Odsonne and breaking the €10m barrier


Odsonne Edouard, who turned 20 in January, is at the pivotal season of his career.  He scored lots of goals at youth level but was heading nowhere at PSG before Brendan Rodgers made the trip to Paris to encourage him to come to Glasgow.

His stats until that point were meagre: one goal in 16 appearances on loan at Toulouse, but Celtic scouted him thoroughly and all were convinced of his potential.  After settling into life in Glasgow, he is beginning to fulfil some of that potential, Sunday’s winning goal being the clearest example.

In only two months Brendan will decide whether to spend €10m on him or let him return to PSG.  For Celtic, this is a serious gamble, but I expect them to take it.

The club have money to spend right now, but being able to spend it as effectively as you would like is another story.  €10m on a striker guarantees you nothing, not even a resale value.  Then consider the contract a €10m striker would want.  The club know well how difficult it is to sign anyone who has clearly demonstrated they are ready to take on the Champions League.  To improve players at this level, we need to graduate them through the final phase of their development here.

If we are to break the €10m barrier, and I think we should, we need to be sure we can improve him and that he has the right attitude to the game.  If Brendan is convinced on these questions, Celtic will exercise their option and sign him on a permanent deal. But even after a year’s trial, it is a huge gamble.

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  1. Davidopoulos on 14th March 2018 12:06 pm



    Big month in Sevconia coming up. Three key dates:



    – 30th March 2018: By court order the moths must be released from Dave King’s wallet (war chest?)



    – 6th April 2018: All documentation and justification for UEFA license must be returned to the SFA Licensing Committee



    – 15th April 2018: Carthage gets delendified again(?)


    I think everyone is missing the point about DAVIDOPOULOS’ posts.



    He’s pointing out that Sevco are in the same position re the Euro licence that they were in in 2011,and possibly last year too.



    Res12. Remember?

  3. I’d sign him too, so long as the wages he’s offered are commensurate with his age and experience, and fit with the wages of, e.g., Tierney, Griffiths, McGregor, Forrest, Rogic.

  4. Greenpinata



    I have watched small parts of some of the CL games and felt that these players ( other than the obvious ones) were not really much better than Celtic`s players but, importantly, they looked as though they believed in themselves more than do most of our players .


    Not sure how I came to that opinion but I do trust the observations of the subliminal mind.







    I’ve seen various figures bandied about,but usually 7 or 8 €millions.



    But even at that,I’d take him above a Pukki,Amido,Boerrigter. Their fees and wages combined cover an Edouard. And he trumps them easily.

  6. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    Play Eduoard and Moussa together for the rest of the season, it worked on Sunday and changed the tide in the Morton game. Bain should also get the jersey until the end of the season, is he cup-tied?

  7. Paul 67


    I agree it is a huge gamble and, much as I like Edouard, I am not sure I would take the chance.


    I have thought that we would sell Moussa for around £20 million and buy Edouard. Now, I feel Dembele might be hear for another year.


    I felt Odsonne had something but needed the extra finesse that maybe a few goals and the resulting confidence would ensure. The next few games could be very important in determining whether or not we buy him.


    Incidentally, is the price fixed? How long is left on his PSG contract?




  8. Tim Malone Will Tell on 14th March 2018 12:17 pm



    Ditch Eddie and sign Morrrrrelossssss instead. You know it makes sense.





    Ur ye mad?? We could never afford Moreloss





    Moreles? I could afford what he’s worth,even after a bad day at Cheltenham.

  10. enattendanthector on

    Easy to say ‘Sign him’ when you are not responsible for making the judgement and spending 10m euros + a salary of 1.5m euros per annum for 4/5 years + hopefully, big bonuses (15-20% of our best ever financial results). It is a big, big decision but we have to make moves in that direction or we stagnate. Go for it; we have a very good idea of what we are buying.

  11. David17




    I do like Edouard Odsonne and would like to see him signed by Celtic.



