Odsonne and Moussa make a great case to move to Celtic


Our prodigious striker looks like he enjoyed his return to his homeland on under-21 duty.  Odsonne Edouard used the Europa League stage well in previous seasons, a trip back across the Channel to face Rennes next week presents his biggest stage yet.  He will be able to make his mark on a team currently joint-top of Ligue 1 – above his old pal’s team, Lyon.

Attracting attention to your talent is a double-edged sword.  While clubs will be alert to Odsonne’s success, hopefully others across French youth football have noticed his progress, and that of Moussa Dembele and Olivier Ntcham.  Scouting done in these months makes the work in July and August a whole lot easier, unless your chief scout bails out in May, of course.

Do not assume that we simply got ourselves into the right place at the right time to sign Odsonne and Moussa.  We transformed the careers of both.  Youth players know there are clubs who can develop your talent and others that will ruin it.  Celtic need to be making their case to aspiring French talent.

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    “Its what it boils down to if you want to look at specifics – this is what you are saying they should be rested from.


    Getting any advantage matters. If our coaching and fitness departments think there is negligible benefit to resting players at this stage of the season then Lenny will pick his team accordingly.”


    I’d argue that resting a player, ensuring they don’t tire themselves out against Hamilton, is an advantage.


    Neil Lennon and his staff may agree or disagree but top coaches understand the benefits.


    “We have the momentum now we’ve been searching for for a while. Shaking things up unnecessarily isn’t going to help that.”


    You use the word momentum again. We had that prior to the Cluj tie. Scored 12 goals in 2 games domestically. Comfortably came through the qualifiers. How did that work out?


    “Cluj didnt get late goals against us because we were tired, you know that. So a bit pointless trying to use that as an example.”


    Says who? Players played well below the required level. The 34-year-old Scott Brown was woeful and cost the team. As I already stated, we had plenty of momentum going into that game.


    We were on top for much of that game and then it all fell away again late on. Why? One team rested players and one didn’t. I wouldn’t rule out anything.


    “You were talking about putting Griff and Bayo in specifically. I’m not sure if Griff is quite ready and if Bayo is good enough. Ultimately, its the managers call.”


    If they can’t handle Hamilton get rid of them. I believe they are good enough.



    “You don’t get more points for beating Hearts away than you do for beating Hamilton.”


    As I said, if Ntcham, Griff & Bayo aren’t up to it then they don’t have any business being here. I believe you can get the job done without risking your best player on a plastic pitch. Ensuring he will be raring to go against Rennes.


    Ferguson, Klopp & Guardiola all rotate. This is based on data and an understanding of the schedule. Martin O’Neill never got it. That’s why he’s a dinosaur being chased out Championship clubs.



    I noticed in your post earlier about blaes pitches you mentioned Molls Myre , there was a great live band of that name doing the dance hall circuit in the mid /late 70’s , saw them quite a few times in Girvan

  3. 3 points are available against Hamilton the same as against the newco



    I lived in Toryglen opposite the Molls Myre when it was just waste ground. Picked up a few injuries playing on broken glass strewn waste ground pitches.


    Happy days.

  4. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    As a kid I once fell in the Malls Mire looking for swans’ eggs. Thick mud was sucking me under until I was dragged out by a couple of pals. It was a dangerous and treacherous place and if I remember right more than one child died in it.

  5. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2019 3:24 PM



    Martin O’neill is past his sell by date as a manager for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because he has one tactic.



    You are overcomplicating what is a very simple issue.



    We have a very good starting 11 who have built up a lot of momemtum (I said it again) recently with 2 good away victories which have been more impressive than anything we seen in July or early August.



    We have a squad of young players chomping at the bit to play football and in no way in need of a rest in September!



    We are in a momentous season for us, going for 9IAR, and up until last weekend we were being matched by the huns. Every point may be crucial with the huns likely to beat weakened Aberdeen, Killie, Hibs and Hearts more often than not.



    We cannot afford to disrespect anyone, especially away from home. Lets maximise our chances of winning the league, the Europa League is great and I’m delighted we’re in it but our bread and butter is to win the league to get another shot at the CL next season.



    With the huns waiting for any slip up lets not get to March/April 2020 wishing we’d not dropped silly points in August-December.



    Blow away the domestic opposition, use our substitutes to rest players when appropriate, don’t be using any tiredness excuse when its negligible, and enjoy the likes of Edouard whilst we have him instead of calling for him to be left out OUR team!!!




  6. Ray


    We used to build rafts out of old doors and punt them across the pond opposite side of prospecthill rd – one day the raft came apart and I found myself chest deep in water – think I was 11 at the time.



    Insisting we play our first choice 11 every single week and making a couple subs when “the jobs done” is quite frankly the stuff of dinosaurs.



    I don’t think rotating a highly paid squad of internationals is any less respectful to Hamilton than planning to have the contest over by 60 minutes.



    Celtic have a squad of 30 plus players who are paid vastly better than any Hamilton player. They are supposed to be vastly superior in quality.



