Ogilvie admits “might have signed some documents”


Campbell Ogilvie was interviewed in today’s Scotland on Sunday but he singularly failed to deflect the central criticism of him continuing as president of the SFA despite being a director of Rangers during the period they introduced the controversial EBTs and, allegedly, illegally registered players with the SFA, which Ogilvie was also a director of.

Interviewer, Andrew Smith, asked “Can you see there being an issue with you being SFA president at a time when there is an ongoing SPL investigation into non-disclosure of payments at Rangers that you are directly linked to?  You were a director and the secretary who signed off the accounts in November 2001.  At that time the EBT scheme was in operation and players were receiving payments that weren’t in their contracts.”

Ogilvie’s response laid bare how inappropriate the situation is: “I was secretary up until 2002. That’s correct. I was a director, that’s correct.”

All he could do in response to the question of how inappropriate his job as SFA president is when Rangers are under investigation for non-disclosure of payments he was “directly linked to” is confirm he was a secretary and director.  He didn’t even offer a counter argument.

It was as though he’d been coached, badly, about what to do when you are asked a question you don’t want to answer.  Simply not answering the question and making an irrelevant statement treats Scottish football fans like fools.

The truth is he did not and cannot answer the question.  If Campbell Ogilvie cannot argue why there is not an issue for him continuing to be SFA president, why is he still SFA president?

Ogilvie confirmed that in March he told Andrew Smith that there were no side contracts and insisted this was “the case to the best of my knowledge”, despite Smith referring him to the recent BBC documentary, the assertions of which have not been challenged.

Readers would have been confused by this ‘knowledge’, that there were no side contracts as Ogilvie immediately denied involvement with player contracts.

This duel position, bearing witness that there were no side contracts, while denying knowledge of player contracts, is wholly inconsistent and, in itself, reasons enough to for his dismissal.

One of the most intriguing comments from Ogilvie was “I might have signed some documents from time to time.  I certainly didn’t do the player negotiations, I didn’t do the contracts.”

He “might have signed some documents from time to time”.  Oh dear.

If he signed some documents active in this scandal “from time to time”, for pity sake, just go.  Pack your bags, apologise profusely and get out of Scottish football.

We await to hear who conducted the inquiry into Ogilvie which allowed Stewart Regan to clear Ogivlie, but if this shoddy testimony informed their decision, the scandal at the heart of the SFA has taken on a new dimension.

Rumours that the SFA did not conduct an inquiry into Campbell Ogilvie and that chief exec, Stewart Regan, spoke inappropriately in order to save the skin of his pal, remain unfounded.

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  1. “Don’t blame me. I was only a Director. OK, a Director and Company Secretary. I didn’t approve anything. OK I signed a few things but I didn’t read them first. And if I had I wouldn’t have understood them anyway.”

  2. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Then again, a big boy might have done it and ran away.


    Yes folks this is Scoddish Fitbaws finest!

  3. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on

    Let’s say Paul67 has this wrong. Let’s say Stewart Regan has it right. Let’s say that everything Ogilvie has said is true, and that we are all paranoid “internet bampots” who don’t know a thing.



    The central thrust of the “case for the defence” is that Campbell Ogilvie neglected his duties as a shareholder, his responsibilities within the game and was, to be blunt, nothing more than a useful idiot at Ibrox, there at the whims of Murray to convince the rest of the world that there was a process at Ibrox.



    And based on this, based on what the “defence” is saying is their argument … no other football association in the WORLD would have him near it.



    Being deaf, dumb, blind and stupid might be the excuse that gets him off if this were a criminal investigation … but using that as your argument for being allowed to carry on a highly paid, difficult and complicated job …. it stinks.



    Either way, guilty or not, this guy is a clown not fit to hold his post.

  4. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    SFA, Rangers, rotten to the core.. I despair.. We play and live in such a corrupt place..




  5. BT



    I was going to say ,apart from me, but I


    didn’t want to sound be so big headed,


    unlike yirself:O)

  6. West Wales Celt on

    The fact that this man is still in his post says everything about what is wrong with Scottish football. Scandalous…

  7. Paul67:



    You missed one quote from Campbell, that he signed off accounts in good faith:



    …Q: Did you never see there could be a potential conflict using EBTs to pay footballers?



