Ntcham and this week’s non-story


Neither of us knows why a Celtic player follows or unfollows teammates on Instagram. I don’t even know how many players control their public-facing social media accounts, but I know for sure that unfollowing other Celtic players in Instagram is no indication that Olivier Ntcham is on his way out of the club, as is speculated on today in various outlets.

There has been continual interest in Olivier (23) since his arrival from Manchester City two years ago, but last season saw him in and out of the team, so his position is bound to be subject to speculation.

But, never in the history of toys being thrown out of prams, has such an innocuous act been considered pertinent. He has three years left on his contract and no offers have been made for him, far less accepted.  Can you imagine the speculation if we discovered he cleaned out his browsing history?

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  1. Paul67



    No point in volunteering to ‘drive him the the airport myself then’ ?



    Not as if Celtic fans see any of the ‘cache’ going out in the other direction.



    What happened to the Ntcham money?



    CQN 2020

  2. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Olly is the kind of player we should be building a team around, plenty reasons why he was off form last term, no point going over them all again. Does the suggestion he may be leaving add to weight to our reported interest in the Motherwell player? Probably yes in imho.


    I would rather we didn’t cash in on him now and I know some will say it makes financial sense but when does ambition overtake finances at our club is a question we all must start to ask at some point.

  3. I normally don’t like to see us selling players unless close to the end of their contract. However, N’cham seems to be missing Dembele and we have seen strange performances from him this season. St Mirren away he seemed determined to get sent off and some games he has been hiding. He has the ability and could end up our player of the year.



    If we get upwards of £12m then we should sell

  4. traditionalist88 on



    I would rather we didn’t cash in on him now and I know some will say it makes financial sense but when does ambition overtake finances at our club is a question we all must start to ask at some point.





    Its more of a case by case basis and what makes sense at the time. Of course, sometimes the money is too good to turn down or a player throws a strop (eg. Dembele) and that changes things.



    But in this case, we can potentially get back three or four times our initial outlay for a guy who can’t get in the team, who can be hot or (very) cold, as many say, often looks uninterested, and occupies a position in an area of the team in which we are strongest (hence why he is not a guaranteed starter). Throw in the fairly regualr rush of blood to the head when he gets in a decent position, the shocking set pieces, and the fact we have a goalscoring replacement lined up…I think it’d be a good move to sell him on to Porto or Marseille.




  5. P67



    Pretty thin gruel to be honest.


    Huge rebuild required for the MF part of the squad.


    Why don’t you comment on our biggest issue — transition to a new captain.


    SB is on the slide and he needs support.



    You could start with the formation we should play?



    4 – 2 – 3 – 1 vs 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 with only one winger and the No.10 working a channel with more threat coming from both the FBs.



    We are currently playing with a LW who offers little threat and relying on the LB to push forward while leaving a gap at the back that is not properly covered.



    ON is part of the issue — most complete MF in the squad by some margin based on talent and ability but unfortunately not attitude and focus.



    We have been playing stodge for the last 3 months. The performance at the SCF was very poor — no OE then no cup — and at some point the elastic will snap and our luck will change.



    Huge change is required — 4 weeks till the start of the first qualifier.


    If we go into the this game with the SCF team then we will be in trouble.


    Someone needs to tell PL that is such a thing as a free lunch — it is all about timing.


    He has history of spending money — unfortunately too late — SN in 2005 being the first of many.



    We are favourites to make the Group Stages — any chatter to the contrary is just a second rate property bean counter and his acolytes / astroturf getting their excuses in early.

  6. Quick! – sumbdy tell me what an Instagram is?????



    (Is it the thing my gran used to play her rebel records on, while Ewbankin’ the carpet????)



    BrennanOnTheMoor CSC

  7. T88 et al @ last 30 minutes



    We have a huge issue if we cannot accommodate a talent like ON and make him a better player within our squad — if he leaves now under a cloud then how that look to rest of the football world? If we want to become a L16 / QF CL team then we will need a team full of ON’s — with his talent and ability, coached to a performance level that delivers more than the sum of the individuals involved.



    First lesson — the SC coached NT at the weekend.


    Compare and contrast with the efforts of AMcL and how his teams played.



