On 25 May 1967 Inter were the most formidable team in history


Inter were an incredible side.  They were top of the Italian league and aiming for their fourth title win in five seasons.  The one time they lost was after a play-off.  The European Cup had become as much their domain as the Italian title.  Having won it in 1964 and 1965, they lost the previous season’s semi-final in controversial manner to Real Madrid after some debatable refereeing.  Reigning champions, Real, would suffer retribution, losing home and away to Inter in the ’67 quarter final. No team in European history had been so dominant.  Real won five European Cups in a row but could not combine that with the kind of domestic domination this Inter team enjoyed.

On the morning on 25 May 1967 they were truly the most formidable team in history.

The game has to be seen to be believed.   We won the European Cup, you know that, but HOW we won it is the most startling thing.  I was a teenager when the first ‘video recorded’ arrived in the house.  Soon thereafter a copy of The Celtic Story was purchased.  I knew the legend but nothing prepared me for the onslaught, I’d never seen a football team destroy opponents in this way.

A CQN’er kindly prepared the stats for us:

Total shots – Celtic 45, Inter 3
Shots on target – Celtic 16, Inter 3
Shots off target – Celtic 29 (3 against the woodwork), Inter 0
Possession – Celtic 64%, Inter 36%
Crosses into opponents box – Celtic 40, Inter 4
Corners – Celtic 10, Inter 0
Successful passes – Celtic 310, Inter 224
Misplaced passes – Celtic 49, Inter 79
Passbacks to goalkeeper – Celtic 7, Inter 20
Fouls Committed – Celtic 19, Inter 21
Offsides – Celtic 5, Inter 1

No prizes for guessing the top two passers, Bobby Murdoch (60) and Bertie Auld (51) but it surprised me that John Clark and Jim Craig came joint third with 43 each, considerably higher than Tommy Gemmell (27), next on the list.

Someone suggested to me that the European Champions tournament had been devalued by a team winning by ‘parking the bus’ in front of their own goal.  I disagree.  This is football, spoiling has always been part of the game and the Champions Final is not always pretty, which makes the special times all the more special.

Someone lifts that cup every year, but few have done so with such devastating style as the Lisbon Lions.

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  1. archdeaconsbench on

    quonno on 25 May, 2012 at 12:41 said:


    As did I… although it was some years later!


    Matt Busby and Cardinal Winning were also former OLHS pupils….

  2. An ex-army guy in my work just told me to wear a balaclava to protect my head from the sun. Good to see anti-Irish racism is alive and well in London

  3. traditionalist88 on




    Tell him if you had a face like him you’d have joined the army too




  4. So the orcs are clinging onto to their mythological dignity are they, they are determined to bring down the whole of football with them.



    If we go down you all go down, why does this not surprise me..



    Expulsion and extinction is the only way for them now…

  5. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on 25 May, 2012 at 13:32 said:



    Good point about the financially doped Barca, and others.


    I made the same point a while ago and was rounded on by some CQN regulars.


    It’s a funny old game.

  6. up_over_goal on

    Rangers have applied to the Court of Session to challenge SFA signing ban.



    Have they just signed their own death warrant? I really hope so.

  7. In reference to the permanently pickled hun scribe “Leggo” ( presumably called that because a small child could take apart his arguments): if mutant Mingwall can get on Scottish TV surely anyone can be given license to?

  8. up_over_goal on 25 May, 2012 at 14:59 said:


    Rangers have applied to the Court of Session to challenge SFA signing ban.



    Have they just signed their own death warrant? I really hope so.






    UEFA are now going to get involved!




  9. Them taking it to a civil court, is this not what Sion got done for, is it not against UEFA rules to go to a civil court?

  10. up_over_goal on

    A judge is warned Rangers will suffer “utterly irretrievable” prejudice if a transfer ban imposed on the club by the SFA stands.



    Well, they already suffer from it. Karma is just a preposition away…

  11. 25th of May…



    25th May 1935 : Jesse Owens broke three world records at the Big Ten meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan including broad jump, the 220-yard dash and the low hurdles.



    25th May 1935 : Babe Ruth hit the 714th and final home run of his career at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh while playing for the Boston Braves against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Shortly afterwards he announced his retirement



    25th May 1965 : Following the Cassius Clay defeat of Sonny Liston on February 25, 1964, for the world heavyweight boxing championship and changing his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, Liston and Ali meet for a second time in Lewiston, Maine, for the Heavyweight Championship, during the first round Liston goes down ( Often called by a phantom punch ) and the Referee Jersey Joe Walcott stops the fight awarding Ali a first-round knockout.



    25th May 1967 : Glasgow Celtic becomes the first British team to win the prestigious European Cup, beating favorites Internazionale Milan 2-1 at the Portuguese National Stadium in Lisbon .


    hoopeddreams on 25 May, 2012 at 13:20 said:


    hoops mccann



    Last one for now.



    If you’re not sure where to go, just drive west on Sunset to the sea.



    And try to shake off the showbusiness kids – they don’t give a…… about anybody else.




