Odsonne and fixing whatever ails Celtic


Six weeks after testing positive for Covid while on international duty with France Under 21s, Odsonne Edouard made his first return to goal scoring form with two early strikes for the French youths against Switzerland last night.  He is now clear as the Under 21s all-time top scorer.

This period has been a turbulent one for Celtic, who dropped five points in the league and suffered a humiliating home defeat to Sparta Prague.  Odsonne has been used sparingly since returning to the team as a late substitute away to Lille and looked short of full fitness.

If we are to fix whatever ails Celtic, getting this man putting the ball in the net regularly again will be necessary.

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  1. Paul 67,



    Osbourne Edouard may be the French under 21’s top scorer.



    Normally that would ensure a call up to the full squad. Will he get that playing for Celtic in the Scottish league ? Very doubtful.



    Maybe that is the background to his loss of form and enthusiasm.



    HH to all.

  2. Greenpinata 10.53



    ‘Maybe that is the background to his loss of form and enthusiasm.’




    he could also be unsettled getting covid and recovering from covid,who knows what impact it has on him ‘longcovid’wise.


    Ed has contrubuted brilliantly to our success i think he merits a break





  3. AT


    Was at that game at Tynecastle. One of Chocky’s best games for us. Similar to Love Street 18 months later. Great watching the goals again thanks. 👍🍀💚




    After that game we (me and Tully57) went to the Burke and Hare to see the Jack The Rippers. When the first girl made her appearance she was greeted with ” Get off and get Brian McClair on “. How we laughed. :-))




  5. Saint Stivs


    Cracking photo of Davie Provan from earlier. Loved watching Danny and Davie on our right wing together. Brilliant Celtic players. 👍🍀💚

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Getting Eddie back on song will certainly take the safety catch of our most potent attacking weapon , it’s been stuck fast recently . Having watched clips of his two goals last night though , it was noticeable that he didn’t receive the ball with his back to goal and surrounded by 3 defenders as he tends to do in our games .

  7. I’ve just been reading the list of 100 bestever football managers from the Magazine Four Four Two from May 2020.



    Typically Anglo-centric effort with Ferguson at 1, Shankly at 4 and Busby at 7 in their top 10 (Herrera made 8th)



    Jock Stein was grudgingly awarded 30th place, behind Mourinho, Van Gaal, Wenger and Klopp but the Magazine surprisingly makes room for previous team managers who did little coaching.



    Bill Struth makes it in at 45 (with willie Maley rated as 54.




    I don’t know if it’s a piss-take but he was rated quite near no.42 in the list- one Albert Batteux.



    The great Cardigan is rated at no. 75, just one place behind a German Womens Coach, Tina Theune (who, I think, sang a song that Wattie heard often at Ibrox).

  8. SFTB



    I’m in the same boat, retired at end of June.



    I had this misplaced idyll of sitting in the pub every day watching the world go by




  9. Eddie is more interested in playing for the French under 21s than he is Celtic and has been for some time now. Ajeti should start against Hibs.

  10. To all retirees


    The best thing to do when you retire is to get a part time job ,


    I have been retired now for nine years ,I Would go mad without something to do .


    Though present circumstances are different.



  11. Things you don’t see during an international break



    under coached




    kicking the can down the road


    bed wetters




    green huns




    at the end of the day




    game management


    body language


    I remember the 90’s


    happy to be proved wrong


    downed tools






    side ways


    lost the dressing room


    gave 110 per cent


    parked the bus


    heads elsewhere


    slow tempo


    love him to bits, but


    cultured left foot


    slow and ponderous


    in their locker


    bean counters


    legs gone


    sense of entitlement


    likes to play football


    papering over the cracks


    body language


    criminal negligence




    good touch ( for a big man )




    Lennon’s fault


    god …generation of dominance


    over coached


    gross incompetence


    doesn’t look well


    not Celtic class

  12. AN TEARMANN on 17TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:40 AM



    We are all agreed we wanna, wanna Edouard to be the best he can be. What a talent.



    But to potentially put his lack of form down to Covid 19 is a very long shot.



    Statistically he probably never even knew he had it.



    Hope you are well my friend and when circumstances permit , I would love to share a pint ( or Big Jimmy,s 16 ) with you.






    Doing fine WG




    I am considering writing a book called “What to do in retirement when everything’s shut”






    Chapter 1


    Is staying in the new going out ?

  14. I retired 8 years ago. Took six months ‘off’ then got a part time job as kitchen porter in the local pub and restaurant. Am still there, but have been on furlough since end of March this year. So I am now at home most days but being paid £100 a week plus my state pension and my civil service pension. Am quids in but have nowhere to spend it in lockdown here in England.

  15. Watching in a lovely Aberdeen pub, expecting to see more draconian measures removing our freedoms.



    Be wary, be very wary.

  16. Fu@k , home for three weeks into total lockdown.



    ” Let me be clear ” Our hospitality and small businesses are fu@ked.



    How long can football survive ?

  17. GREENPINATA on 17TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:20 PM


    Watching in a lovely Aberdeen pub, expecting to see more draconian measures removing our freedoms.



    Be wary, be very wary





    Greenpinata,i never had you down as the ianduncansmith type.i was putting gis voice on your words there lol






    What of ? our own arrogance and ignorance?



    cos that is the problem here Us.You and I and how we react to what is advised




  18. Watching the demolition of the calvinists what was noticeable was wee sleekit face congratulating Chocky after his goals, no just a Pat on the heid but an arms round him hug.

  19. linda bauld said that there is an issue with indoors-houses-mixings



    so we’ll shut the shops/pubs n gyms !!!



    ppe, cares homes, exams, hospitality, the return to uni, schools remaining open – just how the feck are these jokers gettin away with it !



    makin it up, tryin to be better than 5th worse in the world blojo, but now lookin worse



    maybe she’ll commend the huns at the end of her speech



    (and btw i have no time for the other parties either)

  20. glendalystonsils on



    Things you don’t see during an international break



    I’ve seen quite a few of these comments during the international break .



    Admittedly , applied to Ollie McBurnie and not to Celtic.

  21. Just found out that the Covid police have pounced on the lovely pub in Aberdeen I am frequenting.



    They have been reported for people cheering the result against Serbia the other night.



    As of 12.00hrs tomorrow the said tvs must be removed. By order of NS.



    Be wary, be very wary.

  22. is this some kind of joke ?



    “Lifting the level 4 restrictions then [on 11 December] – as we will do – also means that they will not be in place for most of the Hanukkah period – so again, while celebrations may be different, there will be a greater degree of freedom”

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