General meeting of members has been held and a qualified resolution requiring 90% of member votes to pass the transfer of a share.



    Qualified Resolutions (90%)



    (a) the expulsion of a Club from the League;



    (b) the passing of a resolution to wind-up the Company or to approve the presentation by the Company and/or its Directors to the Court of a Petition to wind-up the Company;



    (c) any alteration to the authorised or issued share capital of the Company (other than as a result of the transfer of any share in the Company made in accordance with these Articles and/or the Rules);



    (d) any alteration, variation or modification of these Articles or Section C of the Rules and/or any other part of the Rules the alteration, variation or modification of which would have the effect of altering, varying or modifying a provision or provisions in Section C of the Rules and/or of these Articles and/or or the adoption of a new, substitute or different Section C of the Rules and/or of these Articles;



    Feel free to correct me.




  14. Celtics starting postition should there be a motion to be the reimbursment of



    6 League titles, 2 League cups and 1 Scottish cup. All titles to be presented at Celtic park by SPL and SFA representatives. All 6 title flags to be unfurled on the first day of the new season.



    6 more league titles for Celtic, 6 less for Rangers plus 1 more this season for Celtic leaves us on 49 and them on 48.


    Newco should not be allowed access to Europe for 5 seasons ( UEFA rules state 3).



    Celtic are in a win win situation at the moment. They can blame the other clubs if Rangers are allowed back in. The marketing strategy will then be to crank up the wee was robbed angle. Whip the supporters into a frenzy over them being allowed back in and sell more season books on the back of it.


    Others have alluded to Celtic thinking that it would be folly to not allow newco into the league. If they beleive this they must have some tangible business case to back that theory up.



    Here is the distribution of wealth based on tv income by league position. (someone else just posted this table on RTC)



    SPL – 12 team pool £20,000,000


    1 17.00% £3,400,000


    2 15.00% £3,000,000


    3 9.50% £1,900,000


    4 8.50% £1,700,000


    5 8.00% £1,600,000


    6 7.50% £1,500,000


    7 7.00% £1,400,000


    8 6.50% £1,300,000


    9 6.00% £1,200,000


    10 5.50% £1,100,000


    11 5.00% £1,000,000


    12 4.50% £900,000



    If Rangers no longer exist the tv money would drop. No Doubting that. To what though and how many teams would go to the wall? The SPL must know this. Risk management strategies should have been put in place around the last tv deal. I think most clubs would got to the wall at this moment in time if the tv deal was pulled. The penalties for the club that caused this should be very very strong.



    Would Rangers busting Scottish football to the tune of £20m tv income and the number of jobs at stake merit a parliamentry inquiry? How much is the SPL worth to the Scottish economy? Have Celtic approached any othe league or UEFA to ask what happens if they are left as the only solvent club in our league?

  15. From H**’s Media




    “LET’S imagine that instead of it having been a Liverpool player using the ‘N’ word to insult a Manchester United player, it had been a Rangers man and a Celtic man involved in a spat.



    And instead of the ‘N’ word, it had been the ‘F’ one which was used. Imagine the outcry. The sheer naked rage of the blethering classes, the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland and all the wee Shuggies and Seans spluttering their bile over the airwaves.



    And just imagine who would have been in the vanguard of the bitterly offended train which would have been in runaway mode, hurtling towards Ibrox?



    None other than Odious Creep



    Now let’s try another wee imaginary scenario. The insult was spat not by, but AT a Rangers player and came FROM a Celtic man. The ‘H’ word was used. You know the one?



    Here’s a clue. It’s the one I revealed would lead to anyone using at being arrested, because according to Strathclyde assistant chief constable, Campbell Corrgian, it is illegal.



    The word is…h**!



    Now, what do you think would have happened? Would the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland have blanched and said they did not approve of any sectarian insult? Unlikely!



    Would embarrassed Celtic supporters have taken to the airwaves and bombarded their favourite radio station, Radio Clyde, with criticism of the player for stoking the flames of sectarian hatred? Not likely?



    And would Odious Creep have been in the vanguard of any train, in the unlikely event that one was in runaway mode and heading for Parkhead?



    Absolutely not!



    For Odious Creep has already taken to the Radio Clyde airwaves and disdainfully dismissed one aspect of Scotland’s new sectarian laws, as explained by assistant chief constable, Campbell Corrigan.



