Ogilvie was born for this moment as SFA to consider expelling Rangers


Although Rangers won their case at the Court of Session today, they have the option not to serve the ruling on the SFA that its Judicial Panel’s 12 month ban on player registration is illegal.  Winning the point in law might sound like a victory, but taking the Association to court breaks membership rules of the SFA, rules imposed on all associations by Fifa.

We will find out soon enough the reach of SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, who was one of the recipients of an EBT which precipitated Rangers crisis.

Rangers are deep in Sion territory now.  Either they walk away from this showdown, the SFA expel or suspend them from football, or Fifa will shortly remind the SFA of their duties when a member club takes action in the civil courts.

Campbell Ogilvie was born for this moment; it justifies him holding onto his position all these months despite being “heavily conflicted”, according to his chief executive.  I do not expect this to end well.

Despite an independent judicial panel ruling against Rangers, there is no way the office holders at the SFA will expel Rangers, no matter what they do. They would rather jeopardise the Scotland national team and every other club’s European participation.

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  1. Ah well….


    Anyway, I meant to post earlier.


    Paul67, could you please lead be example and start referring to rangers(ia) as Newclub as opposed to the less exotic Newco ??

  2. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Rod for their own backs as you have to wonder hhat do the appeals body do now when it was considered disproportionate regards the sanction to expel them?

  3. Paul67,you say that you dont see this ending well,for who?,


    scottish football or the huns?

  4. Paul67



    The Scottish game is dead if rangers membership is not terminated or suspended.



    I would rather Celtic just withdrew and we played friendlies all season.

  5. well hello there……





    Grant Russell ‏@STVGrant


    FIFA said just before verdict passed that Scottish FA will be told to take action so club “withdraws its request from the ordinary courts”

  6. merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on

    Shafted again then Paul.



    Please cheer me up by providing positive news about our planned move to a fairer, more exciting, footbal environment!




  7. hoopeddreams on

    At the Court of Sess-ss-ee-on


    When the huns thought they’d won


    And then they wept


    When they remembered Sion………….



    Boney M CSC

  8. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    Embdy got Michel François Platini’s phone number?

  9. That nutjob that owns Sion will sue the arses off UEFA & FIFA if they don’t act against the huns!!! They both know it and will make the SFA comply!!!

  10. Paul67 – FIFA cannot and will not allow the civil court decision to filter into football. For a kick off Sion would sue them if they turned a blind eye to a situation developing rapidly over the same lines.



    The SFA holding the line, and excusing Rangers, getting all of us banned in the process, will be our ticket out

  11. So now its gets interesting. SFA will not take the action. Scotland will get banned. I hope Celtics lawyers are reading themselves to take SFA to court for lost champs league cash.

  12. well hello there……





    Grant Russell ‏@STVGrant


    FIFA said just before verdict passed that Scottish FA will be told to take action so club “withdraws its request from the ordinary courts”







  13. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Are they not in some let of the hook by saying that due to SFA rules not allowing an appeal to CAS the only option in Scotland is through the Court of Session?




  14. Sir Paul



    Ah am Wit’ you, Babe…



    The S.F.A. wull Tak the Low Road!





    Still Laughin’

  15. The SFA tribunal stated on record that the only thing worse rangers could have done was match fixing.



    I don’t think a years ban from the Scottish Cup will cut it with Uefa or Fifa for that.

  16. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    When do the sfa get a visit from the uefa compliance officer, must be soon

  17. How can the SFA just ignore a directive from the court? Surely, they would then be breaking the law of the land?



    The appeal tribunal considered that suspension or expulsion was too harsh a sentence so they can hardly go back and apply that sanction now.



    A Scottish Cup ban it will be and Rangers will be secretly delighted, although they will probably appeal that too!



    We are Rangers – No-one punishes US!

  18. surely if the SFA hears an appeal that would be an admission by them that the court was justified, thus angering FIFA?



    really is the end days for Scottish football


    I still think they are dead in the water,and no amount of back-handing and whataboutery will change that.



    I’ve been arguing this case with my hun friends since before the £80m share issue in 2004,they could not trade out of their problems then and they cannot trade out of their problems using favours now.

  20. Paul67



    UEFA FIFA have already stated that the situation was being closely monitored.



    A pyrrhic victory for Rangers – success in a court with no jurisdiction but UEFA and or FIFA watching over them, to see that the transfer ban remains in place.



    The likelihood is increased or additional sanctions, what’s not to like.

  21. Sir Paul



    and.. Anither thing…



    This is the Perfect time fur the S.F.A. tae






    Fur.. that is whit they dae.. whenever they find that



    Thur Wicket hiz went awe… Sticky???



    And.. ye know sumptin…



    It Woiks!





    Still Laughin’

  22. up_over_goal on

    I noticed that the SFA argued in court this morning that Rangers should have gone to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and not the Court of Session, when in fact their rules prohibited Rangers from doing so.



    In other words the SFA went to court today without a full grasp of their own rules!

  23. I agree with Paul that the SFA will be very reluctant to expel or suspend Rangers, but when Ogilvy, Regan and the blazers decide how to react to Rangers’ defiance of their authority, they must take into account the very real possibility that even if they abrogate their responsibility and do nothing, the independent appeals tribunal could choose to suspend* Rangers anyway, which would result in the worst of all possible worlds for the pro-Rangers faction, with Rangers suspended AND FIFA sanctions bearing down on the SFA.



    Given this, I expect the SFA will threaten to suspend Rangers if it doesn’t withdraw its action by a stipulated date and go to the CAS instead.



    * I believe that the appeals tribunal cannot expel Rangers as in its original determination it has already concluded that suspension would be too severe. Suspension might still be considered now as the closest ‘fit’ to Rangers’ appropriate punishment, but logically expulsion cannot be chosen.

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