Olivier is only explaining the facts


There’s a good half dozen players I would expect to be agitating for a move than Olivier Ntcham.  His interview in L’Equipe, where he regrets he did not move to Porto last summer and explains how he would blossom at Marseille, and generally, how he is too good for the other teams in Scotland.

The latter assertion may solicit some sympathy, although his timing is off.  We are days away from Champions League qualification and need those who are fit and experience to have their head on the job.

But this is the modern footballer.  They are not here because their Irish grannie told them tales about Charlie Tully.  Celtic provides lots of glory and money, but there are bigger paydays and all but the very few will chase the money, or, if we are being generous, test themselves in a tougher environment.

That’s football, Olivier is only explaining the facts.


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  1. “However, if it does happen, it won’t happen late. A million per cent. It won’t happen late, that’s for sure”



    Seethen Gerrard explains the Morelos ‘transfer’

  2. Fairhill Bhoy 9.23pm



    A tight leash ???



    Am getting grilled the now about Tuesday night by MissGFTB… what time you going out what time will you be home, I live about 500yds fae the boozer we are watching it in …



    although meeting strangers from online is everything I warn her about :-)

  3. weebobbycollins on

    Jocktim…my coach was PT teacher Peter Rice, ex hibs, aberdeen, st mirren and albion rovers…


    When I say coach, I mean he picked the team…there was no coaching, other than–“get stuck in boys.” :-)

  4. weebobbycollins on

    BSR…”a million percent”???


    Seethen Gerrard didn’t go to holy cross…



  5. Fool Time Whistle on




    Very true – but it so easy to drift from schoolday stories & banter to religion.


    I’ll take 100 lines & a detention








    Your story of running for your life got me thinking..


    I played for the school reserve team at my unidentified primary school in Castlemilk.


    In those days the janitor ran the teams and we assembled at the school for away games & he would leave out the busfare & jerseys only.


    We travelled as a team without any adult supervision across Glasgow for these games with our boots tied round our necks.


    Running for our lives was usually required if we won on the road – a very rare occurence.


    On one occasion we were playing away to St Theresa’s on a gravel pitch in Possil somewhere. We were getting humped and were 4-0 down early in the 2nd half. I tackled one of their players more robustly than he liked and as soon as I cleared the ball, he came up behind me. His words still echo in my head.


    “If you tackle me like that again I’m gonnae stab you.”


    I saw from the look in his eyes that he meant it & looked very capable of it.


    I played well within myself for the rest of the game & they won 6-0.




  6. The Young Scouse Ned is indulged in his mis-placed arrogance by pally hacks with a Level of fawning not seen since Walter donned his first cardie…………….



    ….and some folks think aw Cellic needs is to get some good PR!

  7. Had the misfortune to play for Holy Cross, away to Larkhall Academy.



    Their entire school assembly lined the pitch, nobody in our team would take a


    throw in, bolted for the bus fully stripped at time up.

  8. Hilarious how my oul Ma cant get her head around the Treble Treble



    She’s on about getting a cake for my Da who’s birthday is coming up this week and wants to mark this on the cake…



    “Should i get it 3-0 on the cake?”



    “Why would you get 3-0?”



    “For that treble thing”



    “Naw just put Treble Treble”



    “How many times will i put it on?”



    “Just put it on once”



    “But i would need to get that put on three times”



    “What you mean?”



    “Treble Treble Treble…”



    “Why would you do that?”



    “Cos they won it three times did they not?”



    “Aye so just put it on once it’s the ‘Treble Treble”



    “But that’s twice, not once, I thought they won it three times?”



    “They won three cups three times in a row Ma so it’s the Treble Treble”



    “Are you sure? I dont think u understand either”



    “Ffs just put ‘Treble Treble’ on the cake Ma”



    So anyway, I’ll let you know how it works out




  9. Fool Time Whistle on




    Willie Carr was spoken of in reverential tones in our team when I was clogging in the reserves at my primary school. Starman – Then we’d all go quiet…






    Did you win?

  10. Weebobbycollins. Apologies…your right he was Peter Rice. I’m ageing more than I thought…the memory is playing tricks. Actually Rice was a good coach for us. But whatever happened to Tommy Reilly? He was a thug with a belt. Many a time I got 6 of the best from him. I heard that he headed for Canada, but that was only a rumour.

  11. weebobbycollins on

    Talking of war books (eh?)…I suppose you’ve all read Sebastian Faulks’ Birdsong…so, I will recommend another for the cqn book club…Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden…superb!

  12. What is the Stars on



    Who would win a fight between the Holycross School nostalgia club and the I kissed Clare Grogan at a teenage disco nostalgia club.

