Ogilvie admits “might have signed some documents”


Campbell Ogilvie was interviewed in today’s Scotland on Sunday but he singularly failed to deflect the central criticism of him continuing as president of the SFA despite being a director of Rangers during the period they introduced the controversial EBTs and, allegedly, illegally registered players with the SFA, which Ogilvie was also a director of.

Interviewer, Andrew Smith, asked “Can you see there being an issue with you being SFA president at a time when there is an ongoing SPL investigation into non-disclosure of payments at Rangers that you are directly linked to?  You were a director and the secretary who signed off the accounts in November 2001.  At that time the EBT scheme was in operation and players were receiving payments that weren’t in their contracts.”

Ogilvie’s response laid bare how inappropriate the situation is: “I was secretary up until 2002. That’s correct. I was a director, that’s correct.”

All he could do in response to the question of how inappropriate his job as SFA president is when Rangers are under investigation for non-disclosure of payments he was “directly linked to” is confirm he was a secretary and director.  He didn’t even offer a counter argument.

It was as though he’d been coached, badly, about what to do when you are asked a question you don’t want to answer.  Simply not answering the question and making an irrelevant statement treats Scottish football fans like fools.

The truth is he did not and cannot answer the question.  If Campbell Ogilvie cannot argue why there is not an issue for him continuing to be SFA president, why is he still SFA president?

Ogilvie confirmed that in March he told Andrew Smith that there were no side contracts and insisted this was “the case to the best of my knowledge”, despite Smith referring him to the recent BBC documentary, the assertions of which have not been challenged.

Readers would have been confused by this ‘knowledge’, that there were no side contracts as Ogilvie immediately denied involvement with player contracts.

This duel position, bearing witness that there were no side contracts, while denying knowledge of player contracts, is wholly inconsistent and, in itself, reasons enough to for his dismissal.

One of the most intriguing comments from Ogilvie was “I might have signed some documents from time to time.  I certainly didn’t do the player negotiations, I didn’t do the contracts.”

He “might have signed some documents from time to time”.  Oh dear.

If he signed some documents active in this scandal “from time to time”, for pity sake, just go.  Pack your bags, apologise profusely and get out of Scottish football.

We await to hear who conducted the inquiry into Ogilvie which allowed Stewart Regan to clear Ogivlie, but if this shoddy testimony informed their decision, the scandal at the heart of the SFA has taken on a new dimension.

Rumours that the SFA did not conduct an inquiry into Campbell Ogilvie and that chief exec, Stewart Regan, spoke inappropriately in order to save the skin of his pal, remain unfounded.

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  1. Q: At what time did you become aware EBTs were going to become a problem?



    A: I took one on myself. I didn’t have any of my salaries paid through them. It was three bonuses, as I said back in March, that I got through EBTs. And when I left the club part of my settlement agreement was through EBTs. There is no way I would have taken an EBT on when I was leaving the club if I thought there was an issue with them.



    They still don’t get it! I get a bonus from my work it is taxed and NIC. He obvioulsy doesn’t see a contradiction between it was a ‘bonus’ to ‘it was a loan’ Bonus infers no need to ever pay back.

  2. Paul67 et al



    What was interesting about the process which delivered Campbell Ogilvie as the President of SFA is that there was no process at all. All of us on here knew well in advance that Ogilvie would succeed well known Airdrie fan George Peat. It was in effect Buggins turn. Problem with that philosophy of course is that, you end up with Buggins!

  3. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Can’t wait to hear the stirring strains of the Marseillaise up against the dirge that is GSTQ. when Les Bleus play Ingerlund.



    Aux Armes Citoyens!

  4. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Burley is a total clown who is telling us in the Hunday Mason today that Ogilvie has done nothing wrong , should stay in post and we should all stop picking on him. Saints preserve us.

  5. hamiltontim on 10 June, 2012 at 17:14 said:


    Pirlo looks like one of the Rolling Stones.




    HT,don’t mention the Stones,Bada Bing will bore


    us with his photies.

  6. They are imploding and you can almost hear the great ship titanic creaking from the weight of lies/debt/cheating/bigotry/hatred ( delete as appropriate ).



    Sent from my living room :)

  7. Great to see the SFA are upholding the old traditions………………..from trying to force Celtic to remove the tricolour in the 50s , to Farry in Cadettegate in the 90s to today’s incumbents intent on covering up Ogilvie’s involvement in EBT’s and dual contracts.


    They perfect the act of talking a lot but saying nothing………………………………………For Goodness sake Celtic let’s get the hell outa here!!!!!!!

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VP-I forgot to back the nag as well,betting not been good so far,took Holland 3/1 in play :{

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Jelavic 9/2 to be top scorer for Croatia looks a good bet after Olic withdrew with injury.

