Not time for Griffiths to move


The general reaction to reports that a £1m bid has been received for Leigh Griffiths is that the figure undervalues the player.  Early in the season the story was different.  Leigh, who joined in January last year, was behind new arrivals John Guidetti and Stefan Scepovic.  His perceived value was close to zero, alongside most players sitting on the bench or in the stand.

We were panicked on 31 August last year.  Having signed Amido Balde and Teemu Pucki a year earlier we were desperately short of a striker, the arrival of Scepovic, then Guidetti was cause for celebration.  Neither brought much to the club, we would have been better, with more money available for the next window, if we’d prioritised Leigh and given chances to a youth player.

If Celtic choose to sell Leigh this summer, it will not be for £1m.  He’s worth much more than that, probably more than Leeds United can afford.  He’s under contract, first choice and scoring goals.  But Celtic will also put a great deal of effort into recruiting a striker in the coming weeks.

There are no guarantees Leigh will get an extended run in the team next season.  Celtic should sell players at peak value, when they have reached the point they are no longer developing, before they become an overhang on resources.  Leigh is probably at peak value, and unlikely to further develop, but he’s no overhang.  That scenario won’t happen until a couple of new pretenders have proven they are better fits than Balde, Pukki, Scepovic and Guidetti.

Keep an eye on Frank McGarvey’s 1985 Scottish Cup Final shirt, which is being auctioned to benefit Maryhill Food Bank.  It closes just before 8pm tonight.

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    We’ve had a few players called Jesus. And a few more called Bluddiell.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Tamrabam-good post,i think we are in far better shape than last year for the qualifiers,middle to front much improved ,along with the overall fitness of the team.Even if VVD goes,Mulgrew is not the worst CB .HH

  3. I think, and hope we have seen an end to the likes of buying and loaning the Derks, Amidos, Banguras etc, I think that RD’s influence has out weighed the influence that JP has held for some time, and thankfully Pedro seems to buying into it.



    We are a selling club first and foremost, and will be for some time unless a euro league is set up, so we just have to suck it up.



    We are still a very decent stepping stone for those who have ambitions or delusions of playing in the best league in the world….not.



    Biggest problem I see in recruiting players to the club is our players have to play to a different set of rules to our opposition, players and agents talk, football is a small world, and the lack of protection our players are afforded should not be underestimated.



    Just the other night in Perth, I was surprised that SA wasn’t booked for sarcasticly clapping the referee, it sure don’t take these bhoys long to realise that playing for us is a very different ball game.



    I would have hoped that the club were taking action behind the scenes, but it seems not, the cheats are as bad, if not worse than they have ever been.



    It would take very little to change the system to make the cheats accountable, a simple promotion and demotion for a start, make them justify their decisions etc, sadly transparency is not going to happen unless the clubs grow a pair.



    It surprises me that the clubs are happy with the situation, I would have thought that allowing the footballers to flourish in an enviroment where they were protected, where the up and into them was a thing of the past, they could demand a much higher price when they sell them on.



    Waiting on the bigots pound is false economy imo, but it just goes to show how strong the cabals influence is in scotland, from the very top to the bottom.








    Apols for not getting back to you re those cuts.



    I checked. You were of course correct. Labour did help vote them through.



    Absolutely disgusted.

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on




    14:49 on 17 May, 2015



    Do you think GMS is a good signing ?


    I am a bit biased because I think the wee man could be brilliant, by the way I also think Ronny could be brilliant but who knows

  6. I think any chat about Scott Macdonald being ineligible and hibs getting a poor allocation of tickets is a out to be shown as academic. QoS to win today for me.

  7. Tiny tim



    I agree re fojut.



    I also agree (although you were being a tad sarcastic) that Ronny can improve decent young players.



    Hope all well ?

  8. Oh, and I would wager my life that if the hun decided that fast flowing, passing football was what they wanted to play, the referees would change overnight to accomadate them.




  9. Bada Bing


    the same age old question that we have pondered over for the past 15 years



    will we spend money to try to improve our qualification chances




    will we wait to see if we qualify then try to strengthen



    This question generally splits CQN as much as claiming Celtic are an Irish team playing in Glesga!

