Olivier is only explaining the facts


There’s a good half dozen players I would expect to be agitating for a move than Olivier Ntcham.  His interview in L’Equipe, where he regrets he did not move to Porto last summer and explains how he would blossom at Marseille, and generally, how he is too good for the other teams in Scotland.

The latter assertion may solicit some sympathy, although his timing is off.  We are days away from Champions League qualification and need those who are fit and experience to have their head on the job.

But this is the modern footballer.  They are not here because their Irish grannie told them tales about Charlie Tully.  Celtic provides lots of glory and money, but there are bigger paydays and all but the very few will chase the money, or, if we are being generous, test themselves in a tougher environment.

That’s football, Olivier is only explaining the facts.


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  1. weebobbycollins on

    This logging in thingy has happened today for the first time…logged me out then wouldn’t refresh the page until I logged back in…


    I blame Peter Lawwell and his overheated driveway…

  2. Ruggyman


    An example of football moving on with us going backwards – we are stuck in a puddle never mind a small pond

  3. Oldtim



    I am so sorry i cant make your shindig on Saturday but sincerely hope its a belter.



    I have instructed that my hug has to be passed on to your good self


    if it isnt this happy clapper will be cross :-)))))




    Hoopy Hoopy Birthday D

  4. Inverdale gutted!



    A complete prick of a man.



    Go Johanna…..Go Johanna!

  5. Jamesgang.



    Stephen (BT) told me that you were down in London,I’ll miss you being there.



    By the way I wish it was true about being my 70th, add another 10 years on to that.



    Thats why I’m have a wee session, many years ago being an octogenarian was celebrated with a wee session, very few reached that age back then, now reaching 100 is quite common. quite confident I won’t reach the ton.

  6. GENE



    Me too!



    Mibbe he know’s someone…….or something!



    But still a total clown.



    Away to find OLD TIMS post!

  7. RUGGYGMAN @ 5:28 PM,



    Hope that learns him, trading Celtic’s ambition for mediocrity…



    Hail Hail

  8. Davie



    You’ve already crammed 2 or 3 lifetime’s into this one. And the way in which you share your stories – on here and still more so ‘live’ – means they live in all of us forever. Cos by Fek, we cannae forget them!!!🙈😱🤣😉👏👍🏽



    You’re some Bhoy and some man. And a great friend to so many.



    HH jg

  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JAMESGANG on 8TH JULY 2019 6:06 PM


    This has to be worth 60seconds of your time




    HH jg






    Done – they should be able to ‘celebrate’ their ‘heritage’ if they want to, but do it in a private venue, e.g., the Victorian Sh!t-house.



    Feel about the same in relation to some of the Republican marches too (probably host them in Easter Road).






  10. OLDTIM…



    Loved reading your post, looking forward to seeing you and many others on Saturday, it’s been too long.



    HAIL HAIL my young at heart old friend. ☘️☘️

  11. glendalystonsils on

    Evening times online article forgets itself for a minute by giving a plug to big TG’s boots auction but quickly restores natural meeja order by showing a picture of TG in a Notts Forest strip.

  12. weebobbycollins on

    Keevins…”Celtic have put a price on Tierney, circa 25M pounds.”


    He doesn’t know that. He knows as much as you and me…zilch…

  13. Well, having talked about old birthdays, I have to admit to being 70 on 8 June.


    Old Holy Cross guys just fade away.


    Slowly, hopefully.



    Not walking alone just yet.







  14. weebobbycollins on

    Gerrybhoy…old holy cross guys (especially if they were doggers) just get older…happy birthday!

  15. I never have to log in or log out…………………



    I just wait………………







  16. WBC and Hot Smoked, I read the Gilly Gilly thing before heading out for Mrs TT’s appointment at the Toronto Western, 56 kms away, sat in the waiting area for her, and then drove back up, morning peak period traffic both ways, walked the dug and I was still singing it, then Jocktim comes in with the Lollipop Song and the Pink Toothbrush both by Walter William Bygraves aka Max who, contrary tae rumour, wisnae a four by two but a ben affleck, no that it matters.



    Derek McCulloch aka Uncle Mac of Children’s Favourites, on Saturday mornings has a lot tae answer for.



    BTW he was the commentator on the first radio broadcast of the FA Cup Final in 1927

  17. jinkyredstar on

    Old Tim



    Great contribution today, brought back great memories of days opt and smashing folk, sadly no longer posting or watching from the real Paradise. I will raise a glass to you on Saturday, have a great time, you deserve it.







  18. tontine tim



    Of course Max Bygraves used to live in Grangemouth back in the day.


    Not a lotta people know that…

  19. Fool Time Whistle on




    Belated congrats on your 3 score years and 10.




  20. OLDTIM67 on 8TH JULY 2019 2:31 PM



    MCPHAIL BHOY I remember that the Hun Rags writing that Inter Milan had the best defence in the World at the time



    *I’m a wee bit younger than you and used tae buy the record, my da bought the express but primarily for the pull out racing section, swayed by the former, the latter with John Mackenzie wurnae anti-us, in fact he and James Sanderson were bannned fae hades by lawrence a week or so later for criticizing their team selection in the lavvy cup, I wisnae confident at all.



    Anyway,as I said Ii didnae think we would win, this was the great Inter and Helenio Herrera with his catenaccio system, God help us should they take the lead lol.



    However, that morning, the Feast of Corpus Christi my da and I went tae 7:00 Mass at St Martins in the Renton, he was working in the local estate at the time and I was in Alexandria with the nations largest home builder.



    As we walked down the avenue after Mass, along with his cronies, one of them said he thought we would win, that was the first I heard any Tim, young or old, say that. He based it on the Big Mhan being fly by repeating that he was just happy tae be there.



    I left them at the gates and as they walked along the Main Street I went round the River Leven past the Vale of Leven Juniors ground, the rest of the day is still a blur.

  21. I am another that cant refresh the posts without being logged in,


    reading or posting on the phone is practically impossible,


    a totally different website loads when i click on the lead article,


    wonder how many no longer post due to similiar issues.

  22. any st augustines Coatbridge old bhoys on here well im one, and my claim to fame is I used to carry our music teachers guitar into the school because he had trouble walking, now his name was mr mallan I did not know he wrote a song called these are my mountains, and he was of course peter mallan.beat that.hh.

  23. Bloody Hell Shved out injured, what is it about Celtic & injuries, last season was horrendous hope this isn’t the start of a rerun.

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