O’Connell, early Eboue confirmation expected


Our central defence partnership has settled on Jozo Simunovic and Erik Sviatchenko, you would be hard pushed to choose between them. Kolo Toure, who performed so well early in the season, has been relegated to third choice, while Mikael Lustig can move into the middle if required.

Efe Ambrose will draw his Celtic experience to an end this year, possibly without playing for the club again, while Dedryck Boyata must be desperate to leave Glasgow. Injury prevented the Belgian from attending the European Championships but his international prospects will be non-existent unless he plays regular football.

If Eoghan O’Connell is looking at his first team prospects he might consider himself potentially third choice for next season, but the 21-year-old hasn’t had a sniff of domestic football since August. A substitute cameo performance at the Camp Nou may already be wiped from the player’s memory.

O’Connell is a player I think ha a genuine chance of making the breakthrough. If he was at Dinamo Zagreb right now, we’d probably sign him, but he needs football. Kilmarnock wouldn’t be my first choice destination for him, I’d rather he was tested at a higher level, and frankly, anywhere else but Kilmarnock, but four months in Ayrshire would give him a platform for next season’s qualifiers.

Kouassi Eboue’s agent told the Russian media over the weekend that the player’s work permit could be through as early as today. Spending two weeks with your new team-mates, before a game against lower league opposition, is as near ideal conditions to join a club as Kouassi could hope for.

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  1. Hearing Sevco ‘glamour friendly ‘ in doubt, heavy snow -12-14 forecast in Leipzig….:))

  2. Did anyone see the pen Barca should have been awarded last night? What a save by the defender.


    Gerard Pique saying Barca “know” what they are up against.


    Yip, i know that sentiment Gerard.

  3. Snake Plissken on

    !!Bada Bing!!



    It’s entirely possible.



    The forecast my way is heavy snow starting on Thursday and going through to Saturday.



    I think most of the continent is due for this stuff.

  4. !!BADA BING!!



    It’s been that cold up where I am for the last three or four days, should be a balmy -8 the night.



    Snow forecast here as well.



    Puir wee Sevvies canny get their Euro kicking:))

  5. !!BADA BING!! on 9TH JANUARY 2017 8:30 PM


    Hearing Sevco ‘glamour friendly ‘ in doubt, heavy snow -12-14 forecast in Leipzig….:))







    they will be home in time for the roof coming in

  6. Snake Plissken on

    starry plough



    What is the temperature like down your way?



    We are -20 and in the mountains its -30

  7. Heard Sevco tried to book Seamill Hydro for a couple of days, they wanted cash up front……no trip to the seaside for some ‘warm weather training’ then…

  8. It’s getting harder to read the the headlines on my iPhone again,bloody stupid The press and journal is a no no




    Down to -15 last weekend back up to minus 8 now, snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow..



    I’m feeling it this year:))



    Gettingauld CSC

  10. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Rangers did win 9iar first



    They also won the Eurovision Song Contest



    Who can forget boombanga bang bust



    Then the very same club won 3 petrifact. cups in a row

  11. !!BADA BING!!-any idea what the weather is like in Tenerife at the end of the month:-)))

  12. Snake Plissken on

    starry plough



    It’s funny because the last few years there’s been no real winter but now it is back with a bang.



    Hope it stays manageable because when it gets going life slows down here.



    All the skiing fans are happy though.

  13. So, Joey Barton. You were wondering what it was about him that really annoyed you? Alan Bennett had him sussed:


    19 September 2016


    Joey Barton, the difficult (and sometimes violent) footballer who has been transferred from Burnley to Rangers … is in trouble again. He is obviously clever, though in a slightly psychopathic way, and given to gnomic Muhammad Ali-like utterances. He’s rightly proud of his self-education and being smarter than most footballers while still being his own worst enemy. He habitually uses ‘critique’ to mean ‘criticise’ and would make a good character in something.[Not a decent midfield, obviously, badum-tish]]

  14. Margaret McGill on

    Officer Dribble representing the Celtic mainstream media stated today that:


    “There is absolutely no way, (and let me be clear no, ifs, and’s or buts about it) that Big Pete would ever ever let Dembele go in the January transfer window!…. ok £30m ..mibbee”

  15. Another former sevco wondered comes on for Leeds.


    Kyle Bartleys world class brilliance in a huns jersey helped to make an appearance as a substitute for Leeds Utd of the 1st(really 3rd) division in FA cup.


