Not the end of the world if Rangers don’t survive! Too true


I caught an online synopsis of Rangers’ owner Craig Whyte’s recent meeting with a group of the club’s fans last night.  The group report that Whyte hopes, “’Rangers Football Club Plc’ could survive any administration event but feels it would not be the end of the world if it didn’t.”

We can all agree, it sure wouldn’t be the end of the world if that particular entity didn’t survive, although I suspect Mr Whyte is alluding to the possibility of a new club emerging.  Celtic Quick News first raised the liquidation scenario back in October and explained a prepack route for Rangers Newco FC.  If a football company goes into liquidation a secured creditor, in Rangers case this would be Craig Whyte, can retain control of key assets, such as the stadium, but would not own a football club which was part of any league structure.

In Scotland any Newco FC would have to apply for membership of the Scottish Premier League or Scottish Football League.  A simple majority of the SPL board (three votes required) would be enough to vote a club into the SPL.  The board currently has representatives from Celtic, Dundee United, Motherwell and St Johnstone, as well as SPL chief exec, Neil Doncaster.  It is chaired by Ralph Topping, who only votes in the event of a stalemate.

If Rangers lose their tribunal against Her Majesty’s tax authorities (think of her underequipped soldiers), Celtic will not be the only club who will consider the commercial and competitive disadvantage they suffered while paying their taxes for the last 12 years, but they may be one of the few clubs that would survive without the sponsorship and TV income dependent on a club with the Rangers brand participating in the league.  Celtic would vote against allowing Rangers into the league but I can see zero chance of Dundee United, St Johnstone, Motherwell or Neil Doncaster doing the same.  If the board voted Newco FC into the league, the liquidation of Rangers would not be the end of the world; a football club would die but another could quickly emerge at the same location, selling tickets to the same people.

Opening positions on what sporting cost Newco FC should face for league entry were taken months ago when it was reported that Rangers would fight “tooth and nail” against a 25 point penalty on a Newco.  A 25 point penalty on the phoenix of a failed club after 12 seasons of financial benefit would be an insufferable insult.  This amounts to little more than a the loss of a single league title.  12 seasons of benefit should result in a 12 seasons of penury at the insolvency-event rate of 10 points per season.  Small cost for the enormous gift of a league place and a huge football franchise.  The SPL must also strike from the record any financially doped titles won by clubs still in existence or not.

Can you imagine if Peter Lawwell said, “It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Celtic PLC didn’t survive”!  There would be an impromptu media village outside Celtic Park that would rival the Obama inauguration in size.  Huge story sitting on a plate just waiting to be written up.  Or not.

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  1. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    kitalba says:


    7 January, 2012 at 10:56


    The Honest Mistake loves being first says:



    We’re going to have to agree to disagree. I see it differently.



    Imatim, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you back the picture showing Beram Kayal doing his own ankle.






    2010 Never Again



    I know your take on this Kit. We wont agree on this one my friend



    For me when McCullough went in to damage control with his uber feigning of a serious injury…it said it all.



    He is a hun thug imo and I hope he gets all out of life that he richly deserves.

  2. What on earth is Sandaza’s agent thinking?



    Insane moving to RFC at this moment in time.

  3. The ole Huns can sqweem and sqweem and sqweeem all they want about the “H word” being sectarian.



    Nacho Novo is a Hun, as is Mo Johnston, Neil McCann etc. etc.



    Case closed.

  4. fergus slayed the blues on

    Imatim and so is Neil Lennon says:


    7 January, 2012 at 07:58


    Kev-Jungle “Terracing’s are the way ahead!” IMO! says:


    7 January, 2012 at 07:08


    Lafferty – Takes out McManus, winks to the dugout where Sally returns the wink ?



    Cousin – Takes out McManus, winks to the dugout where Sally returns the wink ?



    Boogy – Kicks Keane up/down Ibrokes, winks to the dugout, Sally etc….. ?



    Lafferty – Falls to the ground and gets Mulgrew sent off, winks to dugout etc…. ?



    etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,….?



    Hail! Hail!






    2010 Never Again



    And can I just add…..Thomson dives in the box with no one remotely going near him…..realises he has been caught to rites cheating and then feigns injury to escape any punishment………………McCulloch seriously injures Beram Kayal….feigns a serious injury to himself because he knows exactly what he has done….all to avoid any punishment.



    Anyone who thinks McCoist isn’t promoting this type of behaviour is seriously deluded








    And can I just add ………Davie weir goes over the ball and right into Scott Browns shin ,falls down and feigns injury ,the ref proceeds to book Scott Brown ,anyone see a pattern emerging here


    hail hail

  5. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon,



    The favoured option seems to be to be penalise Newco and I agree with you that there doesnt seem to be anything in the rules which would allow this. There is the UEFA rule that does not allow a Newco access to European comeptition for 3 seasons but that is not a local rule.



    We are in a situation were the slate can be wiped and we could all start all over again but Rangers and the other clubs are dependant on the Sky money. Sky own the league.



