Odsonne and Moussa make a great case to move to Celtic


Our prodigious striker looks like he enjoyed his return to his homeland on under-21 duty.  Odsonne Edouard used the Europa League stage well in previous seasons, a trip back across the Channel to face Rennes next week presents his biggest stage yet.  He will be able to make his mark on a team currently joint-top of Ligue 1 – above his old pal’s team, Lyon.

Attracting attention to your talent is a double-edged sword.  While clubs will be alert to Odsonne’s success, hopefully others across French youth football have noticed his progress, and that of Moussa Dembele and Olivier Ntcham.  Scouting done in these months makes the work in July and August a whole lot easier, unless your chief scout bails out in May, of course.

Do not assume that we simply got ourselves into the right place at the right time to sign Odsonne and Moussa.  We transformed the careers of both.  Youth players know there are clubs who can develop your talent and others that will ruin it.  Celtic need to be making their case to aspiring French talent.

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  1. Cathach




    There was some ‘ash parks over at Queens Park ‘recs’ -there is now the road to the new Vicky/hospital through it.



    I went to Bellarmine which had 2 ash parks .it is now Silverburn!


    The M77 haggs rd to darnley section goes over what used to be South pollok it had 21 pitches all grass(differing drainage lol) and it had 2 blaes pitches.they are all gone.


    The national savings bank has 2 beautiful grass pitches now gone.the 5 at king George fifth


    On a Saturday they were full. All gone


    Football where is it?



    Soz cathach ma haver




  2. In the early 60s they first developed the land which now houses the Toryglen football centre into a sports area with 1 grass pitch with running track and several red ash pitches. Then they put a 2metre fence all round it. Of course that didn’t keep us out but not really a community facility.

  3. Big Wavy, They did fine. Afolabi who is only 19 started, played 80 minutes, put himself about with good affect.


    Lee O’Connor also 19 played full game, steady & dependable, without doing anything spectacular..

  4. Think Scotland Under 21s have beaten Croatia 1-2 away from home, if I’m right that would represent a great result.

  5. Yep Confirmed. Croatia were top seeds in Group playing at home. Don’t think there were any Celts playing but fair is fair a tremendous result.

  6. Played for Primary School where the home matches varied between Kelvindale Park (home of Maryhill Harp and 2 minutes from the school) and Dawsholm Park. Awaydays to the luxurious surroundings of Glasgow Green, the Fifties and Cowlairs increased the collection of cuts contaminated with black ash. Cowlairs pitches backed onto the Loco works whose cinders, frequently as big as a fist, adorned the pitch strewn between the glass.



    The Fifty Pitches was named because there were 50 pitches ………. and one hose pipe and no showers or bath in the dressing room. We all went hame maukit.



    At secondary school we had fabulous grass pitches at Loretto but away matches at places like Glenn conner, St Gerard’s Govan (they even had a red blaes rugby pitch) and Duncanrig balanced the misery out. Clouston Street and The old Turner’s site in Clydebank had the concrete or whatever coming through the blaes.



    I have the battle scars to remind me of football in the West of Scotland. I first played on an artificial surface many years later in France and was amazed that the rebound of the ball on the surface was very uneven and unpredictable.



    Great memories, but I would not have enjoyed it today. We played with our mates for many years. We never left the neighborhood or school for practice. Evenings were for homework, not training across town for some tip-tap training session.



    I think a couple of the biggest losses were the demise of School’s Football and local football (Boy’s Guild, BB, Juvenile, Junior). We all knew the best players and their game could develop while they bore this responsibility.



    Football in Scotland has changed. There is no sense of community and players, while technically superior to my generation, frequently lack the wee bit of dig needed to make them winners. Players need both skill and dig: Bertie Auld, Willie Wallace, Bobby Murdoch, Tommy Gemmell, David Hay, Billy Bremner all had both in high doses ….. and were winners.

  7. Bigyinmilan – fond or not so fond memories of a lot of those pitches.



    I too have scars all over my legs from those pitches.






    D. :)

  8. Try being a goalie with blaes pitches, ice cold mornings, no gloves (eventually paper thin cotton ones) AND a mitre ball.



    I had staved fingers every week, but didn’t know it til I thawed out the following day.



    Ya bunch of softies.

  9. Re poor Scottish national team and the SFAs role. I coached football for 7-12 year olds some years ago. I had to take 2 SFA coaching courses, Early Touch and Young Football courses. The courses are strict with what is deemed by the SFA as proper football coaching. Tactics and strategy is very much promoted on these courses.


