Nothing will change in Scotland


When the texts began to fly in about the penalty at Ibrox last night I had no appetite to watch the incident.  I am 54 years old and have seen it all before.  These things do not enrage me the way they once did, it only serves as a reminder of our position in this land.  Get angry, if that’s your thing, but do not kid yourself, nothing will change until we escape the Shoddy Sanctum of Scotland.  Still, we are a well run professional operation and our peers are clowns, so we enjoy frequent upsides.

Celtic were sensational at Easter Road.  The speed the ball was passed between our front four made them unliveable.  It was reminiscent of the destruction of Dundee and the League Cup game against Hearts earlier this season.

Tom Rogic’s frame is not that of a classic dribbler, but he is so fleet of foot and mind that he slipped through defenders as though they were statues.  He found willing runners in Kyogo, Mikey Johnston and Jota.  All Hibs could do is kick and stamp, to the injury of Tom, Kyogo and Callum McGregor.  Hopefully all three are fit for Saturday.  A more protective referee would have helped, by I refer you to the earlier Shoddy Sanctum.

For all the delightful passing, Hibs scored and broke through twice more.  Joe Hart was there to keep the game comfortable; such a change from last season’s debacles.

Some context: we started October six points adrift, without an away in the league win since February and with visits to Aberdeen, Motherwell and Hibs pending.  Despite everything, we have closed that gap to two points.  You really must believe us, we’re going to win the league!

Scott Brown, ha!  How many times has he owned Ibrox?  Still doing it, the only surprise was he didn’t have shades on when he headed that goal.

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  1. GERRY123 on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 3:52 PM


    Celtic40me @2-59pm







    The biggest majority of other clubs and their supporters hate us







    much more than they do the Huns






    I dont agree with that at all.



    United, Hibs, Aberdeen absolutely loathe thems.

  2. I wonder whether all the other teams’ supporters equate us with the deid team? I know it suits the media to portray us as half of the O.. F…, and it definitely suits managers, like the Motherwell chappie, who complained about decisions in our recent game which had gone our way, which were simply the correct decisions, while they had been cheated the previous week against the deid team.



    The supporters must know, and the teams and managers certainly know, that our games are reffed differently. They get away with tackles, like Porteous last night, that they never do against the deid team. They know that their players can fall down to their hearts’ content against us and they will be given fouls. Against the deid team? Never in a million years.



    Ever since I started watching Celtic in the 50s, it has always been thus.



    Imo, our board have to use any influence they have to make the others speak out about the cheating. Mind you, when the likes of Brian Wilson writes nonsense in the Guardian, it makes you wonder if they really want to address the issue.

  3. Rangerism, a belief system,






    Rangers fan launches discrimination case claiming following team is ‘philosophical belief’



    Mr M, 50, believes he was discriminated against by two firms because he is a diehard Rangers fan, suppporting both versions of the club over many years.



    A subcontractor has launched a discrimination case, claiming his support for Rangers Football Club constitutes a ‘philosophical belief’.



    he believes he was discriminated against by two firms by not offering him work because he’s a diehard fan of the current Rangers who are temporarly Scottish champions due to Covid.



    Both firms have tried to get the case thrown out at an employment tribunal but insists his allegiance to Rangers amounts to a philosophical belief.



    A judge will now consider whether Mr McClung’s claim has any merit.



    The unusual case is thought to be the first of its kind.



    Mr is self-employed through his company M Ltd and carried out work for energy construction firm Doosan Babcock via recruiters NRL from January to June in 2019.



    The tribunal heard Mr alleged Doosan Babcock manager didn’t offer him later work due to the team he supports.



    He also claimed he was discriminated against when an unnamed worker said to Mr that Doosan Babcock worker C was “unusually OK for a Rangers fan”.



    Mr , brings claims of religion and philosophical belief discrimination relating to his support of Rangers and his protestant faith.



    But, lawyers for Doosan Babcok, NRL and Mr Ross said his claims were “sparse” and questioned: “Could support for Rangers Football Club ever amount to a philosophical belief?”



    Both firms and Mr solicitor urged Employment Judge to dismiss the claims, arguing they have ‘no reasonable prospect of success’.



    Lawyers argue “even if Mr was successful in his position that support for Rangers Football Club was a philosophical belief, that still doesn’t get him home with his claim”.




    They say “Mr M had not explained the causal link between the treatment and the protected characteristic”.



    Mr McClung wishes to have a preliminary hearing dedicated to deciding whether support for Rangers amounts to a philosophical belief, a tribunal report said.



    Judge W adjourned the tribunal to give Mr M time to prepare his case for his religion and philosophical belief claim.



    Judge said, currently, his case makes no make ‘no reference at all to religion, nor to Protestant or Christian’.



    At the next hearing it will be decided if his claims have any chance of success. If this is not deemed to be the case then the claims will be thrown out.



    Mr M will also argue an unfair dismissal claim, however Doosan Babcock and NRL say it should be struck out as he was not technically employed by them.



    Examples of philosophical beliefs in the workplace include pacifism, humanism’ atheism roasedcheeseontoastism nad time travel.

  4. if that guy wins that case i am suing all my employers for making me work on my holy days when celtic were playing,

  5. SAINT STIVS on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 4:47 PM



    Maybe spiritualism would have been a better clhoice as he could then claim to be in touch with an entity that died nine years ago.

  6. We are disappointed to have to report that Celtic Football Club appear set to appoint ACC Bernard Higgins to a senior role within the club. Higgins was personally responsible for a vindictive policing campaign which targeted the Celtic support and fans of all clubs.

