Old Tarts bring Celtic into disrepute on radio and newspapers


I heard a Daily Record reporter on commercial radio earlier this week suggest Celtic should “Do the right thing” and pay Rangers, in advance, for tickets for the game at Ibrox on 25 March.  I understand that last night another reporter from the same paper told Radio Scotland listeners that, despite today’s Record publishing a robust contradiction from Celtic, that he had evidence Peter Lawwell reneged on a verbal agreement to pay Rangers in advance.

Evidence of a verbal agreement?  Perhaps Lord Leveson would be interested in that one.

To be fair to everyone, any old tart can insist Celtic “do the right thing”, even if it’s the wrong thing, the comments section of Celtic Quick News regularly features such crazy notions, but it is alarming that the influence of a pernicious few spreads across such a huge profile of the Scottish media.

Peter Lawwell’s letter published on the club site was unequivocal.  Celtic did not renege on an agreement with Rangers, they are not responsible in any way for Rangers staff losing their jobs, indeed, they enjoy a functional working relationship with the Administrators of Rangers.

The fact that Celtic were able to inform fans in advance that today’s Daily Record would publish Lawwell’s letter “In a prominent position” in today’s newspaper suggests the Record acknowledged the legal consequences of failing to do so.  Despite this, no correction has been issued and the assertion that Celtic have reneged on a deal continues to be made.

The BBC, who have editorial standards well beyond those found in the red top press, are now embroiled in this mess.

While many Scottish reporters are busy uncovering genuine evidence of the biggest stories in the history of Scottish football, others cannot break the habits of recent decades.

If Celtic have legal recourse they must act but you have a role too.  You empower the media, if it was not for your (plural) custom they would be unable to lie about Celtic.

Decades of malpractice in Scottish football is coming to an end, this is our chance to redraw the map and ensure Celtic have, at last, a level playing field.

Do your part.

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  1. GourockEmeraldBhoy HAILS THE KANO FOUNDATION on

    Old tarts, jelly and ice cream mmmmmmmm



    Not the Wayne Rooney type mind

  2. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on 2 March, 2012 at 10:46



    I’ve just dug out their annual report for 1989. Grant Thornton were their auditors and it was Grant Thornton who signed off. Campbell Ogilvie was the secretary but I know I am missing something with D.C. McIntyre. Rangers paid him off, some say to keep his mouth shut but who knows.

  3. revised cup winners


    Revised Cup winners


    1991–92 Rangers 0-3 Airdrieonians Hampden Park


    1992–93 Rangers 0-3 Aberdeen Celtic Park


    1993–94 Dundee United 1 – 0 Rangers Hampden Park


    1995–96 Rangers 0-3 Heart of Midlothian Hampden Park


    1997–98 Heart 2 – 1 Rangers Celtic Park


    1998–99 Rangers 0-3 Celtic Hampden Park


    1999–00 Rangers 0-3 Aberdeen Hampden Park


    2001–02 Rangers 0-3 Celtic Hampden Park


    2002–03 Rangers 0-3 Dundee Hampden Park


    2007–08 Rangers 0-3 Queen of the South Hampden Park


    2008–09 Rangers 0-3 Falkirk Hampden Park

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on 2 March, 2012 at 10:56 said:



    what you doing up this early?


    you expecting some breaking news or summat?


    Oh and you missed the 1st place…again.

  5. traditionalist88 on




    Would the Dundee Utd v Rangers fixture in 94 not have finished 4-0 etc?!



    Remember bhoys, things are going to get better before they get even better!




  6. tomtheleedstim on

    Keep kicking them, this is our once in a lifetime opportunity to ensure an even playing field for the future and to seek retribution for the past.


    Stupid huns.

  7. playfusbal4dguilders on




    The BBC artile entitled



    ” McCoist fights to keep Rangers Stars”



    Is that the players or the baubles on their shirts?




  8. the output levels of manys a business will drop significantly today, as the footballing world awaits news on the continual demise of dignity fc,


    the only business expected to see an upturn is computer equipment repairs as certain individuals wear out the F5 button in an attempt to reach podium status.

  9. Wonderful stuff Paul 67, my head is swimming with the size that this story can be, funny the things that you remember at a time like this, my Father said when Souness first came “him and the likes of him will be the end of rangers, they’re breeding a hatred that will eventually kill them”



    I wish he was here now to see their demise.



    Bring on the SFA….




