O’Connell, early Eboue confirmation expected


Our central defence partnership has settled on Jozo Simunovic and Erik Sviatchenko, you would be hard pushed to choose between them. Kolo Toure, who performed so well early in the season, has been relegated to third choice, while Mikael Lustig can move into the middle if required.

Efe Ambrose will draw his Celtic experience to an end this year, possibly without playing for the club again, while Dedryck Boyata must be desperate to leave Glasgow. Injury prevented the Belgian from attending the European Championships but his international prospects will be non-existent unless he plays regular football.

If Eoghan O’Connell is looking at his first team prospects he might consider himself potentially third choice for next season, but the 21-year-old hasn’t had a sniff of domestic football since August. A substitute cameo performance at the Camp Nou may already be wiped from the player’s memory.

O’Connell is a player I think ha a genuine chance of making the breakthrough. If he was at Dinamo Zagreb right now, we’d probably sign him, but he needs football. Kilmarnock wouldn’t be my first choice destination for him, I’d rather he was tested at a higher level, and frankly, anywhere else but Kilmarnock, but four months in Ayrshire would give him a platform for next season’s qualifiers.

Kouassi Eboue’s agent told the Russian media over the weekend that the player’s work permit could be through as early as today. Spending two weeks with your new team-mates, before a game against lower league opposition, is as near ideal conditions to join a club as Kouassi could hope for.

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  1. I’ve seen a few clips of Eboue and I’m very excited! He looks like he sits in that defensive midfield role and puts out fires with good reading of the game and tackling, his passing was tidy with a wee bit of variation but mostly keeping it simple, some nice technical bits of skill too. He looks a serious athlete with the potential to be a real powerhouse. He made the game look effortless.

  2. A big Hoopy Birthday to ACGR & Corkcelt….hope yeez hav had a great day ;-))







  3. Melbourne Mick…,



    I had a wee night in your club in 2005. Can’t remember which game was on. Might have been the beer..,,,



    Anyway, a fine group of Tims for sure.



    Currently visiting Adelaide. Is there a CSC here?






  4. Great reading on the blog. It’s Jelly and Ice Cream ad infinitum. Tax Case appeals, Wibblies, Crooks, The Crocked, The Stadium of Woes: the list goes on.



    It wasn’t so long ago I remember reading in the Daily Eggfart about Oldco’s SPL Team and their European Team.



    Oh who the mighty fall!




    you do realise you admitted to reading the Daily !!!!!!!!



    There may be trouble ahead…………..:-)))




  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    For the avoidance of doubt, the above post relates to the fact that today I have come across arseholes and numbnuts at almost every turn with the admitted odd exception!



    My day has consisted of dealing with people and situations worthy of Oliver Hardy and Stanley Laurel at their insane best. Unfortunately, none of this was in a movie or came about as a deliberate attempt to entertain.



    If the world in general, and my wee mini world in particular, continues to show this level of sheer idiocy I will be forced to kick its arse till its nose bleeds profusely!



    Oh, and if the chaps who are responsible for the online help, new product, “resolve issues” or “contact us” sections of the BT website are tuning in, then I hate to be the bearer of bad news but at sometime you have had a failed lobotomy, have the business sense of your average cabbage and I suspect that your IQ does not manage above double figures.



    Then again, you can take comfort in the fact that the people who hired you are even thicker than you are, and those who allow those web pages to remain are even dumber than that – which is truly saying something!



    Happy Birthday to that grumpy oul bugger ACGR and to Corkcelt.



    I will leave this place for the night with a lyric that seems appropriate ………….



    But you’ll wake up soon


    And fight


    In the morning


    Things you worried about


    Last night


    Will seem lighter


    I hope things


    Will turn out right



    Old man


    Through every step a change


    You watch me walk away


    Tara Tara

  7. Margaret McGill on



    Its times like that when i remember the old adage:



    I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

  8. Margaret McGill on

    I remember working for BT in the 90’s. Created probably the first national ISP in the country. modems were the order of the day. Then I left. One day I will go back and fix what I did.

  9. Maggiemcgill



    Re lBT



    I recall late 80s setting up credit control dept based out of the tower and croydon of their packet switching data systems.the sums written of where in the millions with most of the big city firms having a free ride from big bang (85) til 88.daft eejits knew how to provide service they didnt have a clue how to bill.


    So if you see Sid tell the skank he owes billions:-)




    BRT&H. 153



    Sounds like you had a smashing day,bud!



    Mine went well. I finally got the cut-out fuse to the mains electricity replaced.



