Ogilvie admits “might have signed some documents”


Campbell Ogilvie was interviewed in today’s Scotland on Sunday but he singularly failed to deflect the central criticism of him continuing as president of the SFA despite being a director of Rangers during the period they introduced the controversial EBTs and, allegedly, illegally registered players with the SFA, which Ogilvie was also a director of.

Interviewer, Andrew Smith, asked “Can you see there being an issue with you being SFA president at a time when there is an ongoing SPL investigation into non-disclosure of payments at Rangers that you are directly linked to?  You were a director and the secretary who signed off the accounts in November 2001.  At that time the EBT scheme was in operation and players were receiving payments that weren’t in their contracts.”

Ogilvie’s response laid bare how inappropriate the situation is: “I was secretary up until 2002. That’s correct. I was a director, that’s correct.”

All he could do in response to the question of how inappropriate his job as SFA president is when Rangers are under investigation for non-disclosure of payments he was “directly linked to” is confirm he was a secretary and director.  He didn’t even offer a counter argument.

It was as though he’d been coached, badly, about what to do when you are asked a question you don’t want to answer.  Simply not answering the question and making an irrelevant statement treats Scottish football fans like fools.

The truth is he did not and cannot answer the question.  If Campbell Ogilvie cannot argue why there is not an issue for him continuing to be SFA president, why is he still SFA president?

Ogilvie confirmed that in March he told Andrew Smith that there were no side contracts and insisted this was “the case to the best of my knowledge”, despite Smith referring him to the recent BBC documentary, the assertions of which have not been challenged.

Readers would have been confused by this ‘knowledge’, that there were no side contracts as Ogilvie immediately denied involvement with player contracts.

This duel position, bearing witness that there were no side contracts, while denying knowledge of player contracts, is wholly inconsistent and, in itself, reasons enough to for his dismissal.

One of the most intriguing comments from Ogilvie was “I might have signed some documents from time to time.  I certainly didn’t do the player negotiations, I didn’t do the contracts.”

He “might have signed some documents from time to time”.  Oh dear.

If he signed some documents active in this scandal “from time to time”, for pity sake, just go.  Pack your bags, apologise profusely and get out of Scottish football.

We await to hear who conducted the inquiry into Ogilvie which allowed Stewart Regan to clear Ogivlie, but if this shoddy testimony informed their decision, the scandal at the heart of the SFA has taken on a new dimension.

Rumours that the SFA did not conduct an inquiry into Campbell Ogilvie and that chief exec, Stewart Regan, spoke inappropriately in order to save the skin of his pal, remain unfounded.

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  1. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Spanish commentators very impressed with Irish support. Say it’s an enjoyable game as well ‘despite the lack of quality in the middle’ :/

  2. stevenagebhoy on 10 June, 2012 at 19:57 said:



    Thought there must be some reason for his attitude. It was too biased to be motivated by anything else other than a hunnish grudge/chip on the shoulder…your response explains a lot.



    Kayal33 on 10 June, 2012 at 19:56 said:



    It’s diddy’s like thon Mad fella that give their club a bad name…he seems to be in the minority.


    Back to watching the game.



    Onto second Stella already.

  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    WHO SCORED THE F******* GOAL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

  4. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! on 10 June, 2012 at 20:10 said:



    sean st ledger

  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Thanks mate!



    Got visitors and aint watching the game!



    Got the laptop on in the kitchen and I’m dotting back and forward!!!

  6. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! on 10 June, 2012 at 20:12 said:



    ach put the telly on. your visitors probably think you are dead rude anyway nipping out every couple of minutes ;-)

  7. I think Citeh started it down south when they returned from Poznan hence the Poznan

  8. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    tommytwiststommyturns on 10 June, 2012 at 20:15 said:




    Who gave us the huddle?




    was it not Charles Green’s idea?

  9. Paddy Gallagher on

    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!



    Could I have another drink please?


    Where did he go? :-))

  10. tommytwiststommyturns on

    BT – correct, but our fans copied somebody else.



    Was Beglin the co-commentator on Radio 5 with that hun Alan Green during the Liverpool UEFA Cup tie back in Wim’s time? The most biased commentary (against us) I’ve ever heard. Tosser!




  11. Paddy Gallagher on

    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! on 10 June, 2012 at 20:21 said:







    Keep the updates coming please!



    Do my best – best pal :-)

  12. Jude


    yeh I know we got the huddle from Mogga but it is the huddle at the games T4 is asking about…



    Citeh since October 2010.not sure about Celtic TBH

  13. Awful start for Ireland. I Thought Given looked very slow to react. Perhaps not 100% fit



    Great delivery from Aiden and a superb glancing header from St Ledger for the equaliser



    Modric the best player on the park by a country mile

  14. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Showing my extreme ignorance here but whit the hell.



    Why is it necessary to turn your back on the field of play to do the Huddle? Why can’t you do it the other way round? Doesn’t it get annoying having to turn away from the play?