Oh Charlie (swept aside) Green, you’ve got Celtic wrong!


Sevco owner, Charles Green, got himself a bit confused last night when talking about Celtic, saying, “Our main rivals, or our former main rivals, across the city, they have had three different companies in their lifespan.  In fact if you look at their corporate structure now it’s more complicated than Rangers”.

For the record……..

Celtic were formed in 1888.  The officeholders of the club accepted personal liability for all debts until the club became a limited company on 12 April 1897.  On that day registration number SC003487 was given to The Celtic Football and Athletic Company Limited – a private limited company.

In 1994 Fergus McCann opened the club up to 10,000 supporters by making the club a public limited company, which then became known as Celtic PLC.  It is the same company, with the same registration number, SC003487.  On the same day the company became a PLC, Fergus, in his wisdom, registered a new company, with exactly the same name as the old company (The Celtic Football and Athletic Company Limited), in order to prevent another party registering the name, which retains an historical association with Celtic.  The new company is wholly owned by Celtic PLC.

Celtic now have in the region of 29,000 shareholders.  They, alongside every shareholder in our 125 year history, have made sure that every debt was settled.  Go to Companies House web site, click ‘Find Company Information’, search ‘CelticPLC’, for 115 unbroken years of limited liability history.

Swept aside

Green’s problems, of course, are not that people don’t understand Celtic’s corporate structure, they are that last month he told a BBC TV camera that if Rangers were liquidated “the history, the tradition, everything that’s great about this club is swept aside”.  Even he must suspect that he is not the best guy to lead his new club forward.

On the alleged illegal registration of players issue, Green was more contrite: “HMRC has still to reach a decision or announce their decision. I understand the SPL has put a panel together to look at this issue and we will contest it every inch of the way.  The view of the club, the fans and indeed newcomers like myself is that those titles and those games were won fairly and belong to this (sic) club.  We will fight it to the finish.”

At last we can agree.  If Rangers won trophies fairly they must (and will) retain them.  Speaking to Sky News in March Sir David Murray could not have been clearer that no Rangers players had dual contracts while his board was in charge.  If this is the case, Rangers have no case to answer.

However, if the old Lumley-troubler’s memory of this issue has failed him, then matters will take a different course.  If Sevco inherit Rangers SFA membership, they will be looking at many years of penalties to compensate for their decade or more of illegal player registration.

Prima Facie Evidence CSC.

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  1. soal



    Have to confess I couldn’t have come up with yer crackers on here last night!!!

  2. The BBC seem more conflicted about what to call Sevco.



    On the fixture list, the game is listed as Brechin v Rangers but on the drop down Div. 3 league table, they list them as The Rangers.



    Are they, in fact, a different outfit, in the Ramsdens Cup or are all they world renowned BBC tims on holiday again?

  3. TopCorner on 28 July, 2012 at 19:08 said:



    Thanks for all the updates on Helsinki TC been following yer posts on the ole Twitter too, great work Sir..



    Bring on the Finns..

  4. BTW



    We used 5 subs at today’s match- Irvine, McCourt, McGeoch, Twardzik, and Bangura on for Lustig, Ledley, Sammi, Hooper & Stokes.



    It was not quite match conditions (Inter made only 3 subs however) but we had used all 5 available subs before Kris got injured on the 80 minute mark

  5. HenryClarson on

    The one thing that sticks in my mind about Andy Cameron is that he was shouted down at a Hun Shareholders AGM away back in the 70s or early 80s because he was taking the board to task for the sectarian signing policy.


    Fair play to him for that; he wouldn’t let the issue drop. He was the first prominent Rangers supporter that I can remember who took a firm, public stand against their anti-Catholicism.


    In appreciation of his stance, I can clearly recall trying – and very nearly managing – to laugh at one of his jokes once.

  6. HJK lost 1-0 today away to mid-table Honka, defender Rami Hakanpää was sent off in the 90th minute for two yellow card offences with goalkeeper Ville Wallén given a straight red in the 58th minute.

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Tallybhoy on 28 July, 2012 at 19:08:



    “I was sitting next to Robbie Coltrane in the lounge at Heathrow about 20 years ago. He is absolutely massive. I couldn’t believe how big he was – and I think he’s put on a few pounds since then.”

  8. Steinreignedsupreme



    Sorry mhate,made an erse of your


    moniker earlier,blame the beer ,it kills


    brain cells you know,still ,what a way to go.

  9. For me this far Revenue and Customs have been invisible.



    The zombies continue to ply their trade regardless. What’s to get upset about from their perspective?



