Oh Charlie (swept aside) Green, you’ve got Celtic wrong!


Sevco owner, Charles Green, got himself a bit confused last night when talking about Celtic, saying, “Our main rivals, or our former main rivals, across the city, they have had three different companies in their lifespan.  In fact if you look at their corporate structure now it’s more complicated than Rangers”.

For the record……..

Celtic were formed in 1888.  The officeholders of the club accepted personal liability for all debts until the club became a limited company on 12 April 1897.  On that day registration number SC003487 was given to The Celtic Football and Athletic Company Limited – a private limited company.

In 1994 Fergus McCann opened the club up to 10,000 supporters by making the club a public limited company, which then became known as Celtic PLC.  It is the same company, with the same registration number, SC003487.  On the same day the company became a PLC, Fergus, in his wisdom, registered a new company, with exactly the same name as the old company (The Celtic Football and Athletic Company Limited), in order to prevent another party registering the name, which retains an historical association with Celtic.  The new company is wholly owned by Celtic PLC.

Celtic now have in the region of 29,000 shareholders.  They, alongside every shareholder in our 125 year history, have made sure that every debt was settled.  Go to Companies House web site, click ‘Find Company Information’, search ‘CelticPLC’, for 115 unbroken years of limited liability history.

Swept aside

Green’s problems, of course, are not that people don’t understand Celtic’s corporate structure, they are that last month he told a BBC TV camera that if Rangers were liquidated “the history, the tradition, everything that’s great about this club is swept aside”.  Even he must suspect that he is not the best guy to lead his new club forward.

On the alleged illegal registration of players issue, Green was more contrite: “HMRC has still to reach a decision or announce their decision. I understand the SPL has put a panel together to look at this issue and we will contest it every inch of the way.  The view of the club, the fans and indeed newcomers like myself is that those titles and those games were won fairly and belong to this (sic) club.  We will fight it to the finish.”

At last we can agree.  If Rangers won trophies fairly they must (and will) retain them.  Speaking to Sky News in March Sir David Murray could not have been clearer that no Rangers players had dual contracts while his board was in charge.  If this is the case, Rangers have no case to answer.

However, if the old Lumley-troubler’s memory of this issue has failed him, then matters will take a different course.  If Sevco inherit Rangers SFA membership, they will be looking at many years of penalties to compensate for their decade or more of illegal player registration.

Prima Facie Evidence CSC.

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  1. Just back in from the game. Victor was superb, so was commons and the defense was solid throughout. Big FF pulled off a stunning save only to see the rebound budled in. A good warm up for midweek. Saw the stretcher being carried on but wasn’t sure who as injured, hope its not a bad one. The team looks just about ready and the pitch and stadium were immaculate.

  2. theglasgowcelticway on

    Thought we played well today.I’m a wee bit concerned about Commons as he appeared to land quite badly,fingers crossed for Wednesday!!

  3. Good lead again Paul67



    Pity there are still so many cynics in the Celtic support who’ve posted this that and the next thing wouldn’t happen, since 2008.



    CQN’s main thrust has led me for one to a sunny night in Marbella on the eve of the Ramsdens Cup, with Brechin heroes in waiting.



    May they wither and rot in Division 3 as for outstanding dual contracts and other issues, the law is on our side.


    I was disappointed today, not with the team, but the support. We must show real (custom/financial) support just now. It’ll be needed even more so when the inevitable happens and we are way out in front in the SPL and the attendances shrink.



    So far I’ve seen apathy from many and a lack of direction from the club. Surely the club realise the benefit of the necessary 2-3 players to both enhance the team and invigorate the supporters.



    There’s also a wee bit of commercial suicide going on in the GB aree. I watched Celtic’s stewards victimise and expel several young supporters today. Crass stupidity by the stewards, who clearly relished the task.


    Right enough if you put fans of other, now defunct clubs in charge of Celtic supporters the result is no surprise.



    Frustrated to read supporters discuss re-sale value of our most promising players too. What are Celtic to be reduced to hucksters ? Suppose it’s inevitable with the apathy and the club seemingly bereft of ideas and purpose.



    Not happy with our lot at the moment.

  5. The last two articles have been absolutely sensational Paul!



    Didn’t see the game but heard we played well, hope KC will be okay for Wednesday, by the looks of things Stokes won’t!




  6. “HMRC has still to reach a decision or announce their decision.”




    HMRC reached a decision a long time ago.



    They decided the huns hadn’t paid their taxes.



    That’s why they sent Minty a bill.



    That’s why there’s been a tribunal.

  7. Ernie



    The fact that it’s an appeal tribunal is lost on most



    I often wonder whether the media are being convenient or just plain stupid

  8. On Sportsound this afternoon stated that the Huns will definitely be in the top league next season post reconstruction. He was emphatic about that.



    Personally I don’t think Scottish football fans would put up with that and neither did other people on the panel.

  9. theglasgowcelticway on

    Ernie lynch


    Totally agree.HMRC have already found Oldco guilty and issued them with the bill.

  10. voguepunter, if he doesn’t, he should. We can keep him right.



    What is the Stars, aye, indeed.



    Bloke109 :-)



    roy croppie, “Absolutely fab” ha!



    Jobo Baldie, aye, sitting through that drone is not recommended.



    starry plough, cheers.



    Steinreignedsupreme, you could say that.



    Palacio67, no, I don’t think Celtic need to point these facts out to anyone.



    Weefra, thanks.



    bournesouprecipe, cheers.



    Patrick27, many thanks, Patrick.