    Now I am of the mind that kids, particularly in the 7-9 age bracket don’t quite understand tactics and strategies, but trying to make them understand is not a bad thing. At the same time I would think that encouraging them to try and express themselves would also be good. Unfortunately the SFA coaches don’t agree. A part of the course is taking a five or seven a side team and playing against another, also coached by someone taking the course. The SFA are strict in what they want you to coach. Noticing that the seven year olds didn’t quite understand what was being asked of them I tried a different approach. I would ask the kids who their favourite player was. If one said David Beckham I’d tell him to go out and do what Becks does. This did not go down well with the SFA coaches. Our way or no way was basically what I was told. I asked why the kids, especially as young as they were, couldn’t just go out and express themselves. I didn’t receive a satisfactory answer. I’m sure the strict levels were enough to dissuade some of them from enjoying the game as much as they might have

  10. 31003,



    My 6 year old son was playing with a team recently and all the parents at the side were just shouting at their kids to score. You would have boys shooting from their own area – smaller pitch obvs – or just trying to beat everyone.



    I came away having a better understanding as to why Scottish football is years behind other countries.



    I’ve not taken my son back

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    In Oz , small quarter size ? ” pitch “.


    Five a side.


    Small goals.


    No goalies.



    Every child involved.


    All the time.



    Been doing this for years.


    Viz. Arzani , T. Rogic ( futsal ) et al.

  12. Good morning CQN from a rain soaked and wind swept Garngad



    No nightshift again, mmmmm.



    Football in Scotland needs gutted from the very top, SFA/SPFL down.



    Top heavy and only interested in themselfs and their KKKlub…






    D. :)

  13. Big Mike in Trouble Now – seems he doesn’t bother with Auditors either. Needs to appoint one by end of AGM or Secretary of State will appoint one for him. Wonder who else could use that advice.




    Ashley Armstrong, retail editor of the Times, also spoke to Radio 5 Live’s Wake Up To Money about Sports Direct. Journalists have been banned from the annual general meeting today.



    “It’s not a good look,” she says, adding the company had previously opened its doors to the media with visits to its head office at the height of a row about treatment of its workers.



    The company is on an acquisition-spree, led by chief executive and founder Mike Ashley. “He’s a casino player and likes making bets. If he makes ten bets and three of them come off that’s alright by him,” she says.




    Totally agree. Some of the parents at the games my son plays are a complete nightmare – aggressive and verbally abusive (to their own child as well as the ref and opposition). No wonder most of the kids give up as soon as they get the chance.

  15. I think most young wans get into the game for the prospect of emulating a hero and also living the INSTA lifestyle of money, birds and fashion.



    As I’ve gotten older – footballers have gotten younger, richer and much more visible. The headline details of their lives are open to anyone with a fone. They now sport the trappings of wealth unimagined and for the most part kids are lead to believe that they want that.



    It’s not so much about the fitba.



    But to make a start in the town that I love –



    ” Fix Fitba’ Empty Hampden”




  16. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Glasgow will host a UN Climate Change Summit in 2020…


    … Weather permitting. 😃



  17. Enjoyed reading the stories of playing on the red/black ash pitches.


    Glenconner (the coup) was home pitch for my school and boys guild and you could see by the faces of opponents they did not fancy playing on the black ash pitches.


    Played at dawsholm,castlemilk,toryglen queenspark recs etc.


    Remember being “stoned” trying to get away from dawsholm by opposition supporters.



    Loved playing up at Loretto in secondary school






    My 6 year old son was playing with a team recently and all the parents at the side were just shouting at their kids to score. You would have boys shooting from their own area – smaller pitch obvs – or just trying to beat everyone.


    I came away having a better understanding as to why Scottish football is years behind other countries.


    I’ve not taken my son back




    Yeah, Snap. I take my 7 yearold grandson to both the training and what they call the fun 4s: 4-a-side ten minute games with rolling subs, under FtSFA rules and guidance. All trying to be Messi or Ronaldo and cheering as if they’ve won the World Cup if they beat a girls team 13-0. No fouls either, so one wee guy does nothing but push, barge and kick lumps out of anything that moves, even in training, without any reprimand. Parents down here, however, aren’t too bad and are usually very supportive – with the odd exception. Personally, I think we were better playing 20-a-side up the meadows from dawn to dusk dishing out our own retribution to hackers and slackers.


    I still take him as he enjoys it and is a good way of meeting other kids/friends if you live in a remote area.

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