Now or never for colt team


Celtic and Oldco were talking about putting colt teams into the bottom tier of Scottish football 50 years ago, it is an idea that has persisted since.  The proposition was always financially backed but never convincing enough to gain support from either the lower league clubs, or those closer to the top of the pyramid, who did not want to pass a developmental advantage to a rival.

Newco’s current colt team proposal has the backing of those who want to avoid relegation, and Celtic, and comes at a time of greatest need for money.  It surely has to be now or never for this idea.

The attraction of a colt team for Celtic is clear: have youths compete against experienced adults on a regular basis.  It would also mean fewer players out on loan, where their progress is more difficult to nurture and monitor.

While it makes sense to Celtic, I’m not convinced the economic situation is sufficiently dire at the bottom of the pyramid to see this one voted through.  It would also provide Hearts with an unmerited promotion straight back to the Premiership, and I suspect there’s little goodwill heading in that direction.

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  1. Sevco in their entire History have not done ANYTHING right, I cant think of one good decision made by them.



    On that basis, I remain skeptical and somewhat suspicious of their motives

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Notthebus- beat me to it,always an angle with thems for everything, usually money.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Would certainly toughen them up Pablo.



    Jock Stein advocated this way back.



    A man truly ahead of his time.



    Notthebus – interesting comment re Sevco.



    I share your skepticism.



    It’s an easy bit of publicity for an organisation that fails to deliver.



    Bit like the SFA announcing their support for initiatives around equality, anti-fascism and dementia research ….



    “2+2=5” Maxwell and a few hangers on hold a plaque for a photo shoot then disappear.



    Re colts – I suspect Sevco (mostly through desperation) see this as a way forward.



    Obviously, they’ll substitute strategy for oodles of enthusiasm.



    (Their u17s have won a match or too)




  4. IIRC, it was Rangers (not Sevco) who put the kibosh on the Reserve League supposedly on the pretext that the competition did not meet their needs for a pathway to the first team – but the reality was that they were skint and couldn’t afford to run a Reserve team.



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  6. Last night I received at text from CRC on behalf of him and Bateen Bhoy to say that the Walk With Shay Legacy team had paid money into Helen’s Just Giving page. It was £800. That £800 came largely from all you good people who participated in Last Man Standing and has now taken the amount raised, with Gift Aid to over £25,500!



    I’ll probably never be able to thank everyone personally but please know how happy and how proud this has made me. God Bless you all.

  7. Hi Bhoys



    The huns want their reserves in the league so they will have a team playing at home every week, giving them income every week. We know that their fans are calling for boycot’s of away grounds. So if the first team are away the reserves will be at home and they will turn up there.




  8. It should not be beyond the wit of football bodies to arrange a development cross border league with suitable opponents, I think sending players on loan does not help their development how many come back better players or able to play for Celtic, it would also lessen the risk to an 18yr old playing against men who have other jobs and football is a past time, professionalise the development league grass parks and take it from there, no doubt the SFA wouldnt agree as it threatens their influence, if this is not sorted why have academies?

  9. Here’s a thought


    Sevco B team start of in the bottom league


    But register under another business division of Sevco, to keep accounts separate


    Yip they are that devious


    Sevco A team and set up go into liquidation


    And now rather than all the furore as per 2012, Sevco already have a team in the league set up, which allows shedding of all debts and those onerous contracts



    Just a thought 🤔

  10. NorrieM


    I would put nothing past them , and, if this idea is their brainchild I would have nothing to do with it.

  11. ….☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️..





















  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TonyRome, NorrieM ….



    Really good points.



    On the face of it, way out there, but in reality nothing should surprise anyone about Sevco’s conduct.



    Couple of contractual stipulations would probably take care of these.



    1. Colts play home games same time as first team (us at a potentially redeveloped Battlefield with cheeky wee 2,000 seat stand) / them at Benburb.



    2. You get a colt team in the league but not a new registration or additional voting rights.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  13. When would they transfer the leagues and cups which they bought from the oldco ?

