Olivier is only explaining the facts


There’s a good half dozen players I would expect to be agitating for a move than Olivier Ntcham.  His interview in L’Equipe, where he regrets he did not move to Porto last summer and explains how he would blossom at Marseille, and generally, how he is too good for the other teams in Scotland.

The latter assertion may solicit some sympathy, although his timing is off.  We are days away from Champions League qualification and need those who are fit and experience to have their head on the job.

But this is the modern footballer.  They are not here because their Irish grannie told them tales about Charlie Tully.  Celtic provides lots of glory and money, but there are bigger paydays and all but the very few will chase the money, or, if we are being generous, test themselves in a tougher environment.

That’s football, Olivier is only explaining the facts.


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  1. FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 8TH JULY 2019 8:29 PM






    Belated congrats on your 3 score years and 10.



    Many thanks!



    Still golfing 5 days a week to keep fit :))


    and enjoying my first grandchild. He’s 20 months old and a joy.


    Life is good!













  2. Corkcelt


    Celtic by numbers have two interesting articles about the injury count.



  3. Fool Time Whistle on




    18 months before I enter the eighth dimension ..I mean decade..



    I’m great at some parts of game of golf…



    I wear the troosers well & look smart in my polo shirt.


    I hold the club well & at address I look the biz…


    Then….it’s attention all cars because my ball could go anywhere..


    I still have clubs but they’re for show only now.



    I’ve got 6 grandchildren – 5 girls and a lone bhoy.


    Life is tiring – as I am on constant grandweans watch during the summer months.




  4. While writing about May 25, 1967 I mentioned walking past the Millburn Park home of the Vale of Leven Juniors, this was the same park they played at when they were one of the country’s top clubs.



    As a result of being 3 times winners of the Scottish cup their name, along with ours, is on the trophy, deidco isn’t but on the plinth.



    The last time the Vale won the Cup was 10 yeas before our birth, after beating local rivals Renton Thistle, Jamestown, Dumbarton and Helensburgh enroute they met the then Kinning Park side who had received a bye intae the final!!!!!!



    After a 1-1 tie at hunden the Vale were awarded the trophy after deidco objected to a disallowed goal in the original match and refused to show up for the replay possibly costing themselves their name on the oldest fitba trophy in existence.

  5. Mike in Toronto on

    just read the Ntcham interview …



    Not the smartest interview, that’s for sure ….. clearly working his ticket … but that can end badly unless you are 100% certain that you will have good options …. I guess he figures that, if Porto were interested, either they will be again, or some team of comparable quality/stature … but, a dangerous game ….



    …. but hard to argue with his points …. that he is not progressing at Celtic, nor is he likely to while playing at Celtic/in Scotland…



    personally, I think he has tremendous skill, but, we dont seem to play a style of football that suits hiis game … .



    again, this does not mean that he doens’t carry some of the blame for his lack of progression … ,




    Sorry I forgot to post the link Paul McConvillle



    *thanks for this although I had read it before it just reinforced why the Catholic education is still popular.



    Over here when the British North American Act (BNA) was introduced in 1867 there were are the time two fundamental systems of education throughout Canada, one for the Protestant communities, free from the control of religious bodies, and the other for the Roman Catholic French and Irish communities in which education is united with the religious teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.



    In Ontario where I live, Roman Catholics and Protestants (the Jews being ” Protestants ” for all the purposes of the School Law) had each the right to establish “Separate Schools ” for elementary education, the local rates for the support of these schools being separately levied and applied. Incidentally during this period Toronto was known as the “Belfast of North America”.



    There were and still are 2 distinct school boards for separate and public education.



    When Pierre Trudeau repatriated the constitution in 1982 a new Charter of Rights was entrenched in it, however, education was NOT on the table and it was to be left as the BNA had set it up.



    I have family that teach in separate schools, both at elementary (primary) and high school level.



    Because of the success rate of the separate schools parents are literally queuing up (some have been known to line up all night) tae get their weans in. Baptised Catholics have first choice but hindus, sikhs (turbans tae) and muslims also attend.



    Attendance at religious classes is mandatory and the parents know this before they sign up, the only other stipulations are that parents have to agree to have their portion of school taxes sent to the Catholic ones and uniforms are mandatory.



