Olivier is only explaining the facts


There’s a good half dozen players I would expect to be agitating for a move than Olivier Ntcham.  His interview in L’Equipe, where he regrets he did not move to Porto last summer and explains how he would blossom at Marseille, and generally, how he is too good for the other teams in Scotland.

The latter assertion may solicit some sympathy, although his timing is off.  We are days away from Champions League qualification and need those who are fit and experience to have their head on the job.

But this is the modern footballer.  They are not here because their Irish grannie told them tales about Charlie Tully.  Celtic provides lots of glory and money, but there are bigger paydays and all but the very few will chase the money, or, if we are being generous, test themselves in a tougher environment.

That’s football, Olivier is only explaining the facts.


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  1. Jimmynotpaul on

    Hot Smoked.


    They did, indeed.


    Greg Spence scored the winner, in the second half.


    Celtic fielded, at least, 4 trialists.

  2. Fool Time Whistle on

    TONTINE TIM on 7TH JULY 2019 6:45 PM



    Actually, it’s the opposite of that scenario…



    Catholic teachers can apply for positions in non-denominational primary schools but non Catholic teachers cannot apply for positions in Catholic primary schools.



    We’re both a long way out of primary school – I’m nearing the end of my 7th decade..



    Hope you are well




  3. fairhill bhoy on

    FRIESDORFER @3:15pm- are you maybe getting Hamilton Academy and Hamilton Grammar mixed up🤔

  4. TERRYMAC on 7TH JULY 2019 1:49 PM



    ST PAT’S DUMBARTON Since we seem to have started a sub-blog dealing with schooldays, I was wondering if there were any CQN’rs from Clydebank who had to travel on the train every day to St Pat’s?



    *I travelled on the train tae St Pats but it was the opposite direction, Balloch tae Dalreoch.



    Reminds me though of when I first came back hame fae here tae live again. After landing at Prestwick on the Monday morning I took the bus intae the toon and the train doon fae Queen Street.



    As we got tae Yoker, or as my oul Bankie pals used tae call it “halfway tae paradise”, on came the Whitecrook Tims, they spent the journey tae Dalreoch talking about how Peter Marinello tore big Tam a new one on the Saturday, as Paul Simon once said, “gee but it’s great to be back home”, no matter the score.

  5. Jimmynotpaul on

    Hot Smoked.


    It was 3 trialists, apologies for misinformation.




    Ryan Mullen




    Calvin Miller


    Stephen Welsh c


    Daniel Church


    Barry Coffey


    Dembele Karamoko




    Jack Aitchison




    Armstrong Oko Flex.

  6. Non-catholic teachers not being able to teach in catholic schools … discriminatory ?



    Away an gies piece…. like any other job if you don’t have the qualification for a particular post you shouldn’t be considered … if it was just a teaching issue why not let a maths teacher teach art …



    I blame the schools … probably Hamilton based schools are the worst :-)

  7. How about


    St Margaret’s Cowie




    St Modans – which at the time was in St Ninians ( Stirling)



    Oh – Paul67, as reported by WeeFra, have to be logged into Blog to be up to date, started Friday morning, otherwise, you can only see posts about 2hr behind current time

  8. As for teachers …



    BigShuggy from these pages somehow helped me to higher history and Mr Cushley somehow done the same with higher English … I didn’t believe my father when he told me your teacher was a Lisbon Lion… just for clarification it wasn’t my history teacher he was talking about :-)

  9. Fairhill Bhoy


    No, definitely Hamilton Academy. I used to get the (not the school) bus to EK from near there.



  10. fairhill bhoy on

    FRIESDORFER-in my time there (84-86) we only had problems with grammar


    Academy guys usually just jumped into mummy or daddy’s car that were waiting on bothwell rd 😉

  11. Fool Time Whistle on



    Any of you holy cross guys play for the school team between 59-63?





    Just before my time – went there in 1965.



    Wasn’t that good back then – and then just went downhill from there.




  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Fool time..,


    I’m pretty sure anyone can take the supplementary religious qualifications needed to teach at Catholic school however they would require to attend Catholic teaching college.



    Like you I think schools should not separate children but this includes private, unisex and special needs, all should be integrated into a single education system geared and funded to ensure all kids get the best education available with the greatest diversity available. Parental choice should not be a consideration as they all think their rug rats are special and deserve more.

  13. TheLurkinTim on

    OldTim67…are you still arguing that 12th July isn’t yer birthday 😂 Hope to see you soon

  14. Canman 8.20pm



    Supplementary religious qualifications = incorrect



    Requirement to attend catholic teaching college = incorrect



    So am pretty sure you might be correct about most parents think and want the best for their kids so at least a bit of your post was on the button

  15. The hand of God on

    GFTB….I think you are missing the point her non catholic teachers aren’t allowed to gain the qualifications required.

  16. lets all do the huddle ? on




    Any of you holy cross guys play for the school team between 59-63?





    Just before my time – went there in 1965.



    Wasn’t that good back then – and then just went downhill from there.




    so u wuld have been there til 1970?



    wonder if my old man taught you?



    him and his cousin – same surname – taught there late 60’s til early 70’s i think

  17. The Hand of God 8.35pm



    Maybe am out of my depth here considering your moniker :-)



    Surely a RC primary school teacher should have the skills to teach the children in all things teachings and preparing for their communion & confirmation … which are two important things in catholic schooling again … am not looking to argue about the rights & wrongs but for me the RC schooling is a target these days, funnily enough nobody ever discusses why we needed RC schools to begin with …

  18. lets all do the huddle ? on

    Lets All Do The Huddle…the Muirs?







    a more ‘Donegal’ sounding surname than that



    not that either of them were from there tho!

  19. Fool Time Whistle on




    I’d like to think that anyone could take the supplementary religious qualifications but I suspect that the guardians of that privelege would likely want some proof of baptism etc – just a wild guess on my part.



    Yes, I wish schools just taught academic stuff and left the rest of it to parents for their own progeny.


    Frankly though, in the USA it’s getting worse. Faith schools everywhere & many of which are creationist. I saw a science book from one of those schools yesterday where electricity was explained as a mystery and that “we cannot say where it comes from”. Same school said dinosaurs & humans lived at the same time in test under title of “4th Grade Science Quiz – Dinosaurs – Genesis & the Gospel”. Apparently, the earth is not billions of years old, and god made dinosaurs on the 6th day. Child got 100% and A plus for giving those answers.



    Laughed at your last sentence.


    Parenting – the most important job in the world but with zero training & no qualifications required.




  20. weebobbycollins on

    LADTH…sorry! Wrong time (early 60s)…and the Muirs were brothers not cousins…


    WBC must read things properly x 100…

  21. The Huddle 9.02pm



    Maybe, especially on a football blog neither should any of us :-)

  22. weebobbycollins on

    A whole page and Celtic mentioned only once…the first post.


    So, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic…to infinity and beyond…

  23. Fairhill Bhoy 9.11pm



    Will definitely get a beer with you if am out, hoping to be in the Parkville August time around a Celtic game as well …

  24. Weebobbycollins. Played for Holy Cross 1957 till 1960 when I left. Peter Reid and Tommy Reilly coached us. One famous game we played in Blantyre against St Joseph’s. Being from Burnbank I was a target along with Pete Mulvaney from Blantyre. We got kicked upside down, so much that Reid and Reilly abandoned the match and we had to run like hell for the bus.

  25. fairhill bhoy on

    WBC-it’s the pre season so the Huns win this hands down


    Keep up 🤔😉

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