  7. you have to laugh at the english media, they have the ladies team as tournament winners for the euros before the draw is made

  8. Just imagine the penalty hadn’t been given. They then get a legitimate equaliser with a couple of minutes to. Then in added time they get a winner. It would have bedlam, the spirit of Walter Smith and all that stuff.


    We’ve done it many a time , the impetus it gives is huge. They don’t really know that feeling, in their heart of hearts they know they get a helping hand. It holds them back, it makes us stronger.

  9. my usually positive and supportive frame of mind is sorely tested by the Wilson story but the Higgins wan………could even put me off my dinner as well.



    What In Hell’s Name?

  10. The Wilson and Higgins stories show just how big is the gap between The Support and The Board. That being so, would it not be possible for ALL the Celtic sites and organisations to somehow act as one in some situations thereby enabling meaningful action?




  11. Bankiebhoy



    I agree. I have defended Brian Wilson in the past for all the good causes he has supported and his history of Celtic but that Obituary went beyond omitting the negative bits for reasons of taste and he was guilty of historical revisionism.



    Appointing Bernard Higgins will be an equally provocative move.

  12. Fix fitba ; empty Hampden………………….




    Get rid of the cheats and get a better game.


    Huns that are allowed to ref thur teams games should be prevented from doing so…


    and anyone who wants a decent fair game should support it.


    Until an enlightened Scotland refuses to unite to save the game we all love, we will continue to live in The Dark Ages of Hundom.

  13. 31 year old Johnny Russell scores 2 goals as Sporting Kansa City defeat the Los Angeles Galaxy 2-0.


    Russell, with 14 goals this season, is in 8th place for MLS top scorers, with a log jam ahead of him, and the top scorer only 3 goals ahead, at 17.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    I see one of our esteemed board members perpetuating the myth that Rangers were ” punished and demoted”



    Perhaps sums up the views of the rest of them as well…….

  15. SFTB



    Both those stories have me blindsided.


    HS – spot on.



    I’ve never felt that I’ve had anything in common with millionaires and billionaires ( although I’ve worked with a couple) but in our case I always felt we had the love of Celtic in common. To me the love of our Club has to mean despising hundom in all its ugliness.




  16. Over to theGreen Brigade to show Wilson and Higgins what we think of them,


    Maybe the rest of the support will join them .

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    Wilson’s views maybe go some way to explain why our board will never call out the cheats in the SFA or over at Ibrox – Paul you are absolutely right, with guys like these in charge of our club “nothing will change in Scotland”….

  18. SFTB



    “ I have defended Brian Wilson in the past for all the good causes he has supported and his history of Celtic but that Obituary went beyond omitting the negative bits for reasons of taste and he was guilty of historical revisionism.”



    What I found particularly odd was why he had to mention it at all? It added nothing to the obituary. And while I can appreciate that telling the truth would have convulsed the followers of “Pretendy Rangers,” why on earth aggravate your own support by introducing blatant falsehoods?


    I do not believe our Board members are stupid, but by God, they do lack tact, diplomacy and self awareness in spades.

  19. The question isn’t whether or not it was a penalty. The question is whether this referee would have given the decision against sevco in identical circumstances.

  20. As its been a busyish day I havent yet varified both stories……..


    any chance they are snyde?

  21. “INIQUITOUSIV on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 5:57 PM



    I do not believe our Board members are stupid, but by God, they do lack tact, diplomacy and self awareness in spades.”



    That must edge then very close to being stupid :-))

  22. VAR might sort out a few ‘dodgy’ decisions in Scottish football, but until we are somehow able to install a version to oversee Scottish society, we will always be the ‘whipping boys’ in this bigoted and sectarian little country.



    The problem is deeper and more profound than that which occasionally shows itself at the top of the Scottish football iceberg. It has been thus for so many years and is cleverly camouflaged by some for their political ends.

  23. Consequences of the constant cheating is that any scouts watching the Huns will just stop making notes …. They can’t sell anyone as they won’t fit into any half decent sporting side



    …. Has anyone got enough time on their hands to bring out a Christmas DVD of Hun penalties say over the last 25 years or so … my personal favourite was Beattie throwing himself into the box Absolutely shocking

  24. VAR ( video assisted rainjurz ) in Scotland is likely to have Andrew ( three penalties ) Dallas ‘assisting ” from the touchline.



    98 minute matches with Bobby Tait Time CSC

  25. onenightinlisbon on

    For the board apologists, this is what Wilson said in his piece about Walter Smith:



    “However, by this time, the club was caught up in a bewildering series of intrigues and takeovers as well as having just been punished with demotion, in 2012, for having gone into administration….”



    Sleekit? Aye …..))))))))))))

  26. Hot Smoked…….



    If correct might Brian’s statement on the events surrounding the death of the former rangers………….


    be deemed a “largish mistake” ?







  27. Bankiebhoy.



    No worries.when your next over we will get a beer in:-)



    I seen a few days ago you mentioned the much missed Kilbowie Kelt of this parish.back years ago I had a few pints with the Celtic titan.He spent time as a child during the war at the ‘foot of the hills’ in Termon(an tearmann) in the beautifully named Carrownagonanagh.i had his number but lost my phone out with a group and lost touch with him sadly.


    He was a fascinating and knowledgeable Celt




  28. AT…….



    He was quite a character – strong silent type and right good Tim. I was at school with his eldest daughter.


    Lovely family. He drank in The Atlantis and The Bankies Club.



    I’m a long time out of Clydebank now, he’d be some age by now.



    That pint would be good! ( mine’s a Beamish.)




  29. Wilsons comments only confirm that our board are part of the problem as many have suspected for some years now. Every one of us were shafted for the old firm dollar.