Ogilvie and Regan must now resign


What you and I have known for months was established as true by the BBC last night, Rangers improperly registered players for over a decade.  Following the programme there was some bluster by a firm of accountants who clearly have a lot to worry about, but nothing has been said to dispute the dual contract claim.

The SLP have not added to their 65 word statement released ahead of the broadcast.  SFA chief executive Stewart Regan has told the BBC the association will not act, unless called to do so as an appeal body, and SFA President What-school-did-you-go-to has not uttered a word.

Campbell Ogilvie was an executive director of Rangers when it carried out a dual contract system in contravention of the rules of the SFA.  This is an established fact which is likely to have severe repercussion for the Scottish game and the club.  It is inconceivable that he continues to act as president of the SFA, especially when it has taken the decision not to become involved, despite being the only body competent to investigate breaches across all domestic competitions.

He must resign immediately or be fired.  If Mr Regan does not understand this he should be fired too.  He is there to take the hard decisions, not to make friends.  He has abandoned fans at the time they most need clear leadership.

Anyone on the board in any doubt about this matter must follow them out the door.  The SFA is professional body with budget of millions of pounds, not an old boys club, and should act accordingly.

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  1. Old boys clubs…


    ….just like The Claggeron Cabinet…aristo toff millionaires…and Vince Cable,who’s been corrupted by all the luvvly jubbly.


    The SFA’s jest the same.

  2. Thursday 15 March 2012 08:57




    CAMPBELL Ogilvie has vowed to continue in his role as Scottish Football Association president as he insisted he had no role in “drafting or administering” player contracts at Rangers after the mid-1990s.



    Ogilvie has come under pressure after the SFA and then the SPL vowed to investigate the alleged non-disclosure of payments to Rangers players during his spell at Ibrox.



    The former Rangers company secretary Ogilvie confirmed he was a member of the Employee Benefit Trust scheme operated by Rangers and which is the subject of a First Tier Tax tribunal which could land the Ibrox club an HMRC bill of £49 million.



    However, Ogilvie – who was employed at Ibrox from 1978 until leaving for Hearts in 2005 – stressed he had no role in negotiating player contracts and insisted he is determined to carry on in his role, to which he was elected in June last year following a spell as vice-president. “I look forward to new and exciting challenges ahead at the Scottish FA,” said Ogilvie

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  4. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on

    Well said Pail67.



    The SFA receive public money from government funding – yet more abuse of tax payers money by Ogilvie.



    Thank goodness we have confident politicians who will bravely confront this glaring corruption. Oh wait,….

  5. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on

    Actually, why is CO so keen to hold on to the job rather than resign with some glorious glasgow dignity???



    It must be important to some of his fellow protagonists that he remain in position.

  6. Paul,



    That there has been no statement or action from either individuals or groups is breathtaking in its clumsiness or worrying in its brazenness.



    Give them all their due – they’ve had a right good innings and they’ve dragged things out beyond all realms of good sense.



    But, surely enough is now enough?



    Is there none of them aware of what should now be considered, the respectable thing to do?




  7. Sometimes in life events overtake a man & force him to take action- whether that action is favourable or calamitious is normally determibed by the level of neglect a man has shown in towards those events…fate then makes the decision for him:



    Is that what is happening to Raygun & his bloated clan?






    Len: sorry for misspell.



    Is that right- the irony of misspelling the word misspel.

  8. traditionalist88 on

    This was billed as the biggest day of Regans professional life.



    I don’t think we really expected him to fail, or deflect, as he seems to have…




  9. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Awe Naw





    Warming to ‘Huns – the musical’



    In fact we could collaborate…



    My favourite scene would be Alistair Johnstone entering SDM’s office to confront Minty and breaking in to song



    ‘wide eyed and legless – you ‘be gone and done it again’

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  11. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on 24 May, 2012 at 16:19 said:




    The self-perceived ‘mighty’ like to cling to power until their fingers are broken and they can’t hang on any more.


    Think Ceaučescu et al.

  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on 24 May, 2012 at 16:24 said:



    I think we should be careful what we wish for



    It could be the new Coronation Street we have so much material



    Hail Hail

  13. He will not go until he has sorted his Pay off and his Pension, these things take time ,por cierto.

  14. tomthelennytim on




    Rangers Tax-Case ‏@rangerstaxcase


    Sorry for earlier posting. Wrong day for that story. It will be published later.



    Expand Collapse Reply RetweetedRetweet





  15. Said it here months ago. Scabbie Rabbie was bang on with his parcel, or something similar sounding, rogues in a nation.

  16. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    From end of last blog ……



    Has anyone found out how my old friend Kojo is doing? Kojo if you’re reading this, “Haste Ye back!”.



    Same goes for Rancho Franco. Rancho I’m missing your unique take on the English language. Time for you to say something deep and meaningful.

  17. Scottish football is and always will be corrupt unless thereis radical change !


    From the very top to grass root



    They used to say …


    Ate Celtic always cheated never defeated ….


    Oh the irony of it all…


    From Dallas gate to farrygate and now this!!!!


    No point hiding Reagan it won’t go away !


    Perhaps mr salmond should get involved now ?

  18. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 24 May, 2012 at 16:24 said:



    Integrity and football. Contradiction in terms.

  19. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 24 May, 2012 at 16:24 said:



    Integrity and Scottish football. Contradiction in terms.

  20. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on 24 May, 2012 at 16:24 said:




    I’ll have you know I’ve copyrighted the name of the future Scum F.C. Musical.


    It’s called “Moonbeams Over Govan”.


    I was thinkin’ it could be done in Gregorian chant style.


    : )))

  21. tomthelennytim on 24 May, 2012 at 16:26 said:




    Oh….right. Ta.


    And here’s me thinkin’ giant masonic skullduggery and breaking news re. Minty.


    I need a break. I’ve got all sorts of stuff to do,and NONE of it done.


    Lazytwat csc.


    : ))



  22. Regan is doing that thing kids do when they imagine shadows are monsters in the half-light: hide under the covers! If a canny see it then it canny touch me!

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