Oli, Odsonne, Moussa and James, your Celts are on fire!


Absolutely tons of positives and one negative, from last night.  I’ll leave the negative until tomorrow as the other ten players were just so good and I might have calmed down a bit by then.

Despite allowances made for the calibre of Alashkert, Moussa Dembele and Odsonne Edouard were unplayable last night.  Moussa got the Man of the Match award, probably for his two goals, but Odsonne was more deserving.  His ability to create space by drawing players towards him by running with the ball was the most significant aspect of the game.

The no. 7 role at Celtic has never been an easy shift, even Jinky learned this in his early days, but James Forrest pace and stamina make him the archetype modern version of the wide right player.  James is a player you cannot get too close too.  His speed forces defenders to stand off.  Get too close and he will be away from you before you know he has moved.

Defenders need to double up on him. Again, creating space elsewhere.  And then there’s his goals.

Olivier Ntcham is unrecognisable from the player he was a year ago.  The next challenge will be to get him kick on from here.  The window of opportunity with French youth players will a little tighter than in previous years, but we have an attractive story to tell to talent swimming in that pool.  I hope we continue to fish there.

Loved the new LED floodlights, although we will not get their full effect until the entertainment pack is loaded and games take place in darkness.  The new speakers are loud.  Not Fir Park stairwell loud, but clearly audible in the North Stand Upper.

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  1. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    oe, md and cmcg drifting all over behind them – can’t wait for that this season

  2. Go tell the Spartim on

    SFA have had their chance, McGlennan doesnt have the stomach for it nor do his current employers. I suspect this will have to be tackled outwith their control.

  3. Neganon says we have never prepared properly for the qualifiers.I have no idea what happened the past two years.God help the rest if we ever do “Start preparing”I suppose bringing in Edouarde to partner Dembele and change the managers system to playing two up front,is just one of those things that happen.Another piece of non preparation,was the laying of the new pitch,to help us play faster attacking football.The manager working with the players on being able to adapt to changing tactics,at any given time,even 10 men,Phht,what’s that all about?


    That’s definitely ,not preparing,cause we did not spend squillions on another load of defenders.

  4. Is the Oranj Ordure….walk (of scoddland’s shame, cancelled or ” called off ” ?….





  5. Gary 67,



    ‘The Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal proposes to continue consideration of the complaint until parties consider next steps and terms of reference for any remit to CAS.’



    So the huns have a say in what is referred to CAS, is this for real?

  6. Twitter rumour that the player who was at the game last night as a guest of Peter Lawwell was Kenneth Omeruo. 24 year old Chelsea centre half, out on loan for last four seasons, Nigerian international, 40 caps, played at World Cup.

  7. I’m sure Auldheid will be on to explain for us dummies



    UPDATE: Preliminary Tribunal Hearing Outcome | Rangers FC



    Thursday 19 July 2018



    Alleged Party in Breach: Rangers FC



    Articles of Association and Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached:


    Charge One



    Article 5(2) of Scottish FA Articles of Association 2010-11



    5. All members shall:-


    (2) be subject to and shall comply with the Articles and any statutes, regulations, directives, codes, decisions and International Match Calendar promulgated by the Board or by a Standing Committee, committee or sub-committee thereof, or by FIFA or UEFA or by the Court of Arbitration for Sport;



    Article 5.1 (a)(2) of Scottish FA Articles of Association 2010-11


    Each member shall procure that its officials and its players:-


    Observe, submit to and comply with the Articles and the statutes, regulations, directives, codes, decisions and International Match Calendar promulgated by (a) the Board or by any Standing Committee, committee sub-committee thereof, or (b) by FIFA or (c) by UEFA or (d) by the Court of Arbitration for Sport;



    Charge Two


    Disciplinary Rule 1 (Scottish FA Judicial Panel Protocol 2011-12)


    Disciplinary Rule 2 (Scottish FA Judicial Panel Protocol 2011-12)



    Rule 1


    All members shall:-


    (a) observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules of fair play;


    (b) be subject to and comply with the articles and any statutes, regulations, directives, codes, decisions and International Match Calendar promulgated by the Board, the Professional Game Board, the Non-Professional Game Board, the Judicial Panel Protocol, a committee or sub-committee, FIFA, UEFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport;


    (f) behave towards the Scottish FA and other members with the utmost good faith.



    Rule 2


    Each member shall procure that its officials, its team officials and its players act in accordance with Rule 1.



    Preliminary Tribunal Hearing Outcome: The Judicial Panel convened a preliminary hearing relating to the above case on June 26 2018.



    This preliminary issue raised by Rangers FC challenged the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA’s Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal to hear the case, and contended that the Notice of Complaint must be determined by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.



    Having received submissions on 26 June the Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal have issued a decision upholding the preliminary issue raised by the club. The Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal proposes to continue consideration of the complaint until parties consider next steps and terms of reference for any remit to CAS.

  8. The Council and the OO were in discussion regarding the route for the walk. The Council wanted a reroute to avoid the RC churches. The OO are intransigent and will accept no compromise on their choice of route. They have cancelled rather than set a precedent. Still future trouble in the offing

  9. Wow! Interesting development regarding the Rangers notice of complaint.



    It sounds like the evidence the resolutioners presented on the 26 June made an impact…



    Who conducts the prosecution at CAS?




