Note of caution on potential European opponents


If it’s a choice between a trip to Macedonia or Azerbaijan, Celtic would doubtlessly prefer the former. Baku, where Azerbaijani club Qarabag reside, is not as far west as Astana, where Celtic played two years ago, but it’s east of Iraq and it’s not a city which appears in many tourist lists.

Rudar Pljevlja returned from Baku midweek with a 0-0 draw.  In days gone by that was regarded as a great away European result, but the lack of away goal will much of the second leg is played on a knife-edge.

One large note of caution, Qarabag went out of Europe last season by a one goal aggregate margin to Red Bull Salzburg, who lost in Baku, but won in Glasgow a few months later.  They have twice eliminated Polish opposition in the last five years.

My hunch is that Celtic are better than each potential opponent, but if we’re short of fitness or preparation, we’ll have more trouble than we want.

The good news is that neither club plays summer football, so they should be no better prepared that Celtic.  Rudar finished competitively in May, Qarabag a week later, while both played their first competitive games of the season on Wednesday.  From what I can tell, both also play on grass, so we’ll avoid the Scandinavian bounce.

Before concerning ourselves too much with the 3rd Champions League qualifying round we need to use today’s game against La Liga side Eibar to sharpen fitness, and take care of business in Iceland on Wednesday.

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    From last thread




    14:10 on


    18 July, 2015


    I always reckoned that there was a cash courier service to Govan via the Port of Larne.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    Rudar Pljevlja come from Montenegro, not Macedonia.



    Baku is a remarkable city.



    Apart from that…



    The temperature will be north of South of Tunis scorchio regardless of which team we play.

  3. Paul



    If people weren’t so keen on a podium, they may have spotted your deliberate mistake, namely, that Rudar is a team from Montenegro, not Macedonia.



    Still geographically preferable, and on last year’s European form too, by the look of it.



    Hail Hail!

  4. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    MurdochauldandHay & Wee Oscar


    Is that rumour likely to have any substance?




  5. radio shotbread have talked 20 minutes about the “championship”



    and how competative it will be, in a suprising twist, they make hibs favorites and are not so far talking up sevcos chances.

  6. Turned the Davis Cup tennis on there to see how the Murray boys are doin. The crowd are singin come on engerlund between points. Jeezo !!

  7. Sevco starting up their own radio station, to go with Warbo’s spreadsheets and first team accessibility for all of the 15 man squad.



    Radio Shortofbread.

  8. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    Saint Stivs





    14:20 on



    18 July, 2015



    You’d be better tuning in to Le Tour, less chance of the old blood pressure rising


    Saint Stivs



    If, as it’s suggested swathes of the Celtic support no longer take the SMSM we can’t object if they have a preponderance of stories that appeal to their clientèle ?

  10. The Battered Bunnet



    “Baku is a remarkable city.”



    What makes you say that?

  11. The Macedonia referred to in Paul67’s blog is the Former Yugoslav Region (?) Of Macedonia or FYROM and has absolutely no connection with the area of Greece known as Macedonia (i.e. the real Macedonia).



    I was originally going to say the info about FYROM was a useless piece of info, however, after thinking about it I believe it’s a bit like referencing a new football club by the name of a dead football club in the hope that everyone will think they’re the same club.

  12. shady – ‘mon the wee oscar


    Running around the gorbals with that book in yer car means only one thing, your lucky, it’s not to long ago you and the book would have been reported as missing :)

  13. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just back from the Real Madrid v AS Roma game and if you


    ghuys thought Celtic were rusty the other night then just as


    well Real don’t have to play any Qualifying games in C.L as


    i wouldn’t fancy their chances on that showing tonight.


    Plenty of hoops tops about and we had our own mini green


    brigade corner with a big Scotland banner with the Celtic crest


    hanging above us think that must have been the Melbourne No 1


    club bhoys.


    Said to the wee mhan.


    ” Well, Ronaldo or Jinky what do you think ”


    ” nae contest Papa wee Jinky awe day long ”


    Good Bhoy.


    Now for the big game k.o in about 1 hour so better get prepared


    Guinness chilling nicely? yup.


    Celtic top on? yup it’s still on.


    Test my singing voice …come on you bhoys in green..yup


    I’m ready.


    H.H Mick

  14. Thunder Road on

    melbourne mick



    You may have about 2 hours yet…..think the game kicks off at 5pm Paradise time.

  15. Trying to remember the name of an old Glesga gangster from around the Jimmy Boyle era. His surname was Collins and he wrote a book about his life and crimes.



    Anyone remember his (not very) christian name?

  16. Interestingly, a few articulate critical voices are emerging from the remnants of the hun support.



    One of these, “JohnJames” on The RSL blog, has just posted saying that Sevco are £25.5 million in debt.



    Seems a lot to me.



    Hilarious if true.

  17. Before this grows arms and legs




    murdochauldandhay & wee oscar



    12:20 on 18 July, 2015



    Is this the reason for The Clumpany being away from twitter for a while?



    Bartin Main ‏@OfficialBartin 53m53 minutes ago


    Hearing rumours that The Clumpany has been arrested by the cops who are currently investigating Whyte, Ellis, Betts etc. Developing.



    The Clumpany posted on SFM this morning that he is taking a Twitter break but had posted two articles in last 2 days.



    I thought the chap might need a break after multiple articles each day so not surprised.

  18. Melbourne Mick on

    Thanks ghuys just checked CTV and the stream starts


    in 1 hour 8 mins exactly.


    So a wee hauf and a couple of reb tunes should cover it.


    H H Mick

  19. Good afternoon Bhoys and Ghirls, looking for some advice.


    Mrs Hendrix and I are heading into town in about an hour to celebrate our anniversary 10 months late since baby #2 arrived on the day. We have a table booked in La Lanterna in hope street so looking for a pub quite near by for a wee appetiser. Preferably not the wotherspoons. And ideas would be great.

  20. ItaliaBhoy


    14:50 on


    18 July, 2015


    Interestingly, a few articulate critical voices are emerging from the remnants of the hun support.



    One of these, “JohnJames” on The RSL blog, has just posted saying that Sevco are £25.5 million in debt.






    got a link bud ?

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