Oh exactly fills a Giakoumakis size hole


The most trailed transfer of the window, Hyeongyu Oh (21), was confirmed this morning when Celtic announced the striker will join the club, subject to international clearance.  2022 was Hyeongyu’s breakthrough year when he established himself as first choice striker for Suwon Bluewings.

13 league goals in 24 starts was a decent return in a team that finished in a relegation play-off spot.  His final contribution to Suwon was the extra-time – last minute – winner that kept them in the topflight.

At 6’1”, he is 6 inches taller than Kyogo, or put it another way, he exactly fits a Giorgos Giakoumakis sized hole.  There is no coincidence here, I expect we will see Giorgos leave as soon as Hyeongyu’s clearance is confirmed.

Oh has made 93 career appearances, which is higher than most young players we recruit from European markets.  What is different about his stats is that as recently as 2021, the majority of his appearances were in the lower leagues, and most of them as substitute.  As a prospect, his story is all about what happened in 2022.

Another aspect to check when players arrive from far flung fields is how well we can expect them to adapt to our ‘refreshing’ climate.  It is currently -8 and raining in Suwon, so Lennoxtown will feel mild to him this morning.

The suburbs of Seoul are a long way from Glasgow, the weather might be kinder, but the food, language, coaching and style of play will all be different.  The player will take time to settle (just as Giorgos did).

Welcome to Celtic, Hyeongyu!

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    The Japanese and Koreans are not good buddies a lot of friction remains, I hope this signing does not upset the psychology of the team. I was a big fan of GG so this guy has IMO a lot to prove to be considered an upgrade or even a decent replacement. Though I expect an offer was made for GG that could not be refused, like a new set of tyres for the BMW say.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “he exactly fits a Giorgos Giakoumakis sized hole”



    Giakoumakis’ biceps are bigger.

  3. I will make a wee prediction, if Oh doesnt score in his first game, someone will say we should have kept gg.

  4. Ange is pleased. I’m pleased. Oh’s pleased.



    And soon big GG will be pleased.



    Go help us win the treble young fella.




  5. ●One at lunchtime●


    Four players , same surname appeared in Scottish Cup Finals 56,63,67and 77.Looking for forename[s].

  6. Strange case of GG.



    A talent that no one of note wants



    More to this than meets the eye.

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Saint Stivs on 25th January 2023 12:21 pm,


    No need to wait, I’ll say it right now, we should keep GG but we both know turning a buck is paramount.

  8. Moussa Dembele ‘closes in’ on Aston Villa move which would net Celtic tiny windfall.



    Oooooh, just tiny it is.



    “Let’s look for negative Celtic angles everywhere news team”




  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I expect a deal is already done for GG and keeping it silent until all conditions are met, Oh getting his papers stamped is the reason for the apparent lack of interest.

  10. Welcome to the Celtic family Oh Hyeongyu, May your days with us be blessed and trophy laden. HH

  11. Canamalar



    This link suggests there have been over 100 S. Koreans playing in the J league recently







    There are also around 30 Japanese players in the less well rewarded K league






    If they can rub along at clubs in their respective countries, they will do just fine in Glasgow. Their biggest challenge will be in identifying whether they are Bhuddist/Shintoist Prods or Fenians




    Why no apparent intrest from England or any other top leafue. Top scorer in Holland and top scorer in Scotland, and yet a J league team and a MLS team are his suitors.



    Doesnt make sense to me

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Oh what a beautiful morning!


    Really liking this signing. Ange’s comments on the player are particularly encouraging. Hungry and eager to develop. That’s what we need.

  14. Setting etc


    ● The answer to this question will help●


    Who is the Celtic player.Came on as a sub v Sweden and scored before he had even kicked the ball.

  15. Notthebus


    I agree especially that no Championship team has come in for him – lots are desperate for a striker

  16. TONTINE TIM @12.53


    Yes correct.And Joe Craig came on as sub v Sweden and scored with a header.

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I certainly hope so but it is a two way street and down to temprament, personal disposition through family history and bias. Hopefully the questions have been asked and assessment done to ensure the players have no issues.





    As I suggested a deal is likely already done and dependent on the conditions of the transfer contract and maintaining confidentiality until all conditions are met on both sides. You know how we like to keep secrets.

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