    Given the unprecedented circumstances and the fact that the league need us we are in a very strong bargaining position to demand the removal of the league titles awarded to oldco. I don’t know what it would take to do this? A vote by SPL clubs?



    Celtic should be lobbying UEFA to ask for answers on what happens to our club should we have no league to play in. Bottom line is that The Rangers entity must be punished by the removal of their 6 league titles gained as a result of cheating. What happens after that is what is going to be acceptable to Celtic and the fans.

  6. St.John.Doyle,



    I know what you’re saying – but for me any special deal to handicap/ penalise the newco for a period of time just makes the decision to admit it in the first place look even more dodgy.



    Has there ever been a situation like this anywhere in football? A team is admitted to a league as a special case but only if it agrees to some form of penalty?

  7. I suppose with the mess at ibrokes, we must thank the board for running the club the way they do and brian quinn (I think) for not getting involved in EBTs. I remember seeing an interview with DD who said running the club sustainably with strict debt managment policies was the ‘celtic way’. I can see he’s right now as we are not vulnerable to a nillionaire like Craig Whyte.

  8. From today’s Scotsman:



    WHATEVER the score is in tomorrow’s fourth round Scottish Cup tie between Jim McInally’s Peterhead and holders Celtic the Third Division side will be creating a record at their Balmoor ground as the match is a sell-out.



    A capacity crowd of 4,600 fans will pack into the Blue Toon’s ground to create a new attendance record and there has been a lot of work carried out to make it happen according to the club’s chairman Rodger Morrison.



    The life-long Peterhead supporter said: “We have increased our crowd capacity for this game by making a number of changes including putting in raised standing areas behind both goals to get all the fans in.”



    Work started to get done as soon as the draw was made with Morrison adding: “There was talk from some people of a move to Aberdeen’s Pittodrie. That was never an option as far as I was concerned. This is our home and I wanted the game played here.



    “Our previous record attendance of 3,700 was against Partick Thistle in the Division Two Promotion play-offs back in 2006.”



    On the field, The Blue Toon may sit second bottom of the Third Division and Celtic at the top of the SPL but the clubs have been a lot closer off the field in recent weeks. Morrison explained: “The co-operation from Celtic has been first class. We had ground covers that we bought from Gretna, however they were not as good as the ones Celtic have, so they loaned us theirs and they have also helped with other matters including stewarding.



    “This will be our first ever competitive game against Celtic and completes the Old Firm double as we played Rangers at Ibrox a few years ago in the Scottish Cup.”



    The interest in the game has been far more intense than it would have been for their scheduled match against Alloa. Morrison said: “We have been fielding phone calls and e-mails from around the world, but the sold out signs are up now and we can not squeeze anyone else in.”

  9. When thems go ‘fut’……..the Huns will be piped back onto the national stage with appropriate pomp and circumstance.They will probably be ceremonially lead out onto Hampden by Salmond and the massed ranks of the Royal Rifles Batt or whoever…Think Albert Speer meets Busby Berkeley ……………………..This will be accompanied by an RAF flypast and a cavalcade of ‘auld sojers’ proudly wearing their scarves and waving ‘jacks’…



    STV will capture the festivities for posterity and announce that there is a ‘carnival’ atmosphere about the country, such is the good news for the ranjurs…………




  10. joe millers shorts on

    If Rangers are allowed to leave their debts behind and come back into the spl as Newco, then whats to stop Hearts, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and DUFC doing the same?



    If Rangers are allowed to do this no bank will ever lend to a Scottish club again!


    INDIO 1101



    Cheers for the quote. Legendary status in my eyes,and I don’t confer that lightly.

  12. fergus slayed the blues on

    If ragers end up playing in D3 next term under a different name ,what could CW expect to sell the newco for and who would take the newco off his hands .


    No bhoys the newco will IMO never be playing in D3 .For this wee r the peepils plan to succeed the newco will need to be in the SPL .


    How that comes about with regards the SFA/SPL and the other clubs is the question but come about IT WILL .


    Let’s face it when has the ragers ever paid for anything in Scottish football .


    hail hail

  13. Bjmac



    Cheers mate do you think they’d notice if I sneekily put in last weeks scores.



    Hope you’re on the mend buddy!!

  14. joe millers shorts says:


    7 January, 2012 at 11:16


    ‘If Rangers are allowed to leave their debts behind and come back into the spl as Newco, then whats to stop Hearts, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and DUFC doing the same?



    If Rangers are allowed to do this no bank will ever lend to a Scottish club again!’




    Don’t worry about the banks, they’ll get their money.



    The ones who’ll lose out will be HMRC, various trade creditors, fans who’ve paid up front for tickets and the small shareholders.

  15. Another tactic we should employ is to get a business case together for Newco 2 applying to get access to the SPL at the same time as RFC Newco. Of course we would need to come up with a business plan for a club that represented a gap in the market for a large fan base and have a stadium to play in.


