Ntcham and this week’s non-story


Neither of us knows why a Celtic player follows or unfollows teammates on Instagram. I don’t even know how many players control their public-facing social media accounts, but I know for sure that unfollowing other Celtic players in Instagram is no indication that Olivier Ntcham is on his way out of the club, as is speculated on today in various outlets.

There has been continual interest in Olivier (23) since his arrival from Manchester City two years ago, but last season saw him in and out of the team, so his position is bound to be subject to speculation.

But, never in the history of toys being thrown out of prams, has such an innocuous act been considered pertinent. He has three years left on his contract and no offers have been made for him, far less accepted.  Can you imagine the speculation if we discovered he cleaned out his browsing history?

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  1. BW @ 1.31



    Fair point but I think we need to look at those close to home.



    Youth MF coming through — EH / KMcI / BC are the stand-outs at the moment.


    However from the little that I have seen they all are at least one season from consideration.



    EH has had some first team experience but although he has had a couple of good games at other times he has looked a bit lost and under-cooked — and this being in a strong team playing lesser opposition.



    DT at 19 has played a full season in the SPL and has delivered to an extent that beats any of our first team players. Obviously the way we play games is different from the the way that M/Well have to play games but his record is worth investigation.



    We have missed some amount of local talent recently.



    JMcG = Headless chicken mode at times I grant you but he has a dynamism and directness that we do not have — if he had played against PSG we would have given away more than 4 fouls that evening.



    JMcC = Huge talent that passed us by. Shows only too well how limited BTM was as a manager.



    We are not good enough — then and now — to miss out on people like this.


    If we miss out on any local talent then there better be a good explanation.

  2. MADMITCH on 10TH JUNE 2019 2:04 PM



    I agree with much of what you said.



    Not completely sold on McGinn yet though. I was at the Scotland game and he was one of the poorer players on the park.

  3. traditionalist88 on

    MADMITCH on 10TH JUNE 2019 2:04 PM



    Yes, and its always a concern when young lads get to 19/20/21 and aren’t considered to be ‘ready’.



    Jack Hendry will probably always be considered a youngster whos not quite ready, until the day he retires.



    Granted some develop later than others but I think wee Karamoko is going to prove very soon that if you are good enough, you’re old enough.




  4. The recent Scottish match had an abundance of players who Celtic had sold or freed.



    Marshall O’Donnell Mulgrew Robertson Armstrong Brophy Burke



    obviously we should have kept Robertson but are there any others



    Remember some of these players wanted to go



    We need to trust the club as to when to sell and when to keep

  5. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’d say Olivier’s most significant impact for the whole of next season will be in the eight potential Champions League qualifiers we play in July and August. The euro u21 group finals run to the end of June so it seems uncertain how many of those qualifiers he’ll be available for us, even without separation moves being played. Plan for him not to be around for any.




    Seen some of the Toulon tournament. All the younger squads have been bumped. Ireland’s u21s remain at the semifinal stage alongside three u22s. Well done the Irish.





    Triple Trebles r Us. (and nobody else in the world. Ever.)

  6. weebobbycollins on

    Re Mad Mitch’s post @ 2.04…


    I switched on my enigma machine to decipher it…and it blew up!

  7. T88 @ 2.12



    I don’t think EH is good enough at the moment to be given a start in a run of games for us. When it has clicked he looked like our best player in MF but at other times he looked a bit lost and could not not get involved in the game. That kind of form in a big game against good opposition will sink us — he could be a good candidate for a six month loan to a SPL side.



    However that then asks the question about how well our youth / reserve teams are developing players at the moment — the two men and a dog vibe, the dirt track grounds and the spotty youth opposition don’t seem to be a good environment to develop players. It comes over all very artificial — training / bounce game rather than a challenge and a learning experience.



    A more intense atmosphere at U19/20 and reserve games would help all the players not just our own. Not sure what our plans are for next season as there was talk that we were pulling out of either the Youth or Reserve league without any news on what would replace it.



    My thoughts on the future would be more games against a wider range of opponents in front of a real crowd close to home rather than in Greenock. If there is an issue with youth team injuries is that then down to the training regime rather than the number of games?