    HIs first involvement was to clatter into the back of someone then act incredulous when a foul was given against him.He obviously does not realise that certain interpretations of the rules are only applied to sevco.

  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.






    Just caught up with your post on the last blog, was it the


    Melbourne No1 club in the city you visited?


    There are three Celtic clubs round Melbourne one in the


    business district one in St Kilda and ours which is down


    the rebel peninsula in the small beach town of Mornington


    which you may have passed through on your last visit.


    Anyhow it would be great to meet up and have a few beers


    next time your over just get my email addy off P67 or any of


    the CQNr’s who have visited our great wee club or been in


    contact with me, i guarantee you will have a great time.




    A big HAIL…HAIL for a special day.


    H.H Mick

  17. Jeepers, just saw a picture of the new American wunderkid for Sevco.



    That’ll be two Hills at the Crumbledome…..Clint and Jimmy Hill.



    Any truth in the rumour that when he ‘jetted in’ to Glasgow someone asked him “why the long face?”

  18. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Melbourne Mick



    Rally, rally round the flag, Bhoys, though it’s worn and it’s old ….


    Rally, rally round the flag, Bhoys, rally round the Green and White and Gold….



    Now, Green’s the song of Irish Freedom, White’s the pureness of her soul…


    Gold’s the wealth of Irish history, so rally round the Green and White and Gold….



    Rally, rally round the flag, Bhoys, though it’s worn and it’s old ….


    Rally, rally round the flag, Bhoys, rally round the Green and White and Gold….

  19. stpatricksbhoy on



    Thanks for your response.


    Hail Hail



  20. mike in toronto on

    I see birthday wishes are due to a couple of esteemed CQN’ers.



    I haven’t really had the chance to post much, or even read back, so apologies if I have missed other big news.

  21. CELTIC manager Brendan Rodgers is looking closely at the African market after digging up a potential gem in Kouassi Eboue.


    Rodgers hopes the 19-year-old’s signing will be confirmed by tomorrow, with the Home Office deciding on a work permit application appeal for the £2.8million midfielder from the Ivory Coast.



    Rodgers believes Eboue is an example of the type of hungry, talented player which can be found on a continent that has largely been off the radar of Scottish clubs.



    But, speaking from Dubai where he’s plotting further transfer moves, Rodgers admitted the teenager might blaze a trail for others to follow.


    He said: “There are certain markets you can bring players in from to help Celtic and Scottish football, and Africa has always been that. It’s always been a market where you find players who are hungry. Kolo Toure is the perfect example.



    “You only need to look at Kolo’s academy in the Ivory Coast to see the likes of Gervinho, Kolo, Yaya, Cissoko coming through – big talents.



    “Then there is Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast and Senegal. In western Africa they have big talent.”



    Eboue is in Dubai with the Hoops waiting for clearance to start his new career after a deal was struck to sign him from Russian side Krasnodar.


    Rodgers can’t wait to see him pull on the hoops and believes he will soon justify the faith being shown by Celtic for a relatively inexperienced and so far uncapped teenager.



    He said: “It tells you a lot about a young player like Eboue that he made those moves to Armenia and Russia. It really tells you the hunger of the lad to succeed.



    “He hasn’t played many games, but the reason was that he couldn’t play first-team football until he was 18. When he was 18 he was off.”



    Rodgers, named SPFL manager of the month for December after eight league wins on the spin, added: “We have a few targets. We’d like to think we could get a few in to enhance the team. But if we don’t get anyone in January then there is no drama.”

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