    On a brighter note thanks to people like BRTH, Auldheid and many others it’s the long game that will stab the stake into the zombies. Not normally a patient man but I think it will pay off this time.

  10. Elbows not going to change the way he plays…



    “We need to get out of this predicament we’re in and it doesn’t matter how we do it as long as we do. It’s got to be done.”

  11. I see that Tony Watt scored today against Cliftonville – no surprise there then!



    I know he’s only 19 (I think), but to my mind he would be more of a goal threat than Darryl M and Mo Bangura combined, even if his ankles were taped together!



    The other goalscorer today, Callum McGregor, is another fantastic young player who along with Tony Watt, Dylan McGeouch, Filip Twardzik and Paul George (before his horrendous leg break), was one of the stars of the all-conquering under 19 side last season.



    Expecting great things from all these bhoys, but not necessarily all at the same time!




  12. setting free the bears on 28 July, 2012 at 19:17 said:


    It was not quite match conditions (Inter made only 3 subs however) but we had used all 5 available subs before Kris got injured on the 80 minute mark



    As I suggested earlier, we could have put Zaluska on outfield to run about and occupy an Inter player?

  13. An interesting point from RTC is that the zombies haven’t yet played at their midden and have an away game tomorrow.



    Not allowed into the midden perhaps?

  14. starry plough




    nice one !


    at yer service, captain



    as for HJK goalie Ville Wallen, his red card today was a bit strange – he rushed to the edge of his box around the D to clear the classic through-ball over the top



    as he came out, the opposition striker was rushing in for a 1-on-1



    the ball came toward Wallen, but as he was now just outside the box, he seemed to get caught in two minds about whether to handle it or kick it away



    in the end, he did a bit of both



    just outside the box, so a clear foul


    and i assume as he was the last man…..a red card too



    a good sign for us, i suppose….a quality goalie would simply have kicked the ball upfield



    dafty ! (and their captain, too)



  15. Paul67



    Do you think Fergus (God bless him) will pen a strongly worded letter to that charlatan Green, pointing out that he is talking mince and that Celtic have had the same company number since ould queen Vic was on the throne?!



    I also had no idea that there are 29,000 Celtic PLC shareholders: Iam not one but my ould dad is; at the time of the flotation in 1995 I had a minor cash-flow problem so was unable to invest!




  16. Paddy Gallagher on

    Succulant Lamb is now called Chopped Pork but both me and my computer suspect it is Spam!

  17. From rfc to ria to ril to the rfc to the ria to the ril….and onwards in a near perpetual cycle like endlessly renewing dna until the whole thing eventually splinters and disintegrates and is reabsorbed into the gene pool as only the vaguest of tainted memories of something awful occurring in a dimly remembered history.


    Wave goodbye,huns ; wave goodbye.


    Thanks TopCorner.



    They read a bit like Norwich (?), who I thought we should’ve beaten with Wednesday’s limited Celtic side.



    We need one or more of the forwards to rise to the challenge.


    Samaras could be the man, thought he was excellent (again) today, just needs to add a few more goals to be the complete deal.

  19. theglasgowcelticway on

    I hope the weather in Brechin is better than it’s been here and they manage to get the hedge beside the park trimmed in time for tomorrows game,I’ve not been able to do my front hedge in weeks.

  20. Steinreignedsupreme on 28 July, 2012 at 18:35 said



    Nothing wrong with the staff in Dee`s of the Trongate. I used to buy and sell in there and you needed to be sharp, would take every penny of your Provy cheque and your bus fare home before letting you out the doors. Couple of good Tims worked in there as well.


    That whole Trongate area was the very centre of sharp suited snake oil salesmen long before Peter Lawell strode into town.

  21. theglasgowcelticway on

    I bought a tri coloured top from Dee’s of Trongate.Used to wear it to CP.C’mon Hannah Miley.

  22. Thindimebhoy on




    An interesting website and concept with almost limitless material



    If the site had a global section Im sure oldco would have got a mention



    Shame them and name them CSC

  23. theglasgowcelticway on 28 July, 2012 at 20:16 said:


    I bought a tri coloured top from Dee’s of Trongate.Used to wear it to CP.C’mon Hannah Miley.




    What colour was it?Hopefully no the French



  24. theglasgowcelticway on



    They done a roaring trade with those tops back in the 80’s as there was an Oldco one too.I stopped wearing it to Celtic park when my dear old mother shrunk it in the wash.

  25. goldstar10 on 28 July, 2012 at 20:30 said:


    Yon big fat wummin still on the till at Dee’s?




    Haw you ,that’s my maw Dee Dee your talkin aboot ,double D for short.

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