Nothing gained from playing Kyogo and McGregor


Bayer Leverkusen manager, Gerardo Seoane, summed the game up, “We also made some mistakes, but we had [goalkeeper]Lukas Hradecky saving us, it was a sensational game from him.

“The victory was earned. Maybe the scoreline was a little bit too high, but we deserved to win.”

Celtic were back to their flowing best in the opening 25 minutes but confidence, composure and any chance of competing in the knockout stages of the Europa League evaporated when Leverkusen took the lead.  The home side regrouped at halftime and again took the game to the Germans, but the unfortunate loss of a penalty brought that resurgence to a juddering halt.

It is a worry that the heads go down when a goal is lost; the same happened a week ago at Livingston.  As well as everything else, a resilience gene is missing from this Celtic team.

We will know by Sunday evening the wisdom of playing Kyogo Furuhashi and Callum McGregor last night.  Nothing was gained from their appearance.  Kyogo was thrice through with Leverkusen keeper Lukas Hradecky to beat but could not convert.  Still, his impact on Celtic remains transformational.

Leading up to his second great chance, he opened play up with a sublime touch that switched the ball to Liel Abada.  No striker in recent Celtic history could do things like that.  Jota continues to settle into his new surroundings.  Leverkusen defenders quickly learned to back off him and to send reinforcements when the ball went to Celtic’s left.  A front three of Jota, Kyogo and Abada has a great deal of promise.

Oh David, what happened?  Turnbull seemed caught in two minds, between clearing the ball out of his box and allowing it to run out of play.  Playground stuff that would have me overcome with paranoia if it happened in certain domains.  I don’t think I have seen as poor a goal against Celtic, Leverkusen must have wondered what happened as much as the rest of us.

From that moment, the collapse seemed inevitable.  Our full backs were well up field when 3 v 2 left Joe Hart exposed for the second; halftime could not come soon enough.  Hart played well throughout, without him, our season would look in far greater danger.

Expectations were so low I think we had all emotionally factored a result like that in.  Despite what in any language is a drubbing, we were able to create better chances (against a far better team) than we have in recent weeks.  With Kyogo and McGregor back, the worst of this slump will be behind us.  The return of Juranovic, Taylor, Forrest and Jullien will help, but central midfield will remain light until January.

The season could pivot one way or the other on Sunday, we will find out then if the corner has been turned.

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  1. Over..and...Over on

    Some auld bed wetters on here, who change their mind more than they change their underwear for God’s sake.



    Give the man a chance for goodness sake, for every Kyogo their is three Bolingolis.



    Anyone who thinks Liam Scales is the answer God help you, for what I have seen of him he is a big gangly boy and not to confident on the ball.



    By the way The Rangers are no great shake and will win the same as what I have in my pocket…….. nothing.

  2. Good evening cqn from Craig Tara.



    A wee couple of nights with the family back on Sunday for game.



    Enjoy your evening bhoys.



    D :)

  3. love it ‘over and over’ – we need 1 outfield Joe Hart, that’s it. The rest will fall into place. How much do you pay for it though!

  4. DAVID66-glad to see you’re feeling a bit better 👍


    My sister in law has a van down there.


    Enjoy some family time 👍

  5. ” To compete with the teams we are playing against we have to spend big money. In the last two windows we have not spent a penny.”



    Steven Gerrard



    The return of the penniless arcade CSC

  6. B2B


    I’m pretty sure you know what I meant when I said we need to score more than the opposition.


    BADA @3-06 seemed to think like me.


    Romantic nonsense 👍




    “We got Brendan because he was a Celtic fan ever since he was an amoeba.”



    Or a glint in his amoeba Daddy’s eye.

  8. Sectioned citizen



    What about(ery)……..union amnesia.




    No need to reply to how many moniker.

  9. Over and over @ 7.41


    My first impression of Liam Scales was a boy very confident on the ball. And no I don’t think he is the answer but has a bright future.

  10. sceptical citizen on

    When it comes to mentioning a politician by name, reason walks off the stage.


    Division is everything. Socialism is our key out of of the long deep bottomless corrupt pit.


    Where do we become socialist’s a again? How can this be achieved?


    I want to be ANTEARMAN’S comrade!


    I want to be SAINT STIVS comrade!


    But but but but, I want to build on rocks of hard truth’s not clouds of convenient lies.


    Earlier I raised the Japanese flag issue.


