Ominous sign despite the win


I always support a manager who wants to freshen the team up and keep his squad motivated, as Neil Lennon did last night.  Some of you will remember how Martin O’Neill steadfastly refused to utilise his squad, sticking to the tried and tested 13-or-so players.  Patryk Klimala needed to start a game and last night was as good a time as any.  We saw good things from Hatem Elhamed last season, enough to suggest this term’s performances can be improved upon.

Better to try things when you have options on the bench against St Mirren, than when you are out of alternatives and need a performance, so I have no complaints about the line-up.

The St Mirren goal was another dark moment defensively.  Shaughnessy lost his fellow Irish central defender, Shane Duffy.  Shaughnessy’s near-post header fell at the feet of Erwin, whose attempt to trap the ball ended in the net.  Including the keeper, Celtic had a 7 v 4 player overload, but still lost the first and second balls.

This is an ominous sign.  Three of the four non-penalty goals we have conceded this season have been from set-pieces into the box, on each occasion we lost the first and second balls.  We are out of the Champions League as a consequence and will continue to pay a price until this is sorted.

You can expect every team in the Premiership to play for free kicks and corners until this is resolved.

Attacking set-pieces, we look as imperious as we look weak defending.  You could be forgiven for concluding that we attack the ball more effectively than we block opponents, so should therefore consider a zonal strategy…..  Just a thought.

Shane Duffy saw off the challenge from St Mirren’s other Irish central defender, McCarthy, before heading his second goal in consecutive matches.  This could be the season of set-pieces.  If so, we had better improve penalty kick taking.  Odsonne Edouard’s effort was underpowered and nowhere near the post.  It is another area for the practice fields.

While James Forrest rightly gets credit for his excellent headed goal, the game was won on the back of two Ryan Christie crosses that fell between defenders and the goalkeeper.  Neither Duffy nor Forrest needed to jump to make connection with an inch-perfect ball.  If delivery from our wide players was as good, we would be significantly more effective.  But it’s not….

Happy, though I was, to see the starting line-up shuffled, I was crying out for Jeremie Frimpong to come on well before his 80th minute appearance.  Frimpong is alone in his ability in this squad to run at people.  This tribute is not crucial to every game, but when he came on, he turned the St Mirren defenders, often resulting in a free kick high up the field.

Lots to ponder in the three weeks ahead.

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  1. MM – unfortunately I am being a bit cautious at the moment (big whimp) and I am refraining from meeting Jimmy in the Shipbank for a swally.



    The old Budgie at fruitmarket got shut down last week as a young-in had symptoms and got a test but never waited for results and was in the budgie 2 nights in a row, and low and behold test was positive.



    Hunbeilavable…. a months community service is what I would give these cretins.






    D :)

  2. Frankterry – Paddy if he wanted to come of course, could kick start his career again with us and after Christmas we would see the benefit of him and keeping our wide players on their toes.



    Bring him home.



    D :)

  3. DAVID 66



    Hingins too good for them, as somebody’s aul maw used to say.


    Our 14 day rolling average infections are down in the forties


    now, think our premier will let us loose in the thirties.


    As usual we have the dafties out this weekend again protesting


    about civil rights.


    How many rights have you got wrapped in a shroud?


    H.H. Mick

  4. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday from a gloriously clear skied bright and windless East Kilbride. Just one more sleep until we get the chance to go top of the league. And, being a home league game then season ticket holders get in free* via their VST.


    * – i.e. ‘free’ if you’ve already forked out over £500 ;-)

  5. MM – Get him as well. 😂



    I think we are 1 or 2 players away from a really good squad.






    D :)

  6. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    The disappointing return on Wednesday for me was no goals, no assists and a missed penalty from our three strikers. Not a big deal because we found enough elsewhere to win and all three have contributed up to now.



    I’m confident there will be productive output, i.e. goals, from at least one of the three on Saturday.



    Sportscene highlights showed James Forrest dip a shoulder and stand up a cross for Eddy first half. Thought I was watching Davey Provan. Same highlights had a good cross to Callum second half, he screwed low and wide. Seemed to me Taylor put it over, but it was too quick on the screen for me to be sure.





    A query to anyone watching the golf at Winged Foot.



    Martin Kaymer scored a good 71 in the 1st round. Did you notice, is Craig Connelly on his bag this week?