    For, according to what Celtic fans have been chortling about on the Huddleboard, Creep reckons this senior police office doesn’t know what he’s talking about.



    Creep, it would seem, believes calling Rangers supporters H*** is just a jolly jape. Though, as we know from his part in Villarreal affair, Creep is appalled and outraged by the use of the word f****n.



    So how does he try to square this circle?



    Well, it appears that Creep believes the fact there are some Rangers supporters who refer to themselves as H***, makes it okay. As I say, just a jolly jape.



    What he appears to conveniently forget is that there are many Celtic fans who call themselves…FENIANS. Some even wear T shirts with the word emblazoned.



    Therefore, and not the for the first time, Odious Creep stands accused of double standards, with Rangers and the club’s supporters, targeted by him as low bigots, while all others are fine fellows..



    But again, and not for the first time as I will soon use his own words to reveal, he is wrong.



    For the word h** is now deemed to be a sectarian, and therefore illegal. It has been deemed to be a description of Protestants, just as the word f****n has been outlawed as sectarian and meaning Roman Catholics.



    But if Odious Creep cares for the jolly jape of branding someone a h** over the Radio Clyde airwaves, he should go right ahead. And be prepared for the long arm of the law stretching out and into the studio to feel his collar and lift him away from the mic and down to the nick.



    Do the big bosses at the multi national German media company, of which Radio Clyde is a part, want such bad publicity for their investment, being beamed across the world?



    And do the local gaffers at Radio Clyde want to drop themselves in it with their lords and masters, simply to indulge the increasingly marginalised and seemingly desperate Odious Creep’s buffoonery?



    I find it hard to imagine that they do.



    Nor do I imagine they will be too chuffed at some other things which may soon be heading in Radio Clyde’s direction from influential folk who are unhappy that Odious Creep is being given more airtime by the once most popular, but since he became associated with it, fast fading radio station.



    Given the way circulation figures of the Herald and the Times of London plunged during the period he spent on both papers, and what is happening to Radio Clyde’s listening figures since he took to their airwaves, Odious Creep truly is…



    Good King Midas In Reverse!”



    “The ‘H’ word was used. You know the one?………The word is H**!” Eh?!!!



    Not a very bright aitch I suppose.

  16. CQN Saturday Naps Competition



    Lads, for those who are in the CQN Saturday Naps competition, please go back and post your selection on the previous article :


    “News doesn’t pay anymore”



    Alternatively, if you cannot access the previous article for any reason, then you can send me an email message with your selection to : fleagle1888 at



    All the best, fleagle1888

  17. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    The story this morning was that sandaza is going to them in the summer. Wonder if it’s changed.

  18. The Honest Mistake loves being first says:



    Mate, both players went in for the ball, legs straight and studs up. Both were committed in the tackle. Both make contact with the ball. McCulloch makes contact lower down than Kayal. Beram’s foot rolls off the ball from left to right and his foot lands on the turf with his ankle ackwardly twisted. His own body weight then comes down onto his own anke and that is where the damage gets done. There is no contact between Elbow’s and Beram. None.



    If you have my e-mail address send me an e-mail and I will forward you the picture that graphically illustrates this. Elbows is a thug, we all know that, but in this case, to my mind, he did nothing wrong at all – other than the dying swan routine that is.



    It is the SFA’s fault that he was allowed to play.



    Healy’s tackle was the worst of them all. Healy should have walked. Don’t forger McGregor’s sly wee kick at Hooper too.

  19. curly says:



    7 January, 2012 at 10:17



    jhilday says:


    7 January, 2012 at 09:39




    Thanks, curly.


    I met you once outside the Park while I was handing out leaflets.




  20. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Honest Mistake- not seen the rags mate,not sure if now or in summer.Now would mean some type of fee…:>

  21. SPL rules show that the RFC share (ie membership of the SPL) can be passed to a new company, although there is still some ambiguity in my mind over how that might actually be accomplished.



    But I can’t see anything in the rules that would allow any penalties to be applied to the NewCo.



    Bear in mind that it would be a new member of the league, not a continuation of the current RFC. It would be a new legal entity with no past, no financial history, no tax shenanigans, etc. So on what basis could it be penalised?

  22. Liverpool have played this all wrong.



    When you are perceived to be condoning racist behaviour, all the backwoodsmen come out to play.