    Someone who’s voice has had to remove themselves from this corrupt environment


    and occupy the underground as it were, where the Penal Colonies used to function


    is a former MP who’s socialist party [THE WORKERS PARTY OF BRITAIN] is as all of us


    will discover, sooner or later, is thee only uncorruptible way out of the swamp that


    all of our environment’s will be shortly. So what political party can by trusted to speak


    for you, not down to you. There can be no them vs us. It’s about ALL OF US!!!


    ANTEARMAN I love you as a Celt. I hold out a hand of peace to you. ✌💚


    SAINT STIVS I love you as a Celt. I hold out a hand of peace to you as well. ✌💚


    I come in peace. But I carry a big stick for folk who are committing unforgivable sins, Celtic sins.


    We need a rude awakening.


    I opined earlier about Celtic fans waving the imperial flag of Japan.


    All I was up to cue with about Japan, is that that is where Nakamura, and Kyogo come from.


    God bless the good people of Japan, especially their Celtic players.


    Then a few months ago my mind was updated to realise that, the govt of Japan are in the Imperial cliques that a host of countries are cemented to.


    I started to wonder, what, or who can we trust, who is incorruptible?


    That didn’t take long.


    I came up with two political figures. Just two? What does that say?


    It says to me that we’re living in an ever deepening swamp, and we desperately need a figure to be reckoned with to get us out of it.


    I love my fellow Celts who have pledged allegiance to probably the most corrupt political party that Scotland has ever seen. I know that opinion will start a war, but please don’t. We’ve already exhausted all of the political debates, and where has it got us all – at each others throats and further miles apart.


    So who does that suit? If were all entrenched? The continuation of the swamp.


    I’ve came up with two names, one has been tested, but folded like a deck chair when the most vile elements of the swamp hunted him down and smeared him with evil lies. His name? Jeremy Corbyn. I love him. But I think he’s done!


    The other name? A politician who has cracked more than a few heads together, and is feared and thoroughly detested by the corrupt swamp. His “new” party took 22% of Labour party share of vote in Batley & Spent bye election in the summer, that is despite a legal issue with Labour council vote rigging, we’ll see what happens there.


    I think we need a raw real get to the point politician to get us out of the societal carnage that is enveloping us, and we need trust!


    The swamp wants us having no one to trust, and “WE” society need to say to the swamp “F U we trust this guy!”


    I know a lot of work needs to be done with peoples narrow minds and that will take as wee while, thats up to you.


    I’m lost in an ever darkening society.


    I tried to inject opinion about Japanese flag.


    Then I found the man with the words….👇


    George Galloway (@georgegalloway) Tweeted:


    Some people – “leftists” by self-definition – hate this country SO much they are even prepared to deflect and dissemble about Japanese War Crimes. Genocidal crimes against tens of millions of Asians and thousands of our own men who were their prisoners.

  11. Well done to James Forrest for highlighting the utter double standards of the PFA vis-a-vis Kamara v. our own Kyogo. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one angry at the nonsense NL has been spouting of late. He and his agent should concentrate on beefing-up his CV as there is more than enough work to be getting on with there. Wake me up when he gets another managerial post.

  12. The bauld sceptical citizen



    you got a (concise) definition of socialism?



    I got me pitchfork ready



    mon the walfridcsc

  13. The internet…….


    Social Media.


    Platforms for all kinds of rocketry, mimicry and mockery.


    Faux foxes fubar or drunk.


    Rabble carouser – phonebox phoney.


    Terracing Topaz McGonagall



    Uncensored , unhinged and unoriginal.




    The long goodbye has started



    What next for the Germans? Does the next manager get away with 2 seasons of failure?

  15. Bankie bhoy- from days ago…..i am doing well sir,in Albufiera….been worse mate 🤓,hope you’re well.HH

  16. Bada……………….



    Good to hear matey.



    All good here in The Rebel County!






    keep It Lit

  17. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Fair play to Chris Sutton on calling out the hypocrisy of Neil Lennon on BT last night.



    Sutton told BT Sport’s Scottish Football Extra: ” Neil Lennon calling them kamikaze last night, I understand the criticism and we’re here to analyse the style of play.



    “But a lot of this mess was on Neil, and that’s just the way it was. “It’s like somebody dumping a big lorryload of horse manure on your front garden, moving out next door and then complaining about the smell”.



    PL & DD of course made up the rest of the mess and a bigger proportion at that. Our 3 ‘sleeping at the wheel’ amigo’s.