    Over four years ago I told my supplier that my meter wasn’t working. It’s taken this long to get this far. During which time they have simply estimated my electricity usage.



    They must think I’ve got a couple hydroponics factories in my loft,btw!



    As ever,everyone blamed everyone else. Distributors,suppliers,grid,the lot.



    Bliddy shambles.

  11. The Clumpany is going to have a field day with today’s guff.


    History revisited and revised. No links , just a health warning ,don’t read ,for the sake of your sanity . Seriously ,not fit for the rabbit hutch.


    Work beckons. HH

  12. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day



    Voracious /vɒˈreɪʃəs/





    1. devouring or craving food in great quantities


    2. very eager or unremitting in some activity: voracious reading



    Derived Forms


    voraciously, adverb


    voracity (vɒˈræsɪtɪ), voraciousness, noun



    Word Origin


    C17: from Latin vorāx swallowing greedily, from vorāre to devour





  13. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    ACGR, HOT SMOKED – I meant to say last week: Fredo’s father. Nicky, died on Hogmanay.



    The body is received into the Church tonight with the Requiem Mass tomorrow morning.



    A fine auld fella!





  14. Good morning friends. The heavy rain that featured most of the night has now stopped to leave a puddle strewn, windy and chilly East Kilbride morning. Oh to be in Dubai….

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  16. BRTH @ 1:53


    Good Grief….I sure can pick the days to email you, or was I one of the spanners in the work! Hope your new Big Charity Idea wasn’t affected.

  17. Staying Up Late @ 7:02


    Saddest sight in all football is seeing the Greatest-ever standing on the touchline and that wee bassa, willie ormond, not allowing the world to delight in Jinky at World Cup ’74. Should have started every game, of course, especially after his destruction of England, but his two fingers up to the sfa, and ormond’s compliance, put an end to that.

  18. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Nice try. Double bluff eh?



    We know you’ve got a good going wee weed farm there ;-)

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys from a mild dry Central Scotland. I see the Rangers are swooping again to loan two World class players who cant get a game in there own clubs first team and one of them is very prone to injury.It is scary the talent they are bringing in. H.H.

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Rangers chairman Dave King must spend now to stop Celtic winning 10 in a row says Walter Smith


    The former Ibrox gaffer has spoken exclusively to mark the 10th anniversary of his return to the hotseat in 2007, when he replaced Paul le Guen as manager.



    By Keith Jackson



    06:00, 10 JAN 2017





    Walter Smith believes the gap between Rangers and Celtic is bigger than what it was when roles were reversed in the 90s



    Walter Smith believes the chasm currently separating Rangers and Celtic is bigger now than at any time during his Nine in a Row reign.



    And the former Ibrox boss has called on the Scottish footballing authorities to address the power imbalance if Dave King cannot stump up the cash required to give manager Mark Warburton a fighting chance of loosening the Parkhead club’s vice like grip on the top flight title.



    Smith has spoken exclusively to Record Sport to mark the 10th anniversary of his return to the Ibrox hotseat in 2007, when he replaced Paul le Guen as manager.



    As part of a candid Q&A, the former Scotland boss says Warburton must find a way to stop Celtic’s years of dominance before the patience of the club’s supporters runs out.



    Yesterday the Englishman was tying up one loan deal for Bournemouth’s Emerson Hyndman while hoping to finalise another for Arsenal’s Jon Toral.



    But Smith believes the man in charge will need greater financial help from above if he is to halt Celtic’s march towards ten successive championships.



    He said: “Even allowing for Celtic’s circumstances in the early 90’s they still had some good players. They still had a decent enough team. But we don´t have that just now



    “I think the gap is bigger now than it was in those early stages. And some of the other Scottish teams – Hearts, Aberdeen and Dundee United – were far better then than they are at the moment.



    “But for Rangers to get access to Champions League money they have to take the gamble and risk going into debt.



    “You can print this, it is an easy headline to say Celtic will go on to win ten in a row. But it is difficult to keep that level of success in any football club, so who can say?



    “But to make the competition interesting again for the paying public Celtic should maybe have a handicap placed upon them. I am not suggesting a weight or financial handicap that´s just silly but maybe a point´s handicap. It is something that needs to be considered”



    “All you can say from a Rangers perspective, is everyone involved with the club knows what they have to do to get there. Everybody can make all the noises they want about being sensible and handicapping Celtic but it boils down to being prepared to take that gamble with the money.



    “Celtic have done that and their successes are outweighing their failures.



