Oli, Odsonne, Moussa and James, your Celts are on fire!


Absolutely tons of positives and one negative, from last night.  I’ll leave the negative until tomorrow as the other ten players were just so good and I might have calmed down a bit by then.

Despite allowances made for the calibre of Alashkert, Moussa Dembele and Odsonne Edouard were unplayable last night.  Moussa got the Man of the Match award, probably for his two goals, but Odsonne was more deserving.  His ability to create space by drawing players towards him by running with the ball was the most significant aspect of the game.

The no. 7 role at Celtic has never been an easy shift, even Jinky learned this in his early days, but James Forrest pace and stamina make him the archetype modern version of the wide right player.  James is a player you cannot get too close too.  His speed forces defenders to stand off.  Get too close and he will be away from you before you know he has moved.

Defenders need to double up on him. Again, creating space elsewhere.  And then there’s his goals.

Olivier Ntcham is unrecognisable from the player he was a year ago.  The next challenge will be to get him kick on from here.  The window of opportunity with French youth players will a little tighter than in previous years, but we have an attractive story to tell to talent swimming in that pool.  I hope we continue to fish there.

Loved the new LED floodlights, although we will not get their full effect until the entertainment pack is loaded and games take place in darkness.  The new speakers are loud.  Not Fir Park stairwell loud, but clearly audible in the North Stand Upper.

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  1. BSR


    Rubentus have sold 60 million euros worth of Ronaldo jerseys in 24hrs.



    Aye, but what if they’ve only got the Sports Direct/Sevco ” 3p per shirt” deal?

  2. The Blogger……KL


    Far too many false dawns, they have been caught bang to rights time after time and not even a slap on the wrists, I am amazed at intellingent people who believe they will get their just deserts in scotland.



  3. Sometimes we say “Whit? 15 years ago? Wis it that long. My how time flies. Seems like yesterday. A loaf of bread wis only a groat. You were still in nappies…….” especially if you were raised on cliches.



    However, Today….BT Sport 3….midday for half an hour……Not to be missed and when I looked at the timeline, I thought…”Whit? ONLY seems like so much longer. Weren’t we still on rations. Those were the days…when we called healthy food…”food”….when pineapples were things in tins and came in rings!”



    Anyway…it wis ONLY six years ago.



    If anyone on here is interested in a team called Celtic (for those not in the know, that’s a football team in Glasgow) then check it out or get a link.



    And while yer watching have a cremola foam wae a side plate of broken wafers.



    Hail Hail




  4. Have the SFA released the reasoning from the Super Legal Eagle Sevco team that proves they have no jurisdiction to rule and in which court was this battle fought and won or was it just a case of the huns saying you canny die this tae us and the SFA saying aye yer right SammyBillyWilliam???

  5. ThomtheTim: surprised nobody commented on your post re Liam Miller testimonial in Páirc Uí Chaoimh/Turners Cross.



    As a GAA fan, refusing the use of P uí C in this instance casts the GAA in a really poor light.



    They urgently need to amend their rules so that they can respond positively to events like this.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Here’s the fudge from DR right enough…



    It’s estimated the legal bill for a court case in Lausanne would amount to a substantial six figure sum £100,000, which Rangers believe would be better off spent in the Scottish game.



    But senior Hampden sources admit if they don’t take the case it could leave them facing accusations of a denial of judicial process, favouritism and a failure of transparency.



    Under the relevant SFA articles, only two punishments are facing Rangers if they are found guilty – a £5,000 fine or a £10,000 penalty and suspension from football for a year.

  7. Why don’t Celtic go to UEFA and ask if the SFA have broken rules by having a secret agreement which states that a single club under their jurisdiction can flout UEFA laws without penalty.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Lying King just been rumbled in court, his lawyer said he is ‘penniless’, Lord Bannatyne has evidence he has access to offshore trusts, just jail the charlatan.

