Of course the game goes on


I should have been home yesterday, will be lucky to get home tomorrow.  Two cancelled flights and one cancelled train.  Been on the road for 12 hours, seen two airports, lots of railway stations and still can’t get to Scotland.

I now have to accept I will not make the Scottish Cup tie tomorrow, but if the roads through Glasgow are as clear as I hear, I never had a thought the game would be cancelled. If stadiums, access areas and trunk roads are clear, football will go ahead at all Scottish Cup games this weekend.  No matter how inconvenient it is for me.

Morton chairman Warren Hawke wants the game postponed to protect supporters’ “life and limb”.  It is nothing to do with the fact his players have not run the length of themselves all week.  Meanwhile Kilmarnock fans will travel to Aberdeen, confident in returning with approximately the same limb count.

You can be 100% sure Brendan Rodgers wants the game to go ahead.  He wants Morton now and doesn’t want a second game cancelled before Ibrox.  That being the case, it will happen.

This is a tough one to sit out.  The Scottish Cup means lots, this season’s more than most, but thems the breaks.

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  1. Repost after a Corkie reverse podie.





    Some good recommendations there skin. Another one is “Between Civil Rights and Civil War” by Liam O Dowd.



    The most recent phase of the struggle is the quest for truth and justice for those who have lost loved ones in the conflict (still searching for this Mainland place BRTH -)). Was at a march on Sunday to Belfast City Centre for precisely that. Representatives from Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy Massacre, Mc Gurks Bar, Graham’s Bookies, Loughinisland families all there. There are also a lot of families whose relatives were murdered by those who were colluding with the RUC Special Branch at the time but they let the murders proceed rather than compromise their Loyalist paramilitary friends, Pat Finucane the Solicitor is a case in point. There were 4 UDA men in the car that went to murder Pat and 3 of them were Special Branch informers. Furthermore the person that supplied them with the weapons William Stobie was also a Special Branch informer.



    Whenever people get close to the facts of some of these murders the British Govt slap a public immunity certificate on the evidence being made available. Evidence on some of the above cases has been contaminated by “asbestos” and separate fires in Carrickfergus barracks and Palace barracks Hollywood (who’d a thunk it). Anyway the reason for the above is not to bore the blog but to recommend another book on an aspect of the above, the Glennanne Gang. Made up of RUC/RUC reservists/ UDR and British army reservists. Responsible for in excess of 130 murders at the last count. The book is by Anne Cadwallader “Lethal allies”. As part of the deal last week £150 million was to be set aside for legacy inquests into “troubles” killings. To their shame the DUP vetoed this which is a pity because although the impact is much greater on the Nationalist community the Special Branch ran Republican informers as well and truth and justice has no religion or Nationality.




  2. our club still intending to travel????



    no idea what the roads are like from Cairnryan to Glasgow……. guess i’ll find out tomorrow



    very early start tomorrow



    A ghirls got to do what a ghirls got to do




  3. lets all do the huddle on

    i think P67’s excuses for not going to the game tomorrow are a bit lame



    he’s clearly an armchair fan



    though which armchair, in which airport’s first class lounge is open to debate




  4. Mike in Toronto


    Loved the photo of Seamus Larsson, a wee beauty.


    I have just bought a book called ” The 12 Rules of life ” by Dr Jordan Peterson and it is proving a very good read indeed. I know he is Canadian and wondered how his popularity is in his native Canada. His offerings make for very good reading and certainly makes one think. Lateral thinking is part of his bag and it reminds me of a school where a blind woman was giving a talk about the problems of being blind to a primary class. When she finished her presentation, she asked for questions. A boy stood up and asked how she knew her bottom was clean after wiping! Lateral thinking indeed and a true story,.




  5. gearoid1998 on 2nd March 2018 4:35 pm



    for the first time ever I am contemplating ………




    bringing thermals :-)))




    are you going yourself?




  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Trying to figure out how to put a Pat’s Jumbo Sized Toasting Loaf on eBay.

  7. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    Despite the difficulties getting to CP from Embra, I’m glad the game is on tomorrow as 2 weeks without a game before Ibrox would not be ideal. Plus players such as Rogic, Roberts, Compper et al may need game time to give us options for the Glasgow Derby.