    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~



    Listened to the lyrics to “GAUCHO” lately?

  13. up_over_goal on




    A few truth drugs here and there might do some good. Be still, my paranoia!

  14. Ok, the ban is not enforcable so lets look at the rules.



    What are SFA allowed to do according to the rules laid out in black&white?



    Oh Look! Termination of license or suspension of license.



    Seriously, are Duff&Duffer there to help rangers or to ensure they are closed down.



    Stupid huns…

  15. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 25 May, 2012 at 15:04 said:


    So Rangers argument against the transfer ban is that they have signed a deal that lets players go and they will need to replace them.



    I’m no lawyer, but so what??






    So their lawyer is basically saying that the administrators are crap at their job and that on top of the signing ban will cause damage that is utterly irretrievable!

  16. Rangers have applied to the Court of Session to overturn a player signing ban imposed on them by football authorities.



    On Friday, legal representatives argued that the 140-year-old club would suffer “utterly irretrievable” prejudice if the ban was not withdrawn.



    The club are seeking a Judicial Review of the sanction imposed by the Scottish FA’s (SFA’s) judicial panel imposed a 12-month player registration embargo on the Ibrox club for a number of rule breaches including bringing the game into disrepute.



    Richard Keen QC told the Court of Session on Friday that an agreement had had to be reached with senior players that expires next month under which they took a substantial wage cut, but in return would be able to seek a transfer from the club for a low fee about 25% of perceived market value.



    He said it would be of considerable benefit to the individual players as they would be able to secure “a golden hello” from buyers and added: “These players have every incentive to go.”



    The Dean of Faculty told Lord Glennie that although the wages limit ended in June, when the summer transfer window opens, “the knockdown prices” did not.

  17. Algarvian on 25 May, 2012 at 15:01 said:


    Them taking it to a civil court, is this not what Sion got done for, is it not against UEFA rules to go to a civil court?



    Sir, I believe you are correct. I also think it’s against the articles of association. It is a shameless act, and shows unbelievably disrespect for the League of which they are a part and the rules that RFC (before iA) voted for. They must know that the CoS are not going to rule in their favour in any short time-scale, and an ruling (either way) will surely be appealed. Is the whole of Scottish football to stop, ,and play keepy-uppy whilst they sort out all their mess? It’s just unbelievable…

  18. The Pantaloon Duck on

    So they have gone to court… Embdy know how long it is likely to take for their Lordships to come to a decision? I would have thought that time is of the essence.

  19. Vanguard Bears trying to reveal RTC blogger, some poor guy on twitter getting thinly veiled threats of physical attacks. Wonder why he/she wanted to remain anonymous.



    The evidence they present as to RTC’s identity is nonsense. A twitter conversation where some guy defends RTC. They also say “he follows Phil MacGiollabhain!”. Based on their evidence, I could be RTC for all they know! I’m not btw.



    Not sure why they are so anxious about identity of RTC. What about their club living on a pile of unsustainable debt for twenty years, their two previous chairman operating ruinous business models, allegedly defrauding the tax man of millions of pounds, paying players and ex managers through complex off-shore payments which were not disclosed to the football authorities, what about running the club to the brink of oblivion and committing the most serious acts of disrepute short of match fixing in the history of the game in this country, what about shamelessly trying to shed debt for pennies in the pound, what about the liquidation of the club, what about the ban from European competition (their second)? If I were a Rangers fan, I’d be a damn sight more focused on those issues than the identity of a blogger who, afterall, has simply exposed the extent of the scandal. Presumably they would have preferred EBTs/undisclosed payments and the rest to remain hidden? Tough!

  20. Hurt Hawks



    The broken pillar of the wing jags from the clotted shoulder,


    The wing trails like a banner in defeat, no more to use the sky forever but live with famine and pain a few days: cat nor coyote


    Will shorten the week of waiting for death, there is game without talons.


    He stands under the oak-bush and waits


    The lame feet of salvation; at night he remembers freedom


    And flies in a dream, the dawns ruin it. He is strong and pain is worse to the strong, incapacity is worse.


    The curs of the day come and torment him at distance, no one but death the redeemer will humble that head, the intrepid readiness, the terrible eyes.


    The wild God of the world is sometimes merciful to those


    That ask mercy, not often to the arrogant. You do not know him, you communal people, or you have forgotten him;


    Intemperate and savage, the hawk remembers him;


    Beautiful and wild, the hawks, and men that are dying, remember him.




  21. McConnell’s anti-bigotry lessons for 3-year-olds



    EDDIE BARNES – POLITICAL EDITOR – Scotland on Sunday – 3 October 2004


    THE menace of sectarian hatred in Scotland is to be tackled head-on in schools and nurseries with children as young as three receiving lessons on the horror of religious intolerance.



    Ministers have ordered the radical move in a long-term bid to eradicate the scourge of Scottish society by challenging sectarianism during children’s formative years.



    In what is believed to be the first scheme of its kind in the world, Scotland on Sunday can reveal that lessons will begin in five pilot areas next week, during which pupils will be taught to turn their backs on religious hatred and respect the differences between faiths.



