Ogilvie admits “might have signed some documents”


Campbell Ogilvie was interviewed in today’s Scotland on Sunday but he singularly failed to deflect the central criticism of him continuing as president of the SFA despite being a director of Rangers during the period they introduced the controversial EBTs and, allegedly, illegally registered players with the SFA, which Ogilvie was also a director of.

Interviewer, Andrew Smith, asked “Can you see there being an issue with you being SFA president at a time when there is an ongoing SPL investigation into non-disclosure of payments at Rangers that you are directly linked to?  You were a director and the secretary who signed off the accounts in November 2001.  At that time the EBT scheme was in operation and players were receiving payments that weren’t in their contracts.”

Ogilvie’s response laid bare how inappropriate the situation is: “I was secretary up until 2002. That’s correct. I was a director, that’s correct.”

All he could do in response to the question of how inappropriate his job as SFA president is when Rangers are under investigation for non-disclosure of payments he was “directly linked to” is confirm he was a secretary and director.  He didn’t even offer a counter argument.

It was as though he’d been coached, badly, about what to do when you are asked a question you don’t want to answer.  Simply not answering the question and making an irrelevant statement treats Scottish football fans like fools.

The truth is he did not and cannot answer the question.  If Campbell Ogilvie cannot argue why there is not an issue for him continuing to be SFA president, why is he still SFA president?

Ogilvie confirmed that in March he told Andrew Smith that there were no side contracts and insisted this was “the case to the best of my knowledge”, despite Smith referring him to the recent BBC documentary, the assertions of which have not been challenged.

Readers would have been confused by this ‘knowledge’, that there were no side contracts as Ogilvie immediately denied involvement with player contracts.

This duel position, bearing witness that there were no side contracts, while denying knowledge of player contracts, is wholly inconsistent and, in itself, reasons enough to for his dismissal.

One of the most intriguing comments from Ogilvie was “I might have signed some documents from time to time.  I certainly didn’t do the player negotiations, I didn’t do the contracts.”

He “might have signed some documents from time to time”.  Oh dear.

If he signed some documents active in this scandal “from time to time”, for pity sake, just go.  Pack your bags, apologise profusely and get out of Scottish football.

We await to hear who conducted the inquiry into Ogilvie which allowed Stewart Regan to clear Ogivlie, but if this shoddy testimony informed their decision, the scandal at the heart of the SFA has taken on a new dimension.

Rumours that the SFA did not conduct an inquiry into Campbell Ogilvie and that chief exec, Stewart Regan, spoke inappropriately in order to save the skin of his pal, remain unfounded.

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  1. leftclicktic on

    Thats ma joint 320th place in TKF predictor up the swaneeeeeeee





  2. BT



    Couldn’t have raining all the time,you were


    lying in the gutter looking at the stars.

  3. good game as Brucie would say. I thought the Italians nullified Spain for long spells, but last 30 minutes were Spanish dominated.


    Thought del Bosque missed a trick by not shoving Pedro on, Torres was woeful and should now be consigned to bib wearing, Negredo is the man.


    Italy look solid and have a team look about them, Spain look to have lost that unity, not surprising with all Mourinho`s shit stirring between Madrid and Barca.


    For all that, Iniesta looks like the best player in the tournament, no surprise there.

  4. leftclicktic on 10 June, 2012 at 18:59 said:



    Cheered me up mhate,I was bemoaning the fact


    I was 68th……..roon ye :O)

  5. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Seems I am talking crap with regards RTE.



    You need an Irish address.




  6. Must be in a minority of one in not having really enjoyed that game. The only surprise was that it had two goals, and that aside it was a million miles away from the sheer joy and entertainment of Brasil-Argentina for example.

  7. good evening cqn


    a small comment on Mr Ogilvie


    Did Shuggie Keevins not on Radio Clyde S S say that C O was a friend and a good guy,


    you have all got it wrong

  8. Evening all



    Enjoying the football- stomach churning a bit about tonights game and i’m only 3/8 Irish.



    Spain and Italy was excellent in second half – despite Burley’s drivel. Torres is increasingly painful to watch – a footballing David Duval.



    C’mon you boys in green!

  9. Why do the SFA and Regan not go for transparency and independent review of Ogilvie? What are they afraid of exposing?



    Firstly, Regan needs to explain who cleared Ogilvie and on what basis and facts. Secondly there needs to be a review by an independent panel on Ogilvie. He is deeply compromised by his dual roles at RFC and the SFA.



    The SFA have had recent failures such as Dougie Dougie and a spate of sectarian emails culminating in the sacking of Hugh Dallas. Ogilvies involvement in covering up more RFC fraud while in SFA office would be the final straw.