  8. traditionalist88 on

    MADMITCH on 10TH JUNE 2019 3:02 PM



    True – very tidy player, some lovely touches, but need a bit more to make one of the positions his own. He has a chance though.



    Yes a more intense atmosphere would be good but if the standard remains the same I don’t know if that will just be window dressing so to speak…we probably wouldnt be able to make a final call on borderline players until we’d given them a run in the first team or on loan at a club playing first team football at a decent level,




  9. T88 @ 2.12 Part 2



    KD = Two years off a start in the first team.


    We need to stop treating him like a circus act.


    He has a lot of developing to do before we ask him to step up.



    Next season should be about developing KA — sorting out the loose ends even if we do it to shut his NT manager up.



    Next season should be about developing MJ and giving him more responsibility. More about attitude management rather than talent management — making him play / deliver when things are getting tough.



    Next season should be about intense coaching for AR to get him moving forward again. We owe him as BR threw him under the bus to cover up for his poor preparation and set up for the PSG game.



    Next season … making progress with EH regarding consistency and engagement.

  10. T88 @ 3.14



    Atmosphere will make a difference.



    Same players — Two men and a dog / bounce game vs SPL match with a crowd and bonuses at stake.


    To me the football on offer will reflect the surroundings.

  11. How many goals and assists would Euan Henderson have hadif he was at Motherwell last season?



    And if he was a Motherwell player – would Celtic be bidding £3M?



    Hypothetically CSC

  12. traditionalist88 on

    MADMITCH on 10TH JUNE 2019 3:20 PM



    Even allowing for the injuries we had, I think the fact Karamoko was on the bench for the cup final was telling. I don’t think we’ll be waiting 2 years.



    He’s not being treated as a circus act, when you have such a talented player its hard to keep it under wraps. Its natural people are excited about getting to see him play in the first team. Especially a flair player, who have been thin on the ground. Don;t worry, once hes established he’ll be subject to the same moans as everyone else, I’m sure!



    When he appeared on trophy day he just wanted the ball, he was in his element and knew when to pass, when to hold it, when to shoot. Unreal for a guy so young.



    Some won’t remember, some will be too young to have seen him, but when we swapped Paolo di Canio for Regi Blinker the latter had several games where he basically hugged the left touchline and just did not want the ball. The ability wasn’t there and the pressure got to him.



    Again, we have much higher pressure matches than trophy day against Hearts with the league already won but Hearts weren’t standing around happy to be cannon fodder.



    Agree on Ajer and Johnston.



    All in all we have the nucleus of a very good team/squad and with the right additions the support will relax a bit. Famous last words…




  13. Round and round we go . . . 3 million for a top prospect who may well be worth double that in 2-3 years and treble that by the time he is 24-25 seems a fair punt to take.


    Let’s stick to the facts. Neil Lennon has seen him and wants him. He is our manager. We want the board to support him.


    Who benefits if we lose him for the sake of 500,000?


    We want top dollar for our players but want to pay peanuts for another club’s top player?


    It’s hardly the gamble of the century, is it? Jeezuz, we reeived 9 million for BR.


    Back the manager, get the boy in and move onto the next target.

  14. glendalystonsils on




    2 Metres? Is that his height or the length of his name!?

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Hebcelt, magic.



    Jobo, might need to make a little more space in that clique over the summer…

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GFTB- been guilty of speed reading too mate i think PL knows his neck is on the line now,and we might be pleasantly surprised at the end of the Window….*he says hopefully….




    Celtic linked with Saudi RB Amin Tersay ?






    What did you mean to say?

  18. Bada 4.27pm



    Half the time I don’t read and jump in :-)



    I think we are going to have a terrific transfer windae (ever the optimist :-)






    Terrific news, I have spent all day with our 3yr old granddaughter, her grandmother is at a funeral, she is on the same wavelength as me, in fact she is probably more intelligent but they keep you on your toes, a total joy

  19. Go tell the Spartim on




    I wish i shared your optimism but its not gonna happen, he’ll be busy for sure, but hopefully that will be getting rid of a lot of those we dont need/use.



    I dont foresee any change in the strategy thats positive, he’ll be banking on Lenny’s “eye for a player” and purchases will be of the modest variety.



    youknowittobetrue CSC (C) BSR

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