Oh Charlie (swept aside) Green, you’ve got Celtic wrong!


Sevco owner, Charles Green, got himself a bit confused last night when talking about Celtic, saying, “Our main rivals, or our former main rivals, across the city, they have had three different companies in their lifespan.  In fact if you look at their corporate structure now it’s more complicated than Rangers”.

For the record……..

Celtic were formed in 1888.  The officeholders of the club accepted personal liability for all debts until the club became a limited company on 12 April 1897.  On that day registration number SC003487 was given to The Celtic Football and Athletic Company Limited – a private limited company.

In 1994 Fergus McCann opened the club up to 10,000 supporters by making the club a public limited company, which then became known as Celtic PLC.  It is the same company, with the same registration number, SC003487.  On the same day the company became a PLC, Fergus, in his wisdom, registered a new company, with exactly the same name as the old company (The Celtic Football and Athletic Company Limited), in order to prevent another party registering the name, which retains an historical association with Celtic.  The new company is wholly owned by Celtic PLC.

Celtic now have in the region of 29,000 shareholders.  They, alongside every shareholder in our 125 year history, have made sure that every debt was settled.  Go to Companies House web site, click ‘Find Company Information’, search ‘CelticPLC’, for 115 unbroken years of limited liability history.

Swept aside

Green’s problems, of course, are not that people don’t understand Celtic’s corporate structure, they are that last month he told a BBC TV camera that if Rangers were liquidated “the history, the tradition, everything that’s great about this club is swept aside”.  Even he must suspect that he is not the best guy to lead his new club forward.

On the alleged illegal registration of players issue, Green was more contrite: “HMRC has still to reach a decision or announce their decision. I understand the SPL has put a panel together to look at this issue and we will contest it every inch of the way.  The view of the club, the fans and indeed newcomers like myself is that those titles and those games were won fairly and belong to this (sic) club.  We will fight it to the finish.”

At last we can agree.  If Rangers won trophies fairly they must (and will) retain them.  Speaking to Sky News in March Sir David Murray could not have been clearer that no Rangers players had dual contracts while his board was in charge.  If this is the case, Rangers have no case to answer.

However, if the old Lumley-troubler’s memory of this issue has failed him, then matters will take a different course.  If Sevco inherit Rangers SFA membership, they will be looking at many years of penalties to compensate for their decade or more of illegal player registration.

Prima Facie Evidence CSC.

The first issue of CQN Magazine for the new season will be with you soon.  If you would like to advertise, drop me an email, celticquicknews@gmail.com.

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  1. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Lenny could do worse than sign two Cameroon women players for CB positions – they certainly have a physical presence!!

  2. Thindimebhoy on

    Prima Facie Evidence CSC indeed Paul 67



    Thanks for explaining the truth about our clubs company history without a historical airbrush in sight



    Now Sevco have a game to play and a tenous future its seems the counter spin at PR the People is in full motion.



    Maybe someone needs to remind Green its The Rangers but not as we know it thats a new company



    Celtic always will be always have been Celtic CSC.

  3. approximate costs of today’s Inter players…


    (no too shabby)



    1 Handanovic, 11mill euros


    4 Zanetti, undisclosed (over 700 appearances for Inter since 1995)


    26 Chivu, 16mill euros


    23 Ranocchia, 19mill euros


    6 Silvestre, on loan from Palermo who paid 7.3mill euros (subbed for Mudingayi, 11mill euros July 2012, making debut(!))


    14 Guarin, 11mill euros


    19 Cambiasso, free from Real Madrid (big salary)


    42 Jonathan, undisclosed – he did have a 15mill euro release clause from Santos (subbed for Nagatomo, “valued” at 11mill euro in 2011)


    10 Sneijder, 15mill euros (talk of £30mill ManUtd bid) (subbed for young Livaja, 185k euros)


    7 Coutinho, 4mill euros (subbed for goalscorer Palacio, undisclosed, 3mill euros for Genoa 2009)


    22 Milito, undisclosed, but said to be 5 players (inc Bonucci!) + cash (for both he and Thiago Motta)



    Unused subs: 12 Castellazzi, 33 Mbaye, 44 Bianchetti, 24 Benassi, 61 Garritano

  4. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on



    1722 yes I too heard Mr Cameron.. He let his mask slip quite a bit. Very touchy angry bitter and defiant. Of course when riled Dick Gordon let it be instead of putting Cameron in his place with a few facts..



    Great by the hoops today. Commons goal fab.. Role on Wednesday…




  5. Clear, succinct and THE TRUTH, Paul. Anyway, I am off that for now. I kept my big mouth shut over the pre-season warm-ups (you have no idea what a task that was) because I am never sure, though often doubtful, that they provide a true picture of either how well the team is prepared for the start of the season or if any new formations are gelling as well as expected. At just after 13.30 (half past one for the Mr. Mannerings out there) today I watched a good half hour plus of football that was of such a quality as to wipe the niggling doubt from my mind. In fact it would even have wiped any doubt from Charlie G’s mind that Newco is oh, so different from Celtic and that his NEW club will survive the coming season. It was really good stuff and the second half was not so bad either. Perhaps the presence of the Lions on this emotional occasion and the memory of that great victory in May ’67 provided an added incentive to play with that bit more effort. Unfortunately, the injuries are a real worry. Conceding a goal was, as Neil said, inconsequential in the overall picture, but the inability to gain from our good attacking football is still a little worrying. However, I am now pretty confident that with a packed house and a similar performance, we should go to Helsinki in good shape in spite of today’s game being against a team that is a few weeks behind us in preparations. After all it is top drawer with some of Europe’s best. Maybe next year I will remember this fact in relation to Celtic pre-season games. Ah, but it is great to be back to the footy again even though it means the summer is over for another year. No, I am no Charlie for although the weather might make it look different, the season of summer is still the same – it’s still Celtic, once again, with all its history and tradition too!



