Nothing gained from playing Kyogo and McGregor


Bayer Leverkusen manager, Gerardo Seoane, summed the game up, “We also made some mistakes, but we had [goalkeeper]Lukas Hradecky saving us, it was a sensational game from him.

“The victory was earned. Maybe the scoreline was a little bit too high, but we deserved to win.”

Celtic were back to their flowing best in the opening 25 minutes but confidence, composure and any chance of competing in the knockout stages of the Europa League evaporated when Leverkusen took the lead.  The home side regrouped at halftime and again took the game to the Germans, but the unfortunate loss of a penalty brought that resurgence to a juddering halt.

It is a worry that the heads go down when a goal is lost; the same happened a week ago at Livingston.  As well as everything else, a resilience gene is missing from this Celtic team.

We will know by Sunday evening the wisdom of playing Kyogo Furuhashi and Callum McGregor last night.  Nothing was gained from their appearance.  Kyogo was thrice through with Leverkusen keeper Lukas Hradecky to beat but could not convert.  Still, his impact on Celtic remains transformational.

Leading up to his second great chance, he opened play up with a sublime touch that switched the ball to Liel Abada.  No striker in recent Celtic history could do things like that.  Jota continues to settle into his new surroundings.  Leverkusen defenders quickly learned to back off him and to send reinforcements when the ball went to Celtic’s left.  A front three of Jota, Kyogo and Abada has a great deal of promise.

Oh David, what happened?  Turnbull seemed caught in two minds, between clearing the ball out of his box and allowing it to run out of play.  Playground stuff that would have me overcome with paranoia if it happened in certain domains.  I don’t think I have seen as poor a goal against Celtic, Leverkusen must have wondered what happened as much as the rest of us.

From that moment, the collapse seemed inevitable.  Our full backs were well up field when 3 v 2 left Joe Hart exposed for the second; halftime could not come soon enough.  Hart played well throughout, without him, our season would look in far greater danger.

Expectations were so low I think we had all emotionally factored a result like that in.  Despite what in any language is a drubbing, we were able to create better chances (against a far better team) than we have in recent weeks.  With Kyogo and McGregor back, the worst of this slump will be behind us.  The return of Juranovic, Taylor, Forrest and Jullien will help, but central midfield will remain light until January.

The season could pivot one way or the other on Sunday, we will find out then if the corner has been turned.

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  1. Thanks Dan, if possible can you copy and pastethrough next couple of days


    Away with a few of the Bhoys



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    We have had many great suggestions from you on how we best commerate Garry’s life, including flowers, a memorial brick, donation to Mary’s meals and financial support for the family etc.



    Garry’s family, like so many others in our world today, is not a rich family and find their wealth is through the happiness of the family, so to have the burden of not only laying Garry to rest, but also the cost that goes with it is horrific .



    Having spoken with Garry’s son Ryan, we feel it appropriate to pass any monies raised direct to the family to let them decide the best way to use it.



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    Huge Thanks to CRC for supporting, with the use of the Walk with Shay Legacy Fund/account, ensuring support can get there quickly

  2. Notthebus- agree pal.



    I’ve given up reading the majority of comments on here. There’s a lot of issues with the team right now, but it’s Celtic and I’ll always support Celtic and get behind the players on the pitch. Managing my expectations for this season, but we’ll be back soon enough

  3. 67 European Cup Winners on



    I’ve got so much more to say – but I fear we have what we have



    Bad state of affairs




  4. 67 European Cup Winners on

    TIMMY7_NOTED on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 2:36 PM


    I have been asking the question for months


    Who buys our footballers ?




  5. TIMBHOY 163



    “Agne Is the right coach at Celtic ,to lose 4/0 to a top German team 2nd in the Bundesligue is nothing to be ashamed of.”



    Don’t understand you. We were at home. Ferencvaros, with vastly fewer resources than we have, lost to Leverkusen 2-1 away. How do you explain that? We have lost 27 goals in our last 6 Europa League Group Stage games, the worst out of 32 teams last season, and the worst out of 32 teams this season.



    In 2 games, 3 out of 32 teams have lost 5 goals. 28 teams have lost fewer. One team has lost 8.