  10. Ogilvie…on his own evidence ….hopelessly incompetent



    or disingenuous



    why is he still in office



    this charade from the SFA reminds me of the Dougiegate affair and Peat`s assertion that CFC were bringing the game into disrepute by having the temerity to question them



    these bowling club billy non bhoys need to realise that times have moved on …they are accountable and must be fit for purpose



    re G Waddell ….i hope he is barred from CP…perhaps the most blatant hun journo out there

  11. Hey Ogilvie



    the drain outside the neighbour’s always floods in the rain, any chance you could lend ther council 95 K to get it fixed (one of those special loans)

  12. Bada afternoon my friend.


    HT he only shows those pictures cause


    he looks half decent next to those mummified



  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Good to see Victor’s dad putting the record straight after DR lies yesterday.

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    A decent game of football would be a result, if you know what I mean.



    Oh, and if burley chokes on his Polish sausage, that would be a result too.



    (I’m sure it’s tasty enough, btw, so no offence meant.)

  15. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Djokovic 5-2 up in the third set!



    C’mon my son!!!!!!

  16. It really is The Silly Season



    Rangers could sign new players before exiting administration


    By Alasdair Lamont


    BBC Scotland Rangers could attempt to sign new players before the club is officially out of administration.



    Charles Green is aiming to have a Company Voluntary Arrangement approved on Thursday, after which there is a 28-day cooling-off period.



    But SPL rules state that, with board approval, clubs in administration may replace players whose contracts expire.



    “If you are correct, that is an avenue open to the club,” Green told BBC Scotland on Sunday.



    Rule 6.20 of the Scottish Premier League’s regulations makes provision for signings being made in special circumstances by clubs who have suffered an insolvency event.



    While there is no guarantee the SPL board would approve any signings, with several players’ contracts expiring, that could allow Rangers to use the rule to bring replacements in.



    If the CVA is approved, which is still the subject of dubiety, the cooling-off period would take Rangers to mid-July.



    The club had been banned from signing players for 12 months by a Scottish Football Association-appointed Judicial Panel, a decision upheld by an Appellate Tribunal but subsequently set aside by the Court of Session.



    The Appellate Tribunal must now decide what punishment to administer.



    “I’ve said all along, stadium-naming is an emotive issue, but whatever we do it would always be Ibrox Stadium.




    Charles Green


    In the meantime, Green has confirmed he had told a supporters’ meeting on Wednesday that he has a list of 19 target players drawn up, five of whom are involved at Euro 2012.



    And he says he has added £1.5m to the budget Ally McCoist and the administrators Duff & Phelps had been working to for next season.



    Green had also been examining the possibility, if Thursday’s creditors’ vote goes in favour of a CVA, of setting aside the 28-day cooling-off period, to allow a swifter exit from administration.



    But lawyers have advised that even if the two main creditors – HMRC and Ticketus – had been willing to agree to that, it would not be possible because other creditors had to be allowed the right to raise objections in that period and only a judge can bring the period of administration to an end.



    Of the money raised so far (£5.5m is lodged with the lawyers Taylor Wessing, as confirmed by Simon Shipperley of Duff and Phelps at the fans’ meeting), £2m has come from Singaporean investors, £2m from another major investor, with the remainder split.



    Having closed the initial round of funding with £10m raised, Green says he will entertain a second round of investment with a maximum of £4m per investor.



    Green also referred to a £10m stadium-naming deal with “an airline investor or alternative”.



    “I’ve been speaking to a number of people, some of whom are connected to our investors, some not,” he added.



    “I’ve said all along, stadium-naming is an emotive issue, but whatever we do it would always be Ibrox Stadium.”

  17. Ulster Senior Football Championship Q/F Result ..Armagh 1.13 (16pts) Tyrone 0.19pts

  18. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective






    Nice tae see ye ur here.



    Ah wiz jist thinkin’.



    Fur years,and years.. Ah hiv maintained that the main reason why.. the G.A. wiz Cock o’ the Walk, in Scotland..



    Wiz because, Celtic , didnae hae any friends in the Communications Industry,and the G.A. hid plenty o’


    Boosters in the MSM.



    Nary a voice ,wiz evah raised in Celtic’s Defense.. eether Frum the Print Media or the Broadcast..





    Of course. Ah wiz right…



    But, thanks, tae the present troubles in which the G.A. are





    Whit Ah hiv Maintained fur awe these years..nae longer applies.



    Celtic, hiv noo.. a whole Bunch o’ “Celtic, Backers”



    And.. that,folks.. spells the end o’ the G.A.’s reign,


    as Scotand’s Favourite Son.



    Oh. of course. the G.A. still hiz a few scattered defenders, but,


    there hiz bin a Breach in the Dyke.. and from noo oan..


    Ah believe the Celtic will fur the first time…in memory..



    Get a fair Crack at the Whip.



    The G.A. hiv hid thur Turn at Bat..and it hiz bin a very Lang wan,indeed!



    Noo,it is Celtic’s turn, at the Plate.. and Ah hope that Celtic,


    hiv as equally as long a run ,as their Predecessor.


    Funny, how . things turn oot.



    Wan day . The G.A. wur riding High. Next Day.. they wur ..


    Unhorsed… and hiv tae use Shank’s Pony, like awe the rest o’ the Hoi Poloi.





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.



    Still, Laughin’

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HT- Victor’s dad said the report was “cheeky”,not spoken to any other teams,very happy at Celtic.He said he would probably be offered an improved deal when he reports back next month.

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