Odds on Madden sending off a Celtic player


Call me a cynic, but after recent “soft” red cards shown against Motherwell and Hamilton players facing Celtic, I sense a bit of “even themselves out” in store for us at Hampden on Sunday.  Memories of Hampden semi-finals against Inverness and Ross County, where we were denied progress and (probably) a trophy due to red cards feature heavily in the memory.

The best chance Newco have to stop Celtic and reach their second Scottish Cup final would be to fall poleaxed on the ground after each and every challenge from a Celtic player.  Bobby Madden may feel obliged to show that referees are not scared to red card Scotland’s top players.

Celtic being reduced to 10 men didn’t do Newco any good at Ibrox last month, but they would bite your hand off for a second crack at those numbers.

We need to play smart, especially Scott Brown, who I expect will be targeted.  Odds on Madden sending off a Celtic player will be short.

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  1. just as important, whats the odds on a 2nd rangers player committing will tackles on keiran and scott but staying on the park.

  2. We all know this is to minimise hun humiliation, and get thems 2nd place at the same time, a very tricky balancing act……

  3. the only player you don’t want to lose in a situation like this is the Goalepper as it narrows your outfield options/subs considerably. Otherwise, you just hope Celtic go out an play their normal game and we will be fine.



    I’m not asking much from the likes of Madden, McLean et all….just apply the rules fairly throughout and I will have no complaints.

  4. It’s s funny one. Despite our poor form I think this is a match that suits us. If Sevco are to do themselves justice they need to have a go. I suspect they will keep it tight early doors anyway but at some point they need to have a go. Murty knows he’s not getting the job unless he gets two wins against us, so he’s got nothing to lose. That should play into our hands as much as playing against 10 behind the ball doesn’t. I don’t believe Sevco have the latter in their locker.



    Having said that, with our defensive frailties I expect them to create at least one or two guilt edged chances. Whether they are good enough and/or have the bottle to take them will be where the game is decided imo. As much as I expect us to dominate possession and territorially I just don’t see us having lots of goals in us.



    I think we will edge it 2-1, maybe in extra time.

  5. BEATBHOY on 10TH APRIL 2018 12:06 PM


    Blind (sometimes) Boabie. If only something could be done. . . . . .








    “Do referees have to say who they support?”




    “Yes. And referees will not get appointed to the clubs they support





    St Mirren wouldn’t be able to get a referee.

  6. Or even. . . . . .https://www.liedetectortest.uk/



    Unfortunately, disnae work for Big, Huuuuuge, Gigaaantic Lies.



    “He’s still saying they’re the same club, doctor! Not a flicker, either!”



    “OK, tell Mr Donkeysasster he can go”.

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I have suspected for weeks that the recent spate of “favourable” refereeing decisions in our games, are probably in preparation for an “honest mistake” at an important juncture. Originally this could have been to disrupt our march to the Seven, but now only the Cup carries any importance (from a Sevco perspective).



    Comparisons between our performances last season and this, give the impression that our form is in decline. However, I have always believed that football is a game of inches. A 1-0 victory in which you hit the woodwork three times, could just as easily be a 4-0 victory. 4-0 or 1-0, very different results, but the same performance. So luck definitely plays a part.



    Having said all that, and somebody else on here recently mentioned this, we seem to almost never score from a set piece. Our corners especially are very poor. I think we had four corners in the first half against Hamilton, opportunities all wasted, by really poor execution of corner kicks. During that game it occurred to me that Griff, (on the bench at that time) is the only member of our squad who can take dangerous corner kicks. Second half, Griff on, and we are awarded three corners, he takes them all, and all three were wasted by playing short, or playing back, rather than deliver dangerous balls into the box, which only he, in our team can do. Very strange.



    Now, Dembele’s free kicks from just outside the box. Two good opportunities, both wasted. I knew the second one was going over the bar. Oh for a Lubo, or a Naka… hell, even a Mulgrew!


    Of all the areas where we might need strengthening in the summer, a dead ball expert is the highest priority imo.



    How good a season might we have had if we had scored 15-20 goals from corners, and another 15-20 from free kicks in and around the box?