    ET – Shark Jumping … Another ridiculous piece from Neil Cameron on Murdoch MacLennan.



    Guess we should expect it from the SMSM in the eve of DCK’s contempt of court hearing.



    “WHENEVER anyone is accused of something they did not do, from the most heinous crime to some petty misunderstanding, it is advisable and also easy to stand up for yourself.



    The burden of proof lies with the accuser and so if the accused is innocent then it’s simple enough to prove that.



    Yes that’s supposedly from a journalist, one that couldn’t find any Rangers wrongdoing in a mountain of evidence.



    But read it…



    “The burden of proof lies with the accuser and so if the accused is innocent then it’s simple enough to prove that.



    Does that make any sense at all…



    The burden of proof is with the accuser – fine…



    So, as a journalist go to the accuser… Sevco Rangers and ask for the proof!! They put up or shut up.



    If the accused is innocent then it’s simple enough to prove it – Why?



    Why is it easy to prove you didn’t do something, surely the World is full of woeful tales regarding folk being wrongly accused.



    Add to this the fact that the SPFL gave a robust and legally sound defence of MMacL that was ignored by Sevco Rangers and their media.



    This is mud racking of the worse kind.



    Hail Hail





    Wonder if

  10. Congratulations to the petitioners all in the Catholic Diocese, and the heads of the Catholic Church for being successful in our backing of Canon Tom White.

  11. Maybe Iam a bit thick here,but does not the fact that CAS,a neutral party in all of this,without the taint of SFA brown brouges whitewashing the whole thing,not seem a better bet on justice being done?We know the evidence is damning,robably the reason King has went for a stay of execution,as we know he is wont to do.



  12. Jimmynotpaul on

    Turkeybhoy. 5.17.


    I’m thinking not.


    Sevco, no longer denying they cheated, they are going to use 5 way agreement as evidence that they shouldn’t be liable for anything Rangers were guilty of.


    In short, same club, trophies etc, yes that’s us, any bad news, nah that was oldco.


    I will bow to Auldheid etc alls superior knowledge though.




    As, ever, thank you.


    Hail Hail.

  13. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH JULY 2018 5:17 PM


    SFA won’t take it to CAS, it’ll be filed under ‘case closed’. Move along.

  14. Neg



    Awe_naw_no the ole ‘awash with cash’ cliché? oan anaw noo



    Prepare for the Cl qualifiers? – we have and the tickets are already on sale for the next round we’ve just thrashed a team from a wee diddier league than ours.



    We spent a week in Austria pampering our stars, brought our own food,, Chef dieticians, and coaches to fine tune the playing staff to the highest level of fitness possible.



    We signed Odsonne Edouard on a permanent contract smashing the club transfer record, signed Scott Bain as new back up to Craig Gordan recalled Lewis Morgan and Ryan Christie to start their careers at Celtic, and await the return of three experienced World Cup players.



    What do you mean prepare for the CL qualifiers?



    You mean we didn’t buy a £5MCB that was willing to come to Scotland?



    That’s not a strategy its just a fact of life, and VVD the last good one cost only £2.6M and the window is wide open.



    Cheer Up CSC

  15. OK,I have read James Forrests blog,and am now up to speed on the CAS thing.Where do we go from here?Will the 5 Way Agreement,be made public?


    You just have to shake your head at the duplicity the scrum from across the city wallow in.

  16. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH JULY 2018 5:40 PM



    A guess. Based on SFA won’t want details of 5 way agreement being scrutinised by others and being made public.

  17. The on is early omplete…..cas will rubber stam them as same club. With o debts..no liabiluties. ut withall titles… Well done lubs for going g with it

  18. And we havent improved squad…..most important games of season…..knowing players at world cup…jack hendry s eadfil at rb………but manafer doesnt t. Rust. Gamboa or ralston

  19. I suppose that, the old, Sevco / Oldco switcheroo trick, will out maneuver the assault from the Internet Bampots ?


    After all, if they can “walk away” from a 5-0 drubbing at the supreme court, without a glove landing on them, well, what’s the point ?


    I’ve not posted since away back in the days when Tony Mowbray was our manager, I try to read the net whenever I can.


    I just want to wish Paul and everybody on the team, especially the resolution 12 guys, all the best. HH

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    G67 et all, the problem for me is protecting the back 4, not so much as who is in it.We were poor at letting crosses in to the box, and we need to get Kouassi in front of the back 4 with Broonie in certain Euro games IMO HH

  21. Phyllis D



    Ellis Island was a great visit and I did the research but did not locate my Granda’s visit to the US.



    The family story is that he left Ireland and tried to enter the US legally, after his first wife died, but they tried to make him join the army so he went to Canada and enetered illegally from there. Eventually he went home, met my Grandma at a wedding, and eloped with her.



    If true, an interesting life, the oul’ grump had.

  22. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I’ll leave this here and see if anyone is interested.




  23. It’s been a while since the blog has had so many articulate posts on only the first 3 pages.



    Really have enjoyed catching up and taking on board the arguments from both sides.



    Keep it up bhoys, it’s the reason Paul and others make all the effort for us to voice our opinions in a civil manner whatever they may be.