    As I have pointed out, the best coaches understand that playing your best team every week in every competition will damage our prospects across all competitions. It will lead to injury or players playing below their optimum level regardless of opposition.



    It will harm us in the league and Europe. Neil Lennon only made One change between Cluj & Dumfermline. We struggled against a team supposed to be poorer than Hamilton. The team looked devoid of energy. The fixture list has been kind in giving us an easier game before we travel to Rennes. If we don’t prepare for Rennes we prepare to fail. Let’s not pretend Hamilton are the same level than the team who just spent 20 million euros on one player.



    Are you so scared of the huns (who struggled past Kilmarnock and St Mirren) that you’d give up on other competitions?



    We play 60+ important games a season. Player fitness is a finite resource. You have to manage it throughout.

  8. `As Paul67 has pointed out several times, give players an excuse and eventually it’ll be used.`



    A less negative comment would be to call that `self – fulfilling prophecy`.




  9. Timaly 29


    I agree with your general sentiment but who says they are` vastly superior in quality.` ?



    IMO, a small amount of superiority throughout a team is sufficient to make a big difference.



  10. HOT SMOKED on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2019 4:55 PM


    I agree with your general sentiment but who says they are` vastly superior in quality.` ?


    IMO, a small amount of superiority throughout a team is sufficient to make a big difference.






    Well, they are supposed to be.



    You’d be right to point out that the likes of Frimpong and O’Connor have proven little at this stage in their career.



    But the likes of Bayo, Ntcham, Griffiths, Shved, Bauer, Rogic etc are all payed so much more than any Hamilton player. They fit a profile of player Hamilton could only dream of. They should be able to beat them. If they aren’t capable of that then they have no business at Celtic.

  11. What is important is not so much the individuals but the team. Individual players do need resting at times and in any case we have to be prepared in the event of them being injured.


    The key is we put out a balanced & coherent team, we do have options now, we have the likes of Taylor,Boli & Hayes on left, Bauer, Elhamed & Ajer on the right, with Ajer & Elhamed versatile in that they can both play centre back giving cover for Julien , Jozo & Bitton. It’s early days with some of those players but from what I’ve seen so far we could rotate any of these players without weakening the team.


    The problems arise when we try to rest key players like CalMac, Brooney & Eddie, these players are currently head & shoulders above their potential replacements and their loss is more keenly felt.


    We also have to consider the individual game & the surface,


    Obviously if a key player is being rested he could sit on bench in case things aren’t going to plan.


    It is a major balancing act and although early season it is still a vital time. We can’t afford to give the Huns a sniff of hope. The 3 points taken at Ibrox must be defended & built on.

  12. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    In the Brendan Rodgers days I seem to remember that in his second season we had two players in the top four of European players playing the most games – KT and CMcG – both of whom played nearly 60 games.


    That’s burnout territory, especially when you factor in the fact that, with us, every game is a must-win, and thanks to the punitive CL qualifying schedule, our players get a close season of maybe 2 weeks.


    Squad rotation is the only way to deal with that, IMO.

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    …Squad rotation is the only way to deal with that, IMO.




    Or voluntarily and unilaterally, opting out of seriously competing for the League Cup, and maybe the Scottish Cup. Imo.



  14. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    This guy’s name rang a bell – then I remembered, he used to write a cracking, totally oddball column for either the Guardian or the Observer when he played for Crystal Palace.



    Always wanted us to sign him!



    “You can easily see who is investing and who is protecting individual interests,” said HJK Helsinki chief executive Aki Riihilahti.

  15. Sweden lead one nil at half time. Great game some lovely football from both teams, A few great saves by both keepers. I know I’m biased but I think Ireland are very unlucky not to be level.

  16. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    As I have posted previously, I watch Brentford pretty regularly in the Championship.



    They seem to do particularly well shopping in France and Scandinavia – decent players in both markets who are undervalued compared to players in other major leagues.



    Benrama, Maupe, Jeanvier, Barbet and Mbuemo all been sourced from France in recent seasons – most of them I believe not playing in Ligue1 when recruited.

  17. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    There’s an argument for it for sure. I would take concentrating on the league and a decent run in the CL/EL over the Scottish cups any day of the week.

  18. We were briefly level there from Afolabi. Ref had given goal initially but it was a hand of God type goal & decision was rightfully reversed.

  19. Not our night . Missed penalty. Connolly brilliant winger taken down for a stone wall penalty. Takes it himself but hits the post . Huge Swedish Keeper had him intimidated.

  20. An Tearmann


    Sad to see that 50 years on trouble seems to be brewing again if in fact they ever really went away

  21. 4 minutes to go and Ireland take the lead. They have been brilliant played a very good Swedish team off the park.

  22. BB


    Played black ash Glasgow Green, also Queens’ Park Rec, black ash then red ash, then Cathkin Park became our home pitch, best playing surface in West of Scotland





    Played around Moll Myre and also worked with Lilley when it was drained in 1970.



    Those were the days. CATHACH

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