  14. it’s a New club not newco.


    Remember, if things get repeated often enough, even if it’s incorrect, people start to believe it.

  15. Just wanted to complain about Celtic and their total lack of help for non-tech savvy folk. I tried to renew online. Told eventually to go to customer services. Eventually found their number; only to be told they were closed. I had already tried the number on the renewal form, only to be told by them to renew online. You couldn’t make it up.



    I will try customer service again tomorrow; after that, if I fail, I don’t know what I’ll be able to do.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PCS- Do you have an account via Club website? Usually email address, password, then you are in.

  17. Wasn’t there only Division 1 and Division 2 back then? And didn’t Celtic play in three divisions at one point, Division 1, the Reserve League and something known as the Combined Reserve League. Maybe still used Junior clubs as well, signed young payers on “S” forms and had access to players from Celtic Boys Club who had a number of teams playing matches across the country. If a club cannot run a reserve team they most definitely cannot run a “Colts”, team. A reserve team squad would provide plenty of opportunities for both younger and more established players. Forget fantasy football, count the registered players at each club and work it out from there. Oh and if I remember rightly Hearts used to run some good level young teams out of Tynecastle, maybe they could concentrate on that whilst down the leagues.

  18. That wee Tommy Robinson will squeak his way into an early grave if he doesn’t calm down



    I see he’s been calling on ‘all football lads’ to unite to fight in what, I assume, he believes is an imminent ‘Race War’



    You can be sure that in the event of a ‘Race War’ the first in the queue will be the stupid wee brainless Sevconians who would be used as front line cannon fodder, getting mown down in order to protect their precious kkkulture like orange coloured lemmings all the while believing they are doing it for Queen and Country, and to keep foreigners and those uppity pesky Fenians in their place

  19. Paul67



    Remember it as a Celtic initiative? – in the late 60’s Jock Stein wanted it, but was told to bolt.



    Celtic reserves couldn’t be stopped from winning the league, original Rainjurz between that, and not being able run a reserve team resulted in the end of the league.



    Let’s keep the records straight or next thing you know this new club will be going for the 55 etc.




  20. BADA BING,



    I don’t think so. I normally renew at the Ticket Office. The only direct contact with Celtic online is for Celtic TV, which I got for my Dad really, as he couldn’t attend games any longer.






    I’ll try that tomorrow, if I don’t get through to customer services. I would rather talk directly to someone.

  21. celticforever on



    New Zealand free of the virus



    Sporting events with no social distancing



    Shows what can be done with REAL lockdown with airports closed


    to international visitors



    I read 20 million had landed in the UK in the last couple of months


    and it is only now foreign visitors are told to quarantine for 2 weeks



    By the New Zealand went into lockdown around same time as the UK



    22 DEAD AND WE HAVE 40000

  22. BhoyLO83



    Fat chance would Sevco ever be in the front line. They would make sure they were in the equivalent of the shipyards or “flashing their lights”. They are shitbags and would be at the “haud me back” type of bravery.

  23. I see Sevco are streaks ahead winning the close season again this year, the worlds most Covid unaffected club.



    Wonder if they’ll get an asterisk?




  24. BSR


    Your post triggered a lost memory re the Reserve League: I think you are correct in that they couldn’t stomach Celtic winning it continually, in addition to not being able to afford running a Reserve team.



  25. PCS


    I think (hope) it should be as simple as registering to create an online account for the ticket office. I have had one for many years, with very few problems. It is a relatively straightforward process. Good luck.



    p.s. I haven’t renewed yet, still waiting for some clarity.







    Coming from Clydebank I knew lots of Catholics who worked in John Brown shipyard during the war.

  27. Ron Bacardi



    i am sure that there were many catholics in the shipyards during the walls, but, when Celtic had men like Johnny Angus who won the VC and lots of others in the forces, Rangers arranged Jobs in the Shipyards for their patriotic players,



    The Irish were Front line fodder for centuries for the British Army



    Shipyards were a Reserved occupation and exempt from conscription.

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