    “The problem at Rangers is, you’ve got to do it. It’s the same if you’re a manager or a board member, you’ve got to find a way to win. If you have to bend the rules or look at something differently then it must be done”



    “The fact that it is not being currently addressed as a critical issue is due to the current low calibre of administrators within the Scottish game”



    “A couple of the people who are there at the moment have been involved in the board at Rangers previously so they know exactly what it takes to make Rangers successful. So that’s what they have to aim for they need to push the boat out take risks and pay no heed to what anyone else is trying to tell them and I’m sure they are doing that.”



    “But you don’t get a lot of time. The thing that bothers me is, with not having a lot of time, the longer it goes on is the biggest aspect becomes the deterioration of the support. So it needs to be completed within one financial year”



    “The Rangers support has been nothing short of phenomenal over the period of them being in the lower leagues and deserve to be handsomely rewarded. The game in Scotland depends on these guys being happy and returning to the turnstiles”



    “But now that they are back and their biggest rivals are in such a strong position, it’s hard for everybody at Rangers to take it all in. But the manager needs to find a way to win and the board jointly with the authorities have to find a way of getting Rangers back into that position.



    “It’s not going to be easy. I don’t envy any of them the task at the present moment and the risks involved.



    ”Historically, Rangers are a winning team. Scotland expects it. If you are the manager then you have to find a way of getting there.



    “The board will know they need a certain level of investment in the team. Print this please, it’s not a criticism. I know the problems they have, everybody knows the problems.



    “But I keep hearing all the time that Rangers problems were because of debt. The strange thing is Rangers didn’t have any debt when the problems started.



    “They need investment in the team just now. It doesn’t matter what anyone says and the board has to find a way of doing that , if that means ignoring the debt until success is delivered then the authorities have to deal with it



    “They have shown they have enough to finish second in the league this season. Whether they are allowed to due to the cautiousness of the games administrators or not is another thing.



    “But will the Rangers support and the tartan army accept another year like that?”



    Sorry for not being in contact with anyone since the Dundee game ( December 16th) thru this blog or my mobile as I am having to wait a wee while longer to get my broadband up and running in my new flat and in the last couple of weeks I have been have problems with my mobile package, which I plan to bin very shortly .


    I am using my new local library to post on here this morning, and the system is as slow as as a feckin tax rebate !


    Hope all you Bhoys and Ghirls are okay, as I havent been too well either since Christmas, although skelping sevco AGAIN did help me quite a bit on new years eve


    Ill be back online again very soon even if it means using this library computer for a couple of weeks. If anyone tries to text or phone me just now, I cant get back to u cos of the problem with my mobile.


    Hail Hail

  22. Walter Mitty



    Thinks they should go into debt to stop Celtic



    Wonder how that worked out in 2008


    When they spent approx 18 million after CL exit





    Ps Some should tell him they are where they are with 15 million of soft loans

  23. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Awe Naw – The problem with your articles is that the reader is almost forced to read the original to find out which bits have been Awe Nawed. For example Walter really did say – “Rangers didn’t have any debt when the problems started”.

  24. saltires en sevilla on

    Understand that the reason the auld huns failed so miserably in Europe was due to the lack of compliance with the refereeing jiggery pokery they enjoyed domestically!



    Think on that for a minute… if you ever played fitba at any level you knew when your opponent had the benefit of a ‘homer’ … it helped you to redouble your efforts but generally they would wear you down and leave with the prize.



    In Europe Celts have been on the receiving end of dodgy decisions over the years, and most recently v Juve at Paradise, but not in every game. I always understood that the Hun tended to struggle with the distinct lack of help in European games. They are probably the least successful European team ever when one considers the amount of goes they had!! Closley folowed by Linfield!!



    The evidence is compelling!



    They became so accustomed to ‘help at home’ that it got into their system and individual players would be relying on it, coasting when the game reached the critical point… when the assistance was not forthcoming and the legs were tiring it was too late to push on and actually play to win on a level park.



    The other team just kept at it, pushed on relelentlessly and prevailed!



    Celtic always had to push on relelntlessly, home and away. There was never any help coming and the players know it!! The fans knew it too!!!



    Remember Bazza getting his first ever booking? Unbookable domestically and it was in a European game that he saw yellow … his face was a pure picture. petted lip …..but, but, but …



    Then the compliant press ignoring the fix, NEVER highlighted or discussed. blowing smoke up their erse.



    Recipe for disaster once …



    So, surely they are not stupid enough to go down that path a 2nd or 3rd time?



    What’s with these new Glacticos they are signing?



    Someone is for the offski methinks?!

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