    Huge effort required this season.


    New players, new coaching and a new attitude.


    If we regress to our SPL worst — passing the ball from side to side waiting for someone to get involved and actually do something will lose us the league and lose us what little Euro reputation we have left.



    Winning a mud wrestle with the TFOD2.1 is not enough.

  8. AULDHEID @ 4:06 PM,



    “Pleased to hear and not surprised you liked the information on forgiveness.



    I would love to see it taught as a subject in Scottish schools. Indeed the founder of the IFI spent some time in Northern Irish schools helping to develop a programme for school kids affected by violence and few weren’t.



    I’ve punted it a few times with Scottish Govt but no luck so far, but I’ll persist as opportunity arises.



    Whilst not aware of Bhuddism in any depth I also came to conclusion that what separates us from the paradise of the Garden of Eden metaphor is judgement.



    If you go over Genesis you will see that the first ill informed judgement was not God’s but Adam and Eve’s who as a consequence hid from/separated from God. Surprised me when I had a look.



    If you suspend judgement on basis of not being informed enough to make any, then forgiveness is unnecessary because no judgement of right and wrong exists and with no wrong there is nothing to forgive.



    I see forgiveness as the antidote for wrong judgements, an antidote Christ didnt need because he was born without taking on judgement , the original sin.



    The last judgement imo will not be an act of God , it will be the act of the last men standing on themselves.



    If Ernie is looking in ;) that’s a clue to my thinking.



    Thinking that has served me extremely well…



    …Meant to add but an antidote Christ was more than happy to disseminate because of his love for men.”



    Yes, that is very much the case, the IFI pathway takes the starting point to be “unjust injury”. In that regard the religious, philosophical and ethical approach is somewhat moot and of course it’s imperative that this is the case.



    It would be an enlightening and supportive subject to have at school and could maybe encompass other important aspects such as dialogue, justice, mercy…



    The thing is personally, I’m very sceptical of our education system and feel more and more it is a process of creating biological automatons to facilitate and consume at the will of the Merchantry and less and less for the development of rounded citizens.



    Yet, as usual, you keep on at it, a very worthy cause. Maybe the Scottish and indeed Northern Irish education system would be more open to this.






    Noticed your lead article on SC. Its a very difficult subject to broach and you made your points strongly and sensitively. A very good piece.



    It is an absolute travesty when sports journalists cannot get their heads around the football authorities’’ regulations, nor football finance and basic insolvency issues. They felt no need to take a view on ethical considerations, moral hazard and when called upon had no difficulty in calling in whataboutery, however tenuous, to deflect blame.



    So surprise, now their sudden breath of understanding in terms of corporate culpability and liability is only surpassed by recently discovered knowledge and enthusiasm for ethics and morals.



    Of course no whataboutery is needed; from the media industry who for generations have been letting their own and the great and the good off the hook, not only that but covering up.



    Actually travesty doesn’t even get close.



    Hail Hail

  9. weebobbycollins on

    Ewbanking the carpet? Ewbanking the carpet? Huh! Wid ye listen tae um…n’ whit’s the maitter wi a guid auld carpet beater? eh?

  10. traditionalist88 on

    MADMITCH on 10TH JUNE 2019 12:45 PM



    If he leaves he will go for a far bigger sum than we paid, so it will look like a fairly sound decision and that the player developed sufficiently during his time here.



    Agree domestic success should never be enough and that we should be aiming higher in Europe. Need to make ourselves difficult to beat again by not being so naive and open… and make Celtic Park a venue European teams fear visiting again.



    There is a balance to be struck between ‘progressive’ football and getting ideas above our station (such as thinking we could play PSG at their own game resulting in 12 goals lost in 2 games),




  11. I like Olivier. A lot. Hope we see him back to his best.



    Best technical;y gifted player in the country, alongside Eddy.



    Replacing these giys with someone from Motherwell worries the life out of me.

  12. The BR effect cannot be dismissed .Players like ON and MD join Celtic to get to a bigger club.



    A manager with a CV of top four premiership in charge would have added credibility to that career development.



    Hibs discarded manager doesn’t..The more the dust settles, the more baffling NL appointment is

  13. BW @ 12.57



    Change has to happen — we need to improve and move on.