    Imagine, though, he was still plying his trade with PSG but was on our radar.. Would we feel that spending x millions on a striker when we already have Dembele and Griffiths our best way forward?






  12. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 14th March 2018 12:24 pm






    Moreles? I could afford what he’s worth,even after a bad day at Cheltenham.





    I’m only going on the c. £20m quoted by my boss at work. He’s a hun so must know what the guy is worth.



    BTW – have you ever had a good day at Cheltenham? ;-)))





    Oh,I’ve had some belters,honestly.



    Tell yer boss he’s getting confused between tuppence and the extent of Sevco debt.

  14. Not that I particularly care about the Scottish team or who gets selected for their squads but can anyone on here put up any logical football argument for why Jamie Murphy and especially Jason Cummings have come even close to consideration for selection never mind being named in the squad?

  15. 50 shades of green on

    DELIASMITH on 14TH MARCH 2018 12:02 PM



    I’d like Rangers to hand over 25 per cent of their gate and season book money to the other clubs in the SPL – wouldn’t you?…..






    If we went down the road of giving a quarter of our gate money, would you trust the huns to do this? How many of the other clubs would get shafted, just to keep the deed club going?…..



    Cant see it happening mate.

  16. SeamP1916


    If you had omitted `logical football` you might have had some suggestions.


    Cheerio for now,



  17. traditionalist88 on

    Edouard is a player who we have had at the club for ~7 months and we are very much undecided on him or how much we could justify paying. Is he a break your transfer record kind of signing? Potentially.



    Yet the amateur accountants and CQN scouting department will shout about spending more money, unwilling or unable to factor in complexities of the transfer market, as they look at a guy who won’t get near the PSG team being quoted for sale at 10m.



    Very easy to shout about spending money when its not your neck on the line or you haven’t a clue how the transfer market operates.




  18. On Young Eddy, I would file him in the talented but RAW (VERY RAW) category. He clearly has ability, pace and strength his cameo and goal on Sunday are clear evidence of that. Despite a well taken goal on Sunday I am not convinced he is the most natural finisher ever.



    All being considered I like Eddy, would like him to stay but I couldn’t justify spanking £10m on him.

  19. There have been many conflicting reports as to what is the value of the option to purchase. I’ve seen as low as 6m and high as 10m. I’ve no idea either way but my guess would be closer to 6 than 10.

  20. Sevco will be relying on the provisions of ANNEX XII of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations (Edition 2015) to get a voluntary agreement for the break-even requirement.



    But can they really do any of the following:



    a) submit a long-t erm business plan, consisting of a balance sheet, a profit and loss account and a cash flow statement which must be based on reasonable and conservative assumptions, in the form communicated by the UEFA administra tion, including future break-even information up to reporting period T+4;



    b) demonstrate its ability to continue as a going concern until at least the end of the period covered by the voluntary agreement;



    c) submit an irre vocable commitment(s) by an equity participant(s) and/or related party(ies) to make contributions for an amount at least equal to the aggregate future break-even deficits for all the reporting periods covered by the voluntary agreement. This irrevocable commitment must be evidenced by way of a


    legally binding agreement between the licensee and the equity participant and/or related party and, if required by the UEFA Club Financial Control Body investigatory chamber, it must also be secured by means of either:


    i) payments into an escrow account, or


    ii) a guarantee from another company in the legal group structure outside the


    reporting perimeter; or


    iii) such other form of security as the UEFA Club Financial Control Body investigatory chamber considers satisfactory;



    d) demonstrate its ability to meet the targets and obligations agreed with the UEFA Club Financial Control Body investigatory chamber




    For info, contributions from equity participants referenced in (c) must be in the form of an equity swap, not just a soft loan. Somebody needs to take a bath and it won’t be Dave…

  21. Oh La La!



    I found this on a search for something else. Not all Frenchmen in green and white were cheered at Celtic Park .I loved them and their fans in Glasgow a few years later.