    Unlikely that an alternative could be put forward given that the ‘gap’ is represented by sectarian fans with a stadium that will most probably be owned by the MBB. I am sure there are more powerful rangers men out there who would be willing to put forward a counter to an MBB led newco?

  16. BTW, meant to add…….



    As with ‘clowns’……..’carnivals’ scare me.


    Can’t explain it.

  17. Ht



    Still in bed but getting better.



    They might notice if you get them all correct ;-)



    Oh and also ’cause you’ve posted on here telling everyone about your cunning plan









    Ps enjoy Peterhead!


    ERNIE LYNCH 1120



    CW wants that ticket money paid IN FULL prior to the start of the season,



    Assuming there IS a start to next season for them,how many of the deluded ones will do as he says,and how many will decide to pay-as-you-go?



    Personally,I think he has made a big mistake on this one.



    I don’t know whether to wish for as many as possible huns to get shafted,or for Rangers to be denied up-front cash,but I think the proverbial penny is dropping with a fair few of them.

  19. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Proud to be a fenian,I know your proud to be a HUN!




    What’s the problem?





    BJMAC is 100% correct at 1124 about them maybe noticing because you posted your cunning plan on here.



    So my advice is not to put the bet on with Jack Irvine…..

  21. Bjmac



    Dam I hate it when a plan fails to come to fruition!!!



    Looking forward to it, now leaving at 2pm for a night in Aberdeen and then on to Peterhead in the morning.

  22. Mullet and Co



    There is quite a few existing football clubs who would be delighted delighted to take up the free space – none more so than the relegated club in the spl. They could quite easily argue they would not have been relegated had the Huns maintained a financial fair play model.







  23. Larsson and McStay on

    Just read BBC sport website article (from yesterday I think) saying interest in Ki and Commons.



    I’d like to think that both will be staying after the news about Beram.

  24. BMCUW






    Don’t know if you saw my reply yesterday, I’ll probably be in the area over Easter mate.

  25. Re: Hun NewCo and suitable punishments.



    IMHO, we are looking at this the wrong way round. The purpose of a NewCo is to escape the debts of the OldCo. The debts of OldCo can only die if OldCo itself dies.



    Therefore, NewCo cannot morally be held responsible for debts of a now-dead company.



    The problem arises however when NewCo seeks to retain the advantages of OldCo, but not the disadvantages. In the case of RFC, if NewCo were to assume OldCo’s SPL/SFA position, including history and points totals, arguably NewCo would not really be a new company at all – it would be the old company in all but name (and even that may not change!)



    RFC cannot have it both ways. They cannot establish a NewCo for the purpose of evading a tax debt, whilst at the same time seek to continue the story of RFC, founded in 1873.



    The most logical punishment for NewCo is therefore to do nothing – except apply the rules as they stand. NewCo – as an entirely new company – must apply for entrance to the SFA and league system. If accepted, they start at the bottom, and are required to work their way up.



    Any solution which sees them treated as the continuation of OldCo RFC would not only allow them to evade legitimate tax debts unscathed, it would also raise serious questions about whether OldCo RFC is actually dead. And if it isn’t actually dead, then it still owes HMRC £50million.



    This is the argument I would expect HMRC to make should such a stitch up be attempted.

  26. ernie lynch:



    A lot of good Celtic went to their maker in the years that the huns bought those leagues. Some of them never ever got to see Celtic win a flag. All some of them ever wanted was to see Celtic win a flag. There is no second chance for them. Rangers should be stripped of all contentious trophies and sent to a very public naughty room for a long time to come. Even then things will not be right.



    Scotland’s league will be forever sullied.

  27. From twitter:



    ‘Liverpool FC officials are desperate to identify the fans who racially abused Tom Adeyemi, so they know which names to print on the t-shirts’



    Árd Macha

  28. Mullet and Co @ 11:21,



    I was thinking along the same lines. If there is a vacancy created in the league how should it be filled? Normal footballing procedures would involve an extra promotion from Division One. But if a club is to be fired straight to the top teir should there be some form of competition?



    At the very least another applicant would expose the unprecedented nature of any club being allowed straight into the top division rather than having to work its way up. When the Inverness clubs merged to form ICT, it had to start at the bottom – and this could very much have been seen as filling a gap in the market.



    Is there then an argument to be made that an entirely new club would bring more to Scottish football than Huns (’12)?



    What about some form of merger of clubs in the south of Scotland? Queen of the South plus a smaller club or two to form a new Borders club?

  29. BobbyMurdoch’s CUWP…



    Re: Hun season tickets. As far as I can see, this outrageous plan is causing no ripples on FF at all.



    CW: We might not come out of admistration.



    Huns: Jeez, that’s a bit worrying.



    CW: I know. Anyway, can I have £400 from each of you now please for, erm, next season?



    Huns: Sure thing, brother boss sir!





    I did,mate. I would be well up for a wee day out wi a fellow-traveller.



    With that last word in mind,I think Bristol is the best bet. No changing of trains for either of us,and there in less than an hour.



    Easy pub to meet in,and we’ll take it from there…..