    A: No, not at that time, not at all. I didn’t do the contracts. I might have signed some documents from time to time. I certainly didn’t do the player negotiations, I didn’t do the contracts.



    Q: But you signed off the accounts…



    A: I signed off the accounts in GOOD FAITH, quite simply…



    Surely a dereliction of duty.



    You think he will approve my expenses of £10,000 in good faith…just asking.



    I would love Campbell Ogilvie to be my Treasurer.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  8. truly astounding that in managing the biggest scandal to ever hit the Scottish game that we can manage the process with the games President absenting himself from the process.


    Makes you wonder why we need a President. Shameless decision by the Sfa and Ogilvie.

  9. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Equally scandalous is a bit by Gordhun Waddell in todays hunday Mason on Thommo’s “sacking” which is slanderous towards Neil Lennon. Celtic should wipe the floor with this cretin.

  10. WGS on STV talking about managing special players, like Balotelli, and how Alex Ferguson did it.



    “Did he consider you a special player?” asks the buffoon Childs.



    “Aye, for about a week.”

  11. Paul67



    As I said below at the end of your last article in total agreement. Stewart Regan is as much an incompetent or liar as Ogilvie. The veil cannot be drawn over this scandal which is consuming Scottish football. This massive tax scam should see people end up in jail, so the sooner we ditch Regan and appoint proper administrators then the sooner we can return to a corruption free Scottish Footballing environment which embraces sporting integrity for all.



    Freddiebhoy on 10 June, 2012 at 15:16 said:



    Should someone hold authority when willing to sign documents without knowing their contents. Ogilvie is a complete incompetent or a liar. Scottish football is a corrupt joke.




  12. Sir Paul



    In the Interview,Did Smith ask Ogilvie ,if..



    He, Ogilvie, hid evah accepted a “Loan”, from the E.B.T. Fund?





    Still, Laughin’

  13. In all of this, one thing that grates is the constant assertion by the MSM that Ogilivie is ‘great football administrator’.



    Based on that interview, he’s just a chancer.

  14. EDB if yir around, I was with young Raemonns mum n dad over the weekend, I mentioned the awards and that you said it was a great event and especially moving when they picked up Raemonns award thingy, they asked me to pass on thanks for you’re kind words. HH

  15. The bould Hector's bhoys..... Tá ár lá anois on

    Scottish Fitba–


    Run for the huns, by the huns

  16. McCrummoch………..



    ………head for the Misty Blue hills……..



    Shameless trumpet.

  17. leftclicktic on



    Q: At what time did you become aware EBTs were going to become a problem?



    A: I took one on myself. I didn’t have any of my salaries paid through them. It was three bonuses, as I said back in March, that I got through EBTs. And when I left the club part of my settlement agreement was through EBTs. There is no way I would have taken an EBT on when I was leaving the club if I thought there was an issue with them.

  18. HenryClarson on

    James Forrest has called it exactly right.



    “Company secretaries are responsible for ensuring that a company complies with standard financial and legal practice and maintains standards of corporate governance.” http://www.prospects.ac.uk/company_secretary_job_description.htm



    Ogilvie is effectively refusing to take responsibility for the content of the documents which he signed. That alone would make him not fit for purpose.

  19. Paul



    CO simply has no shame


    If I were a hun (God forbid ) – I would want to know just exactly what this guy was doing to deserve his EBT of £95K – over and above what he was already getting – as he seems to have been doing nothing – seeing nothing and hearing nothing!



    Others far better qualified that I will no doubt be able to outline what an executive director is meant to do – it seems that old CO was asleep most of the time!



    Time to end this increasing ugly charade



    Kill the tax cheats now and let Scottish football breath again




  20. Estadio Nacional on

    There is is layed out bare, how can the corrupt swine still be in a job?



    Fabregas centre forward for Spain. 8/1 first goal in some places.

  21. The bould Hector's bhoys..... Tá ár lá anois on

    The truth Will eventually have to come out.



    Why was each individual ra ment made.



    Was it a remuneration deal ?



    Was it a loan ?



    Was it a bonus ?



    Did they know this was in fact a tax free bonus ?

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