Ntcham, Sinclair, resting muscles


Lots to be pleased about last night.  We rested eight players from the weekend, allowing carbs to accumulate in key muscles ahead of Easter Road on Saturday.  Hibs themselves went the other way in taking 120 minutes + penalties to reach the semi-finals.

I liked the look of Olivier Ntcham in the deep playmaker roll.  Will we see more of Scott Brown resting for Olivier?  Maybe.  They are not the same type of player, Scott gives us something Olivier does not and vice versa, but it would be interesting to discover how this one would play out.

Scott Sinclair loves a goal and he loved last night’s more than most.  Whatever the reason he has not been in the manager’s plans this season, it was great to see him back and making those well-timed runs into the box.

Ideally, Callum McGregor would have been in the North Stand beside me, not playing from the start, but at least he was rested after the hour mark.

Job done as our 29th consecutive domestic cup games was won in some style.  Hibs and Celtic will both have greater priorities than the League Cup when they meet at Hampden in the next round but for different reasons.  Happy with the draw.

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  1. I know someone posted that Sinky hadn’t put on weight but it certainly looked like it had been ‘redistributed’ upwards to the chest a shoulders, a bit like myself :-)

  2. Got to go for a treble!


    Olly looked very relaxed, maybe the unsettled period has come to an end, for he moment.

  3. Alasdair MacLean on

    What the BBC isn’t reporting….



    “Rangers boss Steven Gerrard is unhappy with Livingston counterpart Gary Holt’s suggestion the Ibrox side were lucky to keep 11 men on the pitch after their League Cup quarter-final.”

  4. Anybody pick what our best 11 would be currently?


    I can’t.



    Does it matter actually? The squad looks pretty good, well-fired up and we’ve still to unleash Arzani, Dembele and Schved as well as get Moi up to speed and Mikey Johnston back in the frame.



    That’s one helluva lot of firepower there….beyond stalwarts Jamsey and Scott Sinclair.



    Happy bunny csc. Bring on the Hibees…

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    I took the opportunity of moving at half time from the standing area to behind the goals at the ole Celtic end, sorry still call it that!.



    Didn’t know there was a singing section in the top corner, can’t hear them for the GB beside us, but they did offer some atmosphere there. Also being so close to the players I loved the look of delight on Sinky’s face as he scores.

  6. Paul67



    Aye but, aye but, aye but,



    Calum was playing , Sinclair should have been on



    Brendan Rodgers blah blah blah yada yada yada



    Our manager is more focussed than our manager this time last year , our squad is stronger, 51 goals before October, two games away from the first of the quadruple.



    Downsizing with NFL CSC

  7. Don’t know about Downsizing but I think Neil has a Job since the 8 changes made resulted in good performances from the “stand-ins”. Neil will have a job to satisfy all players. What team should he start on Saturday?



    Does he drop Gordon, Frimpong, Hayes, N’tcham. Morgan, Rogic, Bayo, Sinclair all 5 goals were scored by players in this group.



    There are others in the Reserves who are due a run



    34 players in 1st Team, 15 in reserves. This is not healthy and will produce unsatisfied players. Frimpong made his debut, won man of the match and literally will likely be dropped

  8. Big wavy



    I will have a go at Neil’s preferred starters if all are Fit






    Elhamed Julien Ayer Bolingoli



    Brown McGregor



    Forrest Christie Elhoussie




  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    I took the opportunity of moving at half time from the standing area to behind the goals at the ole Celtic end, sorry still call it that!.





    Din’t happen to be with another chap and a lady, did you?



    A wee gang of new people came and sat in front of me and Wee BGFC for the second half – just to the left of goals in the Celtic End.






  10. Really impressive fitness last night, from guys who haven’t played a lot of first team football, the danger iin these games IMO,is slow tempo,we kept a high pace for 90 minutes. Frimpong outstanding debut,Bayo looks a very good all round player, and gives us an aerial threat,which we’ve not had for a long time.

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BIGBHOY on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2019 1:21 PM


    Big wavy




    OK – my team will take on your team ;-))






    Bauer Elhamed Jozo Bolingoli



    Ncham McGregor



    Forrest Rogic Christie







    Great fun this!!









  12. Big Bhoy



    ‘This is not healthy’



    I’m sorry but this is the very definition of a healthy squad. Everyone looking to play games puts pressure on ALL the players to keep their standards up day in day out in training and making sure they play well on a Saturday or they will lose their place to someone waiting in the wings



    There will be no let up as a loss of form or effort means you are out of the team. Anyone who comes to Celtic, or any big club, should know that



    It’s up to Lenny to keep everyone happy but as long as we are winning it is not a problem



    Everyone will, and is, getting their chance to show what they can offer



    Two games a week from now til Xmas means there are plenty of games

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Big Georges Fan Club – Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on 26th September 2019 1:39 pm



    There was two guys and a women who sat down at the same time as me, jst a few seats away but same row.



    Looking at the stadium map must be section 141.

  14. Bigbhoy / BGFC,



    Not easy eh ? I think that’s great personally. I’ve said before, Paddy Roberts arrival pushed James Forrest on to a new level.



    Forster bring confidence


    Frimpong develops he’ll be hard to ignore.


    Taylor defensively more solid than Boli


    Ajer and Julien to forge a working relationship.


    An interested Ntcham is the best player in the league imho.


    Christie and Rogic and even Jamesey vying for the No. 10. Do we still bring in Turnball in Jan?



    Great state to be in. Lots of games to play and some ofthe above in and out injured and out of form.



    We’re blowing away the domestic opposition.