    Guess who?



    From Europa League finalists in 2003 to worst of 32 in 2021.



    “But Celtic fans need not be concerned. Celtic are in good hands.” Wankier Bankier.

  6. squire danaher on

    MNCELT on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 2:50 PM


    Notthebus- agree pal.




    I’ve given up reading the majority of comments on here. There’s a lot of issues with the team right now, but it’s Celtic and I’ll always support Celtic and get behind the players on the pitch. Managing my expectations for this season, but we’ll be back soon enough






    Might take a bit longer if there are many more like you, Mr Lawwell and TGD will be proud of you.



    Tell them when it is and they’ll wish you Happy Birthday on Twitter.




    “Managing my expectations for this season, but we’ll be back soon enough.”



    No need for you to do that, MNCELT. The Board have been working assiduously for years to manage all our expectations. Unfortunately, the direction is downwards.

  8. Onto another subject.



    Unable to attend CP last night due to heavy cold, I had to go pass my ticket onto a relative.


    I did however go to Braehead Celtic shop to buy a book I was wanting.



    What suprised me was the amount of shoppers there, and the amount of trade being done.



    The Adidas stuff looks good, and is pricey, but mams and dads are snapping it up, no boycotts there.



    The commercialisation of Celtic the Brand is at its highest level ever.



    No matter how shite our results are, the youths get their kits, and it is a money spinner.

  9. The fantasy football, and the new fad of inverted full backs,is ok if it’s Tierney and McGrain,not what we have to pick from, this guy is incapable of coaching a team to defend, end of.The Vindaloo song….’we’re gonna score 1 more than you’ comes to mind…..romantic nonsense IMO



    Agree with you. I just bought a whole slew of Hoops Covid masks (£8 a pop) for a bunch of relatives ‘kids just going back to school in the U.S. Overpriced, but look good with the green hoops and badge. Oddly, the quality is guaranteed for 40 washes, but the virus filtration is only guaranteed for 5. Beats me why you would wear it after 5 washes if it isn’t doing any good.



    The income from merchandize and the season books is saving the Board’s behinds. To me, they contribute the square root of SFA to The Club or the fans.

  11. SAINT STIVS on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 3:05 PM



    The real world is like a whole different, um, world.

  12. Did anyone watch the Dundee Utd. game?when we gave up the ball in there half we were wide open only two cb on their lonesome,.Ange ball is great but you must retain possession or our two cb are on there own.


    Our midfield players can’t defend.


    James McCarthy can’t play Ange system end of,i doubt we have too many players who can.


    Now i enjoy watching Celtic playing his system but i’m afraid coaches know how to play against it.This is My Opinion.

  13. jph on 1st October 2021 1:48 pm



    Thanks timmy.







    Callum Davidson St Johnstone. Won 2 cups. Must be better than this dud.





    And cheap.





    2 more cups than Slippy has won and how many of you wanted him sacked after a few games, never mind 2 seasons?



    JPH TRFC Supporters Club

  14. We have squandered 10s x millions on players and loanees during the last 3-4 seasons. We have spent multiple times the budgets for all the other SPFL teams put together. We have seen a barrowload of players come and go, most of them without been given more than a handful of chances to show why they had been signed.



    No way were the majority of these non-entities on the wish lists of BR, NL or Ange. Squad fillers and bench warmers do not make us a better team. Projects are fine when the established players in their position are already better than them. Succession planning I think they call it.



    The scouts and the board that identify and sanction the transfers are a massive part of our shambolic situation. Barkas, Ajeti, Klimala, Shved, Duffy, McCarthy, Ciftci, Mulumbu, Arzani, Allan, Bayo, Weah, Oko Flex, Gamboa etc etc.


    Where is the strategy? Someone recently posted the cost of all of these signings in comparison to the handful we have moved on for good money. It was not pretty reading.


    Other clubs with limited resources work hard to identify players who will actually mprove the team. We constantly buy players who have next to no chance of making the first team or of actually making us better.



