Nothing will change in Scotland


When the texts began to fly in about the penalty at Ibrox last night I had no appetite to watch the incident.  I am 54 years old and have seen it all before.  These things do not enrage me the way they once did, it only serves as a reminder of our position in this land.  Get angry, if that’s your thing, but do not kid yourself, nothing will change until we escape the Shoddy Sanctum of Scotland.  Still, we are a well run professional operation and our peers are clowns, so we enjoy frequent upsides.

Celtic were sensational at Easter Road.  The speed the ball was passed between our front four made them unliveable.  It was reminiscent of the destruction of Dundee and the League Cup game against Hearts earlier this season.

Tom Rogic’s frame is not that of a classic dribbler, but he is so fleet of foot and mind that he slipped through defenders as though they were statues.  He found willing runners in Kyogo, Mikey Johnston and Jota.  All Hibs could do is kick and stamp, to the injury of Tom, Kyogo and Callum McGregor.  Hopefully all three are fit for Saturday.  A more protective referee would have helped, by I refer you to the earlier Shoddy Sanctum.

For all the delightful passing, Hibs scored and broke through twice more.  Joe Hart was there to keep the game comfortable; such a change from last season’s debacles.

Some context: we started October six points adrift, without an away in the league win since February and with visits to Aberdeen, Motherwell and Hibs pending.  Despite everything, we have closed that gap to two points.  You really must believe us, we’re going to win the league!

Scott Brown, ha!  How many times has he owned Ibrox?  Still doing it, the only surprise was he didn’t have shades on when he headed that goal.

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  1. I don’t know how valid it is as a measure, but my gut instinct in a title race is to look at the goal difference as an indicator of the likely winner. At present we are well ahead and we now have an easier round of fixtures to really ramp it up. Sevco are struggling to score more than 2 goals (August 22nd the last time they did in the league) and they have a run of harder away games to now deal with.



    If they are just in a slump, the difference could evaporate quickly. But if this is their level for the current season, then we have every right to feel optimistic about our chances. We look like a team that is going to get better, they look like they peaked last season and are now vulnerable. They have no free scoring forwards and they are making plenty of mistakes at the back.


    It is a real pity we met them so early in the season when we were a disjointed mess.

  2. Any news about Big Tams injury….did he head straight into the dressing room for further treatment or did he watch the rest of the game from the Dug Out or the Stand ?


    Tam Rogic had just DAZZLED TWO Hibs players on the touchline immediately prior to him going to ground…its hard to tell if he took a kick/knock from one of those Hibs players…or ( God Forbid)…he felt his Hamstring going ?



    I have already said prayers for Big Tam. He is POETRY in MOTION in full flight.



  3. I’m not sure I agree with the certainty of some that we will win this league. There is still a long way to go and this squad is only ever a couple of injuries away from looking paper thin again. Strengthening in January is an absolute necessity for us to win this league.

  4. garygillespieshamstring on




    Totally agree, but could they find refs who don’t support the huns to do their games?



    Also should ban hun supporting refs from doing games involving us. Now that would be a real problem.

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Huns have lost one league game in 16 months


    Referee decisions have helped


    But dogged organisation has helped more



    Yes they look fragile, yes they lack talent


    Not sure they have one player i would want at Celtic



    Apparently they are skint going bust and fu–ed


    But the scum are still 2 points above us



    So FFS can we please stop writing them off


    It only dilutes our required focus



    Onwards to Saturday 3 points




  6. 67,



    This Blog is either in the depths of despair or Euphoric.


    How dare you suggest that we be sensible.


    I read ghuys here saying Ange would be gone before November, we would be 10 points behind by November, The League is over, we could finish outside the top four and about a week ago, a guy states he is a little more confident of second place.


    We are now nailed on to win the League, will probably do the Treble and will turn over Leverkusen in Germany.

  7. martin o'seville on

    !!BADA BING!! on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 1:29 AM


    MON got it wrong in the heat of Seville Uefa Cup Final 2003.


    Absolute bollox




    Apart from the toys out of the pram reaction from you, could you explain why bollox?


    Is it because Porto cheated and rolled all over the pitch?


    Of course they did.


    But, we played into their hands, because they parked the bus and played us on the break, and we ran about trying to break them down, in the stifling heat of Seville.


    MON’s 352 system required a lot of work from players.


    Don’t you think it was unwise of MON to ask for such a labouring shift from his players, in the stifling heat of Seville?


    Was it wise to require players to run for 90 minutes plus extra time in the heat of Seville?


    Wouldn’t MON have been wiser to do what he did less than a month earlier at Ibrox on beach ball Sunday, 2 days after our semi final victory vs Boavista, where MON defeated McLeish’s huns for the 1st time after a year of trying the 352 system, against McLeish’s huns, who also played the very same way as Porto, 433, play on the break, diving all over the pitch, letting opponents do all of the running for 90 mins, then catch them out on the break?


    What what you have done?


    And try to keep your toys in the pram this time.



  8. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 2:37 PM


    If you look closely, Big Jimmy is in there….