    I was just a wee bhoy at this game and remember watching the penalty goal through half covered eyes. Perhaps we should try to get a French language commentary as the BBC’s makes less sense than this to me.



    McBreid and Hoog (as he pronounced Joe McBride and John Hughes) have given me some magic memories.

  22. Furthermore, in reference to (a) above, can the Ibrox board pull together such a business plan when at their 2016 AGM their Chairman stood up and said:



    “This Board is on record as stating that we believe deficit funding to meet anticipated operational shortfalls was and remains necessary – as the Club cannot regain its former status by relying solely on the income it presently generates from its normal operations. But the Board has also committed that the use of debt funding will be prudently managed.



    A key consideration however is our need to recognise that the Board has a legal and fiduciary responsibility to all shareholders – many of whom, after Charles Green’s fundraising efforts, are not supporters of our Club but were looking for share price appreciation. In this regard, it is known to the Board that a substantial portion of our shareholders (approximately a third of the shareholding) do not support the Board’s decision to consciously operate the Company with a financial deficit for a number of years while we rebuild capacity on an off the pitch.”




  23. Let’s here what the manager had to say about him.))



    Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers says on-loan striker Odsonne Edouard is among the best youths he has ever coached.



    The 20-year-old, at Celtic for a season from Paris St-Germain, took his tally to eight goals for the club with the winner against Rangers on Sunday.



    “He is one of the best young players I have worked with – his movement, his touch, his all-round play,” Rodgers told CelticTV.



    “He made himself a hero with the Celtic supporters, which is great for him.”



    Match report: Rangers 2-3 Celtic


    We showed champion mentality – Rodgers


    Celtic debutant Bain hails ‘biggest-ever win’


    Edouard, a France youth international, has made nine starts for Celtic and 14 substitute appearances since joining in the summer.



    He had been on the pitch for just two minutes when he produced a fantastic curling strike to seal Celtic’s 3-2 win over Rangers, a result that took the champions and Scottish Premiership leaders nine points clear of their city rivals.



    “It was a brilliant finish,” Rodgers added of Edouard’s winner, which added to goals from Tom Rogic and Moussa Dembele.



    “We were able to exploit the space in behind. He shows great feet and he is a big, big talent, the boy.



    “He hasn’t had a regular run but when he has played, look at his goals to games ratio.”



    Among the best youths he’s ever coached…hmmmmm as the great man once said…



    I would love to see Celtic have Moussa and Eddy at the club and with Leigh to return soon you would have three very different but deadly options!




  24. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 14TH MARCH 2018 12:45 PM



    Has to be!


    to steal a famous quote from Dannny Dyer “A jist can’t git ma heed around it”,


    I think BMCUWP has produce the only footballing related (and I use that phrase loosely) reason.


    Cummings can’t even get in their team FFS. BONKERS absolutely BONKERS.

  25. Go tell the Spartim on




    thats got to be the most offensive post/link on this blog, moderators have a word ;-)



    Such is the market these days that this is a route we may need to go down, 10m euros for youths from the bigger spending teams, as with all transfers its a big gamble, but id take it, he’s totally different to Dembele and the Griff, now if we could only spend spend spend on defenders (Trad 88 still doing my homework)

  26. Paul 67



    If we have the money and it will not endanger our sustainability then yes I would definitely sign him. Providing of course that his demons are behind him.



    This bhoy has the potential to be a real superstar and BR has publicly stated that he is one of the best he has ever worked with. He has skill and speed in abundance and was rated as one of the best 100 teenagers in world football.


    To put this into perspective there are only two in English football in this list.



    I also don’t feel it is such a gamble as his age and potential will surely recoup circa €10 which is ” chickenfeed ” now to many clubs.



    Anyway if the price is fixed in Euros then We may even get him for a few quid less in 2018 as our currency recovers :))))




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