    H H

  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Just heard the result and the performance.



    Kris Commons a definite starter for Wednesday.



    A lot of fans on holiday.



    A lot of fans being canny with the money hopefully to buy a season ticket.



    If we win by two clear goals will we get a CB in for the next qaulification round ?



    Will Brechin be the scene of a sectarian pitch invasion tomorrow ? Is it on the box ?




  7. Head’s still reeling from the performance. Should be “that his NEW club will NOT survive the coming season.



    H H

  8. Why is it when (the club formerly known as) Rangers* fans speak about Celtic becoming a PLC (suggesting that our history is broken) and when they speak about their own (former) 140 year unbroken history, they don’t seem to mention when their own club* became a PLC (I assume they didn’t form in 1872 as a PLC!). If our hisotry was broken due to becoming a PLC, then so was their’s, which is never mentioned.



    *In Administration**


    **When is it changed to In Liquidation?

  9. The team were great today.



    Every player showed something positive compared to the Ajax debacle.



    Inter did step it up a bit towards the end but we had subbed a few of the A team by then and tiredness was creeping in.



    But I felt our guys matched them and for long spells outplayed them.



    Their midfield never got a sniff in the first half.



    Wanyama, gotta love that guy.



    I’m feeling that good I’m even going to cut ole Mo some slack.



    An excellent outing for the Bhoys – take this form into Europe please.

  10. Is Charles Green actually Mister Custard ?



    Have they ever been seen in the same room together ?



    Nah, didn’t think so.

  11. WeefratheTim on

    Friggin iPad






    Used all our subs then commons got injury.



    Weefra HH

  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Stupid me of courseBBC Scotland will keep giving their team financial haunders.



    I hope they riot.



    I HH

  13. Pau67



    You are my number one Hun skelper.







    Just found out we drew 1-1 when down to ten men. We will hammer HJK on Wednesday!

  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Match conditions. Only 3 subs. Good match report on the official club site.




  15. Headtheball, Kris Commons seemed to catch his studs on the turf and went to ground. It looked like a sore one. He went off.



    I think all the subs had been used by then.

  16. Steinreignedsupreme on 28 July, 2012 at 17:56 said:


    Abie? You’re correct ,had the pleasure


    to deal with Abie through work,guy missed


    his calling ,could buy and sell you,just


    like Craigy whyte..Craigy Craigy Whyte.

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Paul67 is number one hun skelper. I do miss skelping the huns on here.



    Hobby Tony V1.0 is practically dormant.




  18. WeefratheTim and Awe_Naw



    Thanks…didn’t realise subs were restricted like that today.



    Sounds like we did well.

  19. ElDiegoBhoy



    If that is true, then they have better P.R. than Charlie – excuses, excuses, excuses. Just a comment I picked up but have no backing. And so, we are that b***y good :))



    H H

  20. WeefratheTim on

    Wits happened to the weather? Going to put the poultry in now (plz no more duck puns). I mean 1830 ( that’s 6.30 for any cpt mannerings out there ) on 28 july? Would normally be putting them in at 2030 (that’s……….) Or even 2100.



    Weefra HH

  21. Aw Naw



    Remember the old days when you were swatting huns on here daily like err……huns?



    They’ve run a mile since those days. Fearties.

  22. campbellbhoy on

    can somebody please simplify the whole newco situation for me, i cant keep up, have they inherited the dead clubs history? trawling the internet seems to suggest they have

  23. Steinreignedsupreme on

    voguepunter on 28 July, 2012 at 18:25:



    “Abie? You’re correct ,had the pleasure to deal with Abie through work ,guy missed his calling ,could buy and sell you,j ust like Craigy whyte. .Craigy Craigy Whyte.”



    That makes sense to me. Every time I seen Abie – he always reminded me of one of those chancers who worked in Dees down the Trongate or Krazy House at Glasgow Cross.



    Real Hustlers. Unlike Abie and Cameron they had the advantage of being funny.

  24. FT


    Honka 1 HJK 0


    just finished



    Honka 5th now


    HJK 2nd, 2pts behind, having played one game more


    HJK played 19 league games now


    HJK had goalie sent off (not sure when exactly) and then the CH sent off in last 2mins


    main striker no9 missed a few chances


    they didn’t like gettin roughed up by looks of it


    we can do them, by force or by flair !!


    (tv program closed with The Clash, I fought the law, nice one)

  25. TopCorner



    Thanks for that winner this afternoon



    Did you catch the cycling ?



    Farce , team GB got stitched up …..Breakaway group got ahead nobody would help chase them down

  26. theglasgowcelticway on

    I’m not convinced Charles Green has made these comments.The Scottish media always tend to find these types of stories on the eve of big cup games.

  27. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    dixiebhoy69 on 28 July, 2012 at 17:50 said:



    We can only ‘Live in hope, and pray ..the sevco will go the same way


    It’s so lonely in the govan pups today…..


    Low lie their heads and knuckles too, where once they fiddled aw-all in sight


    But we knew it would all end like this, they were always full of bull and piss


    And everybody now knows, they’re just shoite



    He He….

  28. Kilbowie Kelt on

    Andy Cameron is a Rangers man.


    To me & to you that may make him a Hun.


    What Andy Cameron has never been is a BIGOT.


    Many of Andy’s closest friends are Catholics.


    Andy would be shocked if he was accused of being anti-Catholic.


    He is not.


    He never has been.





    In Green’s own words: when Rangers are liquidated “the history, the tradition, everything that’s great about this club is swept aside”.



    He only got the word “great” wrong.

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