  10. Was in the local shop yesterday and a wee Celtic fan walked in and enquired ” Dae yae sell heids a need two or three mair a canny keep up wae aw this good news thits cummin ma wae oan the computer tv & radio”


    Laugh a nearly spat ma teeth oot :)))))). HUNT THEM DOWN every man & woman can play our part.


    ps RTCs latest post warns the SFA &SPL there is more to come on the two contracts issue MUCH MORE.


    The old media is dying thanks to people like Paul67, RTC & Phil Mac.



  11. kevinlasvegas on

    Awesome. keep em coming Paul.



    Re: FF Mr 67 is my name for Paul. Sorry for the confusion mate.



    Keep em coming.




  12. Paul ….Lies damn lies and daily record sports journalists honestly you couldn’t make it up…..ooops they did it again !

  13. EmeraldBee\o/ on 2 March, 2012 at 09:41 said:


    Monaghan 9.35



    I’m in exactly the same position – this is going to be a HARD Lent! In fact, it’s just no fair!!!



    On second thoughts – can our systems cope with all this “bad news” and drink?!

  14. Neveralone – This isn’t a dream. This is real. Very real. It’s also confirmation that the last 20 years or so is exactly what we thought it was – a nightmare. A nightmare filled with cheating, lying and so much more. Strangely though, we’ve been awake throughout and they are the ones who have been sleeping.



    Skullduggery – Crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it.


    Greyskullduggery – the above x 1,000.

  15. Paul 67.







    Shortbread Sports Dept is BBC lite………


    Part of the problem with more than its fair share of Old Tarts well beyond their ‘sell by’ date….



    Those that pay for it, complain, complain, complain, complain……………..

  16. traditionalist88 on

    starry plough



    Was thinking that myself, how the many Tims that have gone before us would have been rejoicing at the moment.



    This is for them as much as us!




  17. Neil Lennon is (and always will be) a Celtforlife (*O*) on 2 March, 2012 at 10:36 said:





    I don’t think EBTs were in existence back then — aren’t they a more recent mutation of the old IR35-hounded “one man limited company” tax avoidance trick pulled by contract workers everywhere?



    However, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were running some sort of scam back then. They were signing massive name players – half the England team and then half the Dutch team! – and outspending even most English teams well into the ’90s. And all this backed only by Minty (who was never *that* wealthy) and his cronies – something had to be going on.



    My point is that if you argue that the Establishment Team were running EBTs in the ’80s then it will be too easy for Jabba/Sndye/Paris Buns everywhere to deflect that there were not. They were up to something, though, and my money is on RTC/Paul67/Phil Mac finding out!

  18. kevinlasvegas on

    CQN is my paper, my radio and my news. I dont give anyone or anywhere else the time a day. I get the funnies from the radio from u guys unless they are awesome ones and the atricles worth reading from the papers on here as well. Awesome site and was lost the other day it was down.



    Keep em coming.




  19. A wee sleep overnight has clouded my thoughts



    Newco in div 3 and having to reach the steady heights of lower league football.


    Newco in SPL struggling to escape from a relegation battle for a few years.


    Newco annoncing purchase of Larkhall thistle and hoping for admission into the lower league system.

  20. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on

    kitalba on 2 March, 2012 at 11:00 said:



    McIntyre’s someone I never heard mention of until he turned up at RFC. was at MacDonald Hotels as FC 2001-06, Hewden Stuart for a couple of years before, and worked for Stakis for 15 years prior. His CA will have been done between ’80-’83 with one of the big firms I’d suspect. I knew a couple of guys who trained with GT around this time and they would mention people they worked with – never heard D McIntyre’s name. My guess is he worked with whoever audited Stakis (often the case that the auditor moves to a big client).


    As for GT’s involvement with RFC (I have it on very good authority), it was always where possible, a blue audit team. The main Partner was, as you can imagine, sucking up to SDM for years trying to get any business they could (which they did), especially when Arthur Andersens collapsed. Any new Murray venture was audited by GT.

  21. Tip of the day:


    2.45pm Lingfield – Fibs and Flannel 17/2.



    Fill yer boots.




  22. I like how our board is operating atm…keep the powder dry and kill two with single shot

  23. After the full story of the huns’ cheating and Whyte’s asset stripping becomes clear, would you put money on them winning a vote for entry to the Third Division against Forres Mechanics or Delbeattie Star?

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