    I’ve already cleared the driveway in case I have to drive through (M8 looks clear) unless the train to Belgrove is running. Forecast for travel improving for many so fingers crossed.



    Either way looks like it’s an early start for me in the morning and I hope as many of my fellow Tims can make the effort too. HH

  8. Then against Sevco:





    De vries





    Hendry Ajer Compper Tierney





    Forrest Brown Ntcham Kouassi

















    That is making the assumption that Compper plays well tomorrow ( If the game is on :-)) )





    Anyway, cheerio for now.






  9. HOT SMOKED on 2ND MARCH 2018 4:55 PM



    He dry is cup tied tomorrow.



    I would think that tomorrow we’ll start with as close to the 11 BR intends to play against Sevco. Compper and Roberts, if fit and available, will probably be on the bench. If Boyata is fit then he will will come back in alongside Ajer and Simunovic in a back three.





    Ajer Simunovic Boyata


    Forrest Brown Ntcham Tierney


    Rogic Sinclair



  10. SFTB, from previous thread.



    I think you are trying to play tricks with interpretations when its quite obvious what the problem is with what Paul67 has said. The assumption that the league is won is hubristic and certainly not supported by fact (clearly).



    My assertion it’s probable that we will win the league is, I believe, one shared by most fans. But it acknowledges the weaknesses in our team and form. Something that the previous position makes no room for.



    Ultimately, it’s not a massive issue. Though I think it’s never a good idea to tempt the fates.

  11. From @celticstarmag



    NEW – The Celtic Star Podcast: The Rebels found Celtic had shares in RANGERS, listen now… https://thecelticstar.com/the-acsom-podcast/



    Yes you read that correctly, Celtic had shares in old Rangers in 1994. WoW



    Remind me who/which clubs were involved in the corrupt 5WA ?

  12. Henr1k.. I think that was quite widely reported at the time. The Celtic board held the shares so they would get sent a report of accounts etc at Rangers (IL).

  13. bournesouprecipe on 2nd March 2018 4:52 pm



    That’s crazy…..but not surprising






  14. Picked up on the earlier comments from Warren Hawke of Morton. According to the Beeb (ok , I know) he wasn’t asking for just our game to be cancelled , he was asking for them all to be .



    “I just think a blanket postponement for this weekend’s fixtures seems the correct decision so everyone can get themselves back on track and start planning again.”



    While not ideal , I can’t see any conspiracy here . just a chief exec who’s getting grief from his fans and trying to look out for them .




  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    HEN1RIK on 2ND MARCH 2018 5:12 PM




    WOW ! A non story. As Italiabhoy aid, it was the practice then, for the reason’s given.


    They possibly had shares in us, hough ours were harder to get a hold of.



    Whatever the relevence to the 5WA is, I’m afraid you lost me.

  16. BSR , Dena29 ,



    ultimately there;’s no “Celtic” decision to overrule . As the host club , they are duty bound to get the stadium in fit state. By all accounts they’ve done that .



    Decision will be the police/referees to make . Probably influenced by SKY of course .




  17. sannabhoy on 2nd March 2018 5:16 pm



    Could well be that the chairman is looking out for his supporters



    but equally many supporters have probably made arrangements that may not be able to be changed when rearranged fixture comes out………



    for both sets of supporters



    either way someone wont be happy………….




  18. Dena , I’m sorted. it was just to put VFR’s tix to good use .



    How are you anyway ? Safe travels to you and all the good Tims travelling tomorrow

  19. gearoid1998 on 2nd March 2018 5:17 pm




    awful weather for confirmation………..



    see you on the 28th




  20. sannabhoy on 2nd March 2018 5:22 pm



    That’s good to hear



    I’m fine Thanks



    Hope you and yours are doing ok, maybe see you tomorrow




  21. Dena , valid point , sometimes overlooked by the G postcode brigade (myself included).



    Mind you , greenock is a bit of a trek ! ;)

  22. How many tickets were bought by Morton fans please?



    5,000? 10,000? 15,000?



    Or was it 500? 1000?



    Gie me a hint?

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