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    SMSM were running the VVD is leaving before the close of the ‘January ‘s window,’ and we even had CQN posters that ‘knew’ he definitely was. The same scenario’s crop up every year in both windows, since Celtic became a major buying and selling club, arguably from the arrival of Fergus McCann. Do well with Celtic and you’ll be linked with other clubs, ( ask Leigh Griffiths )



    SMSM want them away, the gullible not only believe, but will board bash and scream downsize , before during and after, immenent arrivals, and inevitable departures.



    I’ll be delighted if Celtic decide to sell VVD at £8,000,000 profit it keeps the tax man from the door, keeps the lights on, and allows adequate funding for the next raid on Manchester City, Holland, or wherever.



    I trust Celtic to get it right in the main , in the precarious transfer world, admittedly at the moment we’re due to strike gold in the striker department, but will toil to find a CB that comes close to VVD . The direct replacement for VVD may be a project, just like in the as words of Neil Lennon, we couldn’t even try to replace Victor Wanyama with like for like.



    It wasn’t christened the slow lane by accident.





    Aye. But the huns would have to change their squad first!

  12. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Mon the Swansea :)



    Unite and the Co-op serving ties with Labour ..



    You’ve had better weekends .. Ernie ..




  13. Ernie –



    If Scots are not generally left thinking, who are the Scots you describe as thinking of themselves as “more left wing than they are”?



    Do you see the contradiction?

  14. Big YaYa shows Citeh the benefits of getting him a nice birthday card!




  15. Ernie – you and the academics are probably rights but how do you factor the totally different attitude to UKIP?



    Previously when their support was primarily in the SE I’d have pointed to it being the first calling point for many migrants and it being an easy focal point for general dissatisfaction. However their widespread support kind of blows that out the water.



    Is it just that they seem like the best ‘non traditional’ choice in England. Why do so many favour them over the Greens in that case?

  16. Tom McLaughlin



    15:01 on 17 May, 2015



    ‘Ernie –



    If Scots are not generally left thinking, who are the Scots you describe as thinking of themselves as “more left wing than they are”?



    Do you see the contradiction?’









    Maybe because I have at least a tenuous grasp of the English language.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Just heard Stuart McCall saying he now knows how to deal with Queen of the South but will give them the respect they deserve, old club / new club aspect aside its still the same flies around old / new turd, I wish my father was here to listen to that, made me smile


    Monthedoonhammers put that mob to the sword (Hibs will prevail if you can’t)





    I was out having a smoke. Came in just in time for the replay. Wow.



    And another one.

  19. Wager placed. £10 QoS to win. Took a trip to Dumfries on Thursday, had a word with Brother Walfrid, he assured me the doonhamers will be victorious.



    Frantic07 clairvoyant CSC.

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Tamrabam-aye ,it’s an annual bitchfest,the buying and selling at CLQ time,i get the impression Ronny will have a bit more influence on things this time round.HH

  21. huns to win easy 5-0. saw mcdonald got sent off in last minute and i knew it was a fix.. before i knew it was 4th official and bigot dallas

  22. huns to cruise through and second in league next year.. the cheating has been off the scale in every match that i have seen them play in last 3 years,

  23. weeminger



    15:07 on 17 May, 2015



    ‘Ernie – you and the academics are probably rights but how do you factor the totally different attitude to UKIP? ‘






    UKIP are like the SNP in that they are both populist nationalist parties that offer one single simple answer to a whole range of problems.



    With one it’s to leave the EU, with the other it’s to leave the UK.



    With the SNP already well established in Scotland it’s no wonder UKIP struggle to find an audience. Essentially the SNP are catering for the same mindset as UKIP. People wanting something new and fresh and simple. They appeal to the emotions rather than the intellect.



    As for the Greens I rather got the impression they are more successful in England than in Scotland.

  24. why are theyt allowed to have newcastle players on loan? other clbs caught with dual ownership had a transfer embargo

  25. Maradominic



    I can’t remember the exact timeline, but I do remember that they need help from the cheats in the first couple of games they played in when they started in the 4th div.



    Away to Peterhead, and away to Berwick, without intervention from the cheats with the whistles, they would have lost both games.




  26. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Mon the Greens :)



    Imagine having a totally autonomous party in Scotland ..



    That wouldn’t work would it ??



    Pro independence ..



    Crazy !!




  27. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    jeez, shows what we’re up against – a successful player at celtic is being offered a million

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