    My First Wife would dance just like those Girls at the time that 9I first met her ( 1972) and beyond.


    Back in the Day…she was a very pretty, sexy Girl…and although she loved Bob Dylan…she was a wee bit of a ” Rock Chick”.


    I BINNED Her in the summer of 1981…just one of my correct decisions that I have made in my life.


    She ” Tracked” me down some 15 years later and we became ” Friends with Benefits”for a while, until I lost touch with her thru both of us moving home.




    HH Mate.

  9. I got a real fright the first time we met up after 15 years …I opened my front door…and SHE had turned into looking just like her ” Maw”…


    Scary stuff indeed…LOL.


    But she STILL had that very sexy I forgave her.








    New directors won’t change the problem, they might come up with a different solution but I can’t see what it is



    Long-serving directors might be short of new thinking but what they do have is experience of the problems we face. They will have collective experience to draw on, they’ll have gone through this many times before and having gone hard at the problem in the past have a better understanding than new people of the challenges.



    A director that Dernot Desmond appoints is always going to be far more intelligent and better at strategy and have better judgement than me so maybe they should be able to come up with a solution but I can’t

  11. martin o’seville- i disagreed because, we were magnificent in Seville, why would MON change his tried and trusted formation for this game? We finished the stronger team in 90 minutes, i remember a Thompson cross from the left in injury time, hitting the penalty spot,nobody was there to convert it.BBJ might have been the missing link that night, he was the player Mourinho said he feared most,but as you said,I’m not sure the big man would have lasted 90 minutes in that heat,apologies for the tone of my reply to you.

  12. I think we’d get laughed at by the other clubs if we complained about favouritism. They all think the “old firm” get preferential treatment

  13. Transparency is the solution.



    Referees to declare their football allegiances, AND be banned from membership of fraternity brotherhoods.



    How ex season book holders who travelled on supporters busses, I mean its hiding in plain sight.



    As someone always says ………….



    clear hampden, fix football.

  14. We WILL go top on Saturday,and still they come on.Board haters with an obsession.Fek the Board.You must lead some sad miserable lives following Celtic.Go and see a Psychologist.

  15. martin o'seville on

    Bada Bing




    That post @2:49pm should also point out it was first time we played 4 at the back vs McLeish’s hun team in a 4411, which imho might’ve been better for us in Seville’s stifling heat.


    And also, I could wrong about the first time MON defeated McLeish’s huns team as I recall a blootir up the park from us at Parkhead and BBJ blootiring the ball into the hun net for a 1-0 win for MON.


    Not sure of the date but could’ve been before beach ball Sunday in April 2003.


    Better to front up than to slink away eh.

  16. TET



    Great news!



    Please God your good lady’s recovery continues.



    Absolutely delighted for you both!



    Always in my prayers.

  17. “These things do not enrage me the way they once did, it only serves as a reminder of our position in this land”.



    Agree 100% with Paul.



    A position whereby we have only ever been tolerated, never fully welcomed in Scottish society. We will be squeezed & marginalised if, and when, the time is right and the politics allow. Unbelievably many of our number aid and abet those who will eventually look to neuter our minority and have made no secret of their view for over eighty years.



    That penalty itself was blatantly and opportunistically awarded by an official, who, being aware of the score, the surrounding circumstances, the time left, and the consequences, was desperately looking for a reason to give one. As the clocked ticked on every foray into the Aberdeen box presented Beaton with an opportunity. It would been his whole focus of attention and he seized his chance eagerly to leave enough time for a winner to be grabbed. Perhaps we should be grateful he didn’t squeeze in another.



    The Ibrox occasion definitely played its part in the on-field outcome and most certainly did in the subsequent mealy-mouthed charade played out on Sportscene.

  18. I’ve extracted P11 of the Guardian’s Walter Smith Obituary. The author appears to be extracting something else:



    “However, by this time, the club was caught up in a bewildering series of intrigues and takeovers as well as having been punished with demotion, in 2012, for having gone into administration. Smith was a man of great probity and not even his loyalty to Rangers or to his friend Ally McCoist, who had taken on the role of manager, could persuade him to stay in an Ibrox environment he did not recognise”

  19. Paul you sound downbeat, when you should be adding your voice to the injustice of the soft penalty as a lot of social media is doing. it’s only a sport but it is important and plenty of refs go online



    Saint Stivs


    That was a great insight into the first ever Celtic match you posted last night. Thank you, Interesting profiles of the players. Amazed to see we had Madden at centre forward that day.



    Scotland, like everywhere, changes but in mysterious ways.

  20. CELTIC40ME



    The old ‘experienced’ way’ may not carry Celtic into the next generation of domination. We appear to have directors and at least one major shareholder prepared to obfuscate what happened in 2012 and how it affected Celtic, the supporters were let down (Res 12) ( same club myth) ( a merely demoted Rangers) you name it.



    We’ve seen the results from Sevco, ten years after Rainjurz manifested in perfectly acceptable triumphant marches and subsequent mayhem during a pandemic, ‘Experience’ couldn’t stop the loss of the tenth title and a Celtic side incapable ( for a myriad of reasons ) of sustaining success.



