Not time for Griffiths to move


The general reaction to reports that a £1m bid has been received for Leigh Griffiths is that the figure undervalues the player.  Early in the season the story was different.  Leigh, who joined in January last year, was behind new arrivals John Guidetti and Stefan Scepovic.  His perceived value was close to zero, alongside most players sitting on the bench or in the stand.

We were panicked on 31 August last year.  Having signed Amido Balde and Teemu Pucki a year earlier we were desperately short of a striker, the arrival of Scepovic, then Guidetti was cause for celebration.  Neither brought much to the club, we would have been better, with more money available for the next window, if we’d prioritised Leigh and given chances to a youth player.

If Celtic choose to sell Leigh this summer, it will not be for £1m.  He’s worth much more than that, probably more than Leeds United can afford.  He’s under contract, first choice and scoring goals.  But Celtic will also put a great deal of effort into recruiting a striker in the coming weeks.

There are no guarantees Leigh will get an extended run in the team next season.  Celtic should sell players at peak value, when they have reached the point they are no longer developing, before they become an overhang on resources.  Leigh is probably at peak value, and unlikely to further develop, but he’s no overhang.  That scenario won’t happen until a couple of new pretenders have proven they are better fits than Balde, Pukki, Scepovic and Guidetti.

Keep an eye on Frank McGarvey’s 1985 Scottish Cup Final shirt, which is being auctioned to benefit Maryhill Food Bank.  It closes just before 8pm tonight.

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  1. The Green Man on




    Its not madness to question the playing capabilities of a football player…..we do it all the time.


    Its just a quick route to downsizing…..get scoddish players on frees and try to improve them…imo….that’s whats going on.


    It worked with Craig Gordon…..so the suits reckon they can do it again with DW.


    A retrograde step imo.


    Opinion….get it.


    Im not asking anyone to agree.

  2. We need a proven goalscorer at international level for the CL qual round.



    Swap deal? Kenny Miller to us. Leigh to the young club + 6 pack of tunnocks.



    You could strike a worser deal. Though not much worser I’ll grant you!






    HH jamesgang

  3. Captain Beefheart on

    Actually, a Spanish mate who supports Bilbao expresses sympathy for socialism from timeto time but his socialism differs from the more middle class socialism one tends to find here.

  4. jamesgang



    14:11 on 17 May, 2015



    ‘From Twitter. Explains a lot



    @UKGE2020: Yougov



    How do you consider yourself politically?’







    Not a particularly robust or objective question is it?



    And that will be that YouGov mob who predicted the outcome of the General Election. Remind us how accurate that was again.

  5. Quonno



    Re not signing players early



    It has much to do with agents and players not settling for a move to a 3rd rate league until they exhaust all avenues around Europe and the English Championship for their best development opportunity.

  6. gerryfaethebrig @ 14:27,



    It’s not having a go at Leigh, just an observation – said the same thing about Gary Hooper. Didn’t make him a bad player for Celtic, he was excellent for us.



    Hail Hail

  7. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    Griffiths – stick – doooh, no brainer!



    Balde – twist



    Pukki – twist



    Scepovic – twist (but maybe we’re stuck with him?)



    Guidetti – stick (if asking price suits our evaluation)



    Stokes – stick

  8. Watching Celtic. Is it time to change our thinking about who we are really supporting?






    The interdependent nature of football as a business applies equally to the nature of supporting.



    Just as clubs depend on others clubs to play against, supporters depend on fellow supporters to have a team to watch.



    How do we make the cost of supporting fairer?



    Or does no one care?

  9. Beefheart – you not think a country that consistently voted for labour majority is not left wing, in general?



    As for your low paid colleagues not talking much about left wing solutions, I find it odd that people on the lowest wage are happy to continue in a system that requires an army of low,paid workers in precarious jobs with little security.



    So did my namesake who wrote the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists…..



    Have you ever read it?

  10. Bada – was good to bump into you earlier. As for the make-up reference I always did have suspicions about you ex-firemen guys……



    Hail Hail.

  11. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on



    14:23 on 17 May, 2015


    I know it’s the market we operate in, I know it’s the


    way the game is. But I hate to read about players in


    this way.


    They are not commodities, assets or resources.


    They are people.



    Hear, hear

  12. Timbhoy2



    Despite your sad little abusive comments last week I do agree with you regarding Wilson.



    We have a manager who improves young players who show some talent.



    Wilson had some talent but has not had the chance to develop it fully.



    He could be worth a punt.

  13. Or. .



    “Damn, that meeting at 2 has been brought forward to 12. I’d better get a move on. Don’t wait up, dear. You’ll be tired after making your own way home from work!”

  14. Ernie



    If you can’t extrapolate the significance and veracity of these general sentiments then you’re even more new labour than I’d imagined!






    HH jamesgang

  15. The Green Man on

    Robert Tressell



    I have read said book.


    And what you say is true.