  10. leftclicktic on

    From RM and wife wonders why im sitting shaking my head.







    5 at the Euro’s too, wonder if any of them will be playing in the match about to start 5 Italians coming over to keep their fitness up while Serie A is suspended for a year





    5 Italians coming over to keep their fitness up while Serie A is suspended for a year.

  11. whitecrook tim on 10 June, 2012 at 19:04 said:



    Quote,Og is an honest man and his EBT was


    worth the cost of a good night out.

  12. leftclicktic on

    Whitecrook tim 19.04


    Did he not say that about Jim Farry aswell



    Enjoy the game everyone till later



  13. See the engerlund team on news ignorant


    bassas can’t even wave to locals waiting outside


    hotel………………………see me ,see Gods am,


    wan of them.overated tossers.

  14. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    bournesouprecipe on 10 June, 2012 at 19:02 said:




    “Victor is going nowhere and he has not spoken to any clubs. He wants to stay at Celtic.”





    Victor’s father described the story as “cheeky”. That’s only because he doesn’t know how things work here in Scotland. We know, however that this is malicious, deflective propoganda and intended to be harmful rather than “cheeky”

  15. Bloke109



    That would be a safer phrase than mine which begins with p and rhymes with fish :-))



    I could watch Iniesta all day but him aside I thought the standard overall was very poor.

  16. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    Enter the Green Knight


    Enter the green night


    Enter the greed night


    Renter the reed night


    Reenter the red night


    Reeenter the ned nigh


    Repenter the ned is nigh


    Repent the End is Nigh



  17. Son of Warsaw on

    Keevins and Britney also said Farry,Dougie Dougie, Mike the baptist and Mr Dallas were ‘really,really good guys too”.


    Just like the majority of Rangers fans really, even the ones who went to Manchester.



    I don’t see what the problem is .

  18. Lucky cody


    I dont believe for a minute dallas was sacked he left after a disciplinary hearing ,he is now at UEFA in a top job, I remember UEFA when asked had not been informed of Dallas’ being sacked by the SFA

  19. Paddy Gallagher on

    Are UEFA infested with the Masons? I struggle to understand why they aren’t all over the SFA/SPL like a rash.


    I read on hear that it could destroy the Scottish game, beginning to think that the implications could be rippled over the world game.


    A rule ain’t a rule when you airbrush it to suit!

  20. Really Enjoying the Euros, not a duff game and some great ones.



    Interesting the medias take on Neil Lennon,



    Remember listening to Radio Scotland interviews with the Managers on the last day of the season, sycophantic empathy or poor aul’ Ally, who lead his team to the worst season in a generation.



    Neil Lennon who lead his team to a Championship and was in contention for a treble “Do you think you’ll be Celtic Manager next season?”



    Craig Burley should but won’t be ashamed of himself, talks of Brendan Rogers replacing Neil Lennon, seems wide of the mark.



    Now I have no idea what goes on in the corridors of Power @ Paradise but when Neil replaced Tony Mowbray, I would think it would have been hugely remiss of the Celtic Board not to assess the performance of their Rookie caretaker and check out their options.



    To define this process as Neil Lennon’s track suit being on a shoogely peg is very shabby.



    My take, if the Board were looking at someone with qualities of Brendan Rogers they know a great deal about good managers and how the Celts like their fitba’



    Also the fact that they looked at Neil and said BR’s great but Neil’s our man, is a great inditement of how high they regard Lenny.



    But of course the thing that shows what Craig Burley is all about is his comments on GS, while he was at Celtic wining three in a row Mr Burley didn’t rate him. However now he’s got to know him as a pundit he realized what a great manager he was… go figure.



    BTW: Craig was never regarded as the thinking man’s Footballer.



    Com’on the Irish & Aiden!

  21. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    Somebody in the BBC website team must be hurting.



    This is the BBC SPL Team by Team news



    Aberdeen – SFA investigates clubs’ finances


    Celtic – SFA investigates clubs’ finances


    Dundee United – SFA investigates clubs’ finances


    Heart of Midlothian – SFA investigates clubs’ finances


    Hibernian – SFA investigates clubs’ finances


    Inverness Caledonian Thistle – SFA investigates clubs’ finances


    Kilmarnock – SFA investigates clubs’ finances


    Motherwell – SFA investigates clubs’ finances


    Rangers- Rangers could make early signings


    St Johnstone – SFA investigates clubs’ finances


    St Mirren – SFA investigates clubs’ finances




    Good to see Rangers could make early signings.

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