  18. Am I the only person on here who was perplexed and even annoyed to hear the Celtic crowd booing wee Frimpong last night ?



    I ended up arguing with a clown in our row who literally booed his every touch with accompanying swear words.



    Of course he was also one of the thousands who decided we had lost and preferred to hurl abuse at Celtic players too after the first goal went in.



    Some weird folk at Celtic park these days.

  19. squire danaher on

    BURNLEY78 on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 10:58 PM



    Topic was discussed late on last blog from approx 10:30am and many agreed that booing was bang out of order.

  20. Burnley, I was annoyed but sadly not surprised. There are pricks in every fan base. We have our fair share. I beleive it was very much the minority booing. HH ☘

  21. sceptical citizen on

    BURNLEY78 on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 10:58 PM




    Pay your money and shut up!


    No wonder the guy is weird, sitting next to you.

  22. sceptical citizen on

    Call Me Gerry @11:08




    Absolutely disgusting to treat that young man, or anyone else like that.

  23. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Joe Hart interview in tonight’s rags. Must say I have been pleasantly surprised by him both on & off the pitch.






    JOE Hart has endorsed Ange Postecoglou’s refusal to abandon his attacking style of play despite the dire run of results that Celtic are on and insisted that he and his team mates are on the verge of finding form.



    Postecoglou’s men, hammered 4-0 by Bundesliga rivals Bayer Leverkusen in a Europa League group game at Parkhead on Thursday night, have now won just two of their last eight matches.



    The disappointing spell has led many supporters and commentators to question if “Angeball” – as the tactics the Greek-Australian coach has introduced since arriving in Scotland in the summer have been dubbed – is working.



    But Hart, the vastly-experienced former Manchester City, Torino, West Ham, Burnley, Spurs and England goalkeeper, is convinced Celtic are firmly on the right track and will come good once they start converting their scoring chances and cut out unforced errors at the back.



    “We are here every day, trying to put things right and trying to perform,” he said. “And we do believe we are close. That is only going to frustrate people on the outside. It is and we know that. But there is no point coming this far to not see through what we are trying to do.



    “Look, we would love to not have the short-term pain, but we are going to have to take that. We are going to have to make it as short-term as possible because it is no fun losing games. But we believe in the process and we are behind what he is doing.



    “Yes, it is a risky way of playing football, but when you really, really break it down, which he does for us, he doesn’t expect us to just walk out there and play total football. Yes, it’s a different way of playing to maybe how other teams are doing things. But we have got a top coach with a good coaching team behind him who also believe in what they’re doing.”



    Hart continued: “It is why we play football. Me personally? I love it. I love the fact that I am 34-years-old and I am learning a new style of play, new parts that I can personally do. All the information is there for us, every single bit of information for us to play this way is there.




    “I am really enjoying the challenge. I am immensely proud to be up here and be part of this club. However I am playing, I want to be on the winning team. I am loving the new challenge of this style of play that I have maybe not been given the chance to play before.



    “I will be honest, I didn’t know if I could play it. But I feel comfortable in it and feel I am representing myself well. But it is not about me. It is about the team, it is about us getting results.”



    Postcoglou, the former Brisbane Roar, Melbourne Victory, Australia and Yokohama F Marinos manager who was a surprise choice to succeed Neil Lennon back in June, has come in for criticism in the wake of the defeats to Rangers, Real Betis, Livingston and Leverkusen.



    But Hart, who deputised for Callum McGregor as captain when the midfielder was injured, stressed every member of his squad has appreciated his public defence of them in the past few weeks and remains firmly behind the changes he is trying to make.



    “We take it all together,” he said. “We are a group, we are a team. The manager is included in that team. He stands up for us because he believes in what he is trying to do and we believe in what he is trying to do. He has to come in and do three or four of these a week at the moment. But he speaks for us and we speak for him.”



    Next up for Celtic is a difficult trip to Pittodrie to play Aberdeen, whose manager Stephen Glass is also under pressure after an eight game winless run in all competitions, in the cinch Premiership tomorrow.



    Hart and his team mates, who are in sixth place in the table after seven matches, have still to win away in the league in the 2021/22 campaign, but the keeper is quietly confident they can halt their slump with a morale-boosting victory this weekend.



    “We have got to turn our possession and our dominance in games into victories,” he said. “Simple as that. We are going to go there with the same intention as we have had in every game – to dominate and win. We need to get it over the line.