    Ange probably identified one player, Kyogo, of the 12 summer signings. Jota and Hart would have been easy to approve – the others? McCarthy? Starfelt? Urhogide? No chance.



    Howe would never have accepted this approach. Ange should not have either.

  15. Just popped in to read some parts about the game and saw the news about DD.



    Didn’t know he had died. He was one of the good guys who didn’t suffer fools gladly.



    I’ll donate a couple of pound to the family as requested.



    Go raibh suaimhneas siorai aige.



    Árd Macha

  16. What was gained from kyogo and mcgregor playing was minutes in legs, getting some game time for the front three and making sure they were both fit. I think playing them was 100% the right thing to do. I’d also suggest that kyogo would have scored at least one of those chances if he wasn’t just back from a month’s absence.



    Our problems last night were self inflicted and punished ruthlessly. Interesting to hear Ange commenting on losing discipline toward the end and that it wasn’t acceptable.



    Juranovic is going to be crucial. Taylor is still our best left back. Monty has done well and will get better, but i believe, if they are all fit, our best backline between now and Christmas will be Juranovic, CCV, Starfelt, Taylor



    Midfield Cal Mac, McCarthy/ Soro neside him, one of DT or TR



    I don’t need to tell you the front three but a fit James Forrest might play for Abada now and then.



    Despite the loss we should be confident about Pittodrie and I’m going to go as far as to say we may even be feeling differently about the league come Sunday evening. I’ve just got a feeling.

  17. 67 European Cup Winners,



    Our Board have failed our club over the past 3/4 years by not forward planning






    Our Board have failed our club over the past 34 years (and counting) by not forward planning.



    When has a Celtic board ever shown any ambition or been well ran for a sustained period.


    Even when the Lions were coming to an end, we still had some truly class players, Dalglish, McGrain, Connolly but never supplemented them. Rather, we sold Macari, Hay, Dalglish…

  18. Last night, BL were perhaps a bit wary of us for the first 25 mins or so, We had shown enough attacking flair to give them something to think about. But they quickly realised we could not play the ball out from the back comfortably if pressed. It was that simple. Harrass us, get in tight and we make mistakes – Hart included. Passes go astray, possession is given up. It happens several times in every game.


    Why perservere with it?


    It’s like having unprotected sex and not expecting pregnancies or STDs.



    What happened to the good old days when the keeper threw the ball 40-50 yards forward or punted it the length of the park allowing the defence to get up to the halfway line? You cannot play a high press against a team that are launching the ball deep into the opposition’s half. Surely it has to be more effective than this torture we are seeing game after game?

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’ll insert another pantomime villain to go alongside those already mentioned


    (the line up rarely changes on here).



    Steve Clarke.



    Having been out for a year with a career threatening injury, then suffering a serious case of Covid-19 … David Turnbull needed a proper break after an emotionally draining season.



    Selection for Euros drained him further.



    Forelock tugging Uncle Tims.



    Don’tcha luv ’em ?

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Football agents are often perceived as lazy, immoral, money grabbers.



    Credit where it is due to Calum Davidson’s representative for working tirelessly and imaginatively on here.

  21. as an aside.



    If your at all interested one of the ITV Channels has the excellent “BIG MATCH REVISITED” on often.



    Matches from England in particular weeks back in the 70s and early 80s.



    It is a brilliant watch, some world class players but playing in a totally primitive environment compared to today. The pitches, the passbacks to the keepers, pick it up the hoofs up the park , the knockdowns.


    Back to front as quick as they can, even the best teams, the ball is in the air constant. Big striker , wee striker combos. Wingers who are skilful, not so much fast, brutal tackles, it is like a different sport never mind a different era.



    Have a watch and compare ,



    ps, from this morning, a Forest game, the bold martin was no shrinking violet, quite dirty actually.

  22. sceptical citizen on

    Name one serious club who sought the services of Ange?


    Why do we have fans who booed Frimpong?


    If we played Arsenal would Tierney be booed as well?


    Are these the fans who were waving £20 notes at Gretna fans as Gretna had announced that they’d be closing down?


    Are these the fans who wave the oppressed Palestinian flags and Japanese imperialist flags at the same time, but trash the Union Jack as the flag of their imaginary imperial oppressors?


