Not time for Griffiths to move


The general reaction to reports that a £1m bid has been received for Leigh Griffiths is that the figure undervalues the player.  Early in the season the story was different.  Leigh, who joined in January last year, was behind new arrivals John Guidetti and Stefan Scepovic.  His perceived value was close to zero, alongside most players sitting on the bench or in the stand.

We were panicked on 31 August last year.  Having signed Amido Balde and Teemu Pucki a year earlier we were desperately short of a striker, the arrival of Scepovic, then Guidetti was cause for celebration.  Neither brought much to the club, we would have been better, with more money available for the next window, if we’d prioritised Leigh and given chances to a youth player.

If Celtic choose to sell Leigh this summer, it will not be for £1m.  He’s worth much more than that, probably more than Leeds United can afford.  He’s under contract, first choice and scoring goals.  But Celtic will also put a great deal of effort into recruiting a striker in the coming weeks.

There are no guarantees Leigh will get an extended run in the team next season.  Celtic should sell players at peak value, when they have reached the point they are no longer developing, before they become an overhang on resources.  Leigh is probably at peak value, and unlikely to further develop, but he’s no overhang.  That scenario won’t happen until a couple of new pretenders have proven they are better fits than Balde, Pukki, Scepovic and Guidetti.

Keep an eye on Frank McGarvey’s 1985 Scottish Cup Final shirt, which is being auctioned to benefit Maryhill Food Bank.  It closes just before 8pm tonight.

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  1. SFTB



    I agree .


    My original statement was that I wasn’t advocating signing him.



    I was only answering an open question put to the blog by Timbhoy2.



    The boy Wilson is a considerably weaker player than Ambrose, Mulgrew, Denayer and VVD.



    I don’t think that we would have any interest in Wilson if he wasn’t available for free.




  2. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Derek Ferguson ..



    Must have the I.Q of a peanut ..



    That the best radio Scotchland can conjure up ..



    Rob Mclean, getting all excited.

  3. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    Try Wim the Tim csc in Leeds if they still go up from The Harp,not sure if the area is classed as Sheepscar but it’s close to the old McGuires of that area,same bus.

  4. Can’t see QOS getting through this poor decision making when they are in possession

  5. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    TT said:


    “My DUFC mates thought that GMS was brilliant on his day,but his goods days were too infrequent.



    I suspect he will repeat that trend at Celtic.”


    I rated GMS very highly and asked my DUFC supporting mates about him. `Hot and cold. Like most wingers.` Was the reply.


    I think, though, that with our greater resources, we can afford to manage him better and get more of his good days. Even so, for entertainment value alone, I am glad to see him at Celtic.




  6. ernie lynch



    14:46 on 17 May, 2015





    14:39 on 17 May, 2015



    All the social attitude studies I’ve seen (proper ones where they ask about specific subjects) show that there’s little difference north and south of the border.



    If I wanted to find out what the general standard of driving was I wouldn’t conduct a survey asking people ‘are you a good driver?’ I’d ask questions about the appropriate response should be in specific scenarios. Same with this.



    Still it serves a nat agena doesn’t it?



    The Scots and the English are fundamentally different. We even have our very own language.






    Oh Ernie – you’re cantona-like in your obscure, irrelevant metaphor. But he was taking the pi$$ when wittering on about sardines and seagulls!



    A more relevant example would be…



    If more scots drivers expressed a liking for red cars you might expect a higher rate of sales of red card in scotland.



    Hope that’s sufficient simple and not too logical for twisting.



    HH jamesgang


    at the sake of stating the obvious, cause it seems to be getting missed in the analysis of Wilson:



    If you put Denayer into a team like Hearts, he’d appear to be half the player we see.



    it’s. A team game, in which good players compliment their mates.

  8. Tallybhoy,



    I’ve not heard from ACGR for a wee while, I’ll give him a bell later on.



    Oh, come on QOS 1-0.



    Tom…no prob mate, another time.



    gerryfaethebrig…cheers mate, can time noo:))

  9. saltires en sevilla on




    15:55 on 17 May, 2015


    John Park, was brought to Celtic, 7-8 years ago, based on what he had allegedly achieved with Hibs and Motherwell on young players coming through to first team


    How long before we should be seeing this success at Celtic ?


    We have a bigger Youth set up budget, than over 75% of first teams in Scotland etc., etc.,




    Good point



    At one time our supporters gave the club & emerging youngsters some breathing space to make mistakes and develop…



    Since Souness era we began to adopt the quick, fix buy imports etc., before we finally copped on to the damage that was doing to us and killed off the auld Huns.



    However, the jam today culture began to emerge; the double edge sword of a 60k stadium echoes every success but magnifies every stray pass…



    I’m hoping Ronny will show some determination on that front



    As a group we need to show more patience with young talent



    Having said that. Your key point about the development model is spot on!!



    We don’t bring enough through the ranks.



    The emerging talent at secco is bereft of ..much


    0-1 now teeheehee




  10. charles kickham on

    Lennon n Mc….Mjallby



    16:07 on 17 May, 2015



    Tom McLaughlin



    16:08 on 17 May, 2015



    Cheers guys – makes it interesting

  11. MickTT



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    Can pick breed, distance prepared to travel and price to pay



    Hail Hail

  12. QOS have been really poor but are 1-0 up. Hopefully they can only get better. Mind you ref just given the first “helpful” decision to Sevco now that the pressure is on….

  13. Watch the mibbery unfold !!


    Sevco Will get a extremely dubious pen TOTAL CERTAINTY !!!

  14. For those who like a bet it may be worth looking at the odds for Davie Moyes getting the manager’s job at West Ham in the summer. The MSM will be running this story this week.


    Neil Lennon was linked with the West Ham job this time last year but Sam Allardyce held on unexpectedly. Neil is not quoted this time round.

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