  7. Looks like a few tough ties waiting for us in the 1pm draw, The’easier’ yeams all seemed to go pmts Group 1. Could really do with a home draw here,


    We are unseeded despite the highest coefficient as it’s based on which round we went out. They’ll draw the 2 seeded teams against 2 unseeded then the remaining 2 unseeded teams against each other



    Group 2





    Dynamo Brest (BLR)*


    Crvena zvezda (SRB)*





    Ludogorets (BUL)**


    Sarajevo (BIH) / Budućnost Podgorica (MNE)


    Riga (LVA) / Tre Fiori (SMR) / Celtic (SCO)


    Ararat-Armenia (ARM) vs Celje (SVN)

  8. Could be a bit of fixture complication with these EL games .


    We have had our Friday 2nd Oct game away to St Johnstone moved to 8:15 pm ko for Sky


    The EL Play off game is scheduled for Thu 1st Oct – the night before


    The PO game may have to be moved to the Tuesday or cancel the St J game (can’t move because of International break)


    This would mean the Sunday home game v Hibs may be moved back to Saturday


    If this happens the Riga game may have to be moved to the Tuesday from Thursday (sorry if you’re going to the match).

  9. *Accessing CQN o n android phone*


    Having had a lot of problems recently with accessing CQN and then staying logged in I have this morning given Duck Duck Go a try and early signs are very positive. I’m not very tech savvy but in case it helps anyone else, here’s what I did on my Samsung phone –


    Into Play Store


    Searched for Duck Duck Go


    Downloaded it then opened it


    Searched for CQN and clicked on latest article then signed in.


    Whilst signed in, clicked on the 3 wee dots at the top right and chose ‘Add to home’s


    Clicked on the cqn icon and ‘OK’.


    Closed it down (didnt sign out)


    Now, on my phone home screen I have a new wee icon, a duck showing ‘cqn’. When I click on it I’m back into CQN no problem.


    Oh and no sign of any adverts and no need to disable java etc.


    Early days (actually,early hoyrs) but fingers crossed.

  10. If we can’t beat Riga and then whoever we’re drawn against after that, heads should roll.


    Not normally one for posting negative comments or criticising Management or Players openly, but none of the teams we might face in Europa qualifying should be able to lay a glove on us. Even in a one-off tie away from home.😡

  11. GuyFawkes


    The wee Dalmuir Fenian Craig Connelly is now the caddie for Branden Grace. Still wearing Green White and Orange carrying the golf bag. 👍🍀💚🇮🇪

  12. Bada


    That is news to me about Craig Connelly.


    Mind you, the Celtic pub we both drink in Dalmuir, has been closed for 6 months, so missing the gossip. 👍

  13. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Bada Bing on 18th September 2020 9:44AM



    Delaneys Dunky on 18th September 2020 9:44AM



    Ha, I’ve heard the same two snippets and I was asking for clarity. I’ve noticed Kaymer’s recent resurgence but the only viewing I’ve had recently was the Wednesday Fedex catch-ups on ITV4 and didn’t catch him on screen.



    I’ll keep an eye on the leaderboard tonight and hope he makes it into the weekend.

  14. For anyone interested …




    Reminder for Solo streamed gig – Saturday 19th September …


    To all you listeners out there in the beyond,



    I’m sending out a reminder for my Solo Gig which will be Streamed Live from The National Concert Hall in Dublin this coming Saturday, 19th September.


    Some of you may have enjoyed the 8 Lockdown Sessions and might be interested in joining in.


    It will be my first Concert since we shut down last March and the first time back with the Road crew again. I’m looking forward to that enormously.


    I’ve been thinking a lot about my set & about the challenge the gig presents… I’m gonna give it my best shot as we enter the next phase.






    Tickets on sale now @ €16.50 – click HERE for the link …



    Any questions about the live stream can be answered here … https://support.dice.fm/article/372-christy-moore-live-stream-faqs



    PS … Here’s a little taster … https://youtu.be/ZAkO7jN_vOU

  15. I’d never heard of the Budgie before but Google tells me that Tim Burgess of the brilliant Charlatans played a DJ set there and it is one of those breeze block pubs you only get in Scotland (may not be true but i have never seen one anywhere else yet!)



    Features in the following list of ‘infamous’ pubs. Is that fair? A few others on the list have been mentioned here before. I’ve not been in any of them but was going to reply to an ad for a barman in the Pollok Inn when a student in the late 80s. My maw who grew up in Pollok lent me cash to stop me working there




  16. I note Dermot Desmond talking about league reconstruction.


    Covid 19 will give ourselves and unfortunately the huns new opportunities.






    PS : Table booked for Saturday. Woohoo. COYBIG.

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