  11. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Victor Wanyama!!!



    What a talent,,,he looked every inch the leader,the captain today!!!




  12. Anyone know what is the Beram Kayal situation? Not had a game all preseason yet would have liked him to play in qualifiers!

  13. So, didn’t see the game, but does it look like it’ll be Lustig at CB with Charlie on Wednesday?



    Forrest if Commons doesn’t make it, but can’t see Mo Bangura as a straight swap for Stokes?



    Or should we expect a complete reshuffle?

  14. Great team performance today, with Big Vic, Sammi and Kris Commons up there, thought Joe Ledley looked fit and up for it..



    Inter played their 8th pre season game today so although maybe they didn’t give full gas still a decent result against a team full of stars..



    Big Mick starting to look better too, didn’t get to see the whole game with family distractions and phones but there you go, get a look at it later when the weans are dispatched..



    Bring on the Finns..

  15. “lumley-troubler”…….






    …He’ll no like that,………


    ……….they’ll no like that.




  16. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Lustig is a strange one for me,,,i haven’t been impressed with him at Right back (plus im a huge Matthews fan) but watching him at Centre back he looks the part,,early days i know but worth a try!!




  17. Turned over to teamGB wimmins fitba,


    Shauny Aluko has grown his hair long


    and is actually better looking than I remembered.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Just back from the game ……. Absolutely brilliant performance from the team, and the fans were in great spirit also …….. I think Bangura will come onto a game, and prove some wrong …..is Stokes OK? ……. That : is a truly awful referee….even the Italians were perplexed with him…..LOL



    The SFA have actually redeemed themselves to a certain extent, in that they have not allowed the RIL off with anything, despite the obvious lobbying etc……..just wish they would hurry up ………. and sally, what a fud……..he really is a pathetic, naive little (sorry, large) shoite ………..I think sevco are actually heading for liquidation……… But I’m well stocked up with sedatives…….

  19. voguepunter



    Correct – read earlier that Aluko paid his own tranfer fee into the GB women’s team. Desperate stuff though.

  20. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Andy Cameron has always been a comedian – except when he is trying to be funny.

  21. Chucky just doesn’t get it : Glasgow’s Green and White ! That’s the whole deal….right there. He’ll never understand. Not even when he’s back in Yorkshire,wonderin’,”What just happened?. How did I go from bein’ ‘the saviour’ to a busted flush so quickly?”


    He’s gone,gone,gone….a go-getter,entrepreneurial mastermind of stellar business acumen (well,that’s what the msm would like us to think) reduced to nit-pickin’ to try and find somethin’,anythin’,about us,to deflect from the dire state of affairs at Sevco5088 ; anythin’ to keep Stürmbahnfuhrer Ally on board and leadin’ off the govan team,threatenin’,in his sleekit way,all and sundry so he,the canny Chucky, can get outta Dodge with somethin’,anythin’.


    A man for all seasons? I don’t think so…..not this season….not any season.

  22. Steinreignedsupreme on 28 July, 2012 at 17:46 said:


    Andy Cameron has always been a comedian – except when he is trying to be funny.




    The least funniest man to come oot of Ruglen………………if you know what I mean,


    Bsr thee funniest.

  23. 67heaven



    Alright bhoy? Agree with your sevco assessment. I think we could be in for a double administration. The numbers don’t stack up. How can they pay SPL standard wages to players on D3 incomes?

  24. lennon's passion on

    Paul67 good article but Celtic should be saying it in public. Don’t Lie down to bullys.


    Children season books if you bought one at full price expecting the Huns games. Write a letter to ticket office you will recieve a £30 voucher back.

  25. Paul67 et al



    How is it that the “world’smostsuccessfulclub” ended up in liquidation? Could there be a connection there somewhere?



    Did not make it to the game today, (that will be that summer football everyone is always going on about) but fully intend to next Saturday, when the League Flag Flies High. Some encouragement in today’s effort, so hopeful for a a half decent result on Wednesday. Neil Lennon doesn’t have too bad a record at home in Europe, (and progressed away last season) so let us hope we can gain a wee bit of breathing space in the qualifying stakes. Allow us to keep developing the team. 1-1 against any team from Milan, cannot be too disappointed with that given that they are preparing for Europe at the same time.

  26. Disappointed. When I read the header I thought there was going to be a rework of Barry Manilow’s ‘Mandy’ somewhere in the article with the protagnist altered to Charlie.

  27. leftclicktic on

    Watched some olympic boxing earlier


    Young Jon Jo Nevin from Mullingar looked a good boxer on his way to victory for Ireland.



  28. Steinreignedsupreme on

    voguepunter on 28 July, 2012 at 17:49:



    I’ve never forgiven him for Ally’s Army.

  29. Steinreignedsupreme on 28 July, 2012 at 17:56 said:


    voguepunter on 28 July, 2012 at 17:49:



    I’ve never forgiven him for Ally’s Army.




    That was the highlight of his career(sic)


    What was the name of that so called comedy show on STV in 80s?total crap.

  30. Did I miss the explanation why Vic had the armband, ahead of arguably more senior players, etc., Charlie, Sammi, Joe?

  31. Paul 67



    Charile got it wrong in identifying his main rivals across the city as Celtic…..



    Clyde or Queens Park are their main rivals now !

  32. Steinreignedsupreme on

    voguepunter on 28 July, 2012 at 17:59:



    “What was the name of that so called comedy show on STV in 80s?total crap.”



    Canny mind – but wasn’t that other nugget Mr. Abie on that as well?

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