    People should read the chapter entitled ” The Great Money Trick”


    Explains a lot.





  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CB-Dallas has shoehorned his boy into a job worth 40k a year plus,corrupt doesn’t even cover it….allegedly :)

  17. Captain Beefheart



    14:28 on 17 May, 2015



    When did Scotland turn into a leftwing country?






    It didn’t. It’s broadly centrist. Sometimes moves a wee bit left and sometimes a wee bit right.



    The Scots like to think of themselves as being more left than they are. It’s something the SNP have picked up on and exploited.



    Wee Nicola there. Pure dead left wing. Last department she ran had a 4.4% underspend. The money was returned to Westminster. Mmm.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Kelvinbhoy-thanks for introducing yourself,a few CQN bhoys in the Farm if you in for an away game HH

  19. Timbhoy2 14.13



    I am not advocating signing him,but having seen him and Wilson several times.



    Fojut if DUFC is a far better centre half than Wilson.




  20. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on




    “Young Andrew Dallas tells Scott Macdonald to “get aff” then “shut up”. ”



    That is an incredible attitude from young Dallass – arms folded, knows he is untouchable.



    In a nutshell, all that is wrong with the SFA and their unmerry MIBs…

  21. Captain Beefheart on

    Afternoon Robert.



    I haven’t read that book. Too many to get through.



    Working in those types of jobs, you find many things which would shock a typical middle class Guardian reader/writer. They don’t have a clue.

  22. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Wee Jack in his black skirt ..



    Sent billions back to his Darling exchequer ..



    Mmmmm ..



    Never heard of contingency planning ..



    Ernie :)

  23. LG is the best striker we currently have


    That doesnt make him Henrik larsson, but it does make him more valuable than 1 million quid



    The domesticleague is over, it was over before it started. Same as next years league too. Winning it is potential entry to the only show in town



    The only show in town will be starting late summer.


    Are we any further forward than last year when we approached the qualifiers?



    Failure to qualify for the group stages last season hampered us financially and has an significant impact on plans to strengthen the side. Hopefully it wont happen again this season.




    Failure to qualify again this year would compound that.

  24. jamesgang



    14:39 on 17 May, 2015



    All the social attitude studies I’ve seen (proper ones where they ask about specific subjects) show that there’s little difference north and south of the border.



    If I wanted to find out what the general standard of driving was I wouldn’t conduct a survey asking people ‘are you a good driver?’ I’d ask questions about the appropriate response should be in specific scenarios. Same with this.



    Still it serves a nat agena doesn’t it?



    The Scots and the English are fundamentally different. We even have our very own language.

  25. Gerryfaethebrig on




    14:35 on 17 May, 2015



    Totally agree, by the I would have Hooper back in a minute although he might have to dislodge our Leigh, a lot of people forget wee Griff hardly kicked a ba for first few months of the season, hope Ronny (& Broony) are making the wee man appreciate how lucky he is to be pulling in the hoops

  26. Craigellachie10 on

    1 million for Griff! You are having a laugh when you see what £20-30 million buys you in the most over priced league in the world. Or even 10-12 m in the second most overpriced league.

  27. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Nat ??



    So demeaning, Ernie ..



    You’re going to make me sob ..




  28. LG is currently the only effective striker we have on the books


    JG and SS though for different reasons are not functioning.


    AS is not really an out and out striker as he lacks the courage to get in the six yard box.


    Those out on loan like AB and TP seem to have been discarded.


    That means we need to find another striker capable of playing in the box and leading the line.


    What we need is a Didier Drogba type – capable of terrorising defences single handedly.


    So no tall order there then!


    We also need cover at LB – one perhaps two CBs and most importantly a proper defensive midfielder!


    NB has had a good second half to the season but he is primarily a creative midfielder.


    In many of our recent games it has been the drive and commitment of SB that has got us through.


    We need someone who can partner SB in European games against better quality opposition


    and allow him the occasional rest in games against domestic opposition.


    I only hope that the board do all in their limited power to help RD get the players he needs!








    We certainly do have our own language.



    Ask my workmates. Or anyone I drink with.

  30. Ronnie Deila the god like magician.



    He can make Wilson Taller, stronger , faster.



    Just like he has done with GMS,



    You just have to look at the magnificent performance GMS put in on Friday night to see that signing Freedom of contract players is the new way to win the ECL.




  31. Paul67 et al



    “Leigh is probably at peak value, and unlikely to further develop,…..”


    Have to respectfully disagree with that opinion. While Leigh has always been able to score goals, I for one have seen an improvement of his overall game. Could well score thirty goals for us next season give enough game time. It is interesting that it is Leeds who are mentioned, is that the same Leeds who sold Ross McCormack for £11 million last year, a figure at least five times more than paid by any of his previous clubs. Ross is a good player, good record at each of his teams, but a younger Griffith is way better value.

  32. dallas junior yesterday, and mcleans actions towards virgil at hampdump tell you how professional our referee’s are ????????

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