    Have Japan ever been held to account for their imperialism?


    Are these the fans who spend 90 mins singing pre Good Friday Agreement Irish rebel songs, whilst the people who live in the conflict zone are praying that peace will last and there’s no return to conflict, and yet the confict is stoked in West of Scotland by dumbf•••s who run a mile away from conflict with their PLC oppressors when they fall to their knees every end of season to financially gratify their PLC old firm fixers?


    Are Celtic as a club effed until we get new fans as the fans we’ve had since the crowds went from pre seating 25,000 to seating 60,000 are consistently incapable of holding our unaccountable executives to account?


    In the days pre seating David Turnbull’s name would’ve been chanted to pick him up off the floor, whilst the seated fans allow DT to endure a cacophony of loud groans and whining which only further trashed DT’s confidence.


    Why is a former captain of Celtic who led us to Seville, our greatest European achievement since 1970, and who’s managed to a not bad degree in EPL, Paul Lambert, he was relegated like Tony Mowbray was, yet he’s not been coveted by Celtic FC, or the supporters to manage us?


    Was PL asked and knocked it back?


    Is PL not PLC puppet material, like puppet Strachan?


    Is PL overlooked because he wasn’t born into Celtic?


    Is PL overlooked by Celtic fans, because PL mentions the old firm?


    And yet Celtic fans give Celtic PLC £600 each, even though these same fans know, just like all of the dogs in all of the streets of Glasgow know, that Celtic PLC have carved out secret deals to pretend that sevco and Rangers are the same club by keeping the old firm ticket prices the same, by not pursuing trophy stripping, by trashing Resolution 12 and the Resolutioner’s, by doing gymnastics to get their establishment friend, David Murray, cleared of all corruption, by not swinging a single punch, even though it was Celtic fans in the main, who were cheated out of 20+ trophies due to Murray’s corruption.


    It looks like we’re effed until apathy empties the seats again, because there ain’t no rebellion against the PLC Ange recruiters, coming from these many mindsets orientated group of fans.

  23. phrases you never thought would appear on CQN



    have the Japanese Imperialists been held to account ?

  24. sceptical citizen on

    ST TAMS on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 4:24 PM


    Can’t wait to see Bitton playing holding midfield role.


    That should be a laugh.




    Efe Ambrose made his debut for us against Raith Rovers at Celtic Park, and he played holding midfield role, and he was magnificent.


    I think there’s a video of clips from that game concentrated solely on Efe, it was on Phil Mac’s website.

  25. I have a feeling that the sheep will be a lot less gentle on Kyogo than the Germans were.



    And probably get away with it too.

  26. Don’t think that 4-0 scoreline against Celtic was a fair reflection of our performance . There was a lot to like about the football played by the team last night particularly with the return of Kyogo and Calmac. Quite surprised me how easily the Germans, ranked second in the Bundesliga, were turned over and could easily have shipped a couple of goals against a more clinical outfit in the first half and relied on the brillance of their ‘keeper in the match.



    The Germans were clearly rattled in that first half by our football and the pace of Joto, Kyogo and Abada until they got that Gimme goal thanks to young Turnbull’s brain storm. Ralston obviously playing to tactics was dawdling in midfield giving Bayer Lev all the space they needed to nip in for the second. Fullbacks joining the midfield – not good for the nerves.



    Joe Hart has been a terrific signing and we now have some very exciting young players in the squad like Montgomery, Jota, Kyogo and Abada and I Think Ange is on the way to getting it right but Calmac must be kept at the club.

  27. Roberttressel



    Agree 100% Feeling so much more positive about Sunday …… A good win for us and the pressure is on the Ibrox mob v Hibs. Hearts will probably be top of the league by then too. So a Hibs win would drop thems to 3rd at best and we would be only 3 points behind sevco. Plenty of improvement last night.



    Sceptical Citizen



    You refer to Our Seville stars positively yet you refer to the guy who won 3 out of 4 leagues vs a financially doped rival whilst also getting Celtic to the knockout CL stage twice in 4 years as a board stooge. Interesting?

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