Not time for Griffiths to move


The general reaction to reports that a £1m bid has been received for Leigh Griffiths is that the figure undervalues the player.  Early in the season the story was different.  Leigh, who joined in January last year, was behind new arrivals John Guidetti and Stefan Scepovic.  His perceived value was close to zero, alongside most players sitting on the bench or in the stand.

We were panicked on 31 August last year.  Having signed Amido Balde and Teemu Pucki a year earlier we were desperately short of a striker, the arrival of Scepovic, then Guidetti was cause for celebration.  Neither brought much to the club, we would have been better, with more money available for the next window, if we’d prioritised Leigh and given chances to a youth player.

If Celtic choose to sell Leigh this summer, it will not be for £1m.  He’s worth much more than that, probably more than Leeds United can afford.  He’s under contract, first choice and scoring goals.  But Celtic will also put a great deal of effort into recruiting a striker in the coming weeks.

There are no guarantees Leigh will get an extended run in the team next season.  Celtic should sell players at peak value, when they have reached the point they are no longer developing, before they become an overhang on resources.  Leigh is probably at peak value, and unlikely to further develop, but he’s no overhang.  That scenario won’t happen until a couple of new pretenders have proven they are better fits than Balde, Pukki, Scepovic and Guidetti.

Keep an eye on Frank McGarvey’s 1985 Scottish Cup Final shirt, which is being auctioned to benefit Maryhill Food Bank.  It closes just before 8pm tonight.

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  1. 6th April by Gary Ralston of the Daily Record


    Beaming Rangers boss Stuart McCall: We are so good Im getting goosebumps!





    me too Stuart, me too……..

  2. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    That needs a fix



    Rangers are the better team but are behind 1.0



    Rob McLean what can be done??


    No away goals I take it

  3. saltires en sevilla on

    boooos at round poundland



    Before kick off Beeb radio telling us QOS would do well to be still in it at HT



    Ok so far then guys?



  4. Love that QoS scored just after commentators saying how well they’d done and mibbee they’d go up in the next year or two.



    HH jamesgang

  5. Big stubbsy is away to ladbrokes to bet this going to pens !!



    Have they not suffered enough ;)

  6. charles kickham on

    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox



    16:17 on 17 May, 2015



    Sorry mate I’m watching on RTE2

  7. The Green Man on

    And the boos ring out at ipox.


    Qos could defo win this….they are a better team.


    Qos getting no credit from greeting hun commentators.





  8. I’ve no problems at all with Leigh Griffiths and a.n.other being our main striker for the next season. I don’t hold with this nonsense that he is simply an SPFL level player….that rubbish was also thrown at Scott McDonald before he scored against Milan & Man Utd….did far better for us than PVH – Cadette or Thom.



    Hopefully we can shift the deadwood that is Stokes, Guidetti, Balde, Pukki, Fridge etc..



    I also believe that Ronny WILL give more of our best youths a chance in the season’s ahead, even 5-10 games will give them plenty of encouragement to work ever harder.


    Although we badly lack a regular scorer and a commanding defender at these levels.



    Danny Wilson, good prospect a fair bit of experience behind him and with better quality around him should do a good job for us. Main drawback for me is a lack of pace, but I hope he can read the play better than Efe or Jason to counter this.

  9. Boos all round



    After they played well for 20 mins ( did I really say that ?)



    McCall looks like he has some kind of affliction. Odd looking guy.



    A lot of pressure now on this team at Ibrox

  10. Players slip sliding away at Man U Arsenal, great header from Jones while lying on the deck :o)

  11. Re Leeds bid….offer then £ 500,000 for whoever is their best rated player see how they like it how much did they get for Ross McCormack again…..Griffiths will score more than him at a better level too.

  12. The Green Man on

    Trouble at the Rainjurz Heritage Car Park.


    Worst fans in the world.


    QoS can use it to their advantage.



  13. My 2 weeks with no alcohol pre the Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon could be about to be tested !

  14. Even if they manage to get through this Hibs must take great heart from watching how piss poor they really are

  15. saltires en sevilla on

    tom mclaughlin



    16:23 on 17 May, 2015


    If it’s 1-0 QOS with 10 mins left, what price the SPFL rdversing the rule about away goals not counting double?





    They only need a quorum, the goat could fill in…;-)

  16. Can anyone begin to imagine the tension all round if this goes to penalties?



    Just think of a shoot-out to determine who misses out on promotion as opposed to just winning a cup tie for example.

  17. The Green Man on

    Huns fans…anxiety creeping in….Hee, Hee


    Watch them lose the plot 2nd half if QoS score again….they will go raj…..Hee, Hee


    Loving it


    Cmon QOS….kill them off.





  18. Just about to take off to Atlanta. My brother will keep me in the loop. COME ON QOS!

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