    Several Unis have been known tae favour grads of separate schools, the high school in the mall town I live in has 100% success rate of acceptance to further education.



    This appears to be common in other countries; the only one with any problem it seems is the land of my birth.

  7. Lets hope for a decent result tomorrow. Would be happy with the 2 lads we are trying to get in the door (rb and cm). i Would be very happy if we got a striker in too. If we can keep kt and rogic i Would be over the moon.



    Ntcham should be punted to the highest bidder. He is no use to us if he is gonna spent the season moaning and agitating for a move.


    The fee for ntcham and the money from brendan and co’s departure should easily cover the purchases this season and leave us with a better and more balanced squad than has been the case for a good few years.

  8. Fool Time Whistle on

    STEPHBHOY on 8TH JULY 2019 10:24 PM



    BBC has comments from NFL basically – club aren’t impressed and he’ll talk to the player when he returns from the U21 World Cup.



    Fly on the Wall CSC

  9. We are absolutely going to smash it out the park today….



    Blooper them all over the park.



    We’ll do the same in each of the qualifiers.



    Lenny has us primed. Just watch…..



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Neil says Ntcham will get kicked in the RS McColls when he returns ,he’s downed tools so get him tae….

  11. quadrophenian on

    If Stan Collymore was a bit of a dogger.


    And he has Celtic sympathies.


    Does it follow he must have gone to Holy Cross?



  12. quadrophenian on



    Agree; Olli is gifted and silky but that’s not what makes a great pro. Not what makes a great Celt.


    Olli’s arrested development lies at his feet, not at the feet of all those he plays against.


    He should ask himself how many games did he star head and shoulders above all others on the park including his own team mates…I’ve seen Broony, Callum, Jamesy and ever Rogic do it quite regularly.


    If his attitude doesn’t ‘professionalise’, just file in the same drawer as Musonda, Stokes, Viduka etc…


    Look fwd to the Sarajevo sojourn HH

  13. Fool Time Whistle on

    QUADROPHENIAN on 9TH JULY 2019 2:50 AM



    There was a Stanley in my class at the Spes Unica school for friends of canines…




  14. Fresh Summers Morning Here In The Chilterns…



    Well, the season kicks off in anger today and we will need to show that Celtic passion.



    FK Sarajevo couldn’t be playing Celtic in better circumstances and they know it. So important to put a stamp on this game.



    I’ve a feeling we might have to win this at Parkhead.



    The squad for the game is a bit of a head scratcher. Players missing I thought were fit and unfit players in the squad:






    Craig Gordon, Scott Bain.






    Kieran Tierney, Boli Bolingoli, Jack Hendry, Jozo Simunovic, Christopher Jullien.






    Scott Brown, Ryan Christie, Maryan Shved, Scott Sinclair, Tom Rogic, Olivier Ntcham, Callum McGregor, Luca Connell, Lewis Morgan, Eboue Kouassi, Daniel Arzani.






    Leigh Griffiths, Vakoun Issouf Bayo, Odsonne Edouard.



    No Ajer!? Didn’t realise he was out, as Keiran and Jack Henry haven’t travelled looks like we’ll be relying on the new bhoys – three at the back?



    We seem to have the same issue in midfield with half those ghuys not available for selection. Of course the core players who won us a treble treble are… so we are in good hands.



    Up front Griff needs game time but the fact is the wee mhan will put the ball in the pokey if given a chance but if we go 3-5-2, was surprised Mikey isn’t there.



    Playing along side OE he could have caused the Bosnians real problems.



    Hail Hail

  15. Just being checking out our qualifier “B list” and what it means. Now I’m not at all sure on this but it seems…



    Ajer, Johnston and Ralston are on the B list due to their ages.



    By not naming them on the A list it allows for others, such as the new ghuys, to be named as one of our 25 players on the A list.



    It means there is less shuffling around as we progress through the qualifiers.



    If, as I believe Craig is still injured, Conor Hazard could! also be on the B list and be substitute goalkeeper.



    It means, if I’ve understood correctly that


    Ajer, Johnston and Ralston can start tonight.



    Hail Hail

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Cheers Chairboy – looking forward to the game. Been up from very early this morning with the pre-season buzz….