    “We are definitely frustrated. Especially in the league. The stats show we have been dominant, but ultimately it is about winning games. We need to turn it into that.



    “How do we cut out mistakes? Not make them in the first place. But we are all humans. We all mean well going out there with every intention of representing the team well. Human error comes into it. We need to make as few mistakes as possible and we need to be there to cover each other when they do creep in.”



    Hart knows it is vital for Celtic to beat Aberdeen in what is their final match before the international break in order to quell growing unrest among their supporters and silence their critics.



    “Look, the proof is going to be in the pudding isn’t it?” he said. “Sunday is our only chance to show that we have got strong characters, that we are strong players and that we are going to win games for this football club. Yeah, Sunday is an important game for us.



    “It is on paper, of course it is. As has been proven, it is not as simple as that. It is going to take a big performance. We know Aberdeen are having a tough time in the league, but we know that when a team like ourselves visit there is one of two ways the game can go. It is up to us to make it go our way.”

  24. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    DEFIANT Ange Postecoglou says he is up for the fight of turning Celtic’s poor form around, and that his approach will ultimately be vindicated when he delivers an exciting and successful team.



    The Celtic manager has come in for criticism for failing to show pragmatism during his side’s recent run of just two wins from their last eight games in all competition.



    But Postecoglou says that his single-minded approach will eventually pay off for Celtic, and that he won’t rest until that happens.



    “I don’t want to switch off,” Postecoglou said. “I’m really passionate about this. I want to create an exciting football team and I’m not going to shy away from the fight. I love it.



    “It’s all-consuming for me but that doesn’t mean that it gets me in a space where I’m not positive or not thinking clearly or not enjoying it. I love it and bizarrely I love this part of it, which people won’t understand. But I’m hoping that in six months’ time, when they look back, they will know why I have been so resolute and persistent about what we are doing.”



    Postecoglou added though that he can no longer shield his players from the expectations of playing for Celtic following the 4-0 defeat to Bayer Leverkusen on Thursday night, and he has told them they have to want success as much as he and the fans do.



    “This part of the process is not new to me,” he said.



    “You kinda know going into it that it’s going to be a hell of a challenge because we have changed 50 percent of the squad, we’ve had significant injuries to key players, we are trying to change the way we play, all of those things. But I love that bit. I enjoy that bit.



    “I don’t want to shield the players from the expectations of this football club and the expectations on them. They’ve got to want this as much as I do and as much as the fans do and they’ve got to want to turn it around.



    “It’s not about enjoying it, for me. I love this. This is what I’m passionate about and I’ll make sure that we get to where we want to get to. But instead of just dragging people along I need them to join in on where we’re heading and lead from the front.



    “Getting Cal (McGregor) and Kyogo (Furuhashi) back, they are two who are firmly on board and want to drive this forward and won’t accept lowering our standards. I think that will help us.”

  25. sceptical citizen on

    Ange ball was sussed out away to AZ, then in the next game on the Sunday at Ibrox.


    The huns made us look like a half baked idea, and it looked as if, and continues to look as if, we’re making it up as we go along.


    Beach ball Sunday ×2 at Ibrox with MON was our best formula imho.


    “Park the bus and play on the break.” So simple.


    Its almost as if at sometime in the past 18 years that we’ve forgotten that its “us”, Celtic FC who are the underdogs.


    We cannot unthink who we are. But it seems to have happened in that 18 year period.


    Like Fergie used to say to his Aberdeen players when they came to Glasgow to play us, or the huns, Fergie told his players that “Everybody hates you when we play here etc.”


    Celtic supporters have lost our siege mentality.


    New generation of fans need a, Stein, McNeill, Hay, MON, to get us into “cause” mode.


    Lackadaisical mind set has taken over because we weren’t seriously challenged by the huns, “seriously” challenged, for almost a decade!


    That’s not the fans fault, well in a way it is, because we finance the old firm through our PLC’s policies, and strategy’s.


    And we lazily suck it up.

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Fairhill Bhoy.



    Yes – I know what you mean.



    Sounded good in my head.



    Didn’t translate to type well.




  27. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    15 minutes past midnight BST so by my reckoning Friday is over.



    Has Ange resigned yet?



    Tactless, baseless stirring by one poster earlier this week quoting KDS that he would.



    Who needs the SMSM when we have mean spirited quislings among us to foment unrest?