  13. Fool Time Whistle on

    BHOYLO83 on 7TH JULY 2019 10:06 PM



    Laughed at that account of things..



    Tell her to put “3 trebles” on it.




  14. weebobbycollins on

    Bhoylo83…solution–three cakes, each with Treble…green, white and gold/orange

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Let’s get football out of the way quickly.



    Olivier – good luck. I had high hopes for you but c’est la vie (as you might say).



    EPL & ECL transfer windows close 08 August.



    Europa League 3rd qualifying round starts on 08 August.



    Ibrox side will make it through the first two rounds.



    If they subsequently fail to make the group stages AFTER many European transfer markets have closed …….. tick tock, tick tock.



    Now to these pesky separate schools.



    An anachronism, no place for them in a modern society.



    Simple solution.



    Catholic state schools routinely outperform non denominational equivalents.



    Send all Scots children to Catholic schools.



    Hail hail

  16. Fool Time and Weebobbycollins



    I should have juat let her do the 3-0




  17. IniquitousIV on



    The page only loads when I log on. My issue or yours?



  18. IniquitousIV on 7th July 2019 11:28 pm





    The page only loads when I log on. My issue or yours?




    DIffo the site, I think Paul gave up on the techy side of the site a long time ago

  19. One thing that has always annoyed me is these ‘superstars’ that flit through Scottish football, then moan about how shite it is and how they are so much better. Do your talking on the park Mr Ntcham. How many memorable games have you played for Celtic. Unbelievable… Average footballers going on about how they’d improve in another league. Why don’t you improve ours? Because you ain’t good enough. Oh for another maestro. BTW, don’t sell Ntcham for a penny less than our valuation.

  20. Big week coming up.


    Are we fully prepared?


    It looks like we are depending on the spine of the team that won last season’s treble.


    We seem well covered for the GK position.


    Full backs. Ralston and Hayes? Should be good enough.


    Central defenders. Is Jozo available after his red card? If so AJER and he should cope.


    We have a cornucopia of choices in midfield.


    Brown our anchor, McGregor, James, Christie, Sinclair, Bitton, Morgan, Johnston will all be in contention and should have enough experience and fitness to control the game.


    Strikers. With Bayo a question, again, we will be reliant on Eddy probably with Griff as a back up.


    I don’t think any of the new signings will get further than the bench.

  21. Fool Time Whistle on

    BBC Scotland still churning out the PR guff for the newest club in Scotland.



    From their site today..


    “Morelos, capped three times for his country, joined Rangers from Helsinki in 2017 and was the subject of a failed £8m bid from Chinese club Beijing Renhe in January 2018.”



    Isn’t this the Chinese club that said they didn’t know anything about any bid for him?

  22. Fool Time Whistle on

    Then you find out that the source is “Imperfectly registered Dickson” and suddenly it all makes sense.



    From the TalkingBaws site.



    “It was believed that Guangzhou Evergrande were the team in for Morelos, but it was quickly pointed out on social media that they already have the maximum of four non-Chinese players in their squad.



    Now the bidding team appears to have either changed or been confirmed as Beijing Renhe – a newly-promoted CSL team.



    That’s according to Sky Sports’ Andrew Dickson, who appears to have close ties to Rangers:”



    Translation; Since you found out my story was crap I’ve had to revise my nonsense to find a Chinese Club that had vacancies for foreign players.



    Appears CSC

  23. TheLurkinTim on

    BSR….that’s a lol…if yer really quiet….and have yer ear to the stone….nothing….lol

  24. ‘GG,



    So annoyed by the Ntcham stuff.



    Get him out the door pronto.



    I really dislike players that think they are the ticket, no way Olivier is going to do Anything worthwhile in fitba. Sad. Bad Attitude.



    Get those Young yins donning the Hoops.



    Mikey showed enough to me @ Ibrokes first Time round that he has it.

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The huns should have taken the £22 mil from the unnamed Chinese club last season for El Dufalo….more brilliant PR from Jabba….scaring teams off who would have went to about £3mil for him

  26. A horrible day @ the nasty place to be.



    Mikey showed up for Everything.



    A wee laddie.



    Big Strong Man.com

  27. Mikey, Hopefully, is gonnae Light up Scottish Fitba.



    Make a real name for himself, just like Kieran.



    WORD up.

  28. It will be very hard to get 9 in a row.



    For petes sake……… dinnae jibber jabber like it is a formality.




    each time you JJ – annoyed.



    If the Almighty allows it – Celtic will be Incredible.

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