    We have missed out on a huge amount of local talent who were sitting on our doorstep.



    DT looks like a huge talent.



    Do we have any 19/20 year olds in the Reserve Squad who has done what he has? I don’t think so and his strengths are something we don’t have in the first team squad — goals from MF — so he is worth a very serious look to see if he wants to come.



    Consequently I think we can do both — keep ON and bring in some local talent.

  14. MF for the new season — what should be our starting line up?



    1) Trad: Two plus TR as the No.10 plus two wingers?


    2) Mod: Three plus TR as the No.10 plus one winger with KT providing some width?


    3) Mid 3: Three in MF with no specific No.10 but with creativity from the wings with MS / JF with a boot up his erse?



    My thoughts / guesses:



    1) = CMcG / ON + TR — vs — ON / RC / TR?


    2) = CMcG / ON / RC + TR — vs — ON / RC / DT + TR


    3) = CMcG / ON / RC — vs — ON / RC / DT



    Big issues still outstanding:



    Who provides the dig / DM efforts?


    Can RC grow to provide the creativity that we can get from TR?


    If we play with RC and DT do we still need two wingers?



    Hopefully the games coming up will answer all these questions and more.

  15. Mrs Hebcelt and I would like to announce the birth of our first grandchild and Celtic’s newest and youngest supporter Niall Louis Macrury, note the initials!! Born 2-06-19 just named today, mother and baby both well Mr and Mrs Hebcelt highly chuffed. H H Hebcelt

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GFTB- Accepted, i questioned the guy re that term,not the best in the current climate IMO HH

  17. IniquitousIV on

    HEBCELT 1:19pm


    Heartiest congratulations from IniquitousIV! Hope you are enjoying your retirement. I may be headed to sunny Stornoway around October and will stand you a large glass in McNeil’s Lounge!



  18. Our Problem with N’tcham is that his performance level has become inconsistent and under motivated, he also has missed lots of games due to injury.



    Other teams are interested in our better players. They are not interested in our poor players.



    N’tcham is at a cross roads at Celtic and he may want away. If this is affecting his performance then the manager has a decision to make. Does he hang on to a player who wants to be elsewhere or does he sell him before his value drops.



    Neil Lennon needs to be trusted to make the decision which is best for the team

  19. MadMitch



    I bow to your superior knowledge but I know nothing about Turnball. I had the pleasure of being at the Well match when we beat them 4-1 and Henderson looked the standout alongside Odsonne.



    Not dissing the guy. Don’t know him and feel most of the energy around it seems to be fuelled by a test against Lawell not repeating the McGinn fiasco (not that I rate McGinn tbh)…

  20. Forgot to add look out for this bhoy around 2035-37!!! H H Hebcelt The future is bright the future is Green H H Hebcelt

  21. BIG WAVY on 10TH JUNE 2019 12:57 PM


    I like Olivier. A lot. Hope we see him back to his best.



    Best technical;y gifted player in the country, alongside Eddy.



    Replacing these giys with someone from Motherwell worries the life out of me.





    Andy Robertson was someone from Dundee United. He wouldn’t have been a bad signing!



    Celtic should be looking at the best young talent across the SPFL and Turnbull has to be under consideration.



    Here’s a counter-point, If we loaned Ewan Henderson to Motherwell and he scored 15 goals in 31 games from midfield we would all want him in the team.



    The guy is 19 years old and has excelled in the competition that is our bread and butter. More than worth a look.

  22. Iniquitousiv gladly take you up on your kind offer and return it. How you doing? looking forward to seeing you. H H Hebcelt

  23. Hebcelt



    Delighted to hear your wonderful news. God bless them all. And you too!?



  24. onenightinlisbon on

    Love the fact that we seem to think that selling N’tcham for £12-15 Million would actually result in us being stronger. Money would go in our numbered Swiss bank account with the rest of the transfer surplus we have…

  25. Bada 1.22pm



    I jump in with my clumsy size 8s quite often and realise I can be as stupid as the next person … plenty of times I hit post and my next reaction is … FFS why did I post that :-)



    Hopefully when this window opens tomorrow we can debate (argue :-) about all of our new signings

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