  9. This is what happens when you sign a deal with the devil – the Ranjurs will hold it over them for ever.

  10. They are scott free ..All titles kept no money paid back no fines no sanctions no bans…. still in control of SFA… refs…not a peep from anyone at Parkhead or any other club

  11. South Of Tunis on 20th July 2018 10:29 am


    BMCUW @ 10.03 .




    My mother (RIP ) was a secular Jew . She did not adhere to the faith of Judaism . Still enough for me to be entitled to refer to myself a Jew (should I want ) and give me the right to go and live in Israel. (should I want )




    My mother hated Zionism (as do I) but also hated the covert Labour Party line(as do I ) that all Jews could never be trusted in consequence of the perception that all Jews owe allegiance to the state of Israel.. A common belief which simply is not true . Student Common room tossers like Corbyn are merely the modern manifestation of that covert line.







    Has Corbyn ever said or done anything that would justify that characterisation?



    And if he thinks that Jews can’t be trusted why are two of his closest political circle (Lansman and Schneidder) Jewish?



    Regarding the whole issue of defining anti Semitism generally this is a useful and informative piece.




  12. Pull it up Glibby!



    “It is a matter of complete disinterest to the panel how he makes the offer – it doesn’t matter what trust he uses or how he raises the funds. It is about compliance with the code.”

  13. South Of Tunis on

    TRADITIONALIST1888 @11.39 .



    Italian media position at 12 30 (11 30 UK ) was that the decision was yet to be made public — but –



    Some journos have opined that CAS aren’t happy with what seems like partial behaviour from UEFA -Ie -Why Milan but not Inter / PSG / Manchester City ? .



    Some journos have opined that since Milan are now owned by mega flush -Elliott Management -what’s the problem.? Chinese owner of AC Milan defaulted on his debts to Elliot Management -that allegedly means that Elliot Management now own A C Milan. They are big big cheeses in the Distressed Securities market -in other words -they are serious Vultures !

  14. weebobbycollins on

    Or perhaps they’re going to visit Dr Bumbum in jail…….just to cheer him up, you know!

  15. traditionalist88 on

    South Of Tunis on 20th July 2018 12:01 pm



    Interesting, thanks – yes I had read that the ownership had shifted recently. Massively underachieving club.




  16. South Of Tunis on




    Yes -seek and you shall find



    As for Lansmann and Schneidder are we to expect that the Labour Party will now advise us all re the ethno /religious status of all its employees . Or is that simply something reserved for Jews ?

  17. mike in toronto on




    Agree. My take on what has happened, which might explain what has happened. It is only a theory, but it does make some sense of strange events.



    It certainly looks like our Board wanted to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. But ended up in no mans land.



    I suspect that Our Board wanted to keep the zombies going, but did not want to say so publicly, as they were afraid it would alienate a large segment of our support. So, the went along with the 5WA, but (wink, wink) pretended that they had nothing to do with, so when it came out, they could say, in true Captain Renault style, ‘ I am shocked to find out there is gambling go on..’



    The Board counted on two things happening:



    Firstly, the fact that, if Sevco were demoted, we would win, and, as long as we were winning, most Celtic fans wouldn’t really care. The Board was right about that.



    Secondly, having been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, the zombies and the league would be embarrassed into cleaning up their act. This, I suspect, is where our Board got it wrong. And spectacularly so.



    Our Board did not count on the complete lack of common sense or ethics of those they were dealing with.



    Instead of thinking, ‘we were caught, so we better clean up our act’, the zombies and the league thought, ‘we have pushed them around, so let’s see how far we can push. And now that Celtic have mislead their own fans about the 5WA, they cannot say anything, or we will tell their fans that Celtic knew all about this, and went along with it.’



    So, Celtic have stayed quiet, and said nothing because they were concerned that, if they say anything, the zombies/SPFL will spill the dirt on what Celtic knew and when.



    And every time the zombies have tried it in, our Board have hidden because the zombies have something on them that our Board don’t want exposed.



    The sad thing is, in hindsight, it seems most Celtic fans just want to win at any cost. So, there was no reason for the ruse in the first place.



    As I say, just a theory, but it would account for things that otherwise make no sense.

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