  17. Just read the ntcham article!, beeling!.


    Stick the chance in the stands see if French under 21s pick him them.


    He’s not that good and he won’t be missed.



    Also heard yesterday from a good source that our manager has been advised to move his family again due to threats by the relevant authorities.



    Scum then scum now scum forever!.

  18. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Due to problems with Premier Sports I will need to watch the game in the pub!


    The things we do for Celtic 😁


    This site jumps more than Jack Flash and this is third attempt at posting.

  19. Chairbhoy



    Your second reading is the correct one.



    Your first list was our A list of registered players; it was NOT the travelling party.




    I still expect the team to be






    Ralston Ajer Simunovic Hayes



    McGregor Brown



    Forrest Henderson (?) Johnston







    I expect Griff might get time as a sub with Bitton and Sinclair as options too.



    I don’t expect Tierney to be on the bench or in the team and I think Julien and Mbombo will only play in emergency situations.



    These games need the players who have trained and played together before.



    If the result goes well (1:1 is an ok result) we could see them debut in the 2nd leg.



    Brendan played his Red Imps qualifier on the 12th July. We have 3 days less to prepare against a better team than that. Thankfully, Sarajevo are in a similar early season state. They have the usual advantages of home conditions but we are a better team and should prevail, even if it takes two legs.



    If we click quickly, we will beat them in both legs.

  20. SFtBs @ 8:32 AM,



    Thanks for the clarification, the B list thing confused me. Kinda got it now.



    Totally agree, with little pre-season we must go with the tried and trusted. If we are in control of the match let the others have game time.



    BGFC @ 7:30 AM,



    Yes, great to be back to the football – Scott Sinclair had a very good interview before the Cup Final on this Celtic team’s winning mentality… very different team this season, young too but no reason not to carry on with that attitude.



    On the N’tcham thing…



    It’s worth putting things into context.



    Celtic, to my way of thinking, would be more than happy to pick €10M for him, they may have even be driving him to the Airport:)



    The thing is though, he, Dembele and others had an improved offer from Celtic on the table this time last season. After staying at Celtic and Dembele going on the final day of the tranfer window he was greatly peeved.



    Now he signed the new contract in November but didn’t try a leg afterwards.



    He wants to go, Celtic want the transfer to go through but who is going to pay that type of money now!?



    There in lies the problem, now if he can convince a top Club that he really was out of sorts in Scotland and is well worth the €10M gamble so be it.



    Can’t see it myself… we’ll be lucky to wipe our face.



    Hail Hail

  21. I think the best solution to the Ntcham fiasco is to loan him to a team in one of his sought after Big Leagues (Brendan- do you want him?).



    We can then earn a fee if he tries a leg there to earn a transfer.



    Alternatively, we could sell him cheaply and try to make money with a sell-on clause.



    It’s a pity because , I think, Celtic by Numbers has demonstrated some effectiveness by Ntcham in games that often is not appreciated by our crowd.



    But, he has more than blotted his copybook with us, as fans, so it’s difficult to see a way back. Mind you, Boyata managed it so maybe Olly could. I still doubt it.




    Ryan Christie ahead of Henderson surely?

  23. As usual feeling nervous about an away in Europe tie. With the same players as last season can’t see how Neil will have had time to put his style to the forefront. Confident we’ll get through but I’m sure there will be a few anxious moments tonight. At least the weather won’t be an issue, had assumed it would be really hot. Hoping for a decent pitch.

  24. Like no other on

    Morning CQN from a dreich and grey Elie. Up here for a few days. Anyone know where we can watch the game in the Neuk of Fife???



    Many thanks in advance



    HH. LNO



  25. Borgo67



    I think most supporters feel nervous but, thankfully, not so the players.


    Watching Johanna Konta`s game yesterday, the impartial commenatators were terrified that Johanna might blow it as , well in the lead, she double-faulted then lost that potentially match winning game .They were convinced that Ms Konta, with the winning post in sight, was very nervous.


    Asked about this in her post match interview, Johanna seemed a tad surprised and said, truthfully I believe, that she had no nerves at all and simply played a couple of loose shots.


    I feel this , with the occasional exception, is true of most professional sports people.


    I am sure Odsonne will feel more confident than we do when next taking an important penalty !!




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