    Árd Macha

  23. Ten Men Won The League on

    Sandaza for Jelavic






    Get used to life in the slow lane tax dodgers

  24. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    No need I’ve just watched it again in slow motion frame by frame in 2 different angles. One angle there doesn’t appear to be much contact but the other clearly shows it.


    I stand by what I say. Kayal stays on his feet, the Hun goes through the ball with much too much force, his body angle in the lunge causes his foot to go over the ball and through kayals leg. if mcculloch didn’t lunge in with excessive force kayal wouldn’t have been injured. It’s serious foul play from someone who shouldn’t have been on the pitch due to violent conduct in the previous game.


    I can’t tell you how angry the Huns are making me feel now.

  25. The Honest Mistake loves being first says:



    We’re going to have to agree to disagree. I see it differently.



    Imatim, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you back the picture showing Beram Kayal doing his own ankle.





    There was a wee chat about this fella last night,superb at so many different types of music.



    He would mix blues,jazz,soul;he was the forefather of rap/hip-hop and bhoy could he write a protest song.



    AND his old man played for Celtic.



    He definitely came across as a NWA,but understandably so. This song goes some way to explaining why he became like that.












  27. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
















  28. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    The precedent has now been set. No extra penalty for making an appeal against a ban





    Rangers, SFA — January 5, 2012 2:00 pm



    McCulloch ban upheld after appeal Posted by Andy Muirhead



    Lee McCulloch has been suspended for two games following an SFA Fast Track disciplinary hearing at Hampden today. Rangers had appealed against the midfielder’s red card during the St.Mirren match on Christmas eve, which saw the player eligible to face Glasgow rivals Celtic on the 28th December which the Ibrox side lost 1-0.



    However, the SFA have decided to uphold the two-game suspension handed down to him following his elbowing of Graham Carey.



    McCulloch will now miss Sunday’s Scottish Cup tie against Arbroath, along with Steven Davis and Steven Whittaker, while McCulloch will also be on the sidelines for the league match against St.Johnstone the following weekend.



    The Rangers midfielder missed Monday’s 3-0 win over Motherwell due to a knock he picked up in the derby game at Celtic Park and was missing from training yesterday through illness.

  29. Gil Scott-Heron – “My father still keeps up with what Celtic are doing. You Scottish folk always mention that my Dad played for Celtic,” said Scott-Heron, “it’s a blessing from the spirits! Like that’s two things that Scottish folks love the most; music and football and they got one representative from each of those from my family!”




  30. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    7 January, 2012 at 10:47






    I know what you are saying about NewCo and you would be right if they started out in Div.3 no problem no sanction could apply.



    The difference would be NewCo has no automatic entry into the SPL, it would be under special circumstances and by way of a specially convened meeting, if that was the case then as NewCo was benefitting from special treatment then in theory special sanctions could be applied due to NewCo as they have received a massive advantage in leapfrogging the normal process.



    As I have said my preference as with Airdrie would be for the NewCo to start in Div 3

  31. Good morning fellow Celts from a mild, sunny North Hampshire



    With Beram out for a while due to nasty tackle from Elbows (intent was there ..why else would he feign injury?… to deflect!) Lenny will move Joe to centre mid now that Izzy is back. Not Broony, who lacks the necessary positional discipline, tactical nous and technical skills for that role.



    He has improved his focus tho’ and not rising to bait in every single tussle – thanks to Lenny influence he seems more selective and ..dareisay…cute?



    He is never a holding central-mid player considering our other options (his short passing game is suspect) although I would play him farther forward behind a striker late in the game when play is stretched ..when legs are tired, he has that natural drive as someone said of “two men”. Again, there are better starters for that role.



    He is understanding more what being a Celt is all about. Disagree he is captain material- a good vice captain… aye!



    I can foresee a time when Lenny is going to struggle to justify his selection; Anytime we move to a four man mid – he would seem to be the odd man out, unless it is away to currants/hertz and mothers, when the bootboys are lining up and we need the steel -and then we play 5 where he can slot in.



    Otherwise it is Jamesy, Sammi, Ki, Dylan playing around Vic67 and Joe/(Beram when he returns)



    Soooo agreed -a big part of Lenny’s plans -in some games. However, as the team develops he will be relied on for his specialist qualities only in specific games.



    Lenny will need to identify a captain who is almost guaranteed to be first pick



    Step forward Vic67