    Significantly you could argue that Celtic’s apparent continuing tolerance helps give Sevco SFA the balls to carry on to what we now see every week this season, which is quite frankly blatant cheating. When the going gets tough, when its close to call decisions come under the microscope. ‘Penalty to Rainjurz’ no longer stands up to scrutiny Hearts Hibs and Aberdeen have all suffered, what do they say beside a lone Celtic voice? If the Celtic supporters are looking for solutions to obstacles placed in front of Celtic’s league bid, then so to, should the Directors.



    The John Beaton/SFA/Estalishment barometer is screaming that this years £40M CL SPL title is clearly just as important as stopping the ten.

  21. martin o'seville on

    !!BADA BING!! on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 2:59 PM




    Maybe even MON might’ve realised that the usual, energetic, dynamic, lots of running, etc etc approach, just wasn’t on, in the stifling heat of Seville?


    Porto played almost identical to McLeish’s hun team, 433, play on the break, dive all over the pitch, and MON outwitted all of that, less than a month earlier by playing 4 at the back, a sitting 4, not a 4 with attacking full backs which would leave us open to a mugging which had been happening to MON since McLeish took charge of the huns.


    But as you say, we were brilliant. And it felt heroic and it was difficult to read the expression on MON’s face after the game.


    His face was either saying, “We were robbed, or I could’ve approached this in a different way.”


    Who knows?


    But, for me at least, MON and his players will be loved to the grave, and beyond.


    I might biased because I’m a huge MON fan, but those days felt like the last time Celtic was a club trying to be the best it can be. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how it feels for me.


    MON was probably the only Celtic manager in our history, who went out of his way to warn Celtic fans that they might be about to be “screwed” by the board, with his “Slow lane” comments.


    Look at the corruption, collusion, etc, since then.

  22. martin o'seville on

    !!BADA BING!! on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 3:26 PM


    martin o’seville- i don’t slink away from anyone, i apologised,end of.




    I didn’t say you slinked away.


    I was meaning that I wasn’t slinking away as my post might’ve been slightly inaccurate.


    Peace. ✌

  23. martin o’seville- oops……apology No 2…..MON gave us our pride back when we were on our knees,absolutely love the man.HH

  24. 67 European Cup Winners on

    CORKCELT on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 2:45 PM



    I must confess when Howe jumped and we rolled out an unknown Aussie I was at a very low point


    Then 3 away defeats and knocked out of CL


    I feared the worst



    In fairness to our Manager he has developed us from a very poor side into an exciting – if at times vulnerable – team



    Like most I sense we are on the up and they are hanging on



    But i will lap it up when we win the league



    Not only because of a Celtic achievement but if they win it – it will set us back 5 years



    Winning the league is the only show in town


    Until we do – eye on the prize



    Hail Hail




  25. CHRIS SUTTON has branded the penalty awarded to Rangers last night as the worst he’s ever seen.



    James Tavernier converted from 12-yards after Fashion Sakala went down under a challenge from David Bates.



    Whistler John Beaton pointed to the spot after the collision, much to the confusion and anger of the Aberdeen players.



    The goal meant the game finished in a 2-2 draw, as the Ibrox side snatched a point when facing defeat.



    And Celtic hero Sutton has provided his view on the call.



    Sutton took to Twitter: “That’s the worst I’ve seen.”

  26. Celtic40me @2-59pm



    The biggest majority of other clubs and their supporters hate us



    much more than they do the Huns



    NorrieM – good post.







    Tricky one.







    If there is ever going to be change the basis will (IMHO) have to come from a 41 club groundswell.







    With pressure constantly applied based on consistent messaging constantly repeated.







    For me, that consistency of message is crucial, otherwise it is easy to bat away as “frustrated fan thinks we was robbed” or “honest mistakes that even out”.







    With that in mind I’d be happy with constant repetitive regurgitation of 3 FACTS by fans of all clubs.







    1. Scottish referees do NOT show red cards to Sevco players







    2. Sevco get more penalties than any other club







    3. 42 senior clubs in Scotland but the MAJORITY of Grade One officials support ONE club

  28. 67, Personnel have changed as well, opening game of Season, we had Bain, Taylor, Bitton & Soro in our starting line up.


    Even then we were clearly the better team on the day. Gordon had some incredible saves and the free for their goal in the 89th minute was classic mibbery.


    We were still trying to gell a new team together, we were pitched into away games against the Huns & Diets very early season , coincidence or what, even so we didn’t deserve to lose either but we did & we were 6 points back.


    We are now breathing down their necks.


    Trying to keep my feet on the ground but things are looking good right now.

  29. We all know, or should know, Huns ARE the establishment, end of , and always will be.


    Someone mentioned VAR , do you really think that will help. No, of course not, as the operators will be well trained to help thems, and not help us.


    Our only option as I see it is to get out of Scotland, we owe them nothing.




  30. Have a look at the post JHB wrote on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 3:10 PM



    Would a Hun really pen something like that?