    The decision is a major victory for anti-sectarian campaigners who have long claimed the nation has been in denial over its history of religious conflict.



    But others last night warned that the move smacked of political-correctness by the Scottish Executive and risked reinforcing the religious divide rather than destroying it.



    Guidance prepared by anti-sectarian groups and approved by ministers has now been prepared for pupils from nursery, primary and secondary schools.



    Teachers will be encouraged to undertake role-playing in which the stark historical divide between Catholic and Protestant communities will be acted out. They will also be advised to instruct pupils about the dangers of Islamaphobia and bigotry against all faith groups.



    Although the most acute problems with sectarianism are perceived to be in the west of Scotland, the pilots will take place in several areas of the country. Pupils in Highland, Dundee, Dumfries and Galloway, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire will be the first to take the lessons.



    It is expected the anti-sectarianism message will be rolled out to all Scottish schools for the start of the 2005/06 academic year.



    Last night, Education Minister Peter Peacock – who will unveil the plans in full next week – told Scotland on Sunday: “Sectarianism, as with any form of discrimination, is unacceptable and challenging it in children’s formative years is essential if we are to tackle this scourge of Scottish society.”



    The schools material to be used next week has been prepared by anti-sectarian groups such as Nil by Mouth, the charity set up in 2000, in memory of Mark Smith, the Glasgow schoolboy stabbed to death in 1995 while walking back from a Celtic match.



    The material provides information about Scotland’s sectarian heritage, with the aim of giving pupils greater understanding about why tensions exist. It also suggests ways for teachers to deal with any ingrained attitudes amongst pupils, through role-plays and discussion groups.



    These are designed to focus on the wider issue of the root causes of inequality and discrimination. Youth groups as well as schools are expected to use the material to hold discussions.



    Helen Miller, the group’s coordinator said last night: “It deals with all forms of religious intolerance, including Islamaphobia. It is a resource that will encourage education and teachers to raise the issue in the classroom and in a formal setting.



    “It gives lesson plans and assembly plans for every school setting right from nursery schools and primary schools. The idea is for role plays and discussions to be developed.”



    Miller said that teachers currently felt unqualified to tackle sectarianism head on in the classroom for fear of causing offence.


    “They feel unprepared to deal with this and there aren’t any resources at present for them to use. Hopefully, this is the beginning and hopefully it will give teachers and young people more ideas and help people to build up their knowledge,” she said.



    The fact that children as young as three are being targeted is controversial, but backers of the plan said it was important to begin early in order to prevent sectarian attitudes gaining hold.



    Sister Isobel Smyth, convener of the Religious Education Movement in Scotland, a charity which runs a project bringing children of different faiths together, said: “Children in nursery school are much more able to accept difference than older people. They take it for granted. The message given will be appropriate for three-year-olds, telling stories of different cultures and different faiths so that they get used to the idea of there being different faiths out there.”



    The drive marks the latest attempt by ministers to deal with the blight of sectarianism, following the publication of a cross-party report two years ago into the issue.



    A new offence of religiously motivated crime has been created, while there are also stronger rules surrounding the sale of offensive flags around football grounds.



    Later this year Sir John Orr, the former chief constable of Strathclyde Police, will issue a report on religious parades which is widely expected to recommend a tougher licensing system for marches, to prevent the outbreak of hostility between religious communities.



    Aides of First Minister Jack McConnell say that tackling sectarianism is likely to be the next major thrust of his plans this winter. McConnell told a fringe meeting at last week’s Labour Party conference: “We are going to deal with issues of marches and parades and we are going to deal with the issues of attitudes in schools and communities.”



    But opposition parties struck a guarded note last night, warning against the involvement of ministers. Fiona Hyslop, education spokeswoman for the SNP, said: “The government has to understand that sectarianism doesn’t begin and end in the classroom.



    “To bill this venture as anti-sectarian lessons is the wrong way to go. We should be talking to our children about what we are about, rather than what we are opposed to.”



    Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, education spokesman for the Scottish Tories, said: “You have to be careful with issues like this that you are not too politically correct. Of course we all abhor sectarianism in whatever form, but you can’t just teach these things out of people. It is predominantly the role of families and parents to set a good example.”



    A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland said: “Any initiative that alerts children to the dangers of sectarianism is to be welcomed.”

  22. i wonder what HMRC and Ticketus are going to say about the huns wasting more of the creditors money on wild goose chases,

  23. Fritz A. Grandold ‏@fritzagrandold


    By standard global football regulation Rangers should’ve taken their case to the Court of Arbritation for Sport, an ind. judicial authority



    More rule breaking by the caring sharing orcs..

  24. ASonOfDan on 25 May, 2012 at 15:07 said:



    “Seriously, are Duff&Duffer there to help rangers or to ensure they are closed down.”



    I’m seriously starting to think that is exactly what they are there for.


    Murray was never duped, and if ragers were finally gone who would benefit, that is the question to be asked.


    Perhaps investigations that would have taken place no longer would, who would benefit from that?