  15. My friends in Celtic,



    What a performance our manager has put it. On and off the park he has hardly put a foot wrong.


    The perfect response to many of us who would have preferred a more high profile manager.


    To learn from your mistakes is a valuable tool and it looks as if NFL has taken the Cluj lesson and learned then used it to his advantage .



    Great squad rotation last night. Exactly what we need.



    This humbled supporter would score NFL to date. 9.5.



    Champion show Celts. The journey continues.

  16. 34 players in 1st Team squad 14 play each week means 20 players every week don’t play.


    I agree fighting for your place is healthy but what is unhealthy is the number of unused players.



    This is also true that with such a big first team squad then there is limited opportunities for Henderson, Okoflex, Dembele., O’Connor, Frimpong, Alofabi



    This week

  17. Yeah but if you think about the likes of Ntcham, who many believe will go at the end of the season, or Edouard who wont be here forever, or Brown who doesnt have many years at the top left, the guys you mention are still young and time is on their side




  18. Can I enter 3 teams in the team of the year Competition,, encouraged by yesterday, I will go mostly with yesterday’s team as my opening gambit. So team 1 is Gordon, Frimpong, Elhamed Ajer,Hayes, McGregor, N’tcham Sinclair,,Rogic,Shved & Bayo Team 2 is Forster, Bauer, Hendry, Julien, Boli, Brown,Christie, Eleyounoussi,Mikey Johnston,Forrest, Edouard. And Team 3 is Bain, Lee O’Connor, Jozo, Bitton,Taylor, Henderson,Kouassi Luca O’Connell, Morgan, Arzani, Griffiths. I would of course need to recall Euan from Loan but if that was a problem I could stick in Karamoko, Oko-Flex or Barry Coffey and any of them wouldn’t leave us down.

  19. CorkCelt



    Whats wrong with Connor Hazard, he is a full internationalist?



    Seriously, its good to see the quality in the squad lets hope they all can get minutes on the pitch

  20. Despite the lower attendance and limited online coverage I’m delighted that over 30 folk have already chipped in with their 3 top performers from last night. Still over 7 hours to vote – cqnpoty@gmail.com


    And thanks for all the kind wishes over the las few hours. The extended Jobo’s Gang are all doing well.


    Hail Hail


    Papa Jobo

  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Big Georges Fan Club – Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on 26th September 2019 1:39 pm


    There was two guys and a women who sat down at the same time as me, jst a few seats away but same row.


    Looking at the stadium map must be section 141.






    Hi pal – yes, we are in section 141.



    You’re lucky then – you just missed me and WeeBGFC ;-))



    There is a chap from up your way – possibly Musselburgh – who sits right behind us.



    Maybe see you the next time.






  22. prestonpans bhoys on




    I was the sad guy on his tod, green jacket, grey shaved hair but rather handsome😂😱

  23. pb


    I was waiting for BGFC to say: Well, we did see a solo guy wearing a green jacket and he had short, grey hair.




  24. Police hunt Rangers firework yobs after child hurt at match against Livingston


    A 13-year old boy and 26-year-old woman in the away end needed treatment with fan group Union Bears defending the use of pyrotechnics inside stadiums despite fellow Rangers supporters being injured.







    Smoke bombs, bangers and flares were set off by Rangers fans at the match against Livingston



    Police are hunting Rangers fans who left off smoke bombs, bangers and flares at the match against Livingston on Wednesday night after two fellow Light Blues supporters were hurt, including a child



    A 13-year old boy required treatment to his eyes while a 26-year-old woman sustained a minor leg injury. Both were treated by medics at the stadium and did not have to attend hospital.




    A police officer was also hit by a coin thrown by a fan in the away end during the Betfred League Cup quarter-final tie that Rangers won 1-0.



    Chief Inspector Neil Mitchell, the officer in charge of the policing operation for the match said: “Taking pyrotechnics into a football stadium is not only an offence, it is extremely dangerous.



    “The injuries sustained by the woman and boy caused by the devices, and the consequences, could have had been so much worse.



    “Once again it is extremely disappointing and worrying that despite repeated warnings about the risk pyrotechnics bring, a small minority continue to smuggle them into matches.




    A Rangers ultra with his face covered up holds a flare in the away end during the match




    “The vast majority of those who attended the match were well-behaved and enjoyed the game. However, following the actions of a small group of their fellow supporters, two people were injured.



    “It is only down to luck that their injuries were minor. If this continues it can only be a matter of time before someone is injured more seriously.



    “One of my officers was also struck by a coin thrown from the same group of supporters. This is also unacceptable and will not be tolerated.




    “We have a retrospective investigation ongoing and are working closely with both clubs to identify those responsible. I can confirm that we are following a positive line of enquiry.



    “I urge anyone at the game who witnessed the use of these pyrotechnics and can assist in our enquiries to contact police on 101, quoting incident number 2394 of 25 September 2019.






    “We will deal with all those responsible in a robust manner including seeking football banning orders through the courts.”



    Rangers ‘ultras’ group the Union Bears issued a statement following the incident.




    The group defended the use of flares and smoke bombs despite the risk they pose to others, such as supporters with asthma, although they urged fans not to use firecrackers in crowded areas.



    The statement said: “The Union Bears support the safe use of pyrotechnics inside and outside football stadiums.



    “Whilst this is our stance, we would like to discourage supporters from using firecrackers inside the stands. These firecrackers are endangering our supporters when set off in crowded areas.”

  25. Big Jimmy


    We have our own pyrotechnics clowns – I’m sure elements of our support would depend their use. Maybe Boris is in the GB.

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