Ntcham and this week’s non-story


Neither of us knows why a Celtic player follows or unfollows teammates on Instagram. I don’t even know how many players control their public-facing social media accounts, but I know for sure that unfollowing other Celtic players in Instagram is no indication that Olivier Ntcham is on his way out of the club, as is speculated on today in various outlets.

There has been continual interest in Olivier (23) since his arrival from Manchester City two years ago, but last season saw him in and out of the team, so his position is bound to be subject to speculation.

But, never in the history of toys being thrown out of prams, has such an innocuous act been considered pertinent. He has three years left on his contract and no offers have been made for him, far less accepted.  Can you imagine the speculation if we discovered he cleaned out his browsing history?

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  1. Good morning CQN from a beautiful and sunny Garngad ?



    Let the fun begin, transfer windy is open.



    Lenny get Pedro to do your business early and let’s get settled for the season ahead and push on for 9IAR and a quadtr3ble?



    No pressure Lenny bhoy



    D. :)

  2. Good morning, friends, from a dray and faitly bright looking East KIlbride.


    Welcome to the Transfer Window. A window that creaked open almost 7 hours ago and doesn’t slam shut until midnight on September 2nd.


    The window will be left open for 84 days. In fact there’s another 2,009 hours 18 minutes…….



  3. AULDHEID on 10TH JUNE 2019 5:56 PM





    Thanks for your feedback. All the evidence we need that our education system is not producing whole rounded adults can be found in the current government turmoil created by voters who are products of the system and the “leaders” that the system produces








    I’m actually really impressed by what the Scottish system does for our children and young people’s development, from nursery onwards.



    I see a far more balanced and well adjusted generation coming through to inherit the Earth, just as we complete trashing it, ecologically and politically!



    HH jg



    PS have we sighed anybody yet??

  4. mullet and co 2 on

    Express reporting Rodgers wants both McGregor and Tierney.


    I would be surprised if he doesn’t get McGregor. Serious dough.

  5. traditionalist88 on

    TIMALOY29 on 10TH JUNE 2019 4:33 PM



    Think that is a strange one. The guy signed a new long term deal at the start of last season and would be expensive to buy.






    On the face of it, maybe a strange one.



    But if you consider the fact that Reading are potless and need the money to revamp their squad, and that the player wanted to leave last summer but a deal couldnt be done, it starts to make sense. He signed a new deal to ‘commit’ himself for a bit more money, maybe even with a release clause, knowing full well the opportunity to go may come up this summer.



    And the fact we’re desperate for a couple of CB’s…




  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    “Good morning, friends, from a dray and faitly bright looking… “.


    Thought I had woken up inside an Edward Lear poem there. ?



  7. James gang



    Based on my grand kids the signs are better.



    The fruits of that kind of change will be shown in years to come, whilst the fruits of the education of years gone by have to be endured.

  8. Transfer window opens today. Let me be the first to say….



    Have we signed anyone yet?

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    At this time, it seems to me that Celtic are short on numbers in the coaching department. Recent stories linking Henrik Larsson and Johan Mjällby in possible returns to the club got me thinking (What’s that grinding noise? – Ed). Mjällby has some experience as a coach, and some success in the role. Larsson has less experience, and no success, but surely he must have something to offer, even if it is only of benefit to our strikers.


    I have long been of the opinion that coaching for footballers is a fairly one dimensional practice. Professional footballers primarily concentrate on only three aspects of their craft in training: Fitness and stamina (this is predominantly pre-season work), ballwork and strength work. All well and good as it stands. Training normally takes place for 2-3 hours in the morning.


    Now I wouldn’t want to overtrain our players, but what about using some afternoons for one off sessions on specific aspects of the game (Throw-ins spring to mind here). Guest coaches can surely be used to impart speciality knowledge on individual aspects of the game, and surely would benefit all of our players. Imagine workshops with Larsson for forward play, Willie Miller for defending, Nakamura for free kicks, Roy Keane on… ahem, tackling. If nothing else it would add a bit of variety to training, and give the players access to fresh ideas.


    I would take this further, and introduce sessions on other sports and disciplines, that may benefit footballers. Say Judo, It would teach players the techniques of using an opponents strength against them, and making the most of their own physique. Judo techniques would help players in shielding the ball, standing your ground at corners and free kicks and many aspects of football. Sessions with a sprint coach (speed), high jump coach, gymnastics coach (balance) would all be beneficial. The possibilities are endless, sessions with a psychologist for mental preparation, learn chess to increase tactical awareness?


    This is the kind of “out the box” thinking that occurs when early retirement is thrust upon you, but I feel that there is relevance in the above, and no doubt other sports and disciplines would qualify too. Heck, even Peter would be happy. Cheaper than full time coaches ?



  10. JAMESGANG @ 7:15 AM,



    AULDHEID @ 5:56 PM,



    Good to see a positive feeling about today’s Scottish education system. Maybe it’s impoving in England too my eldest grandson seems to be doing well…



    We still have the grammer school system in Bucks, my eldest keeps an eye on the performance of the local Secondary schools, his boys are a few years away but he highlighted something interesting.



    Our old (Catholic) school, that had gone down the pan is performing better than some grammer schools, in fact all the secondary moderns (or whatever they call them these days) have improved.



    I’ve got theory on this. As far as I know the Grammers are still much better resourced than other schools. You need to pass your 11+ exam to get into a grammer.



    Now there are many tutorial companies and specialist tutors who, for a fee, will coach children to pass the exam. My thinking is, maybe the Grammers aren’t getting the brightest kids anymore, just the best coached.



    Still any overdue improvement is welcome.




    The underlying message though is what Celtic should be doing and should have done in 2012 is only the start.”




    Well Auldheid, I think what our peek behind the curtains in the last eighteen months has afforded us, is a veiw of a conservative, guarded organisation. The financial integrity of the Corporation is paramount; some things are secondary like additional income streams, some are tertiary like PR and the football club, somethings, most things, don’t come on the radar at all.



    Well until they’re forced to face things such as Res12, or the CBC scandal. Of course when I say “face things”, I mean forced to deal with them. It will be done in a conservative and guarded manner.



    Anyone who believes that having your insurers look into potential, contingent liabilities is the same as an inquiry into child abuse is not on the same page.



    Hail Hail

  11. Transfer Window Scottish Style Guide 2019




    (1) During the window Brendan Rodgers will be reported as set to swoop for all our best players with Celtic’s ‘bean counting directors’ who always ‘wear suits’ and have a Celtic ‘biscuit tin mentality’ which antagonises our fans.



    (2) Sevco FC do not ‘buy’ or ‘sign’ players. They ‘swoop’ for players. The extraordinary nature of these swoops must be emphasised at all times by preceding the word “swoop” with at least one of the following choices – ‘sensational’ ‘stunning’ ‘exciting’ ‘audacious’ or ‘ambitious’.



    (3) Celtic FC do not ‘buy’ or ‘sign’ players they ‘finally complete’ deals. The hugely dull nature of this event should be emphasised at all times by using at least one of the following terms – ‘protracted’ ‘long-running’ ‘drawn out affair’ and ‘dicking about’



    (4) Any transfer target of Sevco FC is, without fail, also ‘being pursued by a host of Europe’s top clubs’ but not Brighton or Wigan.



    (5) Sevco FC must then be referred to as ‘battling it out for the signature’ of this “well rated” ’hot property’ and ‘wanted man’.



    (6) The exact identity of these elite club’s will be selected on a random basis but must contain at least one of the current top 4 sides in Italy, Germany and Spain. One of these may be substituted by PSG but no other French club.



    (7) If the said player signs for Sevco FC then the club have ‘pulled off a sensational coup’. To avoid unnecessary confusion under no circumstances should the player be asked why he turned down these previously reported top clubs? Instead the player will ‘modestly refuse to comment on the speculation’.



    (8) Any overseas player purchased by Sevco FC under the age of 21 years is a ‘wonder kid’.



    (9) Any overseas player purchased by Celtic FC under the age of 21 years is an ‘unknown youngster’.



    (10) In recognition of the club’s international stature it is appropriate that the transfer fees received and paid by Sevco FC should initially be quoted in Euros. After this initial use the term of currency quoted should be dropped and thereafter, whenever possible, the figure referred to only by approximate amount.



    (11) Should Sevco FC obtain a Scottish player from a domestic rival then this story must be accompanied by a double page spread praising the club’s willingness to invest in home-grown talent and how this is of the benefit to the national side and indeed the country as a whole.*



    (12) Should Celtic FC purchase a Scottish player from a domestic rival then this story must be accompanied by a double page spread condemning the club’s willingness to raid rivals of home-grown talent and how this is to the detriment of the national side and indeed the country as a whole.



    (13) Any player linked with Sevco FC who has not made a strongly worded denial of the said move should be referred to issuing ‘a come and get me plea’



    (14) Clubs unwilling to lower their asking price to meet the derisory bid placed by Celtic FC must be warmly praised. All stories of this nature must include the words/terms ‘low asking price’ ‘cut pricef ‘ meagre player demand ‘ and ‘Celtic low balling, smaller clubs’. The player involved in this deal must be referred to as ‘the reluctant star’ and it is imperative that any story fully informs the reader how the immoral stance of the buying club could ‘ force the unhappy star ’ for a player ‘whose heart is set on another part of Glasgow’.



    (15) Clubs unwilling to up their bid to meet the perfectly reasonable fee placed on a player by Sevco FC must be strongly condemned. All stories of this nature must include the words/terms ‘insulting’ ‘laughably derisory bid’ ‘on the cheap’ ‘deliberate attempt to unsettle’ and ‘outrageously low offer’.



    (16 )The signing of an overseas player by Sevco FC must be accompanied by a two page spread stating how they will become as good as their nation’s most famous footballer. Mark Hateley is still willing to contribute to any article.



    (17) The signing of an overseas player by Celtic FC must be accompanied by a two page spread questioning whether they are good enough for the SPL. Kris Boyd is willing to contribute to this article.



    (18) If Sevco FC sign a player who has at any point of their career – been watched by any member of the Celtic Park staff (including Superstore employees, programme sellers and outsourced catering workers) then they will have ‘sensationally snatched’ the said player ‘ from under the nose of the Parkhead club’.



    (19) If Celtic FC signs a player who we previously linked with Sevco FC then it will be because ‘After initial tentative interest Sevco decided to pull out of the chase’ thus ‘leaving the road clear for Celtic’. The player in question ‘..represented poor value for money..’ and ‘was no better than the players already available to the Sevco gaffer’.



    (20)The fact that Dave King is a Billyionaire with wealth off the radar are integral elements of any Sevco transfer story and failure to recognise this will see copy spiked.



    (21) As in previous years our ‘colleagues’ at the Sunday Mail will again be organising ‘Operation Celtic Manager out ‘ which is as usual planned for the first weekend in February. Our duty is to ensure quality follow-up coverage.



    (22) ‘Sevco’ when trying to scrape every last halfpenny that Douglas Park can lend shall be reported as ‘Gers playing hard ball’



    (23) ‘Sevco’ on receiving a flat knockback with an inferior offer, will be congratulated for not breaking their strictly staunch wages cap.



    (24) Celtic will lure players on free transfers.



    (25) “Sevco” will sensationally snare multi million pound rated strikers via the staunch Bosman rule.



    (26) Any “Sevco” players moved on will be ‘unsettled’ or downright lost interest in playing football after fulfilling their lifetime ambition.



    (27) When referring to Seethen Gerrard “warchest” its value shouldn’t drop below Jim Traynor’s lifelong supportering guesstimate of £12,000, 000 net.



    ( 28 ) All impending reported ‘bids’ for Alfredo Dimbilly will always be identical and never drop below Level 5 valuation, and any ‘bids’ from the English Championship will be referred to as coming from ‘top drawer English outfits’



    (29) Seethen Gerrard will be continually reported as having issued ‘hands off warnings’ for his top stars




    Hail Hail

  12. HEBCELT on 10TH JUNE 2019 1:19 PM



    Mrs Hebcelt and I would like to announce the birth of our first grandchild and Celtic’s newest and youngest supporter Niall Louis Macrury, note the initials!! Born 2-06-19 just named today, mother and baby both well Mr and Mrs Hebcelt highly chuffed.


    H H Hebcelt





    Heres to Niall Louis Macrury



    Congratulations to you and your family.everybest wish and good health to all.if your bout on the 29th i will get you a dram :-)



  13. Seems to me that Ojo and Kent will be signing up for Sevco.



    Bear in mind that Liverpool insist on having these guys play a certain amount of games so they are locked in as starters. No doubt, Kent had a strong showing at the end of the season but his overall contribution to goals and assists wasn’t anything impressive. Sevco will be hoping his finish to the season wasn’t just a purple patch and he will be able to maintain that over 38 games.



    Ojo’s career seems to have meandered. He was certainly rated higher than Kent at Liverpool and was given chances in the first team. A few unsuccessful loans down the line he finds himself at Sevco.



    The other interesting point is that Sevco are looking to send Hastie and Middleton out on loan. Two players who would have enough talent to be an asset for teams in the bottom 6 of the SPFL. Not sure Sevco will find any joy in getting them that sort of deal.



    As Celtic have found out, a lot of the smaller teams in this league have no interest in developing players for a team in the same division.



    If Celtic could get Micky Johnston, Ewan Henderson and Anthony Ralston out on loan that would be helpful. Callum McGregor and Kris Ajer massively benefitted from their loan periods.

  14. ROCK TREE BHOY on 10TH JUNE 2019 5:22 PM






    Looks like much of the same there pal . Hope Lenny doesn’t, take your advice , that make up struggled in too many games last season . IMHO the team needs a good freshen up .and I hope the exit door opens for those that disappeared way to often in physical games , but celtic being celtic will let sentiment rule the day and keep the ones who should really be thanked for there service ,



  15. AULDHEID on 11TH JUNE 2019 9:06 AM


    James gang







    ‘Based on my grand kids the signs are better.’







    Difficult to be objective when your means of assessment are your nearest and dearest.



    A weakness exploited to perfection by Swinney whose response to every criticism of the Scottish education system is to portray it as an attack on individual poor wee weans.



    Some years ago there was a detailed article in the Herald comparing contemporary standards with those of a couple of generations back. The conclusion by a retired education professor was that modern kids were much more confident in their abilities, but with much less to be confident about. That rings true to me.

  16. weebobbycollins on

    BSR…did you mention the SNUB?…Celtic ‘targets’ who sign for whoever fc but always after snubbing the Hoops…

  17. Re Hun transfer guff…………..



    – As sure as a dug whistle, the hun transfer window opens with a scary story that one of their “stars” won’t re-sign or a previously identified “target” won’t come. See the currant “Kent” will he / won’t he – guff.


    This Level of guff was first seen when wee Bawwy was mooted to make the move back from the mighty Blackpool, talk aboooot extended negotiations? That wan was spun ooot for two months with the result a foregone konclusion to all but the brain-dead.



    – Any footballing hun supporter who signs for the currants is (with a nod and a wink to the mouth-breathers in thur support) said to have “sealed his dream move” and there’s usually some dug whistle reference to how his Faither will be pleased and all his family.




  18. BSR



    Well done.



    Expect to see CELTIC SNUBBED by Powell today. He’s apparently on his way to Stoke.



    If he wasn’t on that leaked document in April we didn’t want him.

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