    Armstrong, McGregor, Sinclair, Forrest, Ntcham, Rogic… they all have qualities, but not one of them can take a decent corner.




  8. David 17



    2-1 would do me, hopefully more for us though, but I realise these games never pan out the way we think or hope they will. I just think we have been creating a helluva lot of chances and we are due to start finishing them some time soon.



    D. :)

  9. Jimmynotpaul



    heh hope your good mate,saddened to read you experienced another bout of your illness,i hope you keep improving and contributing to the blog :-)



    Thoroughly enjoyed your chat bout Birds in the cairngorms,It is a special place ,winter and summer,have seen it.Rothiemurchas is great for wildlife,great coires a blessed micro climate that reveals something different with each visit,only place i have nearly trod on Ptarmigan :-)



    keep fightin the good fight




  10. Hunderbirds- our corners are truly abysmal. I used to put a couple of quid on a centre half to score our first goal because we get lots of corners and the big guys often got on the end of them – struggling to remember the last one.



    Griff is our best free taker.

  11. An Tearmann. 12.42.


    Thank you for your kind words.


    Timing is everything just looked at the blog and first thing I noticed was your message.


    I’m just away to Google the place you mention. I’ve never been there.


    How are things with you?


    Hail Hail




    I spent a happy wee hour or two last night on you tube watching Martin’s team, great team for sure but the set pieces were different class as was the delivery from wide areas. Every corner seemed like a goal scoring opportunity, my heart sinks now when I see our corners and free kicks:((

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Another thing about the Hamilton game. The media monkies that are berating the decision to give the Hamilton player a second yellow card for “gently” throwing KT to the ground. They of course don’t point out that his first booking should have been his second booking anyway, as he had got away with a few on Tierney prior to his first booking.



    So, imo, the Hundits got that right, he shouldn’t have got sent off when he did…


    … because he should have been off before that incident… which means then of course, that incident wouldn’t then have happened.. I think.. temporal anomaly… my head hurts ;-)



    Couldn’t agree more. All the players you mention have four options at corner kicks: Directly out of play (rare), hit the first defender (Sinclair and Ntcham specialty), straight to keeper (Sinclair and Armstrong), ballooned way beyond far post (Armstrong and McGregor). Forrest must be really bad, because I can’t remember the last time he took one.



    I can only remember one goal from a corner all season. One. Think about that for a moment. Have we scored a direct free kick this season? What is really shocking is that we seem incapable of even hitting the target at all. Most are over the bar, regardless of how many we take. Griffiths is our most accurate, but he has only scored three in his entire Celtic career. Unfair comparison, but Messi has the same number in his his last three games, and has scored his last 6 attempts.


    The only thing I can think of is that we simply do not practice set pieces. Naka and Beckham spent a full hour on them after regular training, and the results were obvious.



  15. David17



    We don’t want to give away too many guilt edged chances or somebody will get made an escaped goat.




  16. Afternoon all , not been on the ole blog for a fortnight, been busy busy. A wee shout out to DD , Hot Smoked , BRTH , Pog & VFR for having the pleasure of their company prior to the Ross County game. Paul 67 . We share the same paranoia. The Mibs are not to be trusted especially in a semi. HH. Back to work CSC

  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Snap. I used to lay a small sporting wager on one of the Centre backs scoring, due to the high strike rate from corners, but keep that stake in my pocket these days.



    Nowadays when we get a corner, I am looking to see if the players who stay back (Broonie, KT) are well positioned, as we are more likely to lose a goal from one of our own corners, than score one.



    Yep, we need a “Quarterback”, it is an obvious omission in our teams skill set.

  18. It’s a sign of the times I know, but todays society are sh#t scared of making a mistake, hence the reason we do not take the chance of a forward ball often enough. Sure, there may not be a runner and the pass could make you look a tad silly, but for heaven’s sake try a pass forward to someone in space. Faint heart and all that!!!




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  20. whitedoghunch on

    Stuart Armstong can put it on a sixpence from a corner.


    Brendan has managed the team and season magnificently to get us here in such fine shape and ready to pounce.

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