Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications Act


Can there be any surprise at tonight’s news that police are now investigating alleged harassment of members of the SFA Judicial Panel?  On the way home tonight I almost drove off the road when I heard Scotsman journalist, Tom English, on Radio Scotland tell us Rangers knew who sat on the judicial panel a day before Ally McCoist demanded to know who they were on Rangers TV.

Now the SFA inform us the panel members’ identities have been “compromised”.  There was no suggestion their identities were hidden until McCoist fanned the flames on Tuesday, these individuals were not subject to a witch hunt or harrassment.  The Association added “all three panel members have reported intrusion into their personal and work lives, including abusive and threatening communication.”

In Scotland we now have an Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications Act.  The Act criminalises “behaviour likely to lead to public disorder which expresses or incites hatred”.   We’ll now see how the law works in this country.

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  1. Will ally get a 6am Friday knock on his door and a weekend on remand?


    Or is that just reserved for the green brigade?

  2. Nice to see Ally McOist not indulging in not looking to prejudice any inquiries.



    C’mon HMRC, throw the book at these muppets!!

  3. tommytwiststommyturns on

    P67 – Head of the English Football League on SSN saying that they have been approached by Scottish CLUBS on numerous occasions about joining the English league set up.


    They have referred them back to the SFA.




  4. Bundoran Bhoy – Standing with Neil Lennon against victimisation and injustice!!!!! on 25 April, 2012 at 22:49 said



    wonder where he learned that?

  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    SportFootballLatest News


    Football Feed


    Scottish FA ‘deeply concerned’ after judicial panel members receive threats


    The anonymous three-man panel has been targeted after it decided on the punishment Rangers received for several rule breaches.



    25 April 2012 20:52 GMT



    SFA: Members of the panel have received ‘threats and abuse’.



    The Scottish FA revealed it is “deeply concerned” after members of the independent judicial panel that decided Rangers’ punishment have received threats.



    On Wednesday night the governing body released a statement about the situation after details of the three-man panel, which was appointed on the condition of anonymity, appeared on websites.



    The SFA also said its directors had received abusive emails after their details were published on websites.



    This came after Rangers were fined £160,000 and banned from registering new players for 12 months for a series of rule breaches including bringing the game into disrepute.



    After the decision was released manager Ally McCoist said in an interview with Rangers TV, the club’s official online channel, he wanted to know the identities of those who agreed the punishment.



    A Scottish FA spokesperson: “We are deeply concerned that the safety and security of Judicial Panel members appointed to a recent Tribunal has been compromised by a wholly irresponsible betrayal of confidential information.



    “The Judicial Panel consists of volunteers from across the spectrum of sport and business in Scotland. They are appointed on the basis of anonymity yet all three panel members have reported intrusion into their personal and work lives, including abusive and threatening communication.



    “This has been extended to directors of the Scottish FA, whose private details have been published on internet sites and who have, themselves, been victims of abusive communication.



    “This culminated tonight in a visit by Strathclyde Police, who are taking seriously the threats made towards the individuals involved. We are thankful for their advice and support in these matters.”

  6. posted in last thread; how pathetic is this from the RST?



    Rangers Supporters ‏ @rangersfctrust Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    All physical threats to anyone are obviously wrong. Such as the ones made to McCoist & family on here last night. All need to keep the head.






    All so predictable from the cowards.

  7. Ally McCoist has to be brought to book for this.


    He is obviously not coping with the pressure he is under.


    Wonder how he would react if he was put under the pressure another SPL manager has been subject to in the last decade.

  8. Henr1k


    I read on RTC nearly 2wks ago dundee had applied to join the SPL even though they were 15pts behind ROSS COUNTY .


    I just scrolled on Hmmmmmmm

  9. anditsthepoleagain on

    wonder what spin the msm will put on this one


    No whataboutery option available, a tough one, midnight oil burning tonight

  10. From previous post –



    estorilbhoy on 25 April, 2012 at 22:48 said:



    AoW, was it the Grafton pub?




    Thank you, thank you! That was doing my napper in!


    Ahh the memories.



    Paul67, indeed! This law has to be put to work and now.


    Do you think the polis will act on their own initiative or do I have to complain…






  11. AOW/Blantyretim you ghuys ever frequent the Snaffle Bit or the Park Bar close to Sandyford Place? Both favourites with Tcheuters like myself. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  12. theglasgowcelticway on

    Rangers are all sound bites and no substance.One of my favourites is : we don’t do bill paying.

  13. Paul



    Let’s not forget that McCoist has previous on this.



    8 December 2011 (from BBC website)



    “I’m absolutely shocked and extremely angry at the fact this committee has upheld the decision,” said McCoist.



    “What they’ve effectively done is they have said the player has cheated.”



    On Thursday, the Rangers boss said he was unhappy with former referee Jim McCluskey, who chaired the three-man panel that heard the tribunal.



    “The meeting was chaired by a former referee and I have to say his decision making hasn’t improved any since he stopped refereeing,” said McCoist.



    That was the first time the SFA’s new anonymous disciplinary tribunal had ruled against Rangers, and their names got into the media the same day.



    McCoist’s comments went unpunished by the SFA.

  14. only been working there for couple of years so Grafton not one i have been in, weel if it is now closed I’m not going to be now.. o))

  15. Aye Paul, we will see how it works.



    If it had been any member of our club who had incited the hoards,[ not implying we are hoards btw], as Mc moist did, they would already have been lifted.



    It will be washed over, undue stress etc, the scenario was painted earlier on snyde by keevins, nothing will happen to him, he might get a wee tug from the sfa, but a slap on the wrist will suffice, poor man, he is suffering and he never brought it on himself, it was a big bad boy from motherwell, and he walked away.

  16. traditionalist88 on

    In school(when Mccoist was a player!) we used to sing…



    ‘Hail, Hail, McCoists in jail,


    Sitting on a parcel,


    finger up his **&&&***@@’



    We never really believed it at the time;) There was another version too but maybe even less suitable so I’ll refrain;)




  17. I’m afraid this all pales into insignificance in light of the fact Bill Lecki wrote a semi decent article today.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    STUPID, STUPID BHUNS …… But to be fair, and impartial, was there ever any doubt as to how they would react …… Not amongst Celtic fans….



    Sunday is a worry, all across Scotland ……

  19. Said it for years……….they’ve defined themselves by their actions, collectively and individually.



    Hell mend them.

  20. From yesterday.



    ”ernie lynch on 24 April, 2012 at 20:03 said:


    Sally knows who was on the panel.



    So why is he asking for them to be named?



    What’s the odds on the names finding their way into the public domain?”

  21. Right lads who’s our money on tomorrow to be the 1st to mention referees getting death threats.



    My money will be on SSB.

  22. Paul67:



    Timing is everything, posted that I was off in the very minute you put up a new article…I blame Catholic Schools…:)



    Anyway, to your article. McCoist surely is responsible or is that irresponsible for the latest actions of rfc (ia). They should indeed be charged at the very least with bringing the game into disrepute…AGAIN!



    Part of the fabric of Scottish society…aye, right I’ll crack the jokes…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  23. Paul 67-The horse has bolted on this one,do you think they will withdraw the appeal,It has to be unworkable now to re-assess any judgement ?

  24. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Surely in the midst of all this, anybody with any decency (sponsors, sky, journalists etc.) will start to distance themselves from Rangers.



    Is Bill Leckie’s article the first signal of a sea change?

  25. McOist



    What do you expect? 20 years of near constant cheating has clouded his judgement. I wonder if he gets (some of) the answers fed to him on QoS.



    Rangers should have been banned from conducting transfers by the SFA for their actions post administration when they tried, appealed and finally failed to sign Daniel Cousin.



    That wasn’t Craig Whyte’s fault. It had nothing to do with him.



    It was the fault of: McOist & the administrators, indescribably immoral.



    The SFA only need